Best Day Traders To Follow on Twitter and YouTube

Who are the best day traders to follow on Twitter and YouTube? Below you find my three favorite ones. I have followed those day traders for years, reviewed their offerings in full detail and can say with conviction that it is worth it to follow them on their YouTube channels, Twitter and websites.

Best Day Traders To Follow

best day traders to follow

The value my three favorite day traders to follow provide with free content is immense and of higher value than some paid services others offer. Sure, all three also have paid plans where you can subscribe to beginners courses or learn advanced trading strategy and money management methods.

But here are hours of free day trading education in front of you, so before you become a member, check out their free content posted on YouTube and subscribe to their Twitter feed for continuous updates.

1. Ross Cameron (Warrior Trading)

Ross Cameron is the founder of Warrior Trading and the only day trader who publishes brokerage statements on his website. He found his inspiration to trade right within the DotCom bubble when his school decided to do an interactive stock market semester, which included a trip to New York City.

In 2001, he opened his first trading account, but things were not that convincing yet, so he decided to study to be a teacher, which he discarded due to his challenging family situation. After working a couple of years in New York in an architecture and design firm and completing his Bachelor of Arts degree, things shifted toward project management and bookkeeping.

Inspired by a friend who made decent money trading penny stocks, Ross’ interest in trading became stronger again, and he also started researching penny stocks and trading them while learning how to day trade for about two years. This was a hard time for him since the return on investment was anything other than good. Still, after a detailed analysis of all trades within those two years of learning, he identified the strategy that worked best, which enabled him to get his account back to green.

Then, in 2012, Ross started a trading blog called Day Trade Warrior, which later became Warrior Trading. In 2014 he opened his day trading chat room a long time before others did, and he was one of the first traders who started streaming his trading activities in real time.

Due to his unusually high degree of transparency, you can fully study his way of growing his trading account from $583.15 to over $10,000,000 between 2017 and January 2022 by executing over 20,000 trades. For sure, this performance is nothing else than common for day traders, but Ross’ success illustrates that becoming a successful day trader is possible for anyone.

Ross is one of the best day traders to follow on YouTube (1.09 million subscribers) with 2,076 videos, while he is less active on X (60,407 followers) with 506 tweets.

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2. Andrew Aziz (Bear Bull Traders)

Andrew Aziz is the founder of Bear Bull Traders and published his first day trading book, How to Day Trade for a Living, in 2015. A short time later, he started the Bear Bull Traders community, which was at first a forum for traders to share their expertise and knowledge with other traders.

Over the years, BBT has become a leading community of active traders as a place to learn how to become a day trader, where you can meet other day traders in a stock chat room and where high grade day trading education and top-notch trading platforms and trading simulators have a high priority.

Besides Ross Camaron, Andrew Aziz is one of the few day traders who stream their trading desk live in real-time with subscribers. This form of live-streaming is the transparency level that you need to verify if a person only talks about day trading success or if he is really successful in day trading.

Andrew always aims for immense goals, and he also does in his private life. He loves being outdoors, hiking, skiing, trekking at a high altitude of 29,035 feet, and climbing Mount Everest in April 2023. He lives his dream of making money trading to enable him to travel the world and finance things that he always wanted to do. His climbing to the top of Mount Everest alone clearly shows his willingness to reach goals that seem far away from most, which is highly motivating. It clearly shows that everything is possible in life.

Andrew Azis is one of the best day traders to follow on YouTube (93,800 subscribers, 4,195 videos) and X (72,356 followers, 19,822 tweets).

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3. Shay Huang (Humbled Trader)

Shay Huang is the founder of Humbled Trader, who has had immense success growing her YouTube channel to over 1 million subscribers. That’s immense, especially considering that Shay uploaded her first video on March 12, 2019. That clearly proves that the community wants to see the content she publishes.

Shay covers everything from day trading gappers, day trading penny stocks and low float stocks, reading SEC filings, and more in meanwhile over 400 videos. The Humbled Trader YouTube channel is a great source of free educational material.

Before starting with day trading, Shay worked in the film and VFX industry before she decided to change her life in 2014, which by surprise, led her to stumble across day trading, which she fell in love with. Her journey began quite uncomfortably, losing over $20,000 following various self-claimed trading gurus. But after learning and understanding trading price action, psychology aspects and structured risk management, including risk reward ratios, her success began to unfold.

The Humbled Trader website had its first appearance in 2020, where you can now read a lot of insightful blog posts about day trading. The information provided is not as extensive as on Warrior Trading and Bear Bull Traders, but definitely worth it.

Shay Huang is of the best day traders to follow on YouTube (1.19 million subscribers, 585 videos) and X (46,602 followers, 2,763 tweets).

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The best day traders to follow on Twitter and YouTube are Ross Cameron, Andrew Aziz and Shay Huang, founders of Warrior Trading, Bear Bull Traders and Humbled Trader.

Ross, Andrew and Shay are the best day traders to learn from, and all three are leading when it comes to providing free educational material via videos, tweets and blog posts. Ross and Andrew stream their trading screen in real time, and Ross even goes so far as he publishes his account statements online, which is the highest grade of transparency you can think of.

When it comes to the best traders to follow, Jesse Livermore, Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros, Steven Cohen and Ray Dalio are frequently mentioned, but they are more known as billionaire investors and hedge fund managers. So if you are looking for hands-on information with free videos and tweets, Ross, Andrew and Shay lead the list of the best traders to follow.

Best Day Traders to Follow – Comparison
Ross Cameron Andrew Aziz Shay Huang
Service Warrior Trading Bear Bull Traders Humbled Trader
Founded 2012 2015 2019
X Followers 60,407 72,356 46,602
Tweets 506 19,822 2,763
YouTube Subscr. 1.09M 0.09M 1.19M
YouTube Videos 2,076 4,195 585
Website More Info More Info More Info
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