Best Stock Screeners and Stock Scanners of 2019

Chances are that you have been in a situation where you bought stocks at the high of a price swing and then sold them right at the bottom.

Perhaps the strategy was good, but the trade timing put a kink in your expectations. It is very important to be in the right place at the right time.

The perfect execution, tight spreads, and the avoidance of slippage can be the difference between profitability, break even trading, or even losses for day traders.

With the ​best stock scanner and stock screener you can become profitable within a short period of time.

Technology is the key to success. Artificial intelligence-based algorithms, trade automation, trading strategy detection, and position size optimized orders are only a few advantages that new technologies can provide.

Best Stock Screener and Stock Scanners
Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the best stock screeners and stock scanners of 2019.

​Criteria | Type

​Stock Scanner

​Stock Screener

​Real-Time Data



​Automated Trading API



​Automated Scans, Filters, Alerts


​Only in a few cases



​Only in a few cases

​Web-based platform



​Good for day trading



​Typical Time-Frames

​Tick, minute, hours, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

​Daily time frame, ​in few cases intraday time frames

​Charting included

​Yes, in most cases

​​Yes, in most cases

​Backtesting module


​Only in a few cases

Transparency: When you buy certain products from some of the sites we link to, we may earn a small share of the revenue.

The following part of this guide will cover the best stock screeners and stock scanners available right now. The following categories include:

  • ​Best Stock Screener for Day Trading
  • ​Best Technical Stock Screener
  • ​Best Free Stock Screener
  • Best Paid Stock Screener
  • Best Stock Screener App
  • Best Real Time Stock Screener

​Best Day Trading Scanner

A day trading scanner has to be fast. Market timing is important for successful day trading.

For that reason, a day trading scanner should be powered by high-end technology with data centers near the stock exchange.

Also, real stock exchange data should be used as data feed. There is only one stock scanner that fulfills all these criteria.

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro

For under $3 per day, Trade Ideas provides its users with the best day trading scanner available right now. But there is more.

Best Day Trading Stock Screener | Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas provides a free stock chat room, a free stock picking service, and even a customer friendly refund policy.

And the best part – traders do not need coding knowledge to use it. A backtesting interface is integrated and traders can fully automate their trading.

Plus, the Trade Ideas A.I. channel algorithm automatically scans the market for the trading setups with the highest potential profitability and shows you the results in real time.

Their A.I. system has beaten the markets significantly in the past. Trade Ideas belongs to the list of fastest growing companies based in the United States.

Alternatively: Go on reading the full Trade Ideas Review to find out why Trade Ideas is the best stock screener and use the Trade Ideas Promo Code to save 15%-25% on your first subscription.

Best News Stock Scanner

​Sometimes a fast move in one direction turns into a move in the opposite direction or ​simply stops.

That often happens when a specific breakout or breakdown happened without any clear catalyst.

Benzinga Pro is designed to scan for news related to a specific stock. Also, you can search the whole real-time news database based on keywords.

Benzinga Pro Review

Let's say you are using Trade Ideas as your stock screener. Trade Ideas notifies you when a move happens right now.

Benzinga Pro can answer the question if the movement is caused by a particular catalyst with enough potential letting the stock move further. In this case, Benzinga Pro is a great filter.

Alternatively you can create workspaces and ​set various stock screener settings based on specific criteria and keyword filters.

For example, let's say you want to get notified once a headline pops up with

  • "merger,"
  • "FDA approval,"
  • "stock split," or
  • "topline result."

You can define such workspaces in Benzinga Pro with a few mouse clicks. Also, you can set an alert that notifies you once a criteria is met.

Benzinga Pro offers a 14-day free trial. It is a real free trial, no credit card is needed, and the free trial will end after 14 days without obligations.

Read my Benzinga Pro Review to see how I use it. A Benzinga Pro coupon code is also included and will save you 30% on any subscription.

Alternatively: Click here to sign up for the free trial now.

Best Free Stock Scanner Trading Room

There is only one free stock chat room with screen sharing available.

It is Trade Ideas’ free stock trading room with more than 500 traders online every trading day. Berry, the moderator of the room, shares his trading screen with all the traders.

Trade Ideas | Best free stock chat room

He explains his trade entries and trade management all day long. While you cannot configure Trade Ideas yourself when using the free stock trading room, the room is definitely a great place to start your journey in evaluating the best stock scanner.

