The 10 Best Trading Courses 2020

You want to trade stocks, options, forex, and futures successfully but need some guidance? Here you find the 10 best trading courses available right now. To ensure accuracy, I test, track, monitor and review them all year long.

You will also discover great deals like free memberships, high discounts, and money-back guarantee offers for stock trading courses, the best options trading courses, and live-trading services.

The Best Trading Courses

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What makes a good trading course?

A good trading course is offered by traders who successfully trade on their own with real money. Live-trading, account statements and a meaningful curriculum vitae are reasonable indications. A trading course needs a good structure, reasonable pricing, and reflects a realistic picture of trading.

The top ten of the best trading courses includes:

  • Free Stock Trading Courses
  • Paid Stock Trading Courses
  • Options Trading Courses
  • Forex Trading Courses
  • AI Trading Courses
  • Live Trading Offers
  • Professional Stock Trading Courses
  • Best Day Trading Courses

I have access to all of the best trading courses mentioned in this list. This way, I can provide in-depth insight and clear guidance about the things you get as a subscriber. I have also included links to exclusive offers and trading course discounts.

Best Trading Courses

  1. Black Box Stocks
  2. Jason Bond Picks
  3. Option Strategies Insider
  4. Monday Movers
  5. Trade Ideas
  6. Warrior Trading
  7. TopstepTrader
  8. TopstepFX
  9. Weekly Money Multiplier
  10. Dollar Ace

Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks Boot Camp

Best for Beginners

Black Box Stocks is the new leader in the list of the best trading courses. Beginners often struggle when looking for their right path of trading. Is day trading a good choice? What time-frame should I use? Should I trade options or stocks? Is it a good idea to use a stock screener, or should I rely on human-based trade signals?

Black Box Stocks provides insights into nearly all trading-related topics. That's why their fast-growing community of traders is the perfect starting point for beginners. The Black Box Stocks Trading Boot Camp is available for free to all subscribers and covers topics like how to trade options and stocks.

The live webinars are offered every week, and recordings are available too. Education is always related to the current trade environment. Plus, Black Box Stocks provides more than just a trading course. They have full-time traders as moderators in a trading discord channel, offer two private Twitter groups and give access to the stock- and options scanner for real-time market analysis. Even experienced traders discover benefits using Black Box Stocks. One of their core strengths is the ability to provide tools to identify unusual trading activities like dark pool trades for stocks and options.

All those features and a real-time data feed for all assets are included in the low monthly subscription price.

Trading Style: Day trading stocks and options


  • Excellent trading boot camp
  • Access to the stocks- and options screener with charts
  • Unusual options trading activity scanner included
  • TheFly news-feed and real-time market data for stocks and options included
  • Discord channel, and two private Twitter groups for subscribers

Retail-Price: $99 per month

Price with discount: $79 per month, or $990 per year


Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks Penny Stock Trading Course

Best Penny Stock Trading Course

Raging Bull, the company behind Jason Bond Picks, grew to one of the successful trading education services worldwide. Based on Inc. 5000, Raging Bull ranked at #915 of the Top 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2019. Now their ranking improved to #564 in 2020.

Besides of penny stock education, Jason Bond Picks is also one of the best stock picking services. Jason sends a detailed action-plan each morning before the market opens, and advance notice alerts plus trade alerts during the trading day. The education material on teaching how to trade penny stocks. Jason's preferred trading setups are so-called Fishhooks and Rockets. Subscribers also have access to Jason's vault, a learning center, the live scanner, an ebook, and the Advance Notice archive. The learning experience is mainly based on daily updates, trades and webinars.

I follow Jason for over a year now, and he always aims to offer his clients the best possible experience. Meanwhile, trade alerts are being sent via the brand new Raging Bull app, besides various via other channels like email, SMS, and desktop notifications.

The Advanced Notice Buy Alerts, live-streaming of Jason's momentum stock scanner, and the improved Education Vault are the newest enhancements.

Trading Style: Swing trading stocks.


  • New trader's education vault
  • Real-time trade alerts via App
  • Live-scanner access

Retail-Price: $1,499 per year, or $2,497 for the unlimited deal

Price with discount: $297


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Option Strategies Insider

Best Options Trading Course plus Option Trading Signals Combi-Package

Option Strategies Insider trading courses

Chris Douthit worked for Goldman Sachs and founded his options trading service, Option Strategies Insider. There are two primary components of the service. There is a training center where you find 14 free option trading lessons. Those lessons answer the questions why options, and how to read options and dive into option greeks and detailed information about buying and selling options.

Paying members also unlock the advanced option strategies like multi-leg option trading, vertical spreads, butterfly strategies, and strangles.

The option picks are the second component. Members receive one trade idea per week and access to the last alerts within the platform.

The options trading course is well structure, and the videos worth watching. The free membership is a good thing to start with, but the trial for $7 is even better since you gain access to all content in exchange.

