Warrior Trading Review 2018

On the website of Warrior Trading you will find a real-time chat room for day trading, free trading tools, training courses for users at different levels and a complete simulation program to accomplish the stock market trading training.

Ross Cameron founded Warrior Trading and he added two other experienced day traders (Jeff & Mike) to establish a great and trustworthy team to assist their members in reaching their financial goals.

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading Chat Room, Trading Courses & Trading Simulator

Warrior Trading provides the users with many different services for day trading, for example with the chat room, with real-time alerts for buying and selling and with trading courses.

Also courses in the Gap and Go, in Momentum and in the Reversal trading strategy are part of their service.

Compared with similar day trading websites, also Warrior Trading offers new traders a lot of different teaching tools.

But Warrior Trading added a real-time market simulator to the usual options and they provide insights into their bank statements.



If you decide to use their most popular Warrior Pro Trading Course, you get full access to the chat room, paper trading and to the live classroom mentoring sessions and the trading courses will be included. Continue reading...

Warrior Trading Day Trading Chat Room

The access to the chat room costs $ 149 a month and for the additional charge of $ 99 a month you also get access to the trading simulator.

When you will keep your subscription for a longer time (quaterly & annual membership), you will even end up paying less.

The power of people is the main idea that Warrior Trading is based upon.

They are proud of calling their chat room the largest one on Wall Street and of naming their active community the “trading warriors”.

Warrior Trading chat room

Warrior Trading chat room (source: warriortrading.com)

Beside the chat room and the service being related with it, this website also offers courses for day trading providing all necessary kinds of financial knowledge.

Now you may ask yourself if Warrior Trading will really help you to get better in making investments after three months.

You may also want to know if their training methods and materials will lead you to more financial success.

When you open the chat room window, you will see the trading processes in real-time.

You will also find a side-window showing the participants who are just online and a bottom window that gives you the opportunity to read the chat messages and to take part in the communication.

You will also be able to listen to the Warrior Trading professionals making their trades live all through the trading day utilizing Trade Ideas stock market scanner day in and out.

Trading Courses

Warrior Trading offers a lot of training material for investors of different levels. In the following I will give you some information about the courses that are offered.

Warrior Trading - Trading Courses

Warrior Trading - Trading Courses (source: warriortrading.com)

There are 3 courses available. Warrior Starter, Warrior Pro and Warrior Inner Circle.

Get access to the chat room, the real-time trading simulator, Trading Course PDF, different Trading Courses and mentoring on Pro- and inner cirlce plan.

Of course you may also learn much at the regular chat rooms, but these mentoring sessions are still more helpful for those who really want to get guidance and advice from the professionals.

In these sessions the instructor uses to speak about a certain part of day trading to combine it with suitable live trading examples.

Trading Simulator (paper trading)

It is only natural that nobody will ever be great at day trading from the beginning. Every trader improves his skills by learning more and by the growing experiences he gains.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to teach day trading in a real-world setting when there is no real money to risk and, probably, to lose.

This is the reason why Warrior Trading provides a trading simulation feature. I really like this one as it makes it possible to act as if everything would be real.

There is only one important difference: You don't have to risk any real money. In the following I will introduce this trading simulation to you.

WarriorTrading simulator

WarriorTrading simulator (source: warriortrading.com)

You can add the Trading Simulator as a separate package to your access to the chat room or subscribe seperately.

Within the Trading Course packages the simulator is included. The subscribers to this option get access to the simulation room where they will find:

  • Real-time Level 2 Quotes being connected with NASDAQ and NYSE
  • The so-called “Replicated Reality.” This kind of simulation looks like a real trading platform where you can act and respond like in real life.
  • Basic Charting capabilities & DOM
  • The amount of $ 100,000 virtual dollars. This means a lot of money for you to practice and that you can use while you learn.

As the trading simulator has to be added as a separate subscription, it also has to be paid separately. This leads us to the next important point.

Warrior Trading subscription plans and fees

Warrior Trading chat room pricing

There are three different chat room plans being offered by Warrior Trading and they all have one thing in common.