Best Stock Market Scanner

The best stock market scanner has to be fast and accurate, not as fast as the best day trading scanner, but accurate in any situation.

Stock market scanners are best suitable for long term investors and not traders.

They should come with plenty of options and variables like filters, stock alerts, and watchlists.

Finviz Elite

Finviz Elite is the best regular stock market scanner available. I was using the free Finviz screener long before I started using Trade Ideas.

But the stock market scanner Finviz has only limited capabilities for day traders needs. It never helped me to make profits.

However, Finviz is always a good idea if you want to scan the overall market conditions.

Finviz Elite stock screener

So, while Finviz is a great stock market scanner, it is not made for day traders.

Technical and fundamental swing and position traders will enjoy the free functionalities Finviz provides.

Premium features like real-time and pre-market data, advanced charts, a backtest-engine and advanced Finviz stock screener settings make the search much more efficient.

But again, Finviz Elite is not made for day traders and there are still plenty of limitations. Day traders consider using Trade Ideas Pro.

Make sure to read the guide “How to use Finviz”, our in-depth Finviz Review and check out the free Finviz scanner now. Finviz Elite costs $24.96 / month with a yearly subscription, while the monthly subscription costs $39.50 / month.

​​​​​Best Penny Stock Scanner

Again, Trade Ideas A.I. Pro is the best way to go. You can freely define the scanner with hundreds of variables.​

Set the price filter, for example, from a range of 10 cents to 1 dollar with a minimum traded volume of 100,000 stocks at the current day and Trade Ideas will show you all those stocks in a list.

Trade Penny Stocks | Trade Ideas Stock Scanner

And to improve the scan, you can setup intraday events like new high of a day, volume spike, high relative volume, candlesticks, and many other options which will narrow down the list.

Best Stock Screeners - Top 10

Not every trader needs one of the real-time stock scanners mentioned above.

​The alternative for swing traders and investors are stock screeners.

​Stock screeners are very common tools, ​and often free or at least cheaper than stock scanners. The main reason for the differences in prices is the exchange data.

Best Stock Screener

While most high-end stock scanners use original exchange data feeds, stock screeners often use delayed data. For that reason, stock screeners are useless for day traders. Even milliseconds can make a huge difference.

However, stock screeners provide investors with the opportunity to browse capital markets evaluated by fundamental criteria like Market Cap, EPS, Industries, Dividends or even technical criteria like Volumes, Moving Average Crosses, Candlestick Patterns.

TradingView Stock Screener

TradingView was initiated by traders and software developers who wanted to share their powerful and highly advanced trading tools with their users.

TradingView Stock Screener | Performance

The platform belongs to the best free stock charts ​and gives traders of all levels the chance to benefit from the latest achievements of technology. From cloud computing to interactive charts and tons of indicators.

All this is meant to improve the user’s chances of trading successfully.

Another important feature of this platform is the active community of traders who work and learn together, sharing trading ideas and experiences.

The moderators are community members who have acquired the confidence needed to operate as volunteers, answering users’ questions and offering useful advice.

And then there are free, helpful services anyone may use, such as free access to simulated trading with virtual money in order to improve one’s skills without any risk.

In my opinion, TradingView focuses a bit too much on charting. Of course, most people look solely for this because they are still trading based on technical analysis and thus prefer a technical analysis stock screener.

But keep in mind that >90% of traders fail!

That’s why TradingView is not one of my favorites when it comes to stock screening.

Before committing to a subscription, try the 30-day free trial TradingView offers and find out if a technical screener like this one meets your needs.

Functionalities at a glance:

  • ​Stock screener – Free EOD stock screening and basic functionalities with delayed data
  • ​Stock scanner – real time data feed available at extra costs, HTML5-platform
  • ​Charting – daily time frame charting for free, various minute time frames in the paid version

TradingView is a good starting point for trading beginners with a limited budget and moderate demands.

You can set up alerts, watchlists, data windows, and save your ideas for later reference.

Sign up for a free account here. Get a free 30-day trial to all paid plans here. Save up to 33% immediately on your first subscription here.

For extensive information on TradingView, see ​the detailed TradingView Review.

