TrendSpider Review 2019

From warehouses full of robots to self-driving cars, automation is on the rise. Unlike humans, computers can scan and process data more quickly than the average person.

And anyone who trades in financial markets knows, speed is everything.

TrendSpider is at the forefront.

With its proprietary software and automated technical analysis tools, you can spot and exploit trends faster than the average trader.

But can we really trust the computers?

In this TrendSpider review, we’ll breakdown what the company has to offer and whether a spot in the passenger seat is just what you need.

Trendspider Review

TrendSpider is a data service company that provides automated technical analysis software to aspiring and professional traders.

Founded in 2016, its team offers one of the most advanced technical analysis platforms on the market.

Heralded for its innovation, TrendSpider products are fully-customizable and use smart algorithms to take emotion out of the trading equation.

​Designed by traders, for traders, TrendSpider serves over 4,000 customers and has office locations in Chicago, Denver, India, Russia and the Ukraine.

​Unlike other trading providers, the TrendSpider platform does not focus on trade alerts, trading education or direct coaching.

But with hard work and realistic goals in mind, its smart algorithms can give you an edge in the ever-competitive trading space.

Also known for its technology and innovation, TrendSpider is a company on the rise that’s shaking up the technical analysis landscape in the process.

Trendspider | How it works


Should you sit back and let TrendSpider’s algorithm take over?

Well, to make an informed decision, we first need to analyze how TrendSpider’s algorithms actually work.

Like any machine learning device, TrendSpider’s automated technical analysis tools get smarter the more they’re put to use.

And rather than charting patterns yourself, its algorithm does all of the heavy lifting for you.

The benefit?

You’re able to remove bias and emotion from the trading equation. In the heat of the battle, it’s easy to hold a positon too long or sell a position too quickly.

With TrendSpider’s software, you won’t have that problem.

​To avoid human error, the TrendSpider algorithm makes its decisions using data and facts – nothing else

​This way, you enter and exit trades at quantifiably appropriate times, rather than second guessing if you made the right move.

Even greater is the time you save.

With TrendSpider’s charting tools, the platform automates everything for you.

It automatically draws trendlines, automatically calculates and draws Fibonacci retracement levels, as well as automatically detects and highlights over 40 candlestick patterns with mathematical precision.

What’s most important though?


​Every trader knows, to profit in the market, you need to be fast

A second’s delay is the difference between a profitable opportunity and an opportunity missed.

With TrendSpider’s automated breakout detection, you’ll know precisely when an asset breakthroughs resistance.

You also receive detailed information through TrendSpider’s proprietary heatmap.

Here, the program color codes candles so you can assess the reliability of a trend: the darker the red candles, the greater the resistance an asset is facing; the greener the candles, the greater the momentum bubbling below the surface.

If that’s not enough, you can even set up customizable watchlists with Smart Alert Triggers.

Programmed at key technical levels, the algorithm automatically alerts you when a certain level has been breached.

This allows you to follow multiple assets at once without worrying about a trade getting away from you.

​With smart technology, TrendSpider has you covered

With too many benefits to name, the platform even has its own proprietary trendline scoring system.

Here, the program ranks the strength of both long-term and short-term trends.

By organizing from highest to lowest, you can tailor your positon sizes based on success probability: the higher the score, the more capital you allocate to that trade; the lower the score, the less capital you allocate to that trade.

Other benefits include:

  • ​Enterprise grade speed and reliability
  • ​Fully customizable analysis rules that can be tailored to your specific trading style
  • Smart and custom watchlists so you never miss a trading opportunity
  • Customizable interface themes with different graphics and visual templates
  • ​Able to sync alerts using email or SMS notifications
  • ​Able to set quiet hours when you don’t want to be bothered with price alerts

The platform also offers sensitivity control for trendline and indicator alerts.

Here, you can select how close an asset price needs to get to a selected indicator before you receive a price alert.

It’s a valuable tool because trendlines often don’t appear as they do in a theoretical sense. While visual patterns are similar, they don’t exactly mirror the pattern you’re trying to spot.

With sensitivity control, you get a leg-up because the platform will alert you when prices are close to that key technical level.

​The TrendSpider Advantage

​You have information other traders might miss.

As you can see, TrendSpider has you covered from all angles.

Not simply thrown-together, co-founder Dan Ushman spent years dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s before bringing the platform to market.

And it shows.

TrendSpider is advanced technical analysis software that’s essential to achieving trading success.

The team also doesn’t focus on gimmicks. There is no misleading marketing.

The company simply presents an objective view of proprietary data software that helps give you a competitive edge.

​Plans | Costs | Pricing

​TrendSpider has three main subscription plans in its offering: Crypto and Forex, Stocks and ETFS, and All Assets.

Trendspider Review | Costs and The Free Trial

Let’s take a closer look.

​Crypto and Forex

With a Crypto and Forex subscription, you have three payment options:

  • ​$77 per month with a monthly subscription
  • ​$65 per month with a quarterly subscription
  • ​$39 per month with an annual subscription

Like many providers, the longer you sign up, the greater the savings.

With an annual plan, you receive a 30% discount compared to opting in monthly. Best of all, each plan come with a 7-day trial for $7.

If you’ve read our ​reviews before, you know how much we value trial periods.

When a company stands behind its products, it demonstrates that by allowing customers to test it out before requiring a full purchase.

