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Most day trading services tend to keep it small and simple. Not Tradenet. With a plethora of trading programs, self-study courses, on-site coaching, and interactive chatrooms, this investment advisory service has something for everyone.

They also offer to connect traders with investment firms to trade their capital through a funded trading account. But is it all glitz and no glory? In this Tradenet review, we’ll separate fact from fiction. We’ll take you through the offering and let you know if Tradenet sets the standard, or just pretends to.

Tradenet Review

What is Tradenet?

Tradenet is your go-to source for all-things-trading. Founded in 2004 by Meir Barak, the site claimes that the helped over 16,000 students achieve success trading in financial markets.

From training programs, to self-study courses, to chatrooms and live on-site tutelage – Tradenet has become one of the largest and most recognized service providers out there.

The team aims to teach profitable trading strategies, technical analysis, market reversal points, market psychology, risk management and how to choose the right Tradenet broker.

Meir Barak – author of The Market Whisperer – serves as the company’s’ chief trader. Scott Malatesta VP, Analyst and Mentor, helps produce high quality content, account management skills and enforce profitable trading strategies.

Gil Paz Trader, Analyst and Mentor, has over 10-years’ experience day trading and educates students with his proprietary trend following strategy.

Michael Orevi, Trader, Analyst and Mentor is the team forex and commodities guru. Michael Orevi has experience in emerging markets, foreign equities (European) and currency trading.

Lastly, Amir Barak, Trader Analyst and Mentor, has served as a trading coach for several years and educates student on the importance of risk management.

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Products | Services | Costs

Tradenet’s product offering is mainfold.

Choices include:

  • Four Funded Account Programs,
  • Seven Education Courses,
  • A Live Trading Chatroom as well as
  • Live Onsite Training.

Let’s begin with a Tradenet funded account review.

Funded Accounts

Note: All Funded Account Programs come with a Full 14-day Money Back Guarantee (see limitations in the Tradenet Review summary).

Intro Program:

First on the docket is Tradenet’s Intro Program. Developed for beginners, the program costs $500 and includes all the material you need to get started in trading.

The package includes:

  • The Self-Study Course (12 months access)
  • Access to the Live Trading Chat Room (only 1 month access included)
  • A trading book (copy of The Market Whisperer)
  • A Demo Trading Account

With the Self-Study Course you get dozens of learning units, training videos, as well as plenty of interactive lessons and tests. The Live Trading Chat Room introduces you to the sites top traders, where you can follow their strategies and gradually grow as a trader.

The Demo Trading Account acts as a real-life simulator, where you can test your skills under genuine market conditions. By enrolling in the program, you’re also eligible to apply for a $14,000 Tradenet funded account.

How it works is, If Barak and the team believe you have what it takes, they will personally fund your trading account. You keep 70% of all winnings as long as you stay within a maximum drawdown (loss) of $700.

Overall, the Intro Program seems solid. You receive plenty of material and the 14-day full money back guarantee adds credibility.

The major downside is service duration.

You have access to the Self-Study Course for 12-months, the Live Trading Chat Room for 1-month, the Trading Book for 2-months and the Demo Trading Account for 14-days. In order to get anything out of the package you must be dedicated.

The short time allotted requires you to study fast and make use of the products early and often. Keep that in mind when you make your decision.

Student Program

Up next is the Student Program. It’s priced at $3,000, which is a substantial jump. You receive all the content from the Intro Program plus:

  • Weekly mentorship (for 1 month duration)
  • Access to The Star Trader Course (access for 3 months included)

The Star Trader Course – which we’ll describe in greater detail later – is individually priced at $1,900 and comes with 15-hours of online video training.

The Student Program also includes eligibility for an $80,000 funded account, which you keep 75% of your winnings with a maximum drawdown of $4,000.

Overall, your best bet is to purchase the Intro Program ($500) and the Star Trader Course ($1,900) – which results in a total outflow of $2,400.

Unless you value the Weekly Mentorship for one month or are eager to get started with a Funded Account, this combination offers the best value here.

Expert Program

Created for advanced traders, the Expert Program adds to the Student Program. It includes everything in the Student Program plus the Global Market Course (3 months access).

Also the eligibility for a $160,000 Funded Account where you keep 80% of your winnings with a maximum drawdown of $8,000 is included. The total costs is $6,000.