Finviz Stock Screener

With Finviz, you will find an attractive stock screener with cool functionalities, including a tab navigation menu to choose between filter categories, such as:

  • valuation, 
  • financial,
  • ownership,
  • performance, etc.
Best Stock Screener |

Within those tabs you can filter thousands of stocks for values like:

  • market cap, 
  • volume,
  • dividend yield,
  • EPS,

and pattern recognition types such as:

  • wedges, 
  • flags,
  • candlesticks, etc.

Finviz was one of the first stock screeners I used when I started trading.

That was a long time ago and it was a really great scanner with a lot of unique characteristics. No competitor could offer their functionalities.

Finviz is free with the basic functionalities. You can access charts as well as numerous filters.

Finviz Stock Screener Review

It might work for investors who know exactly what they are looking for on a daily basis, but for beginners, the free version will be a frustrating experience.

Mainly because the export functionality is only available for subscribers to Finviz Elite.

This was different in the past and the MS-Excel export files were a huge benefit for EOD-Traders.

Functionalities at a glance:

  • ​Stock screener – Free EOD stock screening and basic functionalities with delayed data along with really annoying advertisements and pop-ups
  • ​Stock scanner – real time stock quotes and intraday-charts with Elite-Version available
  • ​Charting – daily time frame charting for free, various minute time frames in paid version

A paid version is also available. It’s called Finviz Elite. It provides real-time and premarket data, advances charting, backtesting capabilities, and advanced visualization.

Advanced stock screening functionalities, alerts and notifications make it an interesting package at a reasonable price.

Either you go for Finviz Elite or skip on the stock screener.

Learn more about the functionalities, advantages and disadvantages in the Finviz stock screener review and check out the guide, “How to use Finviz”.

Yahoo Finance Stock Screener

Yahoo Finance used to be one of the best stock screeners. However, the Yahoo Finance screener functionality is limited largely to stock screening and moderate charting. Sadly, the Yahoo Finance  API-functionalities are very limited nowadays.

Yahoo Finance Stock Screener Input

The big plus of the service is that Yahoo Finance stock screener is completely free.

This is an incredible choice for stock traders who are searching for a simple, free, fundamental stock screener.

Besides helping you to screen for stocks, it also screens funds and bonds using the same interface.

Yahoo Finance Stock Screener Result

​Yahoo Finance is a stock screener website that offers various pre-configured screens like strong forecast growth, largest market capitalization, daily gainers, top mutual funds and greatest sales revenue.

Useful explanations are available for every screen providing the basic principles.

​​Custom screens can be created when signing up to your free Yahoo account.

The one notable disadvantage here is that you always have to click to refresh the scan or to show the chart of a specific asset.

To sum it up, the functionalities are good, the handling is a bit exhausting, and the advertisements on the website are annoying.

Nevertheless, it’s a good starting point for beginners.

Fidelity Stock Screener

The Fidelity stock screener allows you to pre-select several types of custom specifications.​

You can choose to filter more than 140 different possibilities to find the respective stocks that are traded in public.

The six most important preset screener categories are:

  • Most popular
  • Growth
  • Growth and value
  • Value
  • Technical
  • Income

After setting up your individual Fidelity stock screener you will be able to save your settings.

​The Fidelity stock screener is free to use but has very limited functionalities. However, it is free. So give it a try. Update: Fidelity forces you now to at least register with your email ​to enable you to use the fidelity stock screener.

Fidelity Stock Screener

CNBC Stock Screener

CNBC offers a preset CNBC stock screener that allows you to screen:

Solid Stocks and Solid Companies: If you are searching for stocks that are solid performers through the ever-changing conditions of the market, this screener will help you find them.

S&P 500 Dogs: This will take you back to the good ol’ classic methods. Sometimes high dividend yields on large cap companies may be a clear indicator of significant changes.

High Quality and High Dividends: If you want to benefit from the advantages of certain tax breaks on dividends, you will find the stocks you are looking for right here.

Small Cap Value: If you are focused on Small Cap Value, this will be your preferred tool.

Large Cap Growth: If you prefer using the Large Cap Growth to take advantage of it, this will help you to get what you want.

Or you can use custom screeners.

CNBC Stock Screener - Custom Screen

There are many different categories like performance, earnings, market caps, growth trends, and others.

