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Why You Can Trust Us

We are thankful for the trust you put in us and strive to offer you the best possible insights. We review all products in detail and openly discuss not only the benefits but also aspects where we see improvement potential.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in the financial markets, and we have reviewed trading products since 2016. We stand for independent research, profound knowledge, and transparency with the aim of solving traders’ problems.



Day Trading Software

Trading software tools such as stock screeners, AI trading software, and stock analysis websites help you find the best stocks to day trade faster.

In addition, trading journals, stock charting software, automated trading platforms and backtesting software make the day trading process more efficient.

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Day Trading Courses

As a beginner who has already consumed free day trading guides on YouTube, you might want to sharpen your skills by joining a day trading community or getting taught by the best mentors. Day trading courses help boost the learning process and help you get better at day trading faster.

While most available courses focus on trading stocks, there are also options trading courses and forex trading courses available.

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Day Trading Services

Becoming a day trader is a process and takes time. Trading services such as stock chat rooms, stock picking services and options trading alert services are top-rated and help to combine the theory learned with actionable steps.

Traders who prefer a lower trade frequency consider exploring investment newsletters and swing trade alert services in more detail.

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Prop Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms hire traders to let them trade their private capital and allow them to withdraw profits based on profit share agreements to their bank account. For the last couple of years, the sector has seen immense growth. Explore the best funded trader programs and gain a better understanding of prop trading and prop firms.

We’ll explain in detail how to get funded, what the best prop trading firms are, and what to look at before joining.

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Day Trading Brokers

Chances are that you already have a brokerage account with one of the best-known retail brokerages in your country. But is this broker good enough for day trading?

Direct access brokers have clear advantages compared to retail brokers in terms of trade execution speed and order routing capabilities. And if your favorite trading style is short-selling, specialized brokers for short selling with extensive short inventories are beneficial.

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Day Trading Guides

Our free day trading for beginners guide helps you get started. Learn how to build a day trading computer, gain insights into the best indicators and books for day trading, and discover helpful statistics, day trading rules, and more.

Learn more about the most important stock market terms, order types and trading strategies, and the benefits of level 2 trading.

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Day Trading Deals & Discounts

We’re glad to provide you with some excellent deals for day trading-related products and services with up to 70% Off. Our deals page is actively maintained to ensure that you see the best possible offers at any time.

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