Warrior Trading Review

What distinguishes this Warrior Trading Review from other Warrior Trading reviews? Well, it's simple. I completed the Warrior Starter Course, took part in the Warrior Pro Trading course, reviewed the Warrior Trading Chat room and interviewed the ultimate warrior, Ross Cameron.

In this Warrior Trading review, I will tell you the full truth about Warrior Trading, the products, mentors and concept. I'll reveal enlightening insights and give you first-hand information that other reviews do not provide about the Warrior Trading courses, the simulator, and chat room.

Plus: I will show you how to save up to 50% on your Warrior Trading subscription, and how to start your chat room 5-day trial.

Now, let's get started with the review of https://www.warriortrading.com/

Warrior Trading Review

Transparency: We may get compensated when you click on links in this article.

What Is Warrior Trading?

To be straight forward, Warrior Trading is a multi-million dollar trading education business. Ross Cameron founded WarriorTrading back in 2012.

Over the years, he added four more experienced day traders, namely Mike, Arsh, Steve and Roberto, to establish a team with the objective of assisting members in reaching their financial goals.

~20,000 people search for Warrior Trading search terms every month via Google alone.

People are mainly looking for the following search terms:

  • Warrior Trading
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  • Warriortrading
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According to SimilarWeb warriortrading.com has about 800,000 monthly visitors.

Warrior Trading | Similar Web Traffic

That's amazing, and a much higher number than any other trading educator I know. This is publicly accessible evidence proving there is an incredibly high demand for the products and services offered by Warrior Trading.

On the website of Warrior Trading, investors can find nearly every type of content one can think of related to day trading for beginners and swing trading.

Besides various trading courses, you will find a real-time stock chat room for day trading, free trading tools, education packages for traders at different skill levels, and a stock market simulator.

Warrior Trading is a one-stop shop primarily for trading beginners with a focus on learning trading from scratch.

And as the Warrior Trading review reveals, experienced traders can also find some valuable gold nuggets within the content.

The $583.15 to $1,000,000 Trading Challenge

As of today, Ross is very close to reaching his goal, which was to increase his account starting from about 500 US dollars and accumulating up to one million US dollars.

As of 3/31/2019 his account grew by $946,460.84 since inception of the challenge back in 2017.

Ever since, Ross Cameron has published his verified account statements at warriortrading.com. Everyone can access these account statements for free.

Update May 1st 2019: Ross finaly turned $582 into +$1,000,000

Is Warrior Trading Worth It?

I have tested all the Warrior Trading products entirely from the inside, as a Warrior Trading student, and will share my experiences with you. In this Warrior Trading review, I will talk in detail about my impressions.

Free Warrior Trading Workshop

Warrior Trading Course Overview

  • Warrior Starter and
  • Warrior Pro (including the Warrior Pro Mentoring Sessions)

Warrior Trading Course Overview

Warrior Trading Chat Room Overview

  • Small cap trading chat room with Ross
  • Large cap trading with Mike
  • Futures trading with Steve

Warrior Trading Chat Rooms

Warrior Trading Paper Trading Simulator Overview

Warrior Trading Simulator

Warrior Trading Review: Warrior Starter

Warrior Starter is the first trading course analyzed and the course covers all the basics about trading. It is not only a good foundation for newbies but also an excellent refresher of basic knowledge for experienced traders. Let's find out why.

15 Chapters Full of Knowledge

The Warrior Starter course has 15 chapters in total. I have to admit, the course is highly suitable for beginners who want to follow Ross' way of trading the markets. The basic understanding of the market has not changed since I learned day trading 20 years ago.

Ross has the intellect and a lot of experience which enables him to teach his students with direct and structured information. The audio is clear and his language is easy to understand.

I like the fact that Ross explains the content using the market standard terminology. Everyone will immediately understand what he is talking about.

Beginners will appreciate the simplicity of the terminology. The Warrior Trading terminology dictionary can also help in situations where something is not clear yet.

Yes, some of the content is really basic.

