Best Options Trading Alert Service

The internet is full of success stories from people making a lot of money day trading options with gains of 1,000% and more. It looks easy, but options trading is more complicated than it appears at first.

The best options trading courses help beginners to understand options basics like how to read an options chain and how to sell weekly put options for income. At the same time, trade alert services combine the theory of options trading with trading signals based on that knowledge and experience.

So, options trading services help you get into options trading fast, and option trading alert services go even a step further by coming up with trade ideas and recommendations.

What is the best options trading service to consider to ensure a positive experience trading options? This guide describes five credible options trading services, explains the differences, reveals the costs and best offers.

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Options Trading Service List

  • Bullseye Trades: Best for Weekly Options Trade Alerts with Education
  • Daily Strike: Best for Daily Trade Alerts
  • Benzinga Options: Best Low-Cost Options Trading Newsletter
  • Market Chameleon: Best for Options Data Analysis
  • InsiderFinance: Best Order Flow Capabilities

1. Bullseye Trades – Best for Weekly Options Trade Alerts with Education

bullseye trades

Bullseye Trades is an options trading alert service operated by the co-founder of Raging-Bull, Jeff Bishop. Jeff shares a new trade idea every Monday with Bullseye subscribers, 52 times per year. Each trade alert comes with detailed analysis, options contract details and trade management insights for the profit target and stop-loss level.

In addition, subscribers have access to the Raging Bull dashboard with a comprehensive stock options trading video library, which covers the basics of options trading but also trading strategies in 20 lessons.

Jeff uses the strategies he teaches as the baseline for the weekly options trade alerts. Besides the detailed trade alerts, a weekly video with a trade alert and market recap gets posted within the dashboard.


The Bullseye Trades membership usually costs $399 per year but is currently available at a 75% discount for $97 per year. Monthly subscriptions are not available, which is reasonable because of the low annual price.

Best Offer: Save 76% Off and join Bullseye for $97 per year.

2. Daily Strike – Best for Daily Trade Alerts

daily strike

Jason is well-known for his penny stock trading and continuously listens to subscribers. Due to high demand, he started the Daily Strike service. One trading idea per day, and access to a video archive, that’s what you get as a Daily Strike subscriber.

The service is helpful for investors who struggle to scan for trade opportunities on their own every day. The trade alert service notifies subscribers before the market open about the trade ideas with details about the trade, including options contract- and trade management details.

Daily Strike’s focus is the trade alert component, and subscribers receive live trade alerts using the app and within the member dashboard. A quick start video series and access to Jason’s digital vault of trading secrets are included in the price.


The Daily Strike membership comes with two payment options. It is possible to join for $299 per quarter or $997 yearly (equals 20% Off compared to the quarterly subscription.

Best Offer: Join Daily Strike for $299 per quarter, or $997 per year (30-day money-back guarantee included.)

3. Benzinga Options – Best Low-Cost Options Trading Newsletter

benzinga options newsletter

Nic Chahine is a full-time options trader and the lead options trading educator at Benzinga. Nic issues one of the Benzinga premium newsletters called Benzinga Options. The track record for the newsletter looks convincing, with an average win rate of currently over 90% and an average return per trade of over 23%.

The Benzinga Options Starter Package is a good choice for people who want to test the product and includes two trade ideas per month. The options trade ideas are shared with newsletter subscribers via email and SMS message. Each email includes an explanation of the trade with in-depth analysis, the ideal price target and an estimated timeline for each trade.

The higher-tier subscription to Benzinga Pro’s Options Mentorship includes access to the Inner Circle chat room and full access to the Benzinga Pro platform with trade alerts, community chat room, charting, stock screeners, and options scanners, newsfeed, squawk radio, and trading signals.

In addition, Benzinga Pro’s Unusual Options Activity feature alerts users about large block trades and sweep trades of options contracts. Filters like the price/earnings ratio, market cap, dividend yield, various industries and sectors and price change bands can be used. Users get notified about trade alerts via audio or desktop notifications. In addition, the Benzinga Pro Unusual Options Calendar provides access to historical options data for further analysis.


The Benzinga Premium Options newsletter Starter package costs $194 per year. Subscribers can also upgrade their subscriptions to receive more trade ideas. Alternatively, it is possible to sign up for the Inner Circle offer, including the live chat with Nic Chahine and full Benzinga Pro access.

Best Offer: Here, you find a sample trade and a 50% discount code for a one-year subscription to the Benzinga Options Newsletter for $97. The offer includes free access to the next Benzinga Boot Camp and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Alternatively, sign up to the Inner Circle with Benzinga Pro access with a 35% discount for $225.55 per month.

