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What is the best options trading course available right now? The two following best option trading courses are my favorites. Enjoy options trading courses along with live-trading events, well-explained options strategies, and trading room access.

What makes this list special? I have access to all of those programs and provide insights-perspectives instead of general descriptions. Only options trading courses with outstanding options trading strategies and exceptional trading results make it to the list.

If you are looking for stock trading courses, then check out my article about the best trading courses. For day traders, the article best day trading courses will be the best choice.

But now, let's get straight to the list of the three best options trading courses.

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1. Optionsgeek

Felix Frey an experienced options trader and holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He worked seven years as executive director of equity derivatives for Bank of America and various other companies in the sector. For over 20 years now, he is trading options on Wall Street, and in October 2018, Felix founded his options trading service called Optionsgeek.

Optionsgeek Trading Course

In 2019, Felix presented his course and market insights during the Moneyshow TradersEXPO in New York, and in 2020 he was a presenter at the Benzinga Options Trading Bootcamp. His track record is well documented, and he continuously beats the average market performance.

His approach to options trading can be defined as simple to follow and easy to understand. Instead of using complicated options greek formulas, he simplifies options trading with his unique swing trading course. Felix offers a free membership for students and provides access to the free membership resources:

  • The Starting Block
  • The Options Challenge! Are You a Beginner?
  • 7 Must-Know Concepts Before Learning Options
  • Bonus - Step #1: Value
  • Options Myths


  • Focused on options trading education
  • Well experienced instructor that knows options insight out
  • Focuses on low-risk strategies while trading options

Best offer: 3 Steps to Profit Options Trading Education Package (Bonus: 1 Month Winning Picks included)

2. Option Strategies Insider

Option Strategies Insider is a swing-trading options picking and education service operated by Chris Douthit. Chris holds an MBA and various financial degrees. He previously worked as a professional trader for big companies on Wall Street, such as Goldman Sachs.

His service includes in-depth options trading education, and also two options picking services with a winning rate of >90% called Executive- and Ultra Membership. Paying subscribers receive about 5-10 picks per month, depending on the membership. Those trade alerts great for swing-trading because the average holding time is a few weeks. That makes this service a good choice for investors working in a full-time job and want to get into options trading on the side.

I checked the whole options course and the trades. Detailed information about his service can be found in the Option Strategies Insider review.

Also, I asked Chris to provide a special offer for readers, and he came up with a pretty cool deal. You can test his full service with access to everything for 7 days for $7. During the seven days, you can watch every educational video, and you get all trade alerts.

Option Strategies Insider


  • Well experienced instructor that knows options insight out
  • Options trading education and trade alerts
  • Amazing winning percentage since inception
  • Free resources for a sneak peak available
  • Full access to everything for only $7
  • Good for swing-trading options


  • Not made for day trading
  • No live-trading via screen share


3. Black Box Stocks

When it comes to community aspects, the Black Box Stocks comes into play. Black Box Stocks is a trading service that covers by far more than options trading. First of all, they provide a market scanner with real-time analysis of market movements. The scanner screens the stock market for momentum plays and also the options market for unusual options activity. Also, subscribers gain access to their web-platform, Discord channel, and finally to the private Twitter group.

Subscribers get a bit of everything with various head-trader who are posting live-trades, the opportunity to chat with other traders, and market insights by using their market scanner. Black Box Stocks is around for many years now, and they are growing steadily. They offer free classes for members with detailed educational aspects about:

  • Basics of stock trading
  • Basics of options trading
  • How to trade using blackboxstocks

All of this is done during the BlackBox Bootcamp, a 3-hour live webinar for new traders. It is offered twice a week, and a detailed curriculum is available on their website.

Blackboxstocks | Trading Community


  • Unique mix of stock screener, options scanner, trading ideas, and community access
  • Options and stock trading courses and strategies
  • Free online trading course Bootcamp for subscribers
  • Free integration of The Fly on The Wall news


  • Not purely focused on options trading
  • No extended archive with educational resources available



Trading options is easier than it sounds if the best option trading courses are chosen. Like in any profession, education sets the foundation for growing the experience level, self-confidence, and, finally, the account. The same general rules of investing and trading apply like in any other related segment.

The costs for courses, strategies, and education packages on trading options should be kept as low as possible while at the same time without sacrificing quality. Be careful and use your head if you see promotional material where $100,000 of profits are promised, along with the promise that there is absolutely no risk.

Trading and investing means taking risks to gain capital over proportionally. People claiming that they never have a negative trade don't tell the full truth. Define which kind of transparency level you prefer that can be live-trading, or time-stamp based messages and alerts.

Also, if you are looking for a trading course, then use the trading course provided. I have access to so many courses and talked to many educators too. All tell the same story, often their subscribers directly start to trade with real money instead of going through the educational material. What would happen if a someone would begin with a surgery immediately without education? And the same goes for trading options successfully.

At first, you need a proper education, and you need to understand the market perspective of your educator. You also need to practice what you learned on paper, and then finally, you need to make progress in small incremental steps growing your account steadily.

Especially Weekly Money Multiplier, Optionsgeek, and Black Box Stocks are the three services in the top five that do their job as educator over proportionally good. They are pointing out where the pitfalls are and how the real-life of being a trader is.

Best Options Trading Course Questions and Answers

  1. How do I get good at options trading?
  2. What is the best option strategy?
  3. How long does it take to learn options trading?
  4. Can you get rich trading options?
  5. Which option trading course is best?

How do I get good at options trading?

To get good at options trading, you need to start with proper education. This can be free YouTube resources or paid courses from successful providers with a proven track record.

What is the best option strategy?

The best option strategy is to keep the overall risk as low as possible by buying calls and puts. Selling calls and puts naked is the whole opposite and the riskiest strategy.

How long does it take to learn options trading?

It takes about 3 to 6 months to learn options trading from scratch. First, you need to understand the theory, and then you need to practice order placements and finally start trading options.

Can you get rich trading options?

You can get rich trading options when all risk-management rules are applied correctly. The leverage provided by options trading makes high income with low capital possible.

Which option trading course is best?

The best options trading course provides easy to understand learning material, proven success provided by the educator, and short term subscription at low costs.

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