Nevertheless, this is recognizably a premium trading course because there is reliable information spread throughout the course which makes all the difference when compared to free resources.

Another benefit of the Warrior Starter trading course is the fact that you are being taught by one reliable trading school for all trading related topics.

Warrior Trading Curriculum

When you look at the Warrior Starter Curriculum, you realize that the course is a solid foundation focusing on the most important aspects for any beginner.

But wait - what's in it?

About 630 minutes of video material are included in the 15 chapters of the course! Every chapter ends with a quiz to ensure that you understood the material the right way.

The Most Important Chapters

For me, the most valuable parts of the course are:

  • #5 Technical Analysis (charting),
  • #8 Market Depth,
  • #12 How to find trades: Scanning 101 (using the stock screener Trade Ideas in Warrior Trading style), and
  • #14 The Psychology of Trading. All the other chapters of the Warrior Trading Starter course are rather general, but not less important.

#12 is especially important and helps you understand how Ross Cameron is using Trade Ideas in his daily routine.

The stock trading room will provide some additional insights too. The access to the stock trading chat room is included as long as you stay within the Warrior Starter course. And the same goes for the trading simulator.

Day trading for beginners with this course? Yes, the Warrior Starter Course is definitely an excellent entry into the world of day trading. But remember, Warrior Trading does not offer magic or the holy grail of day trading. Ross never promises such clichés at any time.

If you watch the free videos, you will realize that he focuses on giving a realistic picture about what you can expect when starting day trading for beginners. You pay for trading education and you receive access to an education platform.

So far, so good. I was happy to see that Ross has improved the Warrior Starter package since the last time I reviewed the course.

While crafting the current Warrior Trading review, I realized the videos are newly recorded and the navigation within the learning center is easier to understand.

Warrior Trading Course Detail

The video streaming works great and you also have access to various resources within each section.

Warrior Trading Resources

Also, you can make notes for any chapter from within the platform.

Warrior-Trading Notes

Another cool feature is the quiz at the end of each chapter. The quizzes were created to see if you learned anything from the respective chapter. They are a huge benefit. It is important to understand the entire Warrior Trading concept and the quizzes ensure you have comprehended each section.

Warrior Trading - Quizz

Once you have finished the quiz, you are able to review your answers again. You can also continue to the next chapter.

Warrior Trading Questions

Warrior Trading Review: Cost of the Warrior Starter

The Warrior Starter education package is basically a subscription-based package. That's because the 30 days included in the first payment are not sufficient enough to completely understand the basic concept of day trading. At least if you are a beginner to day trading.

Let us have a look at the total cost of the Warrior Starter:

  • Warrior Starter enrollment price: $997 - one-time payment for the first 30 days
  • Warrior Starter subsequent months: $197

Warrior Trading Course Bundle

Cancellation options: You can cancel anytime.

Here are some pricing examples:

Duration / Total Costs

  • 1 month: $997
  • 3 months: $1,588
  • 12 months: $3,164

Please make note of the benefit that access to the trading chat rooms and the trading simulator are included in the fees. You do not have to pay any additional fees for market data subscription or platform access. This is the actual cost.

From my personal experience, I would expect that beginners need about 3 months to grasp the basic concept that Warrior Trading teaches. After 3 months you should definitely know whether day trading is right for you or not. Paying $1,588 for 3 months might sound expensive at first.

But investing $1,588 in your education, instead of losing money with a real account, is worth the experience. Remember, you can trade with the trading simulator under real life conditions. If, after 3 months, you do not make any money then you have avoided crushing a real account.

What is your alternative?

Your alternative is to open a real money account with >$25,000 without knowing what you are doing. You risk losing all of that money! I agree that $1,588 for 3 months is still a lot of money. But the good thing is that you can easily reduce that price with the following cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet: Make the Most out of the Warrior Starter Program with this Trick

Be clever and reduce the prices with Warrior Trading coupon codes and promotions. The good news, in terms of pricing, is that there are Warrior Trading coupon codes available at warriortrading.com that will help you reduce the rates by $500 for the Warrior Starter trading course.

