Weekly Money Multiplier Review

Is it that easy to multiply your money by just following Nathan Bear? Is it possible to mirror his trades, and how exactly does Nathan trade? I already audited the Raging Bull services Jason Bond Picks with Jason Bond, and Fast 5 Trades with Kyle Dennis.

Now it’s time to add Weekly Money Multiplier to my Raging Bulls reviews. I have full access to it and will tell you what you can expect as a subscriber. Proceed reading the Weekly Money Multiplier review for all insights.

Weekly Money Multiplier Review

Weekly Money Multiplier Review: Key Facts
🙋 Founder Jeff Bishop
🚀 Features Trading course, chat room
✅ Best For Active traders
💰 Pricing $2.999 per year

Update: Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop currently relaunch their new, improved services. The review below does not reflect the latest updates yet, but I will update the content as soon as Raging Bull officially relaunches the service.

What Is Weekly Money Multiplier?

Weekly Money Multiplier is a real-time trading alert- and trading education service. Nathan Bear is the head trader in this service. Nathan shares his trading account with subscribers to be completely transparent about the current existing positions in the portfolio.

He mainly trades stock options by using conservative options trading strategies to archive his goals. However, conservative does not mean that the performance is as low as typical conservative investments. Not at all!

In fact, the Weekly Money Multiplier is the best Raging Bull options trading service I have reviewed so far. During the Summer of 2020, he alerted 67 100%+ winners and even one 1,097%+ winner during 66 trading days by trading simple option trading strategies with high-liquid large-cap stocks.

Continue reading the review to learn more about the main benefits and also about the most significant disadvantages.

Update: Nathan Bear is not part of Raging Bull anymore. He left the company in May 20201. The WMM service structure will change, but Nathan might return in the future. I will keep you posted. The review reflects the service structure as it was under Nathan’s lead.

Weekly Money Multiplier Costs

How much does the Weekly Money Multiplier subscription cost? Usually the real-time options trading service is being sold for $2,999/year. But there is often a discount available.


I like to take this review further than anybody else, by revealing major insight perspectives that only course participants can provide. First of all, let’s talk about the head trader of this service.

Nathan Bear

Nathan joined the Weekly Money Multiplier team in 2018 and helped to grow this trading service significantly. Before he joined the Weekly Money Multiplier team, Nathan won Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap and turned 30k into a few million.

His trading style is easy to understand. Users can follow his trades by looking at the real-time screen share within the user dashboard or getting trading alerts via Raging Bull App, SMS, email, or mobile alerts.

Nathan trades high options lots of 30 or 50 options per position and makes his trades based on the TPS (trend-pattern-squeeze) setup. And sometimes he has about six to eight positions in his Weekly Money Multiplier account. Here is how Nathan’s portfolio screen share looks like:

Nathan Bear Portfolio

As you can see, all important information is included. The name of the options contract along with the entry price (AvG Price), last price and the open P/L. This screen is updated in real-time, you see the portfolio updates as fast as possible.

Plus, Nathan also shares his charts and settings with you all day long. You can follow him when he analyzes potential trades, and when he adds new positions to his portfolio.

Trade Part-Time

Here is another major benefit. The Weekly Money Multiplier can also be used by traders working in a 9-5 job and like to practice trading at the same time or in their free time.

The Weekly Money Multiplier is a swing-trading service with easy to understand setups, trade executions, and excellent transparency.

Limit Your Risk

It is always recommended to either trade on paper or practice with one option contract only. Nathan also expresses this often. Nathan Bear wants you to be conservative in terms of risk. He always points out that you have to limit your position-size on your behalf.

And this is true and important. The market is here today, and it will in ten years. But the main question is – will you be too? If you make unreasonable decisions, then you will probably fail.

Take the time to study what Nathan is doing. He records and publishes portfolio updates and a reasonable amount of educational content. Nathan is entirely transparent is what he is doing. He is a great educator and mentor because he can explain even more complicated things in an easy to understand way.

Nathan is patient, target-oriented, and always there to answer your questions. He is not a sales guy, his voice is always calm, and he does the right things at the right time.

Nathan Bear’s Trading Platform

TD Ameritrade was his favorite trading platform until he switched over to TradeStation in Summer 2020. Subscribers have access to Nathan’s trading layouts, and many different explainer videos to learn how to utilize the trading platform to maximize usability and profits.