After choosing one of these categories, you can set the filters to narrow your search even further. Simultaneously select as many filters as you like.

​One of the major advantages of the CNBC stock screener is the fact that it enables you to save your custom screen.

If, for example, you start with a specified search to find certain kinds of stock in a special area, you can simply save your search to use it again later, or whenever you want.

On the downside, the navigation is not too comfortable and it may be something you have to get used to.

But there is nothing to lose as this service is free. Thus, you don't risk anything by giving it a try.

Marketwatch Stock Screener

The Marketwatch stock screener offers you an easy and comfortable way to search for stocks.

You are completely free to choose the number of parameters you want to use. It works with a few, as well as with many of them combined.

You just have to define

  • volume,
  • price,
  • technical criteria,
  • fundamental criteria

Now you’re good to go.

Marketwatch Stockresearch Screener

This user-friendly stock screener is a free tool, and it is only part of what MarketWatch is offering.

​​MarketWatch, published by Dow Jones & Co., has more than 16 million visitors monthly.​

The platform offers users all kinds of financial information and business news, with investment tools and data, and real-time commentaries.

You can also sign up for a subscription to all kinds of services for investors, including ETF Trader and Retirement Weekly.

Google Finance Stock Screener

We all know Google and nearly all investors know about Google finance stock screener, a tool that compares to Yahoo´s stock screener.

It is really fast and web-based, and traders have the opportunity to configure their settings individually. But how do you use Google stock screener?

Similar to Yahoo Finance, Google has tweaked their tool somewhat. It feels more like searching for news feeds about a respective company, some charting, and a little bit of everything.

But nothing special, and not really adequate for an investor or day trader. I recall once using the Google finance API to extract historical pricing data for stocks with 2 years of history.

But it seems as if Google discontinued this function.

​Zacks Stock Screener

The Zacks stock screener offers a good alternative to the other free stock screeners mentioned above.

It is a disadvantage that the web application runs within a JavaScript widget. This is not the best solution for traders running their stock scanner on mobile devices.

Besides, many of the scans provided are available with a premium subscription only.

Zacks Stock Screener

Nevertheless, the Zacks stock screener offers great, free functions that justify giving it a try.

Most of the free functions are standard, but they are a perfect starting point for fundamental traders or technical traders who make decisions based on a daily or weekly time frame.

This stock screener is not really suitable for day traders. It is more of a tool for long term investors.

​Zacks premium offers many more functions to scan the market, but the premium screener costs $29 per month along with a 30-day free trial.

MSN Stock Screener

The MSN stock screener only has the basic functionalities. Popular screens like high dividend yields, bargain stocks, blue chips, and 52-week high are available at one click.

No login is necessary. Various filters like price, sector, exchange can be applied.

With MSN Money, you can customize your filters and choose stocks that meet specific requirements.

​Real time stock scanner and charting functionalities are not available, and one cannot change the columns or do any advanced customization.

TheFlyOnTheWall, aka TheFly, is not a typical intraday stock screener or stock scanner. It’s more of a real-time news feed for stocks.

Strong price fluctuations result from the news. It is important to know the reason for the move. Stock News Screen

Is it a temporary hype? Is something really big going on? Should you buy even when prices have already risen 20% or should you sell the upmove short?

Knowing the reason for a move enables investors to make the right decision at the right time without guesswork.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that TheFly costs money.

The price range is between $39.99/month and $69.99/month. That’s not cheap, but not expensive either.

When the news is on, an investor will quickly realize when to put in the ticker symbol of a stock. Very often, the price movement occurs at the same moment the news is released.

But it has to be noted, TheFly is not the Holy Grail. Often, the movement is already over and the prices are stuck at a certain level.

Studying the news can take a lot of time and before you know it, the move is over.

So this service is something of a workaround from a standard stock screener.

Instead of scanning stocks for a price move, TheFly scans the stock market for news that might have an impact on the price.

​To give you a better understanding about TheFly, we have published a detailed TheFlyOnTheWall review.

Best Stock Screener and Stock Scanner | Summary

Stock screeners and stock scanners are important tools that will help you to make the best possible investment decision.

While some stock screeners are available for free, you have to pay for most stock scanners.

In any case, you should know that these tools will not magically help you to choose the perfect stocks.