When you sign in to a longer subscriptions, it means that you will pay less in every month. All of these plans include:

  • Full access to the chat room
  • 5 to 10 day trades per day
  • 3 to 5 swing trades per week
  • Alerts being sent to your phone and to your inbox
  • Bonus for quaterly & annual subscription

If the features mentioned above are all that you need, you have to pay a monthly charge of $ 149.

If you decide to pay by quarter, the price goes down to $ 99 per month and some more services will be added, for example the Trade Ideas custom scanns with the experts of Warrior Trading.

The annual plan for $ 75 per month represents the best available deal if you are interested in a long term subscription.

This option offers you all kinds of services I have mentioned before and some free bonuses will be added to these.

With this kind of subscription you will save 50% per year and it will provide you with trading tools with a value of more than one thousand dollars.

Warrior Trading Trading Course pricing

If you want to use all kinds of services that Warrior Trading can provide, there are three levels of Warrior bundle packages for professionals that you can chose.

Warriortrading trading courses

Warriortrading trading courses (source: warriortrading.com)

Warrior Trading trading simulator pricing

I already told you before that the simulation trading room is an additional service to be paid separately if you subscribe to the chat room.

For some of you one month may be enough time for getting familiar with the basics, but the free intro to the trading course is not included in this subscription.

There is a comprehensive course especially for beginners that costs $ 497 and that will be worth it including chat room and trading simulator access for 1 month.

But lets get back to the trading simulator package itself.

The following features are all part of the trading simulator packages:

  • The amount of $ 100,000 in simulated money that you can use in the simulation
  • Real-Time Level 2 Market Depth
  • Hot-Key adaption for inst-orders
  • Reports on the trade history
  • Charting abilities

Prices vary between $75 and $99 per month depending on the duration of the contract.

The Warrior Trading team and community

The team and community behind a trading service are important. Three experts in online day trading are making the Warrior Trading team complete.

Ross Cameron who has founded Warrior Trading is responsible for most of the educational material. Beside this, he is very active in the chat rooms on every day.

Ross is the founder of Warrior Trading and without doubt the most important member of the team.

Warrior Trading - worldwide

Warrior Trading - worldwide (source: warriortrading.com)

Ross was born and raised in the south of Vermont. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts of Vermont College.

He spent a few months of trial and error trading the markets lost quite some money in the market. This experience lead him to the decision to try to achieve better results on his own.

So, he started his own day trading with small cap stocks of less than $ 20.

He started by creating a blog to document his experiences as he learned how to trade and developed his strategies.

When he had proved that it was really possible to do this in a successful way, he had the idea to establish a professional platform to share his trading secrets with others and to teach them the skills they need.

To add value for other traders, he founded Day Trade Warrior in 2012. Just a little later the name was changed to Warrior Trading. The teaching began with classes covering:

  • Risk Management
  • Stock Selection
  • Entry detection

When Ross is off from online trading for a short time now and then, he enjoys being together with his family, taking care of his garden, sailing and working on cars.

The other members of the team have a different background, but all of them are brilliant experts in day trading and finances.

Mike came from the Behavioral Finance business after graduating from the Florida State University.

And Jeff gained a lot of experience in swing trading before joining the team. That's the reason why now he is the Head Swing Trader of the site with more than 9 year of experience in trading U.S. equities.

Warrior Trading | Ross, Mike and Jeff

Warrior Trading | Ross, Mike and Jeff

What I like best about Warrior Trading

  • The Warrior Trading chat room along with the trading simulator is one of my favorite services of the website. It is easy to understand that beginners may be afraid of losing a lot of real money while they start to practice trading. With the help of this simulation they have the opportunity to gain experience without any risk and being part of the community by entering the chat room does help as well.
  • I really like the staffing. Some of the trading websites seem to be one-man shows. But at warrior trading there are the people. Its sufficient to teach people different parts of trading and to make sure that there is allways someone you can contact.
  • Every one of the three members of the team is an expert in a particular part of the world of online training. And I think, three people in charge offer the subscribers an increased accessibility.
  • Warrior Trading developed a simple and uncomplicated training method and provide tons of free day trading ressources. Every lesson (free and paid) goes into details and is focused on the subject. The complete series of courses can teach you important, complex knowledge step by step and in an easy and understandable way.
  • Public bank statements are not natural in this business. But Warrior Trading's bank statement is available online to the public.
Warrior Trading | Bank statement Dec. 2017

Warrior Trading | Bank statement Dec. 2017

What I would like Warrior Trading to improve

  • Its hard to find negative items. Yes, some trading courses are priced in premium segment. But on the other hand there are so many free trading tools and services available where you can try out various things, so everyone should be aware what he gets if paying a few thousand dollars.
  • Compared to other trading services, Warrior Trading is one of the best. Once I stumble uppon a negative fact, I will keep you updated.

