7 Best AI Stock Trading Software Platforms, Bots & Apps [2023]

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt

Last Updated: July 24, 2023

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Artificial intelligence has come a long way in penetrating our day-to-day lives. From our home assistants, through self-driving cars, to smart homes – today, AI-powered solutions are everywhere.

However, one of the most interesting fields where AI adoption has marked a remarkable success is stock trading. Due to their complexity and chaotic character, financial markets are very intricate structures that often turn out to be extremely hard to predict.

Thanks to artificial intelligence stock trading software, nowadays trading is brought on a whole new level – more professional and advanced strategies are applied easily and comfortably even by beginners.

best artificial intelligence stock trading software

AI Trading Software – Top 3

Now, here are seven of the most popular artificial intelligence empowered stock trading software solutions in more detail.

Best AI Stock Trading Software

1. Trade Ideas

trade ideas ai stock picks

If you are looking for the #1 innovator in the trading business that got into artificial intelligence stock trading software development before anybody else in the retail trading segment, Trade Ideas is at the top of your list.

Ten years ago, the company focused as an innovator on developing the best stock scanner for day traders with tremendous success. Even today, competitor products do hard to provide solutions close to Trade Ideas scanning features.

About five years ago, Trade Ideas introduced their AI algorithm and named it Holly, long before Google Bard, Microsoft Azure AI and ChatGPT got that popular.

So, they have a head start, and it is no surprise that their AI bots and AI scanner technologies perform well. Users can let AI algos scan the market for the best-working trading strategies, backtest thousands of scenarios, and connect Trade Ideas directly with online brokers like Interactive Brokers and E*Trade with one mouse click for automated trading.

If you want to learn more about all features, please consider reading my Trade Ideas review, which explains all features in detail, including the best pre-defined scanner layouts, trade alert filters and charting tools.

Access to Trade Ideas Premium with all AI features costs $167 with the annual plan, or $228 monthly, while the Standard plan costs $84 with the yearly and $118 with the monthly plan.

Best Offers

2. TrendSpider

trendspider artificial intelligence stock trading software

Another solution that is widely popular among technical analysts and traders. What it does is simplify the trading process and automate the analysis part by providing exceptional charting technology, scanning, backtesting and automation.

If you wonder where is the AI-thing in all that, focus on the “smart charts”-part. All the included features and functionalities, including:

  • Specialized tools for technical traders
  • Multi timeframe analysis
  • Backtesting
  • Trading bots
  • Game-changing automation tools
  • Smart watch lists
  • Options flow and dark pool data
  • Powerful mobile apps

The artificial intelligence stock trading software navigates you towards the most profitable trading opportunities, by highlighting trade entries and exits on the charts for the instruments among your watchlist (more info about this can be found in our in-depth TrendSpider Review).

Today, Trend Spider is renowned as one of the most comprehensive and widely popular artificial intelligence stock trading software. TrendSpider provides automated technical analysis assistants that offers a fully-customizable engine for more professional trading.

Recently, the TrendSpider team published a great tutorial on how to use ChatGPT to identify the best trading strategies and included guidance on how to validate the profitability of the trading system by using the TrendSpider backtesting feature. You can try the AI software for free and test your favorite strategies, or discover new ones.

TrendSpider 7-day free trial & 15% discount.

3. BlackBoxStocks

black box stocks

Blackboxstocks started in 2014, and ever since, they offer a stock screener solution that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to filter noise out of the market. As a result, their proprietary algos come up with real-time based trading alerts.

Meanwhile, Blackboxstocks is by far more than at the beginning. They added extensive scans for the options market, and users can even scan for dark-pool activities. Usually, the access costs $99 per month, but daytradingz.com readers can save 20% by applying our discount code.

Besides the access to the stock screener, subscribers also gain access to a private twitter group and a private discord channel where real-time trade alerts for stocks and options are posted. One thing I like a lot about it, that only large-cap stocks are traded. This way, members can duplicate trades easily. More insights to this service can be found in our Blackboxstocks review.

Full access to Black Box Stocks for only $79.97 in the first month (20% Off, the discount will be applied automatically).