Professional Program

The crème-de-la-crème of Funded Accounts – The Professional Program – gives you full access to all the site has to offer.

The total cost is $9,000 and the major add-on is the Top Trader Course (6 months access) and eligibility for a $240,000 Funded Account where you keep 85% of your winnings with a maximum drawdown of $12,000.

So what’s the deal: are any of the Funded Accounts worth the money?

The reality is, after the Intro Program, the main product you pay for is access to the higher-dollar Funded Accounts. From our perspective, it’s cheaper to purchase the Intro Program and add-on specific courses.

You’re better off starting with a small outflow, digesting the material, then testing your skills with the $14,000 Funded Account. This way you can verify the material before spending a larger chunk of money.

As well, with the 14-day Full Money Back Guarantee, there is little risk in taking the plunge. The pricing is at the highest level compared to all other competitors in this segment!

Also, please note that the access duration is often limited to periods between 1 to 6 months only.

The combination between the hefty pricing tag and the short duration of the services included should be considered before making the final decision.

Education Courses

Self-Study Course

The Self-Study Course – included in all Funded Account packages – is priced at $290 on its own and comes with dozens of videos, practice sessions and supplementary material.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The principles of day trading
  • Practical use of indices, sectors and prominent shares
  • How to trade in fixed quantities and not fixed amounts of money
  • How to analyze the stock market
  • How to use moving averages and Fibonacci sequences

This is a quintessential beginner course. The material even covers “what is a long position and how to use short a position (to) profit from its falling price.”

If you’re well versed in these topics, you can afford to skip it; but at $290 it’s not overly expensive either. As mentioned above, your best bet is to purchase it through the Intro Program. You receive much greater value.

Star Trader Course

Touched on briefly above, the Star Trader Course is priced at $1,900 and features 15-hours of online training, calculated risk trading strategies and access to all recorded sessions in case you miss a class.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The US stock market
  • Market indicators
  • Japanese candlesticks
  • Trading methodology
  • Reversal patterns
  • Market psychology
  • Fundamental analysis

Compared to the Self-Study Couse, the Star Trader Course is much more advanced and comprehensive. You dive into a wide range of intermediate to advanced concepts that are essential to becoming a successful trader.

The course is taught over five consecutive days and each session streams and 3:30 pm New York (eastern) time. If you’re looking for an advanced course, this is the one for you.

While it’s on the pricier side, when combined with the Intro Program the two make a great combination.

Forex, Commodities and EU Market Course

Also priced at $1,900, the Forex, Commodities and EU Market Course, is where Michael Orevi aims to mold you into a professional currency trader.

The course includes three, 3-hour live online sessions and covers topics such as:

  • Forex trading basics
  • EU trading basics
  • Advanced trading orders
  • Technical analysis
  • Swing trade strategies
  • How to make money on market moves

Top Trader Course

The Top Trader Course is Barak’s most advanced offering. Like the two above, it’s priced at $1,900 and comes with 15-hours of live video training.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Trading according to game theory
  • Trading small caps
  • Using pivot points
  • Using scanning software
  • Using the technical amplifiers method
  • Momentum trading
  • Advanced trade methods with Bollinger Bands

Like the Star Trader Course, a combination with the Intro Program can be a beneficial. Together you’ll gain fundamentals through the Self-Study Course and learn advanced topics though the Top Trader Course.

The downside with the Education Courses is – unlike the Funded Programs – there is no 14-day Full Money Back Guarantee.

Weekly Mentorship

Unlike the products above, the Weekly Mentorship Session is designed to offer personal one-on-one training to help you become a better trader. The program begins by meeting Barak and his team, who customize a strategy to your experience level and skill.

Each week, mentors help you solve any questions or difficulties you have regarding the markets. The purchase also includes access to the Tradenet trading room.

With the help of Barak and his team, you trade in real-time and they teach you techniques shown within the session. The cost of the program is $1,200 a month and the team recommends a three month subscription to achieve your full potential.

Personal Coaching

A Step up from Weekly Mentorship, Personal Coaching is a 10-hour program customized specifically for you. The program costs $5,000 and includes five 2-hour sessions with a senior Tradenet coach and access to a Demo Trading Account.

