Best Stock Screener Review 2018

Stocks present a profitable opportunity for individual and for corporate investors.

However, different people prefer investing in stocks that meet certain personalized requirements.

Luckily, you can use a stock screener to find out if certain stocks meet your requirements or not.

This article explains what a stock screener is and what it is used for. It also presents different kinds that are available and it tells you how to use them effectively.

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The 19 Best Stock Screeners 2017

What are stock screeners meant for?

Stock screeners are filters that help you to reduce the giant amounts of stocks to a smaller number that meets a certain technical analysis or fundamental criteria that you have set.

There are different kinds of stock screeners, each of them offering different tools that are used for filtering trades. Some of these tools focus exclusively on pattern recognition while others are only used for a fundamental analysis.

It is important to understand that choosing a good stock from the immense volumes that are available in the market is never easy.

There is a an enormous amount of data that contributes to making useful information useless.

Best stock screener | Review

Best stock screener | Review

Luckily, by using a stock screener, you can focus on stocks that meet your pre-defined criteria or standards and that fit with your trading strategy.

19 awesome stock screeners that you will find in the market today

At the moment, several stock screeners are available in the market. Among these, there are screeners with features that can be customized while you can't customize some of the others. In addition, there are free options while you have to pay for others.

Here we introduce three of the best examples that are just available.

1. Trade Ideas Pro

The Trade Ideas Pro scanner is a downloadable windows friendly scanner that works in real time.

This stock scanner has interactive features that make it possible for traders to scan the market, to identify the best trading setups and to develop the best trading strategies.

At the moment, this is one of the most powerful real time trading analysis tools that are available in the market.

It works perfectly for those who want to trade stocks, options and ETF'. Read our Trade Ideas Review for more information about Trade Ideas Pro.

Trade Ideas is not only the best web based real-time stock screener but it also has the best real-time stock screener app.

Trade Ideas Pro-Review | #1 AI Market Scanner

Trade Ideas Pro | #1 AI Market Scanner

2. Yahoo Finance

This is an incredible choice for stock traders who are searching for a simple, free fundamental stocks screener. Beside helping you to screen for stocks, it also screens funds and bonds using the same interface.

Yahoo Finance offers three screens: Strong forecast growth, largest market capitalization and greatest sales-revenue. Useful explanations are available for every screen for you can understand the basic principles.

stock screener | Yahoo finance

stock screener | Yahoo finance

3. MSN Money

This advanced mathematical system offers a one to ten rating system that helps you to filter out companies according to the expected risks and returns of their stocks.

Beside the preset parameters, MSN money also makes it possible to customize your filters and to choose stocks that meet specific requirements.

stock screener | MSN Money

stock screener | MSN Money

4. TradingView

TradingView was initiated by traders and software developers who want to share their powerful and highly advanced trading tools with their users.

TradingView screener

TradingView screener

With their platform they give traders of all levels the chance to benefit from the latest achievements of technology, from cloud computing and from interactive charts. All this is meant to improve the users' chances to trade more successfully.

One more important part of this platform is the active community of traders who work and learn together and who share trade ideas and experiences.

They are working with moderators being members of the community who earned enough confidence to act as volunteers who answer the users' questions and to provide them with useful advice.

TradingView offers a 30-Day Free Trial for you can find out if their service meets your needs before you subscribe for real.

Beside this, there are helpful free services for everybody, like e.g. the free access to simulated trading sessions with virtual money to improve the users' skills without any risk.

Click here to read the full TradingView Review​

5. finviz

With Finviz, you will find a screener that includes a drop down menu that filters things like e.g. wedges, insider buying and top gainers.

Finviz is a visually oriented website that shows the biggest gainers and losers on its homepage. It also shows stocks that are trading at volumes that are unusually high.

With its help you get to know which stocks are trading close to resistance or support. This screener can divide the stocks in three sections: Technical, fundamental and descriptive.

The user sets the requirements according to the volume, the company's strengths, dividend yields and a wide range of other criteria.

The users also have the opportunity to select from preset signals, like e.g. the level of volatility of stocks, insider buying and many more. In spite of the excellent features that this incredible stock screening offers, you will still find it for free!

stock screener | finviz

stock screener | finviz

6. Zacks

The Zacks stock screener offers a good alternative to the 3 stock screeners mentioned above.

zacks stock screener

zacks stock screener

However, their web application runs within a javascript widget and that’s not the best solution for traders running their stock scanner on mobile devices.

However, the Zacks stock screener has great free functions that are worth it to give them a try. Most of the free functions are standard functions.

Zacks premium offers a lot more functions to scan the market, but the premium screener costs $29 per month.