Here is the trick:

  1. Follow this link to the Warrior Trading website.
  2. Click on "sign up"
  3. Move the mouse to the lower right corner
  4. A little icon will apear along with the text "psst..want to save 50%?"
  5. Use the code shown during check out

Warrior Starter 50 Percent Discount

Cool trick, right? You can also join their email list to receive promotions with savings up to 50% on a regular basis.

Is the Warrior Starter Course a Good Choice?

In my opinion, it is a good choice for people who want to get into day trading. Considering the benefits you receive by taking the course, it is more advantageous to take the course instead of just using the chat room or the simulator.


Because the Warrior Trading chat room alone costs $197 for one month, the simulator costs $127 for one month. If you had subscribed only to the chat room for six months plus the trading simulator for six months, then you would have paid 6*$197 for the room access plus 6*$127 for the simulator. The total costs would have been $1,182+$762 = $1,944.

If you had subscribed to the Warrior Starter with the "little 50% cheat," then you would have paid $997-$500=$497 + (6*197) = $1,679.

However, you should not think about it this way. You should ask yourself if you really want to get into day trading, it's a simple yes or no answer.

If yes, then Warrior Trading is the best choice because they are the only trading education company publishing real bank account statements on their website. Publicly accessible to all of us. No tricks or gimmicks. Just the naked numbers. This alone shows proof that Ross Cameron is making money by trading. And not only making money by educating!

There are many other education businesses out there charging more money for courses without providing any proof of consistency or success. One thing I like about Ross is that he reflects a lot about his trading during the live stream in the chat room and in the YouTube videos he publishes every day. There are some evergreens online as well:

You can feel the spirit and you get a realistic perspective of the challenges that come with day trading.

Warrior Starter Trading Course Test Conclusion

I have a 20 year background in trading the markets and therefore I can differentiate between pure scam and worthwhile products and services. The Warrior Starter trading course is not scam at all. Everything is in just the right place here and the pricing is considerable in relation to the amount of information you receive in exchange.

If you are expecting to get access to clear strategies and the Trade Ideas stock scanner settings, then you will be disappointed. At least a bit. The Trade Ideas scanner settings are only part of the Warrior Pro package. Which is quite fair.

However, with your access to the trading chat room, within a few days you will begin to understand how Ross' strategies are working. And I don't promise too much when I say that Warrior Trading runs one of the Best Stock Chat Rooms.

And there is another benefit. It takes time to study Ross' trading activities and the Warrior Starter course material. Chances are that during this time a special discount of up to 40% to the Warrior Pro package will be made available to you.

I hope you have enjoyed my Warrior Trading review so far. Now, let's take it to a whole new level and let's review the Warrior Pro trading course package.

I will guide you through the entire course. Again, from an inside perspective!

The core question: Is the Warrior Pro trading course worth it?

Let's proceed with the Warrior Trading review by taking a closer look at the Pro package now!

Warrior PRO

As I told you before, this is not a sales page! For me, transparency is key and the price tag for the Warrior Pro trading package should be clear right from the beginning.

Take a deep breath and make sure that you are in a comfortable position! The Warrior PRO Bundle with one year access costs $5,997 (retail price). Are you still in that comfortable position? Good, so let us take a look at the best value from the different payment options.

If we talk about the retail price, then option #2 "Warrior PRO Bundle 90 Days Access" is the best option you will have.

Please keep in mind that 90 days of access are just too short for the amount of information and benefits you will receive as a subscriber to the Warrior Pro package.

Learning takes time and 12 months are a realistic time span to improve your skills in order to trade completely independently on your own.

To make a clear comparison, I put together a little pricing sheet for a 12-month subscription using the different payment options:

  • Warrior Pro 1 Year Access: $5,997
  • Warrior Pro 90 Day Access: $4,297 (3 months) + $1,773 (9 months * $197 per/month) = $6,070
  • Warrior Pro Payment Plan: $1,997 (3*$1,497) + $1,773 (9 months * $197 per/month) = $7,764

Without question - This is a lot of money! No matter what option you choose, it will probably be the biggest investment in your education of becoming a day trader.