4. Market Chameleon – Best for Options Data Analysis

market chameleon

Market Chameleon is another great source for option trading ideas. Customers use the tool to analyze options activity. It is not the fanciest-looking options trading alert service, and some may say that the website design looks outdated. But the point is that Market Cameleon focuses on numbers and allows the investor to analyze options contracts like no other tool in this list.

Market Chameleon is like using a finance API with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. All results are visualized in tables where you can sort and filter based on your requirements. Users can sign in and scan the price data and other fundamental data points for catalyst events, implied volatility movers, open interest changes, and implied volatility rankings. You can also backtest trade ideas, analyze pre-market and after-hours trading, scan for gaps and unusual trading volume.

Millions of options and stock data points are available to calculate all sorts of statistics. For example, you can use the data to find high-yield trade ideas with high probabilities of success.


The all-in-one research platform Market Chameleon costs $99 per month. This unlocks the modules Stock Trader, Options Trader, and Earnings Trader. You can also subscribe solely to the Options Trader module for $69 per month.

Best Offer: The Market Chameleon free trial with full access to all features is the best way to get started with this service.

For platform insights, consider reading our review about Market Chameleon.

5. InsiderFinance – Best Order Flow Capabilities

insider finance

InsiderFinance is different from a traditional options advisory service. InsiderFinance is an options scanner to follow, monitor and find the largest options-related order flows in the market. Options traders use the tool to follow the smart money from institutions with a proprietary algorithm to find the best possible option trades.

Unusual options activity often indicates that big players in the market know about major news before they are announced, and the InsiderFinance trading software helps subscribers to identify such trading opportunities.

InsiderFinance belongs to the options analysis services best for investors willing to choose the best possible options contracts based on pre-defined or customized screener results. Various pre-configured screeners are implemented, but it is also possible to define specific scanner criteria. Stock options are analyzed for potential bullish and bearish trades, and the results are shown in real-time. A sweep scanner and dark pool prints analysis is also included, and the analysis and chart functionality makes the offer complete.


Each InsiderFinance plan provides access to all features. There are three paid plans available. A subscription costs $75 paid monthly, $195 paid quarterly (equals $65 per month), or $660 paid yearly (equals $55 per month). The link below reduces the price for all subscriptions by 20%.

Best Offer: 20% InsiderFinance Discount on all plans (use the promo code DAYTRADINGZ20 during checkout in combination with the link).

Best Options Trading Alert Service Conclusion

The world of options trading alert services and education services is complex, and it takes time to find the best one that suits your needs perfectly. Your experience level, budget, and expectations make a big difference. Therefore, a well-structured plan is needed to calculate the total expenses and find the best from all available options trading services.


Options Trading Services Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription
Bullseye Trades $97
Daily Strike $997
Benzinga Options $97
Market Chameleon $69-$99
InsiderFinance $60 $528


How to become an options trader?

As an options trader, you need to use options education services to improve your skills to ensure a positive experience trading options. Learn what calls and puts are. Understand the role of the options chain, the importance of greeks and time decay. There are plenty of trading opportunities out there, and they will always be there. Before you start options trading, you need to define if you want to follow options analysis services to use their scanners for your own trading ideas or if you want to go with the best options trading advisory service by getting trade recommendations directly. In the first 6 months, you should only trade options in a trading simulator or paper trading account.

What is an options trading alert service?

Investors and traders use options trading alert services to make more profitable investment decisions with less analysis work. Trade alert services notify subscribers when experts and gurus come up with a new trade idea. Those trade alerts typically include the stock symbol, entry price, stop loss level and additional background information for the trade. Alert services differ in terms of analysis methodology, trade alert frequency, historical trade transparency and pricing. Some trading options, some trade stocks and others trade futures contracts. Some alerts services have an options trading course, or at least basic options trading education included.

What is the best options trading advisory service?

The best option alert service is the one that suits your needs the best. For example, a options picking service is excellent for investors who don’t have the time for extensive analysis. In contrast, options screeners are a perfect tool for independently operating data-driven investors.

Who are the best options traders?

The best options traders are well educated, have strong analysis skills, trade their plan. A trading plan needs a well-defined options strategy and utilizes excellent tools. Finally, all trades are tracked, and a report is used to analyze the profits and losses to improve the trading strategy.

Are option alerts good?

Yes, option alerts are suitable for day traders and swing traders. Options can be used to hedge existing positions and can also be traded solely. Strike prices, expiring data and volatility should be monitored closely before making a trade. Options alerts from a trading service should be traded within a simulator before investing money.

Updated: August 8, 2022

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