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Everyone dreams of making millions trading the stock market. We all saw stocks like Amazon, Netflix, AMC, Gamestop, Moderna and Tesla making new highs. But most of us invest conservatively in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds for an average return of about 8% per year.

Investing in specific stocks can outperform the average return or benchmarking indices like the S&P 500. Using the best stock analysis software, apps, and research tools enable you to make better trading decisions and cumulate profits faster.

To archive your goals, you need the best tools with the highest value for an excellent price. This article will guide you through the best stock analysis software tools, stock research apps, and other software for stock trading, with insights into the features, benefits, and drawdowns of each tool.

best stock analysis software

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How to find the best stocks?

Stock analysis apps, stock research tools and even stock prediction software solutions are used for one purpose. Those trading tools exist to enable investors and day traders to optimize the stock analysis process to find the best stocks. These can be technical analysis tools for visual trade evaluation via charts or stock research tools with broad data capabilities for fundamental data analysis.

1. Trade Ideas: Best Stock Analysis Software for Day Traders

trade ideas stock analysis software for day traders

Trade Ideas is the number one trading tool for any day trader. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stock trader, Trade Ideas will help you to improve your day trading.

This stock analysis software comes along with powerful features. It costs less than $3 a day, and even the real time market data feed is included in the price. Market data subscriptions can add up fast. So it’s just great that these are included in your Trade Ideas Pro subscription.

Trade Ideas is more than just a stock research tool. It is the most comprehensive software for stock trading out there and especially beneficial for day traders. You can connect the in-build brokerage plus API to trading platforms like Interactive Brokers for automated trading.

Trade Ideas is an all-in-one solution and offers one of the best stock scanners for day trading, charting capabilities for technical analysis, and in-build artificial intelligence features. But that’s not all. Trade Ideas provides one of the best backtesting software solutions and focuses on high-grade trading education with free webinars, help guides and chat room access. In addition, it can be used as a web-based technology and can be downloaded for installation on your PC.

Also, Trade Ideas implemented an artificial intelligence based trade alert stream, supports automated trading, fast and reliable backtesting, and scans for hundreds of trading strategies.

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2. TrendSpider: Best Stock Analysis App and SaaS Solution

trendspider stock analysis app

TrendSpider is a unique stock analysis and charting software. It is an innovative solution that automatically plots trendlines, identifies support and resistance levels and enables you to set dynamic price alerts.

TrendSpider is a technical analysis tool with extensive charting capabilities, technical indicators, and various chart types for intensive stock market analysis. It is one of the best stock charting apps, with an integrated stock screener, the backtesting function, dynamic alerts and insights to enhanced fundamental data make it an innovative software as a service solution. It works on any browser, and subscribers can also use the TrendSpider app on iOS and Android devices.

TrendSpider currently offers a free trial with access to all functionalities. The regular pricing starts at $39 with a month-by-month subscription plan. All subscriptions include real-time data.

Active day traders may consider Trade Ideas before TrendSpider, but swing traders and less frequently trading day traders consider using TrendSpider.

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3. Stock Rover: Best Fundamental Data Stock Research Tool

stock rover

Stock Rover is one of the best web-based analysis software tools for investors and makes it easy, like 1-2-3, to see how stocks, exchange traded funds or even connected portfolios and watchlists perform.

Using Stock Rover is like having the ultimate spreadsheet superpower with years of fundamental data for 8,500 North American companies at your hands and over 10 years of in-depth financial data for over 650 different metrics like dividends, analyst ratings, Piotroski F-Score, Altman-Z score, growth and profitability figures.

It is also one of the best stock tracking apps. You can connect all your portfolios to Stock Rover, create watchlists, calculate your future dividend income, rebalance your portfolio, and use the excellent stock screener to find the best stocks that match your financial criteria right now. Therefore, Stock Rover can become the hub for all investment activities.

It is also worth it to test the Stock Rover Research Reports. You create a PDF file with the most important financial data with one mouse click, ready to download for later reference. The report includes things like a business summary, analyst consensus ratings, value-, growth- and return analysis, ratings vs. peers, a financial statement history and more.

Stock rover is made for fundamental data analysts and investors who want to handle all their investment activities from one trading software. Charting, data exports, color coding, screeners and top priority support make the offer complete.

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4. Seeking Alpha: Best Quant-Based Stock Ranking Tool

seeking alpha premium

Most investors know Seeking Alpha as an excellent source for free stock market news and high-quality analysis from experts. Investors can follow their favorite authors and use the stock research features, including fundamental data analysis and charts.

Many don’t know that Seeking Alpha also uses a quant-rating system that evaluates, analyzes, and ranks thousands of stocks based on the latest fundamental data, including earnings announcements, profitability projections, EPS revisions, and stock price momentum.