Trading Style: Swing trading options.


  • The instructor has excellent skills based on a remarkable career
  • Full access to everything within the 7-day trial
  • Well-structured training material

Best Offers

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Monday Movers

Monday Movers

Best Low-Cost Swing Trading Service With Educational Videos

Monday Movers is an effective short-term swing trading service operated by Jason Bond. Jason sends his trade ideas to subscribers a few hours before market close on Friday. This learning concept by doing its teaching method is to buy stocks for a short term swing into Monday.

The big plus of this service is that positions are only opened on Friday evening and the expenditure of time is relatively small. Two other pros are the surprisingly low yearly costs of $97 with the discounted link and the free access to 100 educational videos for learning.

Trading Style: Swing trading stocks


  • Swing trading ideas on Friday for short-term hold until Monday.
  • Extensive educational material is included for free.
  • Webinar attendees unlock an annual rate of $97.


  • Additional Masterclass and chatroom access cost a bit more.

Best Offer:

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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Education

Best Free Trading Room

Trade Ideas innovates stock market trading since 2003. Their stock screener is the best choice for day traders, and the new automated trading API opens a whole new world of trading opportunities for investors.

The market scanner costs a monthly fee, but educational resources like the weekly webinars are freely available. Trade Ideas also operates one of the best stock chat rooms and sends a weekly stock pick to Trade of the Week subscribers. The chat room and stock picks are available for free, and they are a good starting point to learn trading stocks.

Trading Style: Day trading stocks.


  • Artificial Intelligence based stock screener
  • Free trading education via webinar
  • Live trading via screen share
  • Automated trading, backtesting, charts with AlphaTrends VWAP, free resources

Best Offers

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Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading Day Trading Courses

Best Day Trading Course

Warrior Trading offers the best day trading course, and one of the best stock trading courses for beginners. Ross proved more than once that he can grow a small account to a reasonably sized trading account within a few days. On June 16, 2020, Ross was trading via live-stream on YouTube. He streamed his account in real-time, and in front of thousands of traders, he made +225k on that day. You will agree that this is impressive. Ross Cameron also publishes his trading account statements on his website

The Warrior Starter course has 15 chapters. Ross educates beginners about the best practices to day trade successfully. Ross mainly trades small-cap stocks, but the strategies also work for large-cap momentum stocks.

Trading Style: Day trading momentum stocks.


  • Incredible live-trading performance
  • Comprehensive trading course material
  • Courses for beginners, and advanced traders

Retail-Prices: Warrior Starter $997 for the first month (then $197 per month), Warrior Pro $5,997 per year

Best Offer

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Futures Trading Course TopstepTrader

Best Futures Trading Education

With TopstepTrader, you can become a full-time trader by trading a funded trading account. TopstepTrader educates and provides access to their trading platform and the futures trading combine.

After proving your skills in the simulation and obtaining a certain level of profits, TopstepTrader proposes to match the successful candidates with funds managed by them.

Topstep provides

  • Funded Accounts for successful traders
  • A trading platform that works on any device
  • 3rd party add-on tools

The main idea of a funded trading account is to learn trading by doing it without risk. At TopstepTrader, you pay a small monthly fee and access the trading platform and education material. Account sizes vary between $30,000 and $150,000. Once funded, traders keep the first $5,000 and 80% of all profits afterward.

Trading Style: Day trading and swing trading futures.


  • No risk for your trading account
  • Funded trading accounts of up to $150k available
  • Facebook group, Limit Up! Podcast and a video library with 100+ videos available

Retail-Price: $150 per month for the $30K account

Price with discount: $120 per month for the $30K account

Best Offer

  • 20% discount on all plans (Automatic discount at the checkout. Please, ignore the popups on their site, my automatic promo code discount is higher)


Forex Trading Course TopstepFX

Best Forex Trading Education

The idea behind TopstepFX is the same as TopstepTrader. Both belong to the Best Funded Trader Programs. But what's the difference? The difference is the asset traded. While TopstepTrader focuses on futures trading, TopstepFX focus is forex trading by utilizing the popular MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. They also provide forex trading education and forex training courses. Currently, 22 currency pairs are available for trading.

TopstepFX partnered with Divisa Capital as their forex funded account broker. Divisa Capital is a straight-through order processor and orders directly to liquidity providers without a dealing desk in between.

You pay a low monthly fee to get access to the platform and start the TopstepFX challenge. There is no risk for your private trading account, and you learn trading by practicing trading in real-time. Once you made it through the Trading Combine, you can make money trading a funded trading account. Once you trade the funded trading account, you will keep all of the first $5,000 in profits and then 80% of the profits you generate.

Trading Style: Day trading and swing trading of 22 currency pairs.