Plans are structured to:

  • Spell out your edge
  • Talk about risk and ways to manage it
  • Discuss trading technique
  • Establish a preparation routine
  • Overcome issues with trading psychology

Like Weekly Mentorship, Personal Coaching is best for someone in need of a lot of guidance. If you’re further along in your trading career, the Funded Accounts and Education Courses will more than suffice.

Live Trading Chat Room

The Live Trading Chat Room comes with:

  • live video and audio from Barak’s trading team
  • real-time charts of stocks traded throughout the day
  • member tips and trade ideas and
  • live alerts of all executed trades.

A monthly subscription costs $399 a month or $2,990 annually (savings of $1,800 per year). It includes a 14-day free trial, which gives you plenty of time to see if their experts are making the right moves.

With a free trial, you can’t go wrong, so we think it’s worth a look. Anyway, $399/month for a chat room access is the most expensive price tag for a trading chat room that I have seen so far.

Ross Cameron’s Warrior Trading chat room and Nathan Bears Weekly Money Multiplier chat room are less expensive. They are also two of the best trading courses. Both take between $100 and $150/month depending on the plan. But $399/month definitely requires a very convincing free trial period to proceed.

Tradenet Free Trial | Promo Code

Tradenet offers a 14-day free trial for its Live Trading Chat Room and a 14-day Full Money Back Guarantee for its Funded Account Programs.

Unfortunately, the Education Courses do not come with free trials or a money back guarantee. The site also offers free trading videos, a Tradenet Wiki and Market Reviews of both US stocks and European stocks and currencies.

Tradenet Checklist

  • Founded: 2004
  • Educators: Meir Barak, Scott Malatesta, Gil Paz, Michael Orevi, Amir Barak
  • Number of members: 16,000+
  • Company Phone Number: +44-20-36420372
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial for the Live Trading Chat Room.
  • Free resources: free trading videos, Tradenet Wiki, Market Review of both US stocks and European stocks and currencies.
  • Coupons: Save with an annual subscription to the Live Trading Toom
  • Money back guarantees: 14-day Full Money Back Guarantee for Funded Account programs.
  • Price level: $500 to $9,000
  • Verified income statements: no

Who is Tradenet Best For?

With such a wide variety of resources, the site has material for all skill levels. Tradenet offers a 14-day free trial for its Live Trading Chatroom and a kind of a 14-day “Full Money Back Guarantee” for Funded Account programs.

However, as I line out in my Tradenet review summary, compared to their competitors, Tradnet is more expensive. Also, if the “Full Money Back Guarantee” is important to you, then you should contact them first. Read more about his in the summary.

Tradenet Review Summary

Combing through all the products, it’s easy to see Tradenet has a lot to offer. From Funded Account programs to Educational Courses to a Live Trading Chat Room, Meir Barak and his team provide all one could think of. But as with Try Day Trading and Maverick Trading, the offerings are priced at the upper end. The 14-day money-back guarantees for the funded account programs sound solid, but again, the overall costs are incredibly high.

Important: Read until the end, I revealed something curious about the money-back guarantee. If approved, Tradenet will personally fund a trading account for you which allows you to keep between 70%-85% of your winnings as long as you avoid a maximum drawdown. Other funded trading account providers offer much better payouts at much lower rates.

Here are two good alternatives to Tradenet:

Also, I noticed, that the eligibility for those funded trading accounts is only mentioned in the overview section on their site, but not within the detailed description pages for the “Intro, Student, Expert and Pro-Programs.”

So I did some further research and noticed, that at the very bottom Tradenet states, that they only provide a 14-day money-back guarantee policy “for students that were not accepted to trade a private investment firm funded account.”

To me this sounds like that there is either a 14-day money-back guarantee OR the funded account. So finally it seems that there is not really a money-back GUARANTEE for those products.

Tradenet Review | Funded Trading Account

Anyway, the quintessence keeps the same; the pricing tag is hefty. Even the most expensive program, the “Pro Program” for $9,000 provides “only” access to the different program components for durations between 2 and 12 months.

Finally, I noticed Tradenet’s statement about the applicable law and judicial jurisdiction on their website. For people from North America or Eastern Europe, the contractual partner is registered at Limasol , Cyprus.

Tradenet Terms


  • Tradenet is located in Limassol, Cyprus. The trading courses provided are expensive and can add up fast during the year. Other trading educators offer similar content for lower prices along with real-time trading.

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