The Seeking Alpha quant ratings allow investors to make unbiased investment decisions based on clearly defined financial metrics without spending hours on fundamental research.

The quant algorithms continuously categorize stocks in categories like Strong Buy, Buy, Neutral, Sell etc. Over the last 10 years, the quant ratings archived an average annualized return of +27%. In addition, Seeking Alpha is one of the best portfolio analysis tools. Since mid-2020, users can connect all their financial accounts in one place.

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5. Worden TC2000: Best Stock Trading Platform


Worden TC2000 offers high-end stock analysis software. It can be used for charting, in-depth technical analysis and even as a stock screener. In addition, this stock analysis software is fast and comes along with a fair pricing model.

Some time ago, I conducted an in-depth TC2000 review. Make sure to read it if you are interested in trying this tool. A back-testing functionality is included, and TC2000 also offers a brokerage account, so you can use it as a stock trading app to trade various asset classes like stocks, funds, and ETFs.

You can use Worden’s TC2000 as a standalone stock analysis software tool or as a web-based platform. One of the core strengths is the extensive technical indicator selection range. TC2000 has more than 60 technical indicators and many different drawing tools.

The costs vary between $9.99/month for the Silver Package, $29.99/month for the Gold Package and $89.98/month for the Platinum Package.

The Gold Package for $29.99/month should have all the essential tools that most investors are looking for. You should be aware of the extra monthly market data feed fees. For example, the real-time U.S. stock data costs an additional $14.99 per month.

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6. Benzinga Pro: Best News Apps and Audio Squawk for Traders

benzinga pro

Benzinga is one of the best financial news sites out there, and a few years ago, they introduced the finance tool Benzinga Pro. Whether you are an investor or trader, news can move the needle in investing and trading. That’s because news is often the catalyst for immense stock price movements.

Earnings, SEC filings, intraday news about FDA product approvals, or corporate news often initiate sharp stock volatility. Recently, Benzinga added much more features to Benzinga Pro, and now it is much more than the news and audio squawk tool that it was before.

Stock market analysis, broad market coverage, technical analysis with charting and indicators, SEC-filing research, an integrated trading chat room, stock scanners and options contract data make Benzinga a great allrounder these days.

Benzinga builds a bridge over various products and serves multiple types of investors with an excellent product. Day traders use Trade Ideas Pro, technical analysts consider TrendSpider, and Benzinga Pro is a great place to start with when you are still uncertain about the investment style you want to choose.

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7. TradingView: Best Free Trading Analysis Software


TradingView is one of the world’s most frequently used stock research tools with technical analysis functionalities, trading strategy development features, extensive drawing tools, beginner friendly customization options, integrated stock screeners, and various add ons.

670,000 people search for TradingView every month, and that’s a lot.

Do you want to check some stock symbols quickly? TradingView does an excellent job of that. Other features like the stock screener, charting with drawing tools and the market overview are helpful for some basic scanning and market analysis.

But, TradingView is not necessarily the best choice for day traders, especially when using the free version. However, swing traders and investors make a good decision choosing TradingView for their price action analysis and watch lists creation. The monthly plans start at $14.95 and go as high as $59.95 per month, and annual subscribers save 16% by pre-paying for one year.

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  • It is always a good idea to start with this 30 days free trial for two reasons. First, it is free, and second, you receive various highly discounted offers towards the end of the free trial.

8. Finviz: Best Free Stock Market Overview Tool


Finviz belongs to the stock research tools I frequently use to check the overall market conditions quickly, biggest winners and decliners. Two other cool free integrated features are the earnings calendar and the stock screener.

Finviz is one of the best free stock research websites. You can use the free stock screener to scan for various fundamental data metrics, market performance statistics, or signals from technical indicators. Finviz is primarily beneficial for a stock trader, but even some key metrics about futures, forex and crypto markets are included.

The paid version starts from $24.96 per month, disables the ads, and unlocks features like extended hours quotes, advanced charts, backtesting capabilities, correlation analysis, and real-time market data.

This trading software is also a SaaS solution and entirely web-based. There is no need to install anything locally on your PC. Simply log in and use it from everywhere.

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For some traders, the ping and latency are crucial when it comes to trading decisions and executions. A downloadable stock software often makes the difference in terms of milliseconds. Here are some more stock research tools and stock trading software solutions that have to be installed on your PC.

9. TradeStation Analytics: Best Trading Platform with Technical Analysis Features


For many years now, TradeStation offers a stock analysis and trading software tool. They provide one-click trading, extensive charting capabilities, zero-commissions trading and great support. Twenty years ago, TS2000 was the market leading software tool for any backtest enthusiast. Now it is mainly a brokerage company. Like TC2000, also Tradestation aims to get new customers into their brokerage division.

