TradingView Review 2018 (5 reasons why the free trial is a good choice)

If you ever read one of my former reviews, you know that the very first view at a website is highly important for me.

When I opened the ​stock scanner and charting tool TradingView to check them out for you, I was ​a bit disappointed first. This was because of a countless number of charts and figures instead of finding a clear introduction.

All right, all these charts may be exactly what the users want first, but there are still beginners who first want to get to know what TradingView is and what they offer.

For you I found a list of useful points to start my investigation. So, here we go with the TradingView Review.



TradingView presents itself as an innovative venture that was initiated by a group of traders and software developers who want to share highly advanced and powerful trading technology with everybody. TradingView - from the creators of MultiCharts.

It is their vision to let traders of all levels profit from the newest achievements of technology, from interactive charts and from cloud computing to improve their opportunities for more successful trade ideas and day trading.

Beside this, they see themselves as a community of traders who share ideas and who learn and work together in a unique, simple way.

This doesn't sound bad at all. This trading platform seems to be focused on the latest technology in combination with human aspects and potential.

TradingView Review - Main Dashboard

TradingView Review - Main Dashboard

And people who created trading software themselves should know what they are doing and talking about.

So, if this short introduction made you curious, continue reading to find out what TradingView may offer in detail.

What is TradingView and what do they offer?

Whenever I start getting familiar with a new platform, I am searching for something that is completely new and that makes a real difference compared with all the competitors.

Here I really found something brand-new – the moderators.

Instead of being the founders, the owners or employees of TradingView, the moderators on this platform are active members of the community

They gained enough trust and confidence from the TradingView staff and from other members of the community to become volunteers being there and ready to help other members and to answer all their questions.

It truly looks as if they don't get paid at all and as if they do this being driven by their enthusiasm.

TradingView presents them as representatives of the platform who have full authority and who are also responsible for dealing with content issues and with possible violations of the guidelines.

Top Authors Trading View

Top Authors Trading View

This makes me understand that TradingView is really walking on new ways and taking the community very seriously and I think, this is impressing.

TradingView calls itself an advanced financial visualization platform containing all the data and tools that traders may ever need.

And they are proud of being the most active social network for investors and traders from all over the world communicating, sharing trading ideas and experiences and placing orders.

All this may be done with your computer, with your laptop or with every mobile device. So, let's go on to see what TradingView offers in detail.

TradingView – Products, Services and Fees


Let's start with the list of features that was a bit hard to be found.

This is what TradingView offers:

  • HTML5 Charts they call the best of all that may be used by beginners looking for the latest stock prices as well as by professionals who want to analyze price patterns
  • Server Side Alerts being immediate notifications you get when the market meets your criteria. There are 12 different TradingView alert conditions you can choose and you will receive your alerts in the shape of pop-ups on your screen, SMS, e-mails or audio signals.
  • A Stock Screener to filter stocks with the help of your own specified metrics
  • Customized Technical Analysis including more than a hundred studies for a detailed analysis of the market covering all kinds of indicators and trading concepts. For this, TradingView created the Pine programming language to enable you to set up your personal signals and studies. And they promise that it is easy to do all kinds of modifications you want.
  • Trading to use all the information you got for real day trading to buy, to sell and to make profits. At this point TradingView recognizes the high risk of losing a lot of money. That's why they offer training exercises in simulated trading sessions with virtual money before you will feel ready to start with placing real orders.
  • Broad Market Data Coverage being a professional data feed with immediate access to all major indices, stocks, futures, CFDs and Bitcoins. Here TradingView promises premium data on volumes, prices and history covering the U.S. market and international exchanges.
  • The so-called Even more Tools consisting of key features for a complete picture, e.g. including breaking news regarding the most active stocks of the day
  • The iOS App that enables you to stream real-time quotes, to open your saved charts where ever you are and to read and to answer private messages within the community

TradingView – Costs, Free Trial Options and Refund Policy

At first sight, this part is kept quite simple as TradingView only offers three different kinds of subscriptions:

  • Pro for $ 9.95 per month on a bill for two years or for $ 14.95 per month if you pay monthly giving you access to the features for casual investors and traders with the basic, essential tools and power
  • Pro+ for $ 19.95 per month on a bill for two years or for $ 29.95 per month if you pay monthly for more demanding investors and traders, including everything that is needed for taking trading to a higher level
  • Premium for $ 39.95 per month on a bill for two years or for $ 59.95 per month if you pay monthly with full and unlimited access to the maximum of power, analysis and trading tools and with complete support
Compare TradingView Plans

Compare TradingView Plans

The policy and rules of TradingView don't allow any kinds of refunds for initial payments and for monthly payments.

They explain clearly that it is the customers' responsibility to cancel in time and that every subscription that is not canceled in time will be renewed automatically.

So, better be careful as you see that you will not get any money back once TradingView has it.

I found something very positive to share it with you. TradingView offers a 30-Day Free Trial for all three types of subscriptions.

So, if you may think that TradingView offers exactly what you are searching for, you have the chance to sign in for free and you have a whole month to find out if the services really meet your needs.

This sounds fair to me.

But don't forget to cancel your subscription on your account billing page before the due date to avoid automatic billing in the end of your free trial.

So, you better act early enough if the free trial may show you that this is not what you expected and if you don't want to slip into a charged subscription all automatically in the end of your free trial.

Beside this, TradingView offers some completely free services.

For example, this gives you access to the stock screener and to simulated trading including one server-side alert and three indicators per chart.

There is a lot more that you can get with a free membership, but I don't want to bore you with an endless list of these features.

If you want to have a try with TradingView, just look at the table below the prices for the subscriptions and you will see everything that TradingView offers for free.

TradingView – 5 Top Advantages

  • 30-Day Free Trial to find out if it will be worth it to invest money in a membership
  • free services for everybody that will not be turned into a charged subscription if this is all you need
  • highly advanced technology being created by former software developers
  • TradingView being the most active social network for investors and traders from all over the world
  • the opportunity to use all services with your computer, laptop or mobile devices everywhere at every time

TradingView – My personal summary

You see, I found some points I really liked, like e.g. the 30-Day Free Trial and the free services including the helpful simulated trading sessions with virtual money.

Beside this, the active community of traders and investors seems to belong to the positive side, just like the moderators being volunteers.

This impressed me.

With a free trial for 30 days you don't risk anything and there is nothing to lose – if you don't forget to cancel the subscription in time.

So, if you would like to get to know these advanced tools and the big community, just go on and check it out:

TradingView – Pros and Cons


  • Great charting functionality
  • fair pricing
  • free trial for 30 days
  • free services
  • an outstandingly active community of traders


  • no way to get a refund