True Wealth Review 2023 – Is This Investment Newsletter Legit?

Stock picking is among the most complicated and specific tasks investors usually have to deal with. To make sure they find the most potent opportunities in the stock market, investors often adopt various sources of information like investment newsletters and recommendations, for example. True Wealth is one of the most popular newsletters enjoyed by investors worldwide. This True Wealth review explores everything you need to know about the service provider to determine whether the newsletter is suitable for your investment needs.

Is it one of the best performing investment newsletters? Let’s find out!

True Wealth Review

About True Wealth

True Wealth is a monthly stock-picking newsletter service by Stansberry Research. Each month, subscribers receive investment ideas from the editor Steve Sjuggerud and an analysis team comprised of Brett Eversole, Chris Igou, and Vic Lederman.

Each edition of the newsletter features several investment ideas curated around the philosophy that you don’t have to take significant risks to make sufficient returns. The True Wealth recommendations cover not only stocks but also ETFs, commodities, and other instruments. This makes it a suitable choice for investors with various goals and strategies to build a well-diversified portfolio. However, according to the team, True Wealth is the most useful to investors who have at least $1,000 starting capital and are interested in holding their instruments for at least a year.

The editions of True Wealth are very detailed and insightful. Each month, subscribers receive approximately ten pages of stock picks and market intelligence. The investment thesis is shaped around the idea is to bring exotic and under-the-radar opportunities to the attention of the average investor. Alternatively, assets that have big-profit potential but are overlooked by the common Wall Street expert and analyst.

The newsletters don’t dive into fundamental or technical analysis matters. You get the stock picks that the in-house team has nailed down after hours of market analysis without too many technicalities. This makes True Wealth an excellent choice for stock market beginners. On the other hand, the professionals don’t get room for their interpretation, and they simply have to trust the provided stock picks.

There is no information about the returns from the True Wealth investment ideas since inception, but most of the recommendations have returned between 15% and 35% on average.

True Wealth Review: Features and Highlights
📆 Founded 1999
🏢 HQ United States
🚀 Features Newsletter, stock picks, financial advisory
⭐ Traders Steve Sjuggerud, Brett Eversole
💰 Subscription Annual
👛 Discount See review
🎮 Trial 30-day trial

About Dr Steve Sjuggerud

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the editor of True Wealth and a part of Stansberry Research from 2001. He has decades of stock market experience in investment advisory and discovery of high-potential opportunities among alternative assets. Dr. Sjuggerud holds a doctorate in finance and has professional experience as a stockbroker and a hedge fund manager. He had also been holding a VP role at a $50m global mutual fund.

He is consistently taking part in financial conferences worldwide and within the U.S., including at the NYSE. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud has also appeared in leading financial media like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Fox Business News.

One of the best examples of his expertise is his recommendation to buy gold a few years back when he was trading at $320 an ounce, driving profits up to 273% afterward.

He also predicted the emergence of new high-potential industries and stock market opportunities in tech, biotech, health care, and more.

Subscribers who have decided to act upon the True Wealth recommendations have seen up to 419% returns.

All-in-all, Steve Sjuggerud is a well-respected figure within the financial advisory niche, and learning from him is a great choice to capitalize on niche investment opportunities.

Dr. Sjuggerud is also the mind behind the powerful stock-picking software True Wealth Systems, which analyzes and identifies the most likely sectors to generate returns over 100%. He also authors the True Wealth Opportunities: China monthly newsletter service. It curates high-potential investments from technology, real estate, banking, and other sectors poised to boom in the following years in China and practical steps on how to benefit from them.

About Stansberry Research

The company behind True Wealth was founded in the mid-1990s and was named after its founder, Porter Stansberry.

The subscription-based publisher of financial information and software serves millions of investors around the world. It is specialized in providing in-depth research services in the form of newsletters and special reports.

The goal of the research team is to spoil investors with options on how to navigate financial markets. Stansberry Research avoids providing a unified view and one-size-fits-all investment advice. Instead, it curates insights from various sources and professional analysts.