You have to know exactly what kind of information you need to obtain with the help of a stock screener and choose the best stock screener and stock scanner.

Firstly, you have to decide what you want to trade (stocks, options, etc.), what trading approach fits you best (day trading, swing trading, long term investing) and most importantly, you have to evaluate how much money you can risk without getting in trouble.

So what is the best ​choice?

Our recommendation for day traders is the Trade Ideas Stock Scanner. There is no other tool that even comes close to the amount of functionalities Trade Ideas provides.

Their artificial intelligence trading opportunity detection is one of a kind. The free, stock trading room, demo account, and stock picking service are just a few of the additional advantages Trades Ideas contains.

Stock screeners like Trade Ideas can help you save time by narrowing down the potential investments to a small, manageable number, thus enabling you to make precise, comprehensive decisions.

Related: Trade Ideas Review

Best Free Stock Scanner

While there are many free stock screeners available where you can filter stocks based on your own criteria with delayed data, there are no free stock scanners available that scan the markets in real time.

Why? Because real time stock exchange data costs a lot of money.

If you are serious about making money by day trading stocks, then you have to go with Trade Ideas.

There is just no real alternative available.

Even market-leading trading educators, such as Ross Cameron from Warrior Trading, rely on the Trade Ideas proprietary trading software.

And remember, the real time data feed is included in all Trade Ideas pricing models. Trade Ideas is simply the best stock scanner out there.

Best Paid Stock Scanner

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro is the best paid stock scanner available today. Here are some cases to give you a better understanding of why they are the best:

Best Technical Stock Scanner

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro scans the market for many technical patterns: breakouts, breakdowns, Fibonacci retracements, candlesticks, moving average crosses, and many more.

Trade ideas Stock Scanner Alerts

Best High of Day Scanner

With a few mouse clicks, you can setup Trade Ideas A.I. Pro to receive notifications about which stocks are currently at the high of the day.

You can either filter them or you can use the alert functionality to visualize the event.

Best Premarket Scanner

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro also scans the premarket and post market. This is incredibly helpful when a company releases its earnings before the market open. The premarket scanner helps you to filter those stocks which are of interest for the day, based on premarket activity.

Best Premarket Gap Scanner

The Trade Ideas A.I. Pro premarket gap scanner is a subcategory of the premarket scanner. Just configure the gap variable with the value of your choice ($ or %) and you can see all the stocks that gapped up in the premarket.

Best Stock Scanner App

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro mobile offers the same functionalities the desktop version provides. All your strategies, scanners, and filters can be stored in the Trade Ideas cloud and you can access them from anywhere.

Best OTC Stock Scanner

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro has them all. Aside from big exchanges like

  • NYSE, 
  • NASDAQ and AMEX,
  • Pink Sheets and
  • OTC-markets

can also be scanned.

Best Intraday Stock Scanner

Trade Ideas A.I. Pro also wins in this subcategory. You have more than 400 filters and alerts available, with thousands of strategy combinations. No coding knowledge is needed. Also, ~50 artificial intelligence-based strategies are available for intraday trading.

Trade-Ideas Stock Screener Overview

Trade Ideas Pro is not only the best stock screener and stock scanner but probably even the best stock screener for day trading and short term investors – altogether a top stock screener.

Trade Ideas can be used as a downloadable Windows version or in a browser from any device.

My preferred stock screener and scanner offers many easy to handle features and functionalities that make it possible for traders to screen and scan the market, to identify the best trading setups, and to develop the best trading strategies.

Best Day Trading Stock Screener | Trade Ideas

And to top it all off: this can be achieved without writing a single line of code. The tool is drag & drop based with input parameters of more than 500 filters and alerts.

Results can be streamed in lists or alerts. Automated Trading and Backtesting is supported and the Artificial Intelligence Channels scan the market in real-time for best results.

In my opinion, this is the most powerful real-time trading analysis tool currently available in the market and the best stock screener app.

It works perfectly for those who want to trade stocks, options, and ETFs.

Various functionalities can be tested for free, their support is amazing, the pricing is fair and the refund policy commendable.

By the way, I ​conducted an interview with Dan Mirkin, CEO and co-founder of Trade Ideas.

They are very transparent about their company’s philosophy, the people running the company, and about their products and services.

Trade Ideas Pro is the perfect starting point for beginners, intermediates, pro traders and even institutions.

