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Our mission is to make trading, investing and personal finance tangible and easy for everyone to understand. We’ve been going strong since 2016 and have been featured in leading financial publications such as:

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Independent Research

You can trust in our integrity and independent standpoint. All articles reflect the author’s opinion.

In some cases, we may receive compensation when you click on a link, but this does not influence our opinion.

Knowing that we help more than 100,000 people each month motivates us to get even better by going the extra mile each day.

Profound Knowledge

We know what we are talking about. Our experience in the financial market began more than twenty years ago.

We want you to understand investment-related topics and products better. That’s why we only recommend services we have intensively tested and used ourselves.

In-depth Reviews

Detailed reviews with knowledgeable insight will help you understand a product better before buying it. We intensively analyze new products and services before publishing a review.

Once published, we ensure the latest product enhancements are included by updating the content frequently.

Added Value

We negotiate special offers and discounts for daytradingz.com readers to provide the best possible experience.

Make A Difference

We strive to create transparency in the trading business, and we want to share our expertise with you.

Insights on Request

On request, we provide detailed statistics, research reports, and helpful guidance.

What We Believe In

Solve Investors’ Problems

Investors are on the fence when it comes to speculative investing. The initial excitement is often followed by frustration and annoyance, which are typically caused by miscalculated expectations and inadequate preparation. We want to solve those problems by doing the research and providing in-depth information about trading, investing, and personal finance.

Positive Mental Attitude

We believe in positive and uplifting communication. Enthusiasm and optimism are core values of our work. But even the best products have their downsides. We express constructive criticism to set a foundation for potential improvements. When applicable, we are open to adjusting reviews and articles while maintaining our fundamental integrity.

Having a Purpose

The information we provide should not be used as a replacement for professional financial advice. We are here to help you understand all angles of investing and trading as clearly as possible. Even if you find out that speculative investing is not for you, we regard this as a success. We are here to provide well-researched content for informational purposes and education.

Transparency and Openness

We strongly believe in relationships based on transparency and trust. We work with companies who are willing to answer our questions and provide us with free access to their tools and educational material. Subsequently, we audit every angle of every product and share the experience with you. We also provide detailed online guides covering all aspects of day trading, investing, and personal finance.

Strong Partners

Personal finance and long-term investment strategies are also discussed at daytradingz.com. We are proud that personal finance experts frequently share their experiences and insights with you by publishing helpful guidance on our website.

Business Ethics

We run an ethical business. We build trustful partnerships and maintain that mutual trust by staying true to our word. We openly mention when we get paid by advertising partners. Currently, more than 80% of our pages are completely free of any advertising banners or affiliate links. We only recommend products we have intensively tested and use ourselves.

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We are happy to answer emails from our readers with questions and comments regarding our content within 48 hours. Please understand that we do not provide any financial advice. All content is for informational and educational purposes only.

Please contact us via “editor AT daytradingz DOT com”.

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Business Relations

We run an ethical business and enjoy developing new business partnerships after reviewing, auditing, and intensively researching new products and services before adding a mention on our site.

Please be willing to answer our questions and provide free access to the products and services that you would like us to review. We appreciate positive conversations and target-oriented processes.

For business relationship requests, use your company email address, and include your full name, company address and contact details, including your telephone number when contacting us.

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