Save up to 40% with This Little Cheat

There is a little cheat you can do to receive a discount of up to 40% on Warrior Pro. All that is required is a little patience.

How does it work?

  1. Follow this link to the Warrior Trading website.
  2. Click on "sign up"
  3. Move the mouse to the lower right corner
  4. A little icon will apear along with the text "psst..want to save 40%?"
  5. Use the code shown during check out

In other words, you can save about $2,400 by investing 2 minutes of your time! Your patience will be rewarded.

Warrior Pro Course Discount

Wouldn't it be better to have an additional $2,400 starting capital in your account instead of paying too much for the trading course? It is without a doubt worth the time!

Is the Warrior Pro Package Worth the Money?

I have completed the entire Warrior Pro program and have provided you all the information you could possibly need in order to decide whether the Warrior Pro package is worth the money or not.

The Warrior Pro Package comes with much more content compared to the Warrior Starter.

As a subscriber you gain access to:

  • The whole masterclass course of Warrior Trading + Mentor Sessions
  • 3 different chat rooms
  • The High-End Real-Time Paper Trading simulator
  • All Trade Ideas Pro scanner settings

The Warrior Pro also includes the whole Warrior Starter program. The entire syllabus can be found here: https://support.warriortrading.com/support/solutions/articles/19000071156-class-syllabus

As you can see, this is an incredible amount of content for nearly every aspect of trading you could think of. Now, let's get into the details.

Warrior Trading Review - Overview

The Warrior Trading Masterclass Courses + Mentor Sessions

Warrior Pro subscribers gain access to the whole Warrior Trading education portal. It contains the Warrior Starter package we talked about before, plus 7 other education packages. Simply stated, it covers just about everything related to trading.

From day trading low float stocks and small cap stocks, day trading penny stocks, trading large cap stocks, option, futures and even cryptocurrencies. But let's break it down by sections.

Warrior Starter

I talked about the details of the Warrior Starter package earlier.

Small Cap Stocks

Trading Small Cap Stocks is actually day trading stocks, similar to what Ross Cameron does. The whole section has the name "Day Trading Strategies for Stocks, by Ross" and contains The Small Cap Day Trading Course Part 1 with 7 Chapters + Part 2 with 8 chapters.

So, in total, we have 15 chapters with a video trading education duration of about 2,300 minutes. That's more than 38 hours of video trading where Ross teaches you all about the following day trading related topics:

Small Cap Stocks Warriortrading

Also, the Small Cap Stocks section contains two more video resources:

Live Trading Examples

With about 30 videos as additional education material are included in the "Live Trading Examples" video section. The live trading examples have a video duration of more than 1,100 minutes / 18 hours.

If you are expecting Ross to show only the trades where he makes a ridiculous amount of money, then you will be disappointed. There are many examples which led to profits, but there are also some that show you how he lost tons of money. And this is how it should be when providing the best possible education.

One live- session trading video includes the documentation showing how he lost $30,000 in just one day. That was shortly before he archived his goal to turn his account from about $500 dollars starting capital to 1,000,000 dollars!

It was the 2nd worst day during his career as a day trader. And without the proper education, you could easily have such losses as well! All of these videos are worth watching. They should remind you at all times that day trading is a challenge.

Warrior-Trading Live-Trading

Day Trading an IRA

In the course all questions to day trading IRA accounts will be answered.

For example, Ross explains the limitations of trading in an IRA account and its benefits.

Warrior Day Trading in an IRA

And there is even more within the Small Cap Stocks section. A real diamond is waiting for you here.

The Trade Ideas scanner settings layout is available in the resource section of this trading course:

Warrior Trading Scanner Settings

Just navigate to "Downloadable scanner settings platform layouts" and download the Trade Ideas settings from there.

