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TC2000 is a charting software for trading markets offered by TC2000 Brokerage Inc. It does include its own brokerage, but the main feature is the charting software. For this reason traders may actually use a different broker, but still keep the software of TC2000 for its outstanding charting client. We will list the features, as well as the costs in this TC2000 review.

The TC2000 charting software is widely used to screen markets’ live data and to detect trading opportunities as well as getting a precise overview of many different market instruments and underlyings.

The number of screenable underlyings, as well as the selection of charting instruments depends on the purchased version of the software, since it is not totally free of charge.

Telechart | TC2000 Review

Telechart | TC2000 Review

Some basic information on the charting client

TC2000 is a widely used, though not the most commonly used software for charting and technical analysis of tradeable markets.

The client is provided by TC2000 Brokerage, a company that offers trading opportunities itself, but it also allows screening realtime data of many different markets to just do technical analysis charting in order to execute trades via another broker.

Overall, it claims to be one of the best and most reliable providers of real time market data and charting instruments.

As real time data is usually chargeable, so is TC2000. There are three different types of the software, each with particular features and different charges.

TC2000 Review

TC2000 Review

Available versions

Currently there are three different versions available.

The basic, called 'Silver', is charged at $ 9.99 a month and the premium, 'Platinum‘, version is $ 89.98 a month.

The 'Gold‘ version at $ 29.99 a month, proves to be valuable for the majority of traders, and therefore the preferred purchase.

Since there is a considerable difference in pricing between the Platinum and the Silver and Gold versions users should have a closer look at the features in- and excluded before subscribing.

TC2000 Pricing

TC2000 Pricing

We shall present the features further down. As for the fees, one should take into account that fees for a charting software may be written off as a business expense at the end of the year for professional traders.

Spending $ 89.99 on a charting software should match the overall revenue and expenses of trading. For all those who don’t consider trading at least a part-time business the Gold version should do nicely.

Detailed description

The software comes with a quite familiar user interface, having a watchlist of the trader’s underlyings at the left hand and putting the actual chart right in the middle, big screen style.

One of the most practical innovations is the possibility to work with tabs, just like in a regular internet browser.

These tabs can be fed with totally different markets, such as one tab showing stocks, another for ETFs, options etc. 

This gives traders a precise overview of different markets without producing an overload of charts on one screen.

When it comes to overviewing markets on a single screen, many softwares, as well as many traders, struggle to keep the interface tidy – with the result a big, colourful and pretty exciting-looking but totally useless mess. Different tabs to sort all necessary information is a great idea.

The main features do not differ much from other charting software. Once a tab is opened there are plenty of features to customize your own charts from scratch.

For beginner traders, a suitable option is to use one of the default templates, which can then be customized step by step. The available options indicate that the software is suitable for beginners as well as advanced and professional traders.

Beginners usually struggle with the right choice of software and customizing it properly. TC2000 guides users through the different steps of setting up the charts as needed.

Getting everything in place for advanced traders, who might need some more indicators, some more charts and special features, without overloading the interfaces is not so easy.

TC2000 has done their homework here, building up the software absolutely logically.

Short summary on the features

TC2000 includes the basic charting types such as OLHC candles, candlesticks, line charts and whatever, highly customizable from the beginning being suitable for any long term investors and day trading speculators.

As mentioned above one can organize the different markets and priority charts in own tabs, so they won’t get messed up and can be found accurately and quickly.

Organizing and reorganizing as simple as can be.

With the well-organized interface, it is easy to put up a personally customized watchlist, containing the codes of the assets of interest.

Personal watchlists are a feature of every single version, including Silver. One has access to more than 100,000 assets using the software – also included in the Silver version.

Slightly disappointing is the additional fee for real time data charged separately and not included in the respective subscription. But at the same time, thats market standard.

The features of the Silver version are very basic, excluding drawing trend lines, price alerts and Fibonacci matrix, as well as using the system-based wizard, called EasyScan®, and keeping an extra eye on stocks with upcoming dividends.

Watching those can pay off pretty well, as many dividend-based strategies use buy- and sell-orders just around either the announcement, the ex-date or the actual payday. Those features are included in the Gold version, though.

Stock Screening and Monitoring up to 1000 alerts on price, indicators and trendlines

For the majority of traders the Gold version should do absolutely. Premium features of the Platinum are for example monitoring price alerts on up to 1,000 assets, which is far beyond what most of traders need.

On the other hand side stock screeners are really popular as of today.

​It should be mentioned that TC2000s does not focus on finding stocks but more on visualize them. ​The market leader in stock screening and finding trading opportunities still is Trade Ideas Software

TC2000s focus is charting, so the question is which benefits the Gold plan offers to subscribers.

Other features excluded from both Silver and Gold are even more highly customizable and actually too advanced for most users.

Spending $ 60 a month extra (depending on whether real time data is additionally purchased or not) is a matter for consideration. 

Beginners and early intermediates sometimes tend to buy overpriced software in order to get better at trading, while in reality it’s not the software that improves their skills.

TC2000‘s trading platform can be split into different timeframes, just as any other platform. Switching is effected with a simple click.

When it comes to indicators, charting software clients differ. The good news is, TC2000 provides every indicator one would possibly need to screen any chart at the top end of customization.

Every single indicator is located in one drop down case so using them is made simple. Editing and customizing every indicator is super simple as well. A single right click, and there you go.

There’s nothing bad about being simply-organized, as long as the usability does not affect the quality and quantity of the software’s features.

To refer to Apple’s logic: everything has to be there at maximum usability, without missing important features.

Pros and cons of the (telechart) TC2000 software

  • ​maximum usability
  • ​maximum customization
  • ​working with tabs
  • simple to build up step by step
  • huge number of assets
  • working with dividend / interest strategies
  • ​no free version
  • ​real time date is charged extra
  • ​Platinum version is ​a bit expensive
  • ​basic version lacks important features
  • ​no affiliation with other brokers (like MetaTrader)
  • working with dividend / interest strategies

​TC2000 review - Conglusion

When it comes to ​trading and charting software it is always hard to compare different providers. Because it’s not all about the features included, or about the screenable markets. The different focal points make it hard to compare them altogether.

This is a challenge software developers face, creating a unique software, easy to use interface, many useful features, yet not overwhelming or exhausting.

Concentrating on the main features may be a useful advice, but since there are so many traders with different personal styles and demands, developers have a lot on their hands meeting all those demands.

All things considered TC2000 performs quite well. The client may be expensive when it comes to state of the art features like professionally alerting on a thousand of indices, stocks and many more, but spending on the reliable Gold version should definitely pay off.

The software comes along with a nice mobile application, making it easy to keep an eye on investments while being off-screen. The additional fee on real time data is disappointing but not unusual. The software itself is a valuable choice for beginners and intermediates, while for professionals this might depend on the selection of underlyings.

Overall, the software proves to be one of the most convincing clients for charting, stock screening and developing as well as testing different strategies.

Traders looking for charting software alternatives should take a closer look at​ NinjaTrader, eSignal, VectorVest and MetaTrader. If you are looking for a stock screener, you should read the Most Comprehensive Stock Screener Review​ for more information about the best stock screeners (free + paid) available right now.

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