Functionalities at a glance:

  • ​Stock screener – free stock screening and basic functionalities
  • ​Stock scanner – real time scanner of more than 6,000 assets (stocks + options + ETFs)
  • ​Charting – various minute time frames as well as daily time frame
  • PLUS: lightning speed backtesting + unique Artificial Intelligence Channel + Automated Trading

Click here to start directly with the free resources Trade Ideas provides.

​Alternatively: Read the full Trade Ideas Review to find out why Trade Ideas is the best stock screener and use the Trade Ideas Promo Code to save 15%-25% on your first subscription.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stock scanners?

What is a stock scanner? Stock Scanners are the airborne radar for traders. Based on the previously defined criteria, stock scanners scan the financial markets in real time.

With the help of the best stock scanners, traders can narrow a list from thousands of stocks down to the few that meet the exact criteria of the search algorithm.

An example of the search logic would be: Show me all the stocks…

  • currently trading above $100 AND
  • with a traded volume of more than 100tsd stocks today AND
  • up more than 5% from the open AND
  • currently down 2% below the daily high AND
  • that finished the last period of the 15 minute chart with a bullish candlestick.

To do this manually for hundreds of stocks without a trading tool is impossible.

The best stock scanners process complex queries in real time. As a result, the stocks that meet the previously defined criteria are displayed in a manageable list.

The backend of a stock scanner contains a very extensive database of historical data, as well as intelligent queries that compare the real-time data of thousands of assets with the selected criteria.

Stock scanners are frequently used by day traders who make their trade decisions based on movements within very small time frames like the 1-minute, 5-minute and 15-minute chart, or even based on a tick chart.

What are stock screeners?

​Stock screeners are tools that use a database and display a list of results depending on the selected criteria.

The displayed results change only when the request is updated. Some also update in near time.

This is more or less a static query lacking a real-time component. Stock screeners are widely used by swing traders and position traders.

For such operational purposes, end-of-day data or delayed intraday-data is sufficient.

Think of it like this, stock screeners are a lighter version of stock scanners. And every stock scanner has stock screening functionalities.

What should you know when you are using stock screeners?

Stock screeners and stock market scanners offer a lot of flexibility, but it is highly recommended for you to know the criteria you need in order to search for what you really want.

There is a seemingly limitless number of variables available that make the possibilities of combinations endless.

You need to know exactly what you want to measure. Otherwise, even a stock market screener rich in functionality may not help you.

Pre-configured screens are usually a good starting point. Based on these, it’s easy to add or reduce the number of filters to create your custom stock screener.

Besides, it’s important to know what sectors (utilities, banking, insurance, etc.) and global markets (U.S., Europe, worldwide, etc.) you want to invest in.

What should you keep in mind when using stock screeners and stock scanners?

Stock screeners are useful helpers when making decisions about your investments. However, like other trade analysis tools that are available at the moment, they all have several limitations.

Here are the crucial things to keep in mind when using them:

Stock screeners make use of databases being updated according to different schedules.

This makes it important for you to check the actuality of the data before using it. You will not benefit from relying on stale data when making decisions.

The better the data, the more expensive the stock scanner or stock screener.

Real-time data from NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and other stock exchanges is extremely expensive. The datacenter infrastructure is also expensive.

For that reason, you cannot expect to get high reliable data at no cost.

While an end of day investor might consider using free EOD-data from one of the stock screeners mentioned above, a day trader should definitely choose the best stock scanner available: Trade Ideas A.I. Pro.

What are the components of a stock scanner and stock screener?

A stock screener consists of three components: The company databases, a screening engine, and a set of variables for screeners, such as:

  • Small cap or large cap stocks
  • Price to Earnings ratio range
  • Chart Patterns
  • All-time high and all-time lows
  • Earnings ratios
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Retracements
  • Pre-market and post-market movements
  • etc.

A good stock screener will provide you with the stock search tool that shows you the result of your specific filter criteria.

If you can focus on measurable factors affecting the price of stocks, you will be carrying out a quantitative analysis.

Among other things, these factors include the price to earnings ratio, profit margins, volatility, and revenue and market capitalization.

Those are important figures when learning how to trade.

But when you are a short-term oriented trader (day trader, scalper, high-frequency trader) it might be useful to focus on other variables, which can give you better results depending on your needs.