With a TrendSpider 7-day trial for $7, you have that peace of mind. As well, you can also cancel or renew your subscription any time.

Sure, it is not for free, but $7 is an affordable price.

So what do you get when you sign up?

  • ​Real-time data with over 300+ crypto pairs and 900+ forex pairs
  • ​Unlimited platform access
  • ​25 active alerts
  • ​Free one-on-one training ($199 value)
  • Email, chat and phone support

​Stocks and ETFs

Like a Crypto and Forex subscription, the Stocks and ETFs plan has the same pricing structure and also includes a 7-day trial for $7.

As well, the benefits are just as fair:

  • ​Real-time data access to NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX exchanges as well as ETFs
  • ​Real-time data access to Over the Counter (OTC) stocks
  • ​Unlimited platform access
  • ​25 active alerts
  • Free one-on-one training ($199 value)
  • Email, chat and phone support

​All Assets

For complete market coverage, All Assets is your go-to subscription plan. Combining the benefits of the plans above, All Access has you covered with stocks, ETFs, crypto and forex.

You have three pricing options:

  • ​$117 per month with a monthly subscription
  • ​$99 per month with a quarterly subscription
  • ​$59 per month with an annual subscription

Undoubtedly, the annual plan is your best value. You enjoy a 30% discount compared to monthly. What’s better, you also receiver access to TrendSpider beta.​

What’s even better?

The ​7-day trial for $7.

I mean, really, how can you lose?

You’re able to test out the full version of the product, assess its validity under real market conditions and do so with little out-of-pocket costs in the process.

More than that, if the products work as advertised, subscriptions plan are $660 per year for Crypto and Forex  or Stocks and ETFs and only $996 per year for All Assets.

TrendSpider provides you smart trading tool functionalities at a reasonable price.

And given the 7-day trial – you have a risk free way to find out for yourself.

​Free Trial | Promo Code

While it’s not entirely free, TrendSpider’s ​7-day trial for $7 is the next best thing.

For only 50 cents a day, you gain full access to one of the most advanced automated technical analysis platforms available. And by allowing a trial, you know TrendSpider stands behind its offering.

The company also provides free trading advice and technical analysis tips through its TrendSpider Trading Blog.

Articles range from coverage of the latest FANG stocks, to how to trade earnings announcements using technical analysis.

The team also provides free trading videos on its TrendSpider YouTube Channel and you can also stay in touch through its official TrendSpider Twitter Account.

​Trend​Spider Checklist

  • Founded: ​20​​16
  • Number of members:  ​​4,000+
  • Company address check: ​​2028 E. Ben White Blvd. #240-2010 Austin, Texas 78741
  • Free trial: ​7-day trial for $7 for all three of its subscription plans
  • Free resources: ​TrendSpider Trading Blog, TrendSpider YouTube Channel, TrendSpider Twitter Account
  • Coupons and promo codes: ​25% off the first 12-months of your first TrendSpider subscription plan
  • Money back guarantee: ​No
  • ​Price range: ​$77 (monthly) to $708 (annual plans)
  • Transparency: ​​Above average

Who is TrendSpider Best For?

TrendSpider’s software is best for any trader that understands the value of real-time data and the need for state of the art trading tools.

It’s not hard to understand:

The person at the front of the line usually captures the greatest profit.

With TrendSpider, its software ensures your spot is reserved if used in the right way.

What’s better, you can chose to run the program fully automated and let its algorithms make decisions for you, or you can customize the settings and give yourself full control while the program enhances your skill set in the background.

Having the choice is valuable for any trader. However, keep in mind that even fully automated trading needs you sitting in front of your trading computer at any time and you should never trade black box strategies.

It is a huge difference to automated you trading styles to save you time and making it more efficient compared to just trading a black box trading strategy you do not understand.

​TrendSpider Review Summary


​Overall 4.0

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Price-Performance Ratio


Free Resources | Free Trial


​Ease of Use


TrendSpider is a valuable product, doesn’t make any outlandish promises and prices its subscriptions are a very reasonable rate.

What’s better, the company has office locations in Chicago, Denver, India, Russia and the Ukraine, so you won’t have any trouble finding a customer service representative.

TrendSpider has over 40 advanced candlestick patterns, automatic breakout dedication, automated price gap detection, advanced Fibonacci retracement detection, as well as more software benefits than we can name.

Trendspider Fibonacci Retracements

From our point of view, you can’t go wrong with any of its offerings.

Whether it’s Crypto and Forex  or Stocks and ETFs or All Assets, you receive a boat-load of invaluable data combined with automated technical analysis tools that provide another set of trading eyes.

Best of all, TrendSpider’s subscription plans come with a 7-day trial for $7.

Trial periods speak to the authenticity of any service and TrendSpider definitely passes the test. With its ​7-day trial for $7, you can test it all without spending a fortune in the process.

Every trader is different, and such trial periods for a reasonable amount make it easy for all of us to get a better understanding of a trading product.

Make sure to have the time to test the product during the trial period as excessive as possible to make the most out of it and do not hesitate to test other trading tools as well before making your final decision.

By the way, you can also apply a TrendSpider coupon and receive 25% off your first years’ subscription.

However, as always we recommend staying away from annual subscriptions.

Only and really only if you are convinced that you will use the service for a full year, then it makes sense trying to save the additional buck.

Otherwise, the monthly subscription is the best way to go. Especially for beginners in the trading space.