Best Stock Research Websites

Making money by trading and investing in the market is the most popular way these days. The interest rates are at a low level, and the average return for the S&P 500 during the last 10 years is well above 10% per year.

But how to find the best ways to do proper research? Wich online tools are great super helpful for making the right decisions? In this article, we are talking about the best stock research websites and show you how to use them properly alternatively to classic stock picking services.

Best Stock Research Websites

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1. Motley Fool

Motley Fool provides a variety of outstanding solutions to improve investors' financial life. The website stands for in-depth market research and high-quality analysis. What stocks are hot? Will the stock market continue to higher? has the answer.

Motley Fool Stock Picks

On top of that, their Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Rule Breaker investment portfolio services are the most popular offers. Subscribers to both services receive a be-weekly stock recommendation with clear instructions about the trade-entry and trade-management.

Since its inception, Stock Advisor performed four times better than the S&P500, and more than 100 stock recommendations generated 100%+ returns. Subscribers to these services also gain access to previous stock picks and a watch list with well-analyzed stocks called Stocks to Buy Today. You can also define a watchlist and utilize the Stock Advisor community to get in touch with other investors.

The long-term track record since 2002, high transparency, and the low cost are the main benefits. Copy trading is possible, and also day traders can use the momentum of the stock on in their favor.

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2. Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is the first in the list and my favorite stock research platform that combines news, charts, and a stock screener. I started using it in 2019, and now it's a tool for my daily stock and market research routine. Benzinga Pro costs money and is not cheap either, but the value is terrific.

Benzinga Pro Bonus

Benzinga Pro implemented basis charting functionalities based on TradingView's engine. You can also connect with other traders within their trading chat room, and discover unusual options trading activity.

Benzinga Pro's free trial is the best starting point, and my 30% discount code DAYTRADINGZ helps you to save money once subscribing.

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3. Stock Rover

Stock Rover is the best stock research website for fundamental data analysts. Their newest product Stock Rover Research Report takes the analysis further than any other product on this list.

Stock Rover Investment Research

Stock Rover visualizes crucial financial data in an easy-to-read format. The reports include tables, charts, colors and some other pretty cool features and can be exported as PDF files for later reference.

But Stock Rover has more to offer. Subscribers can use their backtest engine, connect the brokerage account to the portfolio analysis tool, use existing stock screeners and define their own.

If you compare it to Benzinga Pro, then the limited capabilities in terms of technical analysis and non-existing news-feed stand out. Therefore, Benzinga Pro is more for the active trader, and Stock Rover for the long-term investor.

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4. Portfolio123

Portfolio123 takes data based analysis to the next level by providing best-in-class data. In 2020 they partnered with FactSet making Portfolio123 the only provider of this type of data for individual investors.


Marco Salerno, founder and CEO of Portfolio123, worked for firms like Citadel, where he began to analyze ways of automating investment-related tasks and launched Portfolio123 in 2004.

Customers design and adopt rule-based trading and investment strategies with a high grade of automation by using this stock research tool. The tool is an excellent way for investors to manage all investment decisions from one place. The intuitive interface makes it easy to understand, webinars and video recordings are provided, and the web-based access allows you to run it in every browser.

You can connect various accounts to Portfolio123 and track multiple strategies on multiple accounts. You can also create watchlists and compare them to other benchmarks along with the standard performance analysis. Pre-configured strategies and stock screeners are available, and new strategies and scans can be created, backtested and tracked with ease.

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5. Finviz

Finviz is probably one of the best free and most classical trading tools used primarily by fundamental traders. Finviz provides excessive free data for the stock market, futures, currencies, and even crypto's.

Finviz Elite Subscription | Costs

For more than a decade, Finviz provides the majority of functionalities for free. Their ads are a bit annoying some times, but the number of ads relative to the free features provided is okay. If you travel ten years back in time, then you will realize that Finviz looks still the same.

It is an intuitive investment website for stock scanning and fundamental stock research data. Just type in the ticker of your favorite stock, and you gain access to tons of great functionalities at an impressive speed.

Their top-lists with Top Gainers and Top Losers of a day can be found right at the front page along with some technical analysis scan results for double tops, channel movements, and support- and resistance alerts. News from sources like MarketWatch and Bloomberg make complete the offer. For me, Finviz is one of the best investing websites.

Similar to Yahoo Finance, also Finviz offers a premium product called Finviz Elite.

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6. Hammerstone Markets

Hammerstone Markets is the fastest news source I have ever seen in the past 20 years. There is no clutter and fancy stuff, just fast news. Since its inception, their news-feed was only available for hedge-funds and institutions. Now they offer a news feed for an incredibly low price specially designed for active traders.

Hammerstone Markets Review

Hammerstone also offers an institutional level scrolling news feed called Pro Trader, used by 1,300 traders on Wall Street's biggest banks, brokers, hedge funds, and trading shops.

When it comes to research for stocks and even options, Hammerstone Markets is a good choice. I use it every day, and it is fast, ads-free, accurate. It is an excellent addition to my A.I. based scans with Trade Ideas A.I.