How to Setup a Stock Scanner?

It is easy to set up a stock scanner by following these 3 steps:

  • Open the stock scanner platform of your choice.
  • Filter the relevant financial instruments by defining your variables, like:
  • Price
  • Traded volume
  • Fundamental data (EPS, Market Capitalization)
  • Rinse and repeat until the results meet your expectations. And avoid overoptimization.

What are the best charting tools?

Scan, Chart, Trade stocks & options is one of the main headlines on their website. TC2000 is a good hybrid product offering cool trading technology software with lots of interesting features.

Subscriptions are available starting from $9.95/month up to $89.98/month. TC2000 does not promote a money back guarantee on their website.

The up to date website and new videos make a good first impression. This allows investors to take a closer look at the product before reaching a decision. Another plus is that TC2000 is being updated on a regular basis.

Currently version 18 is available. The latest video is dated March, 23rd 2018, introducing TC2000 version 18 to customers and explaining the new features like multi-select-alerts, hotkey tickets, option contract scanning and so on.

TC2000 also offers the opportunity to open a brokerage account. I dedicated a separate, in-depth review to their products and services that may be found here: TC 2000 review.

eSignal is a charting platform with a focus on providing day traders with a well-engineered trading software.

The pricing of the platform subscription ranges between $50/month and $325/month. Yes, that’s right, you have to pay up to $325 Dollars per month to access the elite version.

One should know that the classic version ($50/month) comes only with delayed data and low functionalities.

The average day trader usually does well with the signature subscription for $160/month but of course one should evaluate first if one really needs all those cool features eSignal provides.

The signature version does a good job for stock screening, stock scanning and real time charting.

Please keep in mind that on top of the platform subscription you’ll have to subscribe to the exchange data, too. Without the exchange data you will not receive real time prices in eSignal.

I have used eSignal myself and had some success developing trading strategies and indicators. I wrote an extended eSignal review to give you more in-depth information about the products and services eSignal provides.

I like the fact, that eSignal keeps developing their product. They improve their software, implementing new features with each major release.

The pricing is clearly within the premium segment and investors have to consider if they’ll win the invested money back. Besides, eSignal is mainly meant for day traders.

VectorVest is a stock analysis and portfolio management software. The basic layer is VectorVest 7.

For using VectorVest 7 you need a subscription ranging from $69/month for the end of day version up to $129/month for the real-time version.

There are various plugin modules available, like the RoboTrader ($99/month), RealTime Derby ($99/month), Options Pro ($249/month) and some plugins available for a one time fee.

VectorVest is definitely meant for experienced users and is within the premium pricing segment. It’s an all-in-one solution with lots of functionalities.

Due to the wealth of information available for VectorVest, I wrote a separate VectorVest Review about it.

In my opinion NinjaTrader is one of the best tools for day trading beginners for a very simple reason.

The free version of the NinjaTrader trading software comes with more features than anything else.

And the data feed provided by as an end of day trader is included for free! Traders can code strategies, backtest strategies, use the charting, drawing tools  etc. - all for free.

There is only one major limitation. Investors who want to connect NinjaTrader to their brokerage account will have to buy or rent the software.

But one may try NinjaTrader for months on end for free, no credit card required.

To give you a better understanding about the software, I wrote this NinjaTrader Review.

While NinjaTrader does not offer that much valuable data for fundamental traders, it definitely has many advantages for technical traders. It’s a stock screener, stock scanner and charting tool combined.

EquityFeed – A powerful stock trading software? It’s a platform made for active traders and day traders offering a free 14 days trial.

Real time stock scanning including pre and post market hours with unlimited watchlists and customizable layouts are available.

Besides, investors gain access to detailed fundamental data as well as Level 2 quotes.

EquityFeed is an interesting software and all in one solution. Stock screening, stock scanning and charting is available out of one single platform.

But investors need to be aware that EquityFeed gets really expensive when subscribing to the markets.

The U.S. Bundle (Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, OTC) including Level 2 data costs $220 monthly! This is a lot of money for an otc stock screener, especially for beginners.

The software is not meant for long term investors, its suitable for day traders and active traders with high budget. Please read the EquityFeed review for more information about this trading software.

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Updated: March 26, 2019