Once you have opened Trade Ideas A.I., you can open the layout by following these steps:

  • Click "File"
  • Click "Load Layout"
  • Choose the destination where you saved the layout (unzip the files before you try to import them)

Trade Ideas Layout - Step 1

Okay, now you have successfully imported Ross Cameron's small cap stock day trading scanner settings to Trade Ideas.

Trade Ideas Layout - Step 2

Now you can freely arrange the scans, add new ones, put some in the background, adjust the settings or just use the scanners in the way provided.

At the start of a trading day, Ross focuses first on the gappers-scan, which is a simple one. Thirty minutes after market open, Ross is mainly watching the High of Day Momo Scanner alerts.

The scan includes various strategies. Customizing Trade Ideas the way Ross does is not hard to do. That's because Trade Ideas is easy to configure without any knowledge about coding.

However, to setup the scans you have to know what you want to configure - right? If you want to trade like Ross Cameron, then you need his settings. And those settings are part of the Warrior Pro package you pay for. Okay, that's it so far about the Small Cap Stocks trading course within Warrior Pro and this Warrior Trading review.

Besides the ~60 hours of video material there is some other valuable content available. Check out the Warrior Pro dashboard to discover even more benefits Warrior Pro comes with.

Large Cap Stocks

The large cap stocks section is presented to you by Mike, a team member of Warrior Trading. The Large Cap Stocks course contains 13 different chapters plus a bonus chapter about the VWAP.

Warrior Trading Large Cap Stocks

This is where Ross teaches you how to trade with a longer holding period compared to small cap trades. However, the main intention is to teach you how to day trade large cap stocks. So, every trade should be closed by the end of each day at the latest.

Mike also runs one of the Warrior Trading chat rooms. He trades the strategies live that he teaches in this large cap stocks trading course. The trading frequency is much lower compared to Ross' trading approach. Nevertheless, Mike also makes a significant amount of money during a week of trading.

In my opinion, he does an excellent job in his trading room. The stock selection is good and he does not jump around between different stocks. He has his watch list and trades the stocks on that list. Another plus for Mike is that he trades high liquidity stocks with extremely tight spreads.

Ross aims mainly for fast profits, scalping at times for just a few cents. The spread is sometimes relatively high. But Mike's stocks are mostly traded without slippage and with the goal of holding them a few minutes longer. The approach between both, Ross and Mike, is different.

And that's good. By the way, Mike prefers shorting stocks, while Ross is more of an upside momentum day trader. And since Mike trades large caps, it is easier to short those stocks. His recap videos can also be found on YouTube.

Now, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the mentor session classes within this comprehensive Warrior Trading Review.

Mentor Sessions

The Warrior Trading mentor sessions are a great addition to all the video material provided within the Warrior Pro package. While all the classes within the Warrior Pro package are video recordings, the mentor sessions go one step further.

The mentor sessions take place on any trading day within the Warrior Trading classroom.

They supplement the trading video classes by covering everything from beginners' questions up to detailed concepts of trading.

These live sessions take place with smaller groups, this way the educators and head traders have the opportunity to answer questions in detail and give students maximum attention.

All mentor sessions are recorded for your convenience and can be watched online at any time.

Here is the current schedule:

Warrior Trading Mentor Seesions - Time Table

Additional Content Included in the Warrior Pro Package

In my opinion, Ross Cameron's day trading course with about

  • 60 hours of video material along with
  • Mike's large cap trading course with about 12 hours of trading, plus
  • the live mentoring sessions (on top of that, recordings that have more than 100 hours of video duration)

reflect the most valuable video content for short term traders within Warrior Pro. Excellent education videos plus access to the trading room and the trading simulator are an excellent foundation for your day trader career.

Along with that, Warrior Trading provides its Trade Ideas scanner settings within Warrior Pro to any subscriber. Now, I will quickly go over the other trading courses that are included within the Warrior Pro package.