The current name of their stock analysis software is TradeStation Analytics. The tool costs $99 for retail traders plus exchange data. Some data feeds are included if you are a brokerage client. Those who open an account and fund it with a minimum of $2,000 get free access to TradeStation Analytics.

The software is compatible with all major Microsoft Windows versions and one of the best investment apps for investors because of the zero commission on U.S. listed stocks. It is also available as a web-based platform. There is also a mobile app compatible with Android-based devices, iPhones, and iPads.

How to get free stocks from TradeStation, you may ask. Currently, they do not offer free stocks as Robinhood and Webull do, but they have an excellent downloadable trading platform that you can use for free.

Do you remember the example from the beginning about the 50 years history of data points? Well, TradeStation offers this. Such EOD and intraday data are available for equities and futures. If you are a TradeStation brokerage client, then you can use TradeStation Analytics for free.

10. E Trade: Zero Commissions Brokerage Platform

e trade trading platform

E Trade is an all-in-one brokerage solution for investors and traders. You can manage trading activities, plan for retirement, invest, save and borrow with your E-Trade accounts. In addition, E-Trade offers some of the lowest commissions in the industry with $0 commissions for online US-listed stocks, options and ETFs, plus future contract trading fees as low as $1.50 per futures contract.

E*Trade has a long history of online trading for retail investors and was founded in the ’80s. The web-based platforms can be opened everywhere, and the mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

But there is an excellent feature only active traders know of. E*Trade still offers active investors access to the trading platform E*Trade Pro. It is an installable software for Windows, and active traders often prefer to use it for faster trade executions.

11. eSignal: Best Stock Software for Charting and Fast Data


eSignal is another comprehensive stock analysis software. I won’t go into detail about the web-based platform. I think that eSignal’s web-based platform is not state-of-the-art. But their trading software for Windows itself is ultra-cool.

It will be hard to find to search for functionality that eSignal cannot provide. As I lined out in my eSignal review, a monthly software fee of $183 per month for the signature package is a word, mainly because taxes and exchange fees will be added on this! The Elite version of eSignal costs $373/month.

With all exchange data and the third-party plugins eSignal provides, you can quickly pay more than $500 per month. In exchange, you gain access to one of the best stock analysis software tools ever. Long data history, excellent data points, fast data, and many other high-end features are waiting for you.

You can use extensive charting functionalities and code your own indicators and strategies. You can view up to 500 symbols at the same time in the Signature Package. If you are starting day trading, then eSignal is not for you.

If you are in this business for a while looking for a high-end tool that suits your need, then you should have a look at my extensive eSignal review. It covers all the things from functionalities, costs, advantages, and disadvantages.

12. NinjaTrader: Best for C# Programming


With more than 500,000 users, NinjaTrader is one of the market leaders in the free stock analysis software segment. NinjaTrader is free as long as you do not need the live-trading capabilities NinjaTrader provides. A lifetime license with live-trading features costs $1,099 once with free upgrades for life.

There are so many cool features that I crafted a detailed NinjaTrader review. It provides you a great look at this trading software tool from the inside. I have coded hundreds of indicators and trading strategies in NinjaScript, which is based on the programming language C#.

I bought this software many years ago, and I am still convinced that it is one of the best stock analysis tools. However, compared to Trade Ideas Pro, NinjaTrader is a bit more challenging for trading strategy creation.

While you can build trading strategies in Trade Ideas without coding knowledge, NinjaTrader won’t do you the same favor. Instead, you have to learn C# and go through all the detailed help guides NinjaTrader provides. But it is worth the time!

However, you need to consider that exchange data costs extra. NYSE and Nasdaq data is cheap, but the fees can be high for CME and commodities exchanges. If you have an existing data-feed subscription with a compatible brokerage or data provider, you can use the existing data feed by connecting it with NinjaTrader.

The top 12 for the best technical analysis platforms and stock trading software solutions are powerful. But there are some more solutions out there that I want to mention. They serve a specific niche of investors and traders and have products specifically designed for specific purposes. So let’s proceed right away.

13. VectorVest

vectorvest review

VectorVest is a portfolio management- and stock analysis software. The basic layer is VectorVest 7. For using VectorVest 7, you need a subscription ranging from $69/month for the end-of-day version up to $129/month for the real-time version.

There are various plugin modules available, like the RoboTrader ($99/month), RealTime Derby ($99/month), Options Pro ($249/month) and some plugins available for a one time fee.

VectorVest is meant for experienced users and is within the premium pricing segment. It’s an all-in-one solution with many functionalities, but the separate modules can add up costs fast. I wrote a separate VectorVest Review about the features.