4. MetaStock

metastock fulgent ai add on

Metastock is a well-known stock market analysis and charting service that offers a multitude of products such as MetaStock D/C, MetaStock R/T and now an artificial intelligence engine developed explicitly for trading.

MetaStock’s product line was expanded by Fulgent AI, which comes with hundreds of trading indicators, cross-market measurements, and four types of trading signals.

The software identifies when a stock is oversold to spot major market reversals but also identifies reversion swing trade, along with trained algorithms for 3-day moves and volatility breakouts.

The price tag of MetaStock Fulgent AI is on the higher end at a $1,995 one-time fee or $1,609.20 annually.

5. Tickeron

tickeron ai robots algorithmic trading software for stocks

Tickeron is a marketplace that provides various AI-driven trading tools to traders and investors. Everything began with the official product divscore, where AI helped investors analyze their portfolios by a diversification score.

After further progress and with the help of state-of-the-art AI technologies, the company made further progress and began building real-time AI-trading robots for delivering entry and exit signals based on proprietary algorithms.

As of today, the first-generation AI robots on a “trading signals only” base are available with statistics of closed trades and real-time alerts for new trades. Users can also already connect the AI robot with a virtual portfolio and use advanced money management capabilities.

The third and fourth generation of AI robots, where you can trade with real money and connect the Tickeron with the brokerage account, are under development.

Access to all AI Robots with the currently developed features costs $180 per month.

Once available with real brokerage account connections, I’ll review the product in more detail. Until then, Trade Ideas remains the leading artificial intelligence stock trading software with fully implemented live-trading features.

6. Quantum Street AI

quantum street ai ibm watson

Quantum Street AI develops wealth management and investment solutions by using IBM Watson. The artificial intelligence-based platform is only available to professional investors but not retail traders.

The data set includes over 50,000 analyzed companies and asset classes in 13 global languages.

You might know the service in conjunction with the brand EquBot. Since EquBot is now an SEC-registered investment advisor, the non-advisory institutional offerings are now available with a separate brand – Quantum Street AI.

Official pricing information is not available on their website.

7. Kavout

kavout machine learning investing

The team behind Kavout has over two decades of machine learning and big data processing experience, which helped the company become a leading research-driven big data processor for financial data.

Kavout aims to identify nonlinear, dynamic and hidden financial market patterns by utilizing the latest machine learning and AI methods and provides three products to their clients.

The three Kavout products are the Portfolio Toolbox for private investors and investment advisors (with a multi-factor screener, portfolio diagnosis and a portfolio builder), a Signal DB database for financial analysis and quants, and machine learning solutions for asset firms and institutions.

The costs for the retail Portfolio Toolbox are $7 for the first month and then $49 monthly (with US stock market data only).

Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading Software Summary

There are pros and cons of artificial intelligence, but plenty of ways to employ an artificial intelligence stock trading software and become a better trader. However, designing a truly efficient algorithm is a daunting and resourcefully-extensive process.

That is why the best way to proceed is to try one of the ready-made solutions on the market and kick-start your artificial-intelligence-powered trading methodology. Trade Ideas is the #1 A.I. based stock screener out there, perfect for spotting of trading opportunities, with integrated automated trading and algorithmic trading capabilities.

How Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading Software Works

The idea behind artificial intelligence stock trading software is to help traders like you and me enhance the buying and selling process by making trade executions faster and trading strategies more efficient.

Machine learning has enormous potential to ease the way trading is done by analyzing large amounts of data points and spotting relevant price and chart patterns to indicate where to enter and exit the market.

Algo-based trading mechanisms follow a straightforward and unified methodology, while in practice, it is a little bit more complex but can be simplified in the following three steps – gathering and organizing, to finally construct the trading algorithm.

If you consider using ChatGPT to ask for the best trading strategy, it might be a good start since the algo will research through existing freely available content to identify viable strategies. However, it takes much more work to validate, backtest and forward-test a strategy before going live.

That is why it is often better to take advantage of an existing solution that has been tested and proved successful. Apart from not wasting money on developing your propriety trading algorithm, you will benefit from more advanced, high-end technology.

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