7. Unclestock

The Uncle Stock screener is one of the less known stock screeners in the market. The Uncle Stock screener is more focused on scanning fundamental data than on technical stock screenings.

uncle stock screener

uncle stock screener

With their calculation methods, Uncle Stock screens the market based on historical and expected financial metrics.

The traders are able to create their own screens and to search stocks based on the industry, location and valuation criteria.

As a bonus, investors may back-test their individual stock screeners to develop their individual strategy.

8. Google Finance

The Google finance stock screener may be compared with Yahoo´s stock screener. It is really fast and web based and the traders have the opportunity to configure their settings individually.

google finance stock screener

google finance stock screener

The traders may also scan for specific filters, like e.g. Market cap, P/E ratio, Div yield (%) 52w price change (%) and more.

However, none of the previously mentioned stock screeners has nearly as many functions as Trade Ideas Pro. Continue reading to learn more about the best stock screener of all.

9. Motley Fool Stock Screener

The Motley Fool stock screener offers you the opportunity to use CAPS intelligence as well as the traditional financial metrics to screen for stocks.

the motley fool stock screener

the motley fool stock screener

As a scanner, this is a quite basic tool. When you use it, you have the choice between the following filters:

  • Sector
  • Industry
  • Market capitalization
  • CAPS ratings
  • Price data
  • Risk data
  • Dividends per share
  • EPS growth rate

Those who are not searching for something special, will surely like the Motley Fool stock screener. It is recommendable for long-term investments, but not really for day trading stocks.

10. StockFetcher

If you are searching for a powerful stock screener that is easy to use, StockFetcher offers the right one for you. Here you can use English phrases to set up the filters of your choice.

stock fetcher stock screening and analysis

stock fetcher stock screening and analysis

There are more than 125 different indicators to build up the individual filters you need. To make things even easier, there is a StockFetcher user guide explaining how to get everything done. In addition to this, the user guide shows you the way to making the most out of the full power for advanced stock screening.

Here you see some examples of what it can do:

  • It describes how to use all the different indicators in the best possible way.
  • It provides you with Synthax instructions and with all details for setting up screens.
  • It shows you specified commands to create the perfect charts for even better results.
  • It contains a detailed reference section for your research.
  • It offers you exercises and examples for you can practice before you will start for real.

There are two options for a subscription:

  • StockFetcher Standard that costs $ 8.95 per month or $ 24.95 per quarter
  • StockFetcher Advanced that costs $ 16.95 per month or $ 44.95 per quarter

11. ChartMill

By using Chartmill, you are able to explore the markets to find promising trading opportunities. You will see different charts at the same time to make your choice which ones are interesting enough for you to store them in your watch-lists.

chartmill stockscreener

chartmill stockscreener

Once you have chosen those, you can check the risk by using the position sizing tool.

With the help of ChartMill's stock screener you will use technical metrics to find the stocks you are searching for.

The service includes proprietary filters, like e.g. Trend Intensity, Pocket Pivots and Squeeze Plays. Especially the filters that are using the classical strategies in day trading, like e.g. Pocket Pivots, allow highly useful examinations.

You have the choice between Effective Volume, Relative Strength, Flags and Pennants, Squeeze Plays, Pocket Pivots and Support Resistance.

ChartMill offers an effective, proven example for a stock screener for technical analysis as it combines your personal indicators, algorithms and knowledge with innovative technology.

It is amazingly user friendly and the basic features and functions are offered for free.

To take even more advantage, there is the option of a paid subscription. This subscription includes:

  • unlimited access to the screener
  • unlimited access to the analyzer reports
  • unlimited watch-lists with saved settings

  • Intraday charts and additional features

This costs $ 29.97 per month or $ 259.97 per year.

So, you see, with a yearly payment you save 28 %.

12. StockRover

StockRover presents itself as being created by individual investors for individual investors.

StockRover - search compare investigate

StockRover - search compare investigate

They offer a user friendly and affordable stock research platform to enable investors of all different levels to make well-informed trading decisions to be in complete control of their investments – from the very beginning until the end.

The service includes highly advanced and well organized tools for analyzing and detailed financial data that makes it easier to compare investment opportunities.

All of StockRover's tools are permanently updated.

Beside the mentioned software service, StockRover offers live webinars, videos and a blog for education and the results of an unbiased stock research.

Instead of a big number of separate spreadsheets, websites, tabs and windows, StockRover created an integrated research platform for investors of all levels to turn them into better and more successful traders.

In addition to this main goal, the team of StockRover wants the users to enjoy it to use their system. By building up a steadily growing investment community to share this efficient research platform, it offers the users access to the same tools and resources.

Regarding the training opportunities and the customer support, a personal touch is highly important to the StockRover team.

StockRover offers a free basic membership for beginners and for casual investors to help them to improve their skills and to provide them with important, useful information for a better and more successful trading.