14. Unclestock

uncle stock

Unclestock is a fundamental stock screener with 25 years of data for U.S. stock and over 10 years for European stocks. Worldwide, an incredible number of 77,000 stocks is supported for research, screening, and backtests based on over 450 technical and fundamental indicators and data points.

Score models like Greenblatt, Piotroski, Altman Z, Beneish M and several intrinsic value models are integrated and ready to use. In addition, TradingView charts are integrated within the platform, along with news, key fundamentals, company information and more.

The free tutorials and documentation of hundreds of scores are available on the website. Everything is well explained, linked, documented and helpful to understand financial figures much better.

15. MetaStock


Finally, we have MetaStock, a tool for market analysis charting and data for traders of all levels. The stock trading software is available for over 30 years and was founded in Utah in 1982. In 1996, Reuters acquired MetaStock, while in 2013, Innovative Market Analysis acquired it. While the name suggests that the investor can only trade stocks with this tool, he can also trade multiple financial assets like futures and forex.

The product line of MetaStock is complex. Various subscription types are available that differentiate between the kind of time frames like real-time intraday market data analysis and end-of-day packages. You start by buying a MetaStock license for $499 for daily charts, and then you deceive in various DataLink subscriptions and the actual market data subscription. There is also a Pro-version available for $1,395 plus all the datalink modules and exchange fees. There are also various MetaStock add-ons available with prices from $99 up to $2,849.

The platform is not for beginners because of the price level, and you should know precisely what you are looking for before purchasing a MetaStock license. The biggest pro is the extensive types of available regions and exchanges.

Best Stock Analysis Software Summary

Every stock analysis software has its advantages and disadvantages, and I hope the guide helped you determine which tool is the perfect one for you. The cheapest products have the worst data and limited functionalities, while quality is not only defined by price. The mix of purpose, functionalities, innovation, reliability and costs is the key to evaluate the perfect tool.

My personal favorite is Trade Ideas, since it has just everything a day trader needs, and it costs less than a coffee per day. Also, the data feed is included in the price, a free trading room is available, and the customer support is impressive. On top of that, you can connect brokerage accounts for automated trading, backtest strategies and design powerful scanners. Everything is well documented, and live webinars take place every week. I see it this way: Most people lose money day trading because they rely on old concepts. Trade Ideas is the only real innovator in the segment of stock analysis software.

If technical analysis is exceptionally important to you, TrendSpider can make a difference in your trading. News, options scans, audio squawk and a great community, make Benzinga Pro an excellent choice.

There are various free stock charts available to identify the best stocks to buy now based on your criteria. Finviz and TradingView are two of the most popular ones. Other tools like thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade have similarities to brokerage platforms like TradeStation and E-Trade. If you are uncertain what tool to use, it’s best to start with 1-month subscriptions or free trial periods. Nearly all charting software and stock market tools offer those.

How To Chose The Best Stock Analysis Software

Now that we have looked at the list of the best stock analysis tools, apps and platforms, you may still be uncertain which software to use. The following mini guide will provide some additional guidance on how to choose the best one.

  • Define your trading style

    First, decide whether to start day trading, swing trading or investing. The more frequently you buy and sell securities online, the more expensive the tools will be.

  • Chose the markets you want to invest in

    Secondly, you need to choose your favorite market to invest in. That can be the U.S stock market, cryptocurrencies, futures, options or even markets in Asia and Europe.

  • Define your budget

    It is crucial to define your budget before purchasing any trading software. The total expenses for the software should always be in the right proportion relative to your overall budget.

  • Subscribe with the lowest possible expenses

    In some cases, it might be tempting to subscribe on an annual basis instantly. This way you often save a lot of money. However, if you are not sure yet what tool you want to use, try all the tools you consider with available free trials and monthly payments before making the final decision.

  • Start trading on a simulator

    Excellent tools can boost your trading and investment income significantly. However, it always makes sense to practice on a paper trading account or trading simulator first. This way, you protect your money, and you get more familiar with the tools you use.


What stock analysis software is the best?

The best stock analysis tool for day traders is Trade Ideas Pro, while Benzinga Pro is an excellent allrounder for real-time news, technical analysis, and fundamental research. Stock Rover is the best one for fundamental analysis. The top list includes the 15 best apps, web-based and installable software solutions. In addition, we added links to free trials and promo codes that you can use to save money.

What is the best free stock analysis software?

The best free stock analysis software is TradingView, followed by Finviz. Both provide valuable features to check the overall stock market conditions quickly. As mentioned in the article, paid functionalities make your trading more efficient, and the other tools listed may improve your trading even further.

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