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First of all, thank you for visiting my website!  My name is Alexander.

I am the founder of

I started my career in the financial business in 1999. When I look back, this was the only logical consequence that was based on my previous experiences.

Since my ​school days I was highly interested in money and the financial markets. This fascination has not changed until today.

​Alexander Voigt || Founder of

Financial Markets and Information Technology

At the beginning, I started trading the financial markets in addition to my job in financial services. Back then, the online brokerage business was still in its infancy. That's why all these years ago I placed my first buy and sell orders in person inside a bank while I talked with a banker.

When the order was placed, it took some minutes before the order was confirmed.  A few days later I received the printed documents for the transaction via regular mail. Can you still imagine this? Or does this sound strange?

Yes, it probably does if you compare it with the situation of today. Meanwhile, trading online within the split of a second is the standard procedure. The financial markets still fascinate me in the same way as they did during my first trading days.

I also enjoy always being up-to-date when it comes to developments in the information technology

This combination enabled me to automate my trading processes very early. At the beginning, I mostly worked with MS-Excel while I was analyzing historical price developments and when I was trying to predict the future.

Of course no one can really predict the future. But I was able to work in a comfortable situation with the right mindset. I always looked at everything in a realistic way. This made it easy for me to switch from trying to predict the future to optimizing my trading processes.

This was the time when I started to work with NinjaTrader's trading software. I wrote my own code lines (NinjaScript C#), I created semi-automated  and completely automated trading strategies and I really enjoyed the auto execution of my trades.

Buying and selling stocks without the stress of the manual execution of the trade is the very best method of all for day traders. This helps to avoid mistakes being based on a wrong mindset and mistakes that may happen because of fat finger keystrokes.

Isn't it a great feeling just to manage the trades by trading semi-automatically or even to lean back while the computer does the job?

At some point, I went out of ideas for new strategies that I could encode. Candlesticks – o.k. Trading patterns - done. So, what could come next?

During this process of searching for new ways, I heard about and about their product named Trade Ideas Pro for the very first time

With the help of Trade Ideas Pro, all at once the development of new ideas was not limited anymore.

And even better, the service of Trade Ideas includes the so-called "Trade Ideas Custom Formulas" that give me the opportunity to use simple formulas to create my own personal scans.

By now I already wrote more than 100 custom formulas - for simple stock scans, for layouts and list functionalities and for the unique real-time candlestick scanner.

There is no doubt about it that I really like this trading software. I know, there are a lot of other people who are writing about Trade Ideas, but it is hard to find someone else with almost 10 years of experience with Trade Ideas who doesn't work for Trade Ideas himself. 😉

I think, my Trade Ideas Review is the most detailed and the most honest review that you will find in the web.

The name of my website is

In addition to my career in the financial business, I started with blogging and I found out that I also enjoy it to create websites.

That's why today you will find everything I wrote so far at

Here you may get valuable information about trading and about general financial topics. For example, my website includes online brokerage reviews, trading educator reviews and trading tool reviews​. Here you will find the latest reviews.

All of them are written from a beginner's perspective instead of using the pure technical jargon that only experts may understand completely.

I think, this offers really useful information that everybody will understand all easily.

In this business, there are a lot of great bloggers who are doing an excellent job on every day and I see many of them as outstanding examples. This has lead me to the idea to start interviewing these people to introduce them to you. Here you will find the latest interviews.


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