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7. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is still one of the most widely used platforms for investors. Yahoo, as a company, struggles, and unfortunately, they do not longer provide extensive historical end-of-day data anymore. But Yahoo still develops its basic analysis tools like charts for technical analysis, and they also provide a solid stock screener.

Yahoo Finance Premium

With Yahoo! Finance, investors can monitor company news, sort the stock screener results by top gainers and top losers, track major currencies, and even exchange-traded funds.

The fact that the site can be used for free makes it even more exciting to start stock research on this website. The more your experiences grow, the more their new yahoo!finance premium product makes sense. Premium? Yes, similar to Finviz, they provide fantastic functionalities for free but also offer exclusive features that people can only unlock by subscribing. This makes Yahoo Finance to a kind of freemium product, but still, it is a great site to start.

  • The free standard plan offers:
  • Real-time stock quotes and news
  • Various linked brokages for trading
  • Performance Monitoring and extensive interactive charting
  • Unlimited portfolio watchlists

For $34.99 per month or $349.99 annually, subscribers to Yahoo! Finance Premium unlock functionalities like:

  • Trade-Ideas on a daily basis based on investors interests
  • 3rd-party investment research
  • Even more enhanced event analysis and technical analysis with extended charting options
  • Advanced portfolio analytics
  • Fair value analysis for stocks
  • Reduced number of ads on the site
  • Support via live chat on desktop

The data coverage is limited to United States equities, and the fact that subscribers still have to see ads on the platform differentiates a paid version from other companies in this list of best stock research websites.

The good news is that the premium version is also available on any device and the PC. Go on reading about the best Yahoo Finance API alternatives.

8. ZacksBest

Zacks is another stock research platform, but differently to the two mentioned above, they do not have a specific strength with the functionalities provided. That's because they offer that much information for free, that it makes it hard to find the best possible functionality right at the start.

Zacks Research

They offer market news, financial news, and even personal finance articles. However, the best way to start with Zacks is to type in a stock symbol of your choice in the upper right corner.

And then you see the research data at a glance. I like this view the most because it's easy to understand and well structured. On the left, you can dig deeper into the research, which is primarily suitable for fundamental analysis. The cool thing is that Zacks now integrated TradingView charts for technical analysis.

Instead of coming up with another proprietary charing platform, they use something that people already know and use a lot. This way, you do not have to leave their site to look at charts.

Zacks belongs to those investment websites that are looking a bit too complicated at first, but once you get used by it, the benefit provided is great. Anyway, IMO, the other functionalities on their site are not that thrilling. So if you are interested in analysis stocks, then my recommendation is to start by typing in your favorite stock at the upper right and work from there.

Zacks is a great addition to Yahoo finance and Finviz in the research routine, and they also offer a premium product called Zacks Premium. While their 30-day trial period is an exciting offer, the hidden details about the pricing after the free trial is not that exciting.

9. TradingView

TradingView is the next candidate in the list of the best stock research websites, and it is THE research source for investors focusing on technical analysis and charting. But they do not only offer fantastic free sources on their platform but also their API is being used by many other finance websites. As mentioned above, Zacks includes TradingView charts on their website, and so does Benzinga and many other sites.

TradingView Low Budget

It would be interesting to see that the Wall Street Journal or value research online websites would use their technology. Still, we do not have to go that far to see that TradingView provides investment research standards for the whole industry. You want to analyze a stock based on charts and trading indicators? Well, then TradingView is for you, while fundamental analysis is not their primary objective.

Like with all research platforms mentioned, the market data for free sites is always limited. All have reliable end-of-day data, but not real-time data from NASDAQ or NYSE. However, subscribers can add such data for additional costs in the range of $5 - $100 and more, depending on the exchanges subscribed. Stocks research does not necessarily need intraday-data, while day traders will need it.

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10. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is yet another platform that reveals it's full power with the premium version. While the free basic plan registration allows access to stock news and analysis alerts, newsletters, and comments, the Premium version goes way further. For $19.99/month billed annually, or $29.99 billed monthly, subscribers have unlimited access to 1 million articles. Author ratings, and performance are also included as quant ratings and dividend scores.

Seeking Alpha Stock Research

Even the Premium version has ads included and only subscribes to Seeking Alpha Pro+ can turn off ads. But guys, the price is $199.99/month billed annually or $299.99 billed month by month. This is a considerable amount, and the main features unlocked are the so-called top ideas, Pro+ content, short ideas, a trading idea screener, and a VIP filter. This is massive, and investors subscribing to premium products should know if they need these functionalities, and if they do, then subscribing on month by month basis seems to be the best first step.

Best Stock Research Websites: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of the best stock research websites. Investors and even swing-traders consider testing the capabilities of their trading-platforms like to one integrated to TradeStation and E*Trade Pro before buying a subscribing to a separate tool. This ensures maximum efficiency. We are currently testing two new stock research websites like TheStreet and Investors Hub. One of the shows excellent strength for research and might make it to the top three. Stay tuned for an update later this year.

Updated: January 14, 2021

About the Author: Alexander is an investor, trader, and founder of After devoting many years to educating himself on powerful day trading techniques and effective investment styles, he started trading and investing more actively. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. In 2015, he began writing articles about trading, investing, and personal finance. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money.

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