As I said earlier, they do not fit that well in the overall package of Warrior Pro. And that's because they give you a quick overview about other trading concepts, but nothing more.

Let's proceed with the Warrior Trading review by looking at

  • swing trading,
  • futures trading,
  • options trading and
  • cryptocurrency trading.

If you want to skip these 4 review points, then scroll down and proceed with the chat room review. The chat room is extremely beneficial and included within the Warrior Pro package.

Swing Trading

Ross will guide you through this short swing trading course covering the crucial basics about swing trading.

Warrior Trading Swing Trading

Actually, this video is a recording from a Warrior Trading Inner Circle seminar in New York City. Ross shows a lot of examples, explains various strategies, and some additional scanner settings for Trade Ideas to spot swing trading opportunities.

This is a nice little course that contains only 3 chapters yet has way more benefits than you would expect. It's definitely worth watching!

Options Trading

The options trading course is presented by another Warrior Trading member, Arsh.

Warrior Trading Options Trading

In 5 chapters, he is covering the basic concept of options trading. Options trading was never one of my favorites but for all of you that want to get some additional insights into options trading along with your stock trading, this course might be of interest to you.

However, the Warrior Trading options trading course does not go into that much detail. If you like, you can also trade options with the Warrior Trading paper trading simulator. But honestly, if you really want trade options and only options, then the Warrior Pro package is not the best solution for you. Options traders should look elsewhere. Warrior Trading focuses exclusively on trading stocks.

Futures Trading

The same that goes for options trading also goes for futures trading. Steve Dahl, one more educator at Warrior Trading, teaches you the basics of futures trading. Trading futures is his passion and listening to him adds confirmation that he his passionate about futures trading.

Here is the course lineout:

Warrior Trading Futures Trading

The course is definitely worth watching. Steve is a great presenter and transports the spirit of trading futures in a great way. However, I said that there is a similarity to the options trading course within Warrior Pro. The similarity is that Warrior Pro is not the right choice for you if your focus is futures trading.


Because you cannot trade futures on paper with the paper trading simulator. You cannot scan for futures trading opportunities with Trade Ideas. And finally, the futures trading course does not provide enough content considering the price of Warrior Pro.

However, the futures trading course is a great addition within the whole package. It completes the understanding of the financial markets together with trading stocks and options. Remember, there is one more trading course within Warrior Pro. It's not about futures, options or stocks. It's about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Ross and Arsh teach you some basics about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trading with Warriortrading

I strongly suggest staying away from "trading" cryptocurrencies. They might provide benefits for long term investors, but the trading related costs are just too high to make this kind of short term investing profitable.

Instead of focusing on cryptocurrencies, you should focus on the next, extremely beneficial part of Warrior Pro. Let's continue with the Warrior Trading review by analyzing the chat rooms and the trading simulator.

Warrior Trading Review: The Chat Rooms

As a Warrior Pro subscriber, you have access to three different chat rooms:

Warrior Trading Chat Rooms

You can also access the chat rooms on "chat room only subscriptions." For that reason, I have crafted a separate chat room chapter within the Warrior Trading review.

So let's proceed with the Warrior Trading Chat room review. Access to the chat room costs between $75 a month (pro-rated annual membership with discount) and $197 a month (month-to-month membership).

The chat room is also included in the Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro package. The duration of free access to the chat rooms depends on the individual educational package you choose.

However, you can also sign up for the chat rooms without paying for a Warrior Trading education course. To save money, you can make use of the same little cheat I mentioned earlier along with the Warrior Starter education package.

  • Follow this link to the Warrior Trading chat room website.
  • Click on "sign up"
  • Move the mouse to the lower right corner
  • A little icon will apear along with the text "psst..want to save 30%?"
  • Use the code shown during check out

Warrior Trading Chat Room Discount

What Is the Warrior Trading Chat Room All About?

Warrior Trading is proud to call their chat room the largest on Wall Street and name their active community the "trading warriors." When you open the chat room window, you will see Ross' desktop with his Trade Ideas stock screener settings via desk sharing.