  • No risk for your trading account
  • Straight-through order routing
  • MetaTrader 4 Platform

Retail-Price: $125 per month for the $200K buying power account

Price with discount: $100 per month for the $200K buying power account

Best Offer

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Weekly Money Multiplier

Weekly Money Multiplier Options Trading Course

Best Options Trading Course with Live Trading

Weekly Money Multiplier is the leader on this list. I audit and review this options trading service for over 12 months now, and I am still impressed. It is much more than an options trading course for beginners.

Nathan Bear makes things easy to understand and educates his students exceptionally well. Instead of just teaching the theory of successful options trading, Nathan Bear shares his trading account via screen share with subscribers.

The Weekly Money Multiplier contains:

  • Options trading education material via video and blog posts
  • Live-Trading - Nathan Bear's portfolio via screen share
  • Portfolio updates via email
  • Trade Alerts via the app, email, push notifications and SMS

The options strategies used are the more conservative ones with a lower risk level. Another benefit is that traders can copy the trades since mainly large-cap assets like GOOG, AMZN, AAPL, etc. are traded. Nathan makes more than $1,000,000 a year while sharing his portfolio live with subscribers.

Trading Style: Swing trading and day trading options.


  • Comprehensive educational training material
  • Live trading and real-time alerts
  • Incredible performance and weekly live education

Retail-Price: $2,999 ultimate plan, or $1,999 per year

Price with discount: $499 per quarter, or $1,499 per year

Best Offers

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Dollar Ace

Dollar Ace options trading course

Best Unusual Options Trading Activity Service

Dollar Ace is all about following the smart money to discover potential sharp price movements before they happen. Kyle Dennis is the trader behind this service and developed a scanner to find unusual dark pool trading activities. He follows the insiders and institutional activity using the scanner.

Before the market opens, Kyle sends a watchlist to subscribers and informs them when a new trade is made, while subscribers can see the screener results all day long. Trade alerts are sent via the app, email, desktop notification and SMS.

This service is mainly about learning by following the trades instead of going through a long trading course. The concept is good but requires immense discipline by new traders.

Emotional control and trading on paper are important for every new trader, and any new trading strategy learned. When you see Kyle making 100% within a couple of hours, you may feel in a rush but need to control your behavior. Stay on paper until you are profitable on paper for a longer time; this is so important.

Dollar Ace subscribers also have access to the trade alert video archive, some training video lessons, the Stock Options Explained course with 21 video lessons on options trading. Plus, the Trading Academy video archive has another 68 videos. A solid offer with classic educational elements, live-trading, options picks, an unusual options trading activity scanner, and video lessons.

Trading Style: Swing trading and day trading options with unusual options activity.


  • Kyle's portfolio streamed in real-time
  • Access to the options screener
  • Substantial educational material about unusual options trading activity

Price with discount: $1,499 per year, or $2,499 lifetime membership

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Best Trading Course Summary

The best trading course is the one that entirely fits your expectations and needs. Make sure to define the assets and time-frame you want to trade. If you are still uncertain which offer suits you the best, start with free memberships and services that offer a money-back guarantee.

If you specifically aim to improve your day trading skills, I recommend my brand new article best day trading courses with my favorite courses and educators. Option traders focus on the updated best options trading course article.

Trading is a marathon and not a sprint. Do things step by step. Invest some money and learn to understand the markets, then rinse and repeat by making well-informed decisions. Being a successful trader requires a combination of sound knowledge, excellent trading tool handling, and experience. Like any other profession, actually.

Best Trading Courses Questions and Answers

  1. Are online trading courses any good?
  2. How to protect your money?
  3. What is the best stock trading course?
  4. What is the best day trading course?
  5. What is the best forex trading course?

Are online trading courses any good?

The best online trading courses are worth it when they answer all your questions. Before you buy a trading course, you should think about the assets you want to trade, and your preferred trading style. That's because trading courses are tailored to a specific trading style like day trading or swing trading, and assets like options or stocks.

How to protect your money?

The fear of missing out is probably the highest risk you will discover. When you read about trading strategies or see other traders make $10,000 live in front of you, you may want to trade with real money immediately. It is worth it to be patient while finishing the course and until you are successful with simulated trading.

What is the best stock trading course?

Black Box Stocks offers the best stock trading course. It is an excellent combination of a 3-hour boot camp, unique stock screener capabilities, support and an active community of traders that makes it the right choice.

What is the best day trading course?

Warrior Trading takes the lead of the best day trading courses. Ross Cameron does an outstanding job of educating students about day trading strategies, trading platforms, and the right mental attitude.

What is the best forex trading course?

TopstepFX offers the best low-risk forex trading education program by trading a simulated account aiming for a funded trading account of $30,000 in higher once the challenge is completed.

About the Author: Alexander is an investor, trader, and founder of After devoting many years to educating himself on powerful day trading techniques and effective investment styles, he started trading and investing more actively. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. In 2015, he began writing articles about trading, investing, and personal finance. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money.

Updated: October 02, 2020
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