The second option is the StockRover premium membership that costs $ 249.99 per year.

This is meant for professional traders and for motivated investors of all levels.

By providing them with all significant tools and kinds of information, StockRover makes their research for well-informed trading decisions a lot easier.

13. Stock Monitor

Stock Monitor promises to make the stock analysis much easier and scanning the market much faster.

StockMonitor stockfilter

StockMonitor stockfilter

This is a new way to give you access to helpful watch-lists and portfolios to enable you to monitor your trading strategies.

By using technical analysis charts, the system combines back tests with filters to provide you with the alerts that will make your trading more profitable.

The service includes:

  • Filter Stocks – to find stocks by using pre-installed or custom filters
  • Live Strategy Testing – to set up filters to watch them trade live with virtual money
  • Back-Test – being based on historical data of many years to predict possible profits
  • Watch-Lists and Alerts – to add stocks and to set up individual alerts
  • ​Chart Analysis – to create stock charts by using indicators, drawing tools and more
  • Portfolios and News – to follow related breaking news that match with your stock portfolio

Stock Monitor offers a 14-Day Free Trial with full access to all kinds of tools and services.

If you decide to sign in for a subscription after the free trial, the full membership will cost $ 14.99 per month.

14. PastStat

PastStat offers you pre-installed screens for you can see which kinds of stocks match with certain technical criteria. This includes screens being based on common indicators, like e.g. Bollinger

paststat - all stats and no fiction

paststat - all stats and no fiction

Bands, ATR, Money Flow, RSI and more. With the help of the „Consecutive Candles Scan“, you will be able to watch which stocks are running lower or higher on consecutive days.

In addition to this, you can follow the weekly performance of winners and losers.

The service contains a custom screener giving you the opportunity to make your choice of stocks in accordance with your personal criteria and, besides that, you will find a seasonality screener, a ticker alert, quant ideas and a back-test module.

All this will show you which stocks consistently performed well in a chosen month for you can see that stats of their performance.

By watching different months of the performance, you will be able to filter stocks being selected by their volume and profit factor.

PastStat offers a subscription with full access to everything in three different price options:

  • $ 99 per month
  • $ 799 per year
  • $ 1199 for two years

15. StockCharts

StockCharts is not really a pure stock screener, but more of a charting tool. Anyway, it has to be mentioned here. At the website you will find a free stock screener that enables you to scan the market of the day and of the last four trading days.

StockCharts free charting tool

StockCharts free charting tool

The scan works with:

  • Technical indicators
  • Candlestick patterns
  • P&F patterns (point and figure patterns)

This seems to be an essential stock screener that was created for technical traders. With only one mouse click, you will find all patterns and candlesticks and all significant indicators for everything on your watch-list and for everything you have set up with your personal filters.

And the very best: This stock screener is for free. You will only have to sign in for a paid subscription if you want to use the complete package with charting in addition to the stock screener.

StockCharts makes it surprisingly easy to handle advanced technical scanning to find all kinds of stocks and funds according to your personal criteria.

16. MadScan Stock Scanner

It belongs to the main advantages of MadScan that you can see all of your personal setups and patters all at once and that you don't have to waste any time with searching for them.

madscan stock screening software

madscan stock screening software

In any case, your P & L will increase significantly when you use this reliable and effective scanning software.

MadScan enables you to set up all custom signals you may ever need. The use of the API for your preferred gray box or black box trading is included in the service.

Just install this impressing trading technology, have a try with it and execute it according to your personal preferences. You will surely see that it will make your day trading much easier.

With this amazing product you lean back while the MadScan stock screener is doing the job for you. There is nothing else left for you to do but to check if it works in the way you want.

Regarding the stock screeners, MadScan and Trade Ideas are direct competitors that you may compare quite easily. You will find all details in our MadScan review and in our Trade Ideas review.

17. CNBC Stock Screener

CNBC's offers a preset stock screener that allows you to screen for:

CNBC Stock Screener

CNBC Stock Screener

Solid Stocks and Solid Companies – If you are searching for stocks that are solid performers all through the changing conditions in the market, this screener will help you to find them.

  • S&P 500 Dogs – This takes you back to the good old classic methods. Sometimes high dividend yields on large cap companies may be a clear sign for significant changes.
  • High Quality and High Dividends – If you want to benefit from the advantages of certain tax breaks on dividends, here you will find the stocks you are looking for.
  • Small Cap Value – If you are focused on Small Cap Value, this will be the tool of your choice.
  • Large Cap Growth – If you prefer using the Large Cap Growth to take advantage of it, this will help you to get what you want.