The premium research services cover a wide range of portfolio strategies, including fixed income, dividend investing, and value investing. They also cover both conventional asset classes like energy and precious metals and alternative instruments. For the more conservative investors, Stansberry Research also recommends income-generating options trading strategies.

Stansberry Research claims they publish only analysis from experts that they would recommend to their friends and families. The focus of their offerings is usually on investments that are “unloved, ignored, or unknown.” The reasoning is that they fly under the radar, which means they are perfectly positioned for future growth.

True Wealth Newsletter Costs

The annual True Wealth subscription is $199 and has a 30-days trial period, during which you can subscribe, pay the annual fee, and try the service. All you need is an email address. If you don’t find it suitable for your needs, you can get a full refund.

True Wealth is very similar to Motley Fool’s primary offerings in terms of costs, so feel free to check the different newsletters before you make a choice. The good thing is both True Wealth and Motley Fool have a one-month money-back guarantee, so there is no risk involved.

True Wealth Newsletter Features

After we covered the costs of True Wealth, it is essential to explore what you will be getting for those $199 per year. According to the True Wealth team, the deal is “absurd” for what you get, so let’s see whether that is really the case:

12 Monthly True Wealth Newsletter Issues

For $199, you will be getting 12-month access to investment ideas and research insights, delivered straight to your inbox once every 30 days.

The list of investment opportunities you are served is curated through a mix of fundamental research and economic trend analysis. You will find ETFs, stocks, fixed-income instruments, and more.

Besides portfolio recommendations, you will also have the chance to explore Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s latest market analysis.

Exclusive Readers-Only True Wealth Reports

This pack of True Wealth guides gives investors access to a series of insightful analyses on how to make money with different instruments. For example, one of the guides covers opportunities in the best tech firms in the world. Another explores the topic of investing in real estate and how to identify undervalued assets.

The True Wealth reports are an excellent opportunity for those willing to find flexible ways to diversify their portfolio. The guides dive into different model portfolio examples to bring people alternative ways to make money outside the “headlines of the day.”

The Stansberry Digest

Each week, from Monday to Friday, the True Wealth editorial team drafts and distributes their notes about market-moving events.

Please think of the newsletter digest as a daily update on what the research team had nailed down, where they have missed the mark, and what they plan going forward.

Although this won’t grant you actionable investment signals like in the case of the True Wealth system, it is an excellent way to get closer to the team and keep in touch with them.

The Stansberry Digest is an excellent way for the research team to show they are completely transparent and open to their subscribers.


To conclude our True Wealth review, we can say that, all-in-all, it is a relatively affordable and insightful newsletter. The majority of the recommendations have proven to beat the market consistently.

But why rely on this True Wealth review only? You can easily visit the website and subscribe to True Wealth to check it out first-hand. And if you don’t like the value you get in exchange for those $199-per-year, simply ask for a refund – no risk, just potential rewards.


  • Recommendations based on in-depth fundamental research
  • Helpful guidance for investors looking for stock picks
  • 30-day money-back guarantee included
  • Limited risk per position due to long-only positions


  • Yearly subscription fees eat up performance in small accounts
  • Not suitable for day trading strategies

Best for

The True Wealth investment newsletter subscription is best for conservative investors to find alternative investments overlooked by Wall Street. Steve Sjuggerud is the editor, and Brett Eversole, lead analyst at True Wealth.

Is True Wealth legit?

True Wealth is a legit investment newsletter offered by Stansberry Research following the investment philosophy to buy great value assets when no one else wants them.

Is Stansberry Research legitimate?

Stansberry Research is a legitimate business providing financial research since 1999. New users start on their about page for more information about the company and visit the team page to learn more about their team of experts.

What does Stansberry Research recommend?

Stansberry Research is a subscription-based publisher and believes in offering a range of opinions from their experts and analysts with unique philosophies and investment strategies.



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