How to Get TradingView Pro for Free or With a Discount

The free version of TradingView provides traders access to the basic charting and analysis functionalities with near-time market data for a limited amount of exchanges. The ad-free Pro and premium versions have more capabilities, and there are various ways to get free access. Sooo…

How to get TradingView Pro for free? Let’s jointly discover the best options you have right now.

Offer: Try TradingView for Free


TradingView Pro 30 Days for Free

The minimum of free days available using TradingView is 30 days. Within this period, you can test and discover the entire platform without making a payment. Follow this link and choose between the following subscription types:

  • TradingView Pro
  • TradingView Pro+
  • TradingView Premium
TradingView Pro 30 days for free

All versions can be tested for 30 days (no credit card needed). Make sure to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

Does this answer your question on how to get TradingView Pro for free? This is the only legitimate way of getting free access. However, there is a little hack on how to save 50% on your TradingView subscription.

TradingView Free Trial Hack – Save 50% on your TradingView subscription

You wondered how to get TradingView Pro for free, and you found out that the free period is limited to 30 days. But why not pay a small monthly fee if the trial-period prooves that TradingView helps you make more money trading? As a subscriber, you have tons of benefits, and this little TradingView subscription trick helps you to save 50%. But how to do it? The only thing you have to do is to wait a couple of days.

Just follow the steps lined out above by starting your TradingView subscription with the 30-day free trial here. As planned, you cancel your subscription before the free trial ends. And here is the clue. After the free trial is over, you receive an advertisement email from the TradingView team inviting you to join with 50% off. Awesome, right?

How to Get TradingView Premium for Free Long-Term?

The TradingView Partner Program is a great way to earn TradingView coins from TradingView that you can either pay out to your account or use to get TradingView Premium for free (100 coins equal $1).

All you have to do is go to the TradingView website, sign up for the free TradingView account, and start referring friends to get $15 per referral (your friend also receives a credit of $15).

get TradingView for free

Once you refer at least 5 friends, or if you have a following of more than 100,000 people, you can apply for the partner program and earn a fixed percentage of revenue.

Similar to the refer a friend program, you can either use the credits/coins to pay for a free TradingView Premium or TradingView Pro subscription, or you transfer the balance to your account (Based on TradingView’s official numbers, they paid out over $3 million in commission to their affiliates).

TradingView Black Friday Sale 70% Off Trick

While there are various ways to get TradingView for free for a limited time or a great discount throughout the year, there is only one time per year when you can save up to 70% off when subscribing to TradingView.

The TradingView Black Friday sale comes with discounts of up to 70%, plus one month for free. The Black Friday Sale always falls within the final weekend of November, so in 2024, it is November 29, but sales start November 25, 2024. (here is the link to the sale).

TradingView Black Friday sale

TradingView Cyber Monday Sale 60% Off Trick

Cyber Monday is the Monday that directly follows the Black Friday Sale weekend. TradingView extends its Black Friday offer to Cyber Monday, giving you more room to subscribe to the best possible rate. In 2024, the Cyber Monday is on December 2 (here is the link to the sale).

TradingView Cyber Monday sale

Broker and Trading Software Integrations Trick

Over 50 million investors and traders use TradingView to analyze stocks and options currencies. From technical analysis, fundamental data to stock market news, and broker integration, TradingView supports its users with the trading tools they need.

Most people don’t know that many white-labeled versions of TradingView are integrated with other trading platforms. That means that TradingView allows others, in exchange for a license payment, to use their platform technology and integrate it into their proprietary trading systems.

Various online brokers and stock analysis software providers have already integrated TradingView functionalities to some extent. For example, online brokerage clients can check if the html-based charting platform is integrated. Also, if you can access other analysis platforms, check if they have additional features, such as integrated technical analysis.

The chances are that you can get TradingView access for free with the functionalities you need. However, it is not possible to have access to all TradingView functionalities by using the white-labeled version. Still, if the free version comes with the functionalities you need for free, it is worth it.

Is it legit to use TradingView Pro for free?

It is entirely legit to use TradingView Pro, Pro + and Premium for 30 days for free. The link leads you to the official sign-up page, where you can start your subscription today. During the trial period, you may already receive some discounted offers. If you are patient enough to wait for the full 30 days, you will get your 50% discount directly from TradingView. I recommend you to stay away from dubious-looking alternatives. Going the legitimate way is always the best way to go.

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