Is Warrior Trading worth it to spend money for their services?

I recommend first having a closer look at the free resources. Try out everything thats available for free.

After that, give it a try with an offer like this for one month to see if it meets your needs. When you will be satisfied after one month, you can sign up for a longer plan without any risk.

Once you are convinced, you can upgrade at any time to save up to 50% compared to the montly subscription.

Also the access to the trading simulation for one or three months is something I can recommend. You won't find this kind of tool on too many other trading websites and it is really valuable.

One alternative would be a tool like NinjaTrader or your brokerage platform (if it has a free demo account and free real-time data provided for the financial market of your choice).

Based on my own experience I can tell you that nobody will ever be able to learn day trading in only one month or even in three months.

But after about one year you should have the skills and abilities for successful trading. And with Warrior Trading your goals can be reached if you take this job seriously.

Warrior Trading Review summary

There are some aspects of Warrior Trading that I really like. One of the advantages is the fact that there are three professional members of the team who are true experts and who can teach users of all levels – from beginners to skilled traders who want to improve their knowledge.

Warrior Trading - How to make a living day trading

Warrior Trading - How to make a living day trading (source: warriortrading.com)

The trading simulation along with the trading chat room is one more highlight on this site that is hard to find somewhere else. You will find a chat room for real-time day trading, live classroom sessions and training courses for all levels.

What I really like is the fact that also public bank statements are available on this website.

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Warrior Trading advantages

  • One of the most popular services for private investors
  • Verified Earnings & Broker Statements ​available to the public
  • Free services and free trial available (eBook, Webinar, Chat Room etc.)
  • Nominated for Best Educator at Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2016

Warrior Trading disadvantages

  • No refunds available


  • Larry says:

    Please avoid signing up Warrior Trading at all cost. If you ask for a refund they will refuse and make excuses why no refund. You pay in good faith, you expect to receive the training, they don’t provide services and no refund. Thousands of dollars taken, and this business continues to run and allowed by the authorities. Don’t give them any money you will be sorry. Go to another trading school do your homework. I searched the internet about warrior trading and found nothing that stood out bad a lot of good an excellent ratings (cow patties), so that is why I’m taking the time to warn people BEFORE they sign up. I never received even one day of class. My account was locked days after I requested a refund. They will reference you to their legal team if you ask for a refund. these guys must be avoided at all cost. It doesn’t get any lower than this, trust me I’d like to use some choice words to describe these guys.

    • DAYTRADINGz says:

      Hi Larry,
      I understand that you are disappointed. But I think we have to split into 2 different aspects of this case.

      1) I completely understand that they do not refund any money you payed. In my opinion, Warrior-Trading is transparent here.
      Within their disclaimer they say: “All payments made to Warrior Trading in connection with any product purchased or account or service, and any renewal thereof, are non-refundable; and Warrior Trading does not offer, and is not required to provide, any refunds or credits for any reason, including, without limitation, satisfaction or your failure to cancel your account or service prior to its automatic renewal.”
      I think this is crystal clear.

      2) On the other hand side, I agree, that you should get access to the services you payed for. I am sure there will be a solution if you contact Warrior Trading with your issue.

      Finally, it will be hard to find an educator, with a money back guaranty.

      However, everyone reading my reviews will notice, that I also see it in negative lights, that there are no refund for those services. But the education business (also in other niches) is working that way. And there are good reasons for that.

      And this is why I always point out, that everyone should start with the free services first, then taking it step by step with the services with the lowest pricing. This way it will be easy to find out, if traders and educators like the way it goes in the particular case.

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