One of the most significant advantages is the opportunity to mirror trade what Nathan is doing. He mainly trades options on large-cap stocks. That means that the overall market doesn’t care about Nathan’s orders, even if he trades30 or 50 options contracts.

This is nothing compared to the overall trading volume for high liquid stocks like AAPL, ROKU, GOOG, AMZN or SHOP. So even if it takes a minute until they alert you via email, SMS, or mobile alert, you still have plenty of time to execute the trade.

Nathan aims to educate you that well that you can stand on your feeds to archive the same results. And this, of course, is the best way to go. Being completely independent of anybody is something any trader should aim for.

How To Begin

Once you signed up, you receive an email with your login data to your user dashboard. Log in, and you see the Weekly Money Multiplier navigation on the left.

Weekly Money Multiplier Dashboard

Besides access to Nathan Bear’s trading accounts, you also gain access to solid educational materials like ebooks, videos, and training materials within the user dashboard.

New to Options Trading

If you are new to options trading, then you should start with Jeff Bishop’s trading course “Stop Options Explained” with 21 lessons and 5 videos and “Options Mastermind” with educational videos (~30 hours video material).

Options Trading Course | Weekly Money Multiplier

Nathan Bears Video Resources

Otherwise, I recommend you to start with Nathan Bear’s training video resources. Here are my favorite ones:

  • Scanning with Finviz
  • Trading Psychology
  • Market Internals
  • Intro to Fibonacci
  • and most importantly: The TPS Method (his bread and butter strategy)

Start with his educational material and skip the portfolio updates in the first moment.

Nathan Bear Video Updates

Portfolio Updates

Once you understand the basic concept of the service, make sure to watch as many portfolio updates as possible (Nathan’s Portfolio Updates). You will notice that Nathan is exceptionally consistent in what he is doing. So, even older videos show that his methodology is effective and profitable.

Trading Alerts

The email, text, and mobile alerts might take a minute or so until you receive them. The brand new Raging Bull app is the fastest trade alert source.

While paper trading, you should also practice how to select the correct options contract. Learn everything about strikes, options expiration, and the most important Option Greeks. It doesn’t take that long until you grasp the basic concept. You will see fast progress, and as I said before, the Weekly Money Multiplier is one of the trading services I like the most.


Resist all advertisement emails you receive once you signed up. Stay with one service and ignore any advertisement email, seriously!


The Weekly Money Multiplier is a great mix of an stock options picking service and an options trading education service.


The learning material provided is excellent, especially Nathan’s portfolio updates are worth every minute watching.

Proof of Performance

The trading performance is outstanding, and due to the portfolio screen share of Nathan’s and Jeff’s trading account, the transparency couldn’t even better. What else could someone do to prove that real trades are being made? You see the exact entry prices, and if you track the trading account screens, you will see once a trade is closed. The ultimate transparency would be a downloadable account statement.

Assets Traded

Options trading can be risky, but from what I have seen so far, only conservative options trading strategies are applied. Anyway, it is so unbelievably important to practice buying and selling options with a paper trading account.

Paper Trading

Do yourself a favor and practice it! Learn how the trades get executed fast and accurate, learn how the methodology works, and learn to handle the trading platform. A little mistake can cost you hard-earned money. So your paper trading should be about practicing trade executions and also practicing trading itself.

Make notes, to track every trade, print chart, make annotations and so on. Understand it as a project that takes time, understand it as a marathon and not as a sprint. This little amount of money for your first quarterly subscription is not a problem at all. Problems only arise if you make the wrong decisions afterward.

I know you might feel in a rush when you see that Nathan makes one after the other 100% profit trade week after week. But he does this consistently, and it doesn’t hurt at all to learn and practice first. I know, this sounds like a mantra since I point it out that often is that many reviews. So, I repeat it again in this Weekly Money Multiplier review because it is so important to protect your money.

Final Verdict

Weekly Money Multiplier is a profitable options trading service with high-quality educational aspects. The price-performance ratio is impressive, and especially Nathan is a coach you should have on your side.

The proof of performance, extensive educational resources, and the payment terms transparency make Nathan Bear’s Weekly Money Multiplier to one of the best trading courses. Traders who are looking for a swing-trading service with one trade per week instead, consider reading my Bullseye Trades review.


About the author: Alexander is the founder of daytradingz.com and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He aims to make trading and investing easy to understand for everybody, and has been quoted on Benzinga, Business Insider and GOBankingRates.