In addition to this, you have the opportunity to use custom screeners. There are many different categories, like e.g. performance, earnings, market caps, growth trends and others. After choosing one of these categories, you may still set filters to narrow your search even more. Select as many filters at the same time as you want.

It is one of the big advantages of the CNBC stock screener that it enables you to save your custom screen. If, for example, you start with a specified search to find certain kinds of stock in a special area, you simply save your search to use it again later and whenever you want.

However, the navigation may not be too comfortable and it may be something you first have to get used to. But there is nothing to lose as this service is for free and so, you don't risk anything with a try.

18. MarketWatch

MarketWatch's Intraday stock screener offers you an easy and comfortable way to search for stocks.

MarketWatch Stock Scanner

MarketWatch Stock Scanner

Here it is completely your choice how many parameters you want to use. It works with only a few as well as with many of them.

You just define the volume, the price, the technical criteria, the fundamental criteria and exchange and industry or simply one part of it – and here you go.

Also this user friendly stock screener is for free and it is only one part of everything that MarketWatch is offering.

MarketWatch that is published by Dow Jones & Co. has more than 16 million visitors in every month.

This platform provides the users with all kinds of financial information and business news, with investment tools and data and with real-time-commentaries.

Here you can also sign in for a subscription for all kinds of services for investors including ETF Trader and Retirement Weekly.

19. Fidelity Stock Screener

The Fidelity stock screener enables you to pre-select all kinds of custom criteria that you need. Here you have the choice between more than 140 different kinds of criteria to filter.

fidelity predefined screens

fidelity predefined screens

Find all relevant criteria of stocks that are traded in public.

The six most important preset screener categories are:

  • Most popular
  • Growth
  • Growth and value
  • Value
  • Technical
  • Income

The possibilities are unlimited. After the setup of your individual stock screener, you will be able to save your screens.

Because of the impressing number of more than 140 different kinds of criteria, it is more than highly possible that you will find the perfect scan for a successful investment.

All day traders need user friendly stock screeners that may be adjusted to their personal needs. In this point, Trade Ideas Pro has a lot to offer.

Best Stock Screener 2017 - Conclusion

Stock screeners are very important as they are helping you to screen for stocks. There are different types of them in the market.

While some are available for free, there are other versions you have to pay for. However, you should know that these tools are no magic pills that help you to choose the perfect stocks.

You have to know exactly which kind of information you need to obtain it with the help of a stock screener.

However, the screeners will help you to start with your research and they may help you to save time by narrowing down your stocks to a small, manageable number.

While you proceed with your research you should use your intuition to choose the best stocks that meet your specific requirements.

Stock traders may prefer Trade Ideas Pro with the great Artificial Intelligence feature being part of the TI-Pro stock screening software for maximum convenience.

To learn more about Trade Ideas Pro, continue reading our detailed Trade Ideas Review.



What you should know when you are using stock screeners?

Things to keep in mind when you are using stock screeners

Using different components of a stock screener

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    • DAYTRADINGz says:

      Thanks for your question. Most scanners will support you applying scans to a custom company- / watchlist. It really depends on your needs. If you want to scan on a daily basis, free scanners are completely sufficient for that. When it comes to professional stock screening, Trade Ideas with its artificial intelligence module is still the market leader. But it is not available for free. To learn more about Trade Ideas you can read my detailed review at Alternatively some tools provide an API to connect it with your database. Depending on the database you use that could be a good solution as well. Some years ago I did develop an MS Access database for EOD-Scans. It was fast and accurate and I did use in conjunction with Yahoo finance EOD data.

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      thank you for this excellent question. About 10 years ago I asked me similar questions. I was looking for a trading tool that provides a long term history for price and volume to test comparable strategies. But at the end, exactly those strategies never work. You find yourself inside a trap. You test and optimize a system to work e.g. with an 65days nominated moving average cross. But once you go live, you realize, it doesnt work. So I was happy having found Trade Ideas software.

      The capabilities to test strategies with an mouse click within seconds without need to write code yourself is pretty cool, but old school.

      However, Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence engine HOLLY is amazing. But its hard to describe and better if you test it yourself. But do not make the mistake to buy something that you never tested. Like I always say. First of all, people should use every opportunity to attend to free webinars, use free trials, newsletters etc. Get a feeling about the company, the products and services. Click here to proceed to the Trade Ideas Review 2018. The weekly Demo and Q&A session is a good starting point as well as the new free eBook. Furthermore being interested in the A.I.-Strategy engine you should download the TradeIdeasAIStrategies.pdf for further free reference about the strategy settings.

      If Trade Ideas does not suit your needs, market leaders for charting programs with a high end backtest engine like NinjaTrader and eSignal do what you are looking for. I developed lots of strategies for eSignal and hundreds for NinjaTrader 7. But Trade Ideas gave me the edge.

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