You will also find a side-window showing the participants who are currently online and a bottom window that gives you the opportunity to read chat messages and to take part in the communication.

Furthermore, you will see some posts about entries and exits via text message. However, Ross never writes his entries and exits down. He is talking to you, and I recommend listening to him without looking at the chat messages.

Important aspect for copy traders

Do not expect to see and hear trade entries and trade exits in real time with pricing information or clear upfront communication about upcoming possible entries with exact numbers.

Warrior Trading is very clear here in terms of communication within the chat room. The chat room is not meant as an opportunity to duplicate trades.

It is about providing learning opportunities for the Warrior Trading chat room participants. Ross explains his trades in each market recap. He also shows you his account figures.

Warrior Trading Chat Room Price Details

All of these plans include:

  • Full access to the chat rooms with market commentaries
  • Trade Ideas within the room via stock scanner live streaming
  • Watch lists
  • Alerts being sent to your phone and your inbox
  • Newsfeed access

There are three different chat room plans being offered by Warrior Trading.

  1. If you pay on a monthly basis, the rate is $197 per month.
  2. If you pay on a quarterly basis, the rate is $149 per month.
  3. Alternatively, if you pay on an annual basis, the total amount of $897 breaks down to $75 per month.

In case you decide to go with the most expensive option, paying the annual fee, you'll receive three bonuses:

  • Access to Warrior Trading's High-of-Day Momentum Scanner Settings for Trade Ideas Pro
  • Access to the Warrior Trading Gap Scanner Settings for Trade Ideas Pro
  • Trade-reporting sheet access.

Warrior Trading gap scanner can easily be created by yourself.

However, the other scanners are a bit more complex and you need the proper settings to get the same results that Ross does in his trading sessions.

Please note that you need an active subscription to Trade Ideas to make use of the stock scanner settings, otherwise those bonuses will be worthless!

Can I Access More Than One Chat Room at Once?

Yes, at least from a technical perspective.

Warrior Trading Chat Room Login

It's a bit tricky to listen to all the moderators at the same time. But it works since Mike, for example, does not talk too much and trades far less compared to Ross. You can also open all the chat rooms and disable the audio from any chat room you choose.

Is It Worth the Money to Subscribe to the Warrior Trading Chat Room Only Plan?

I do not think so. The trading room on its own is not the best deal. In the context of day trading for beginners it is important to learn the basics first. Jumping directly into the chat room will completely distract you from the initial objective of learning.

Of course, if you are looking for a chat room where you can send text messages to about 1,800 other traders around the globe. They are posting all their thoughts live via text message, then this chat room is obviously suitable for you. But it will not help you get any better at trading the markets.

In my opinion, it would be the ultimate transparency if Ross would share his trade execution details during the trading session. He did at times in the past.

Right now, he is only showing the entries and exits in the recap videos. However, when I say, "ultimate transparency," I mean it. Warrior Trading is the only trading education company I know who shares their bank statements on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, Ross shares his trading software screens during the recap videos with the visible P&L of his brokerage account. And he has been publishing all his accounts since 2017 on warriortrading.com.

Conclusion about the Warrior Trading Chat Rooms

The Warrior Trading chat room subscription is not a perfect deal on its own. I definitely recommend the free Trade Ideas Trading chat room instead. Trade Ideas' trading room is not only free, it is also very valuable.

A reputable moderator guides you through the day with charting functionalities, stock scanners and a great community of more than 500 people online each day.

Start with one of the Best Stock Chat Rooms.

Back to the Warrior Trading chat rooms. In order to use the trading room, you have to install flash-player, otherwise the trading room app won't load.

Once you log in, you can see the scanner settings from Ross via desk sharing. Investors looking for community discussions will find what they are looking for right in the room.

The trading room is good for those who like to follow Ross' trading ideas in the initial moments after market open. Once Ross is done with his trading, users should log out.

Otherwise, it's highly probable to get distracted and do something you'll regret. You will not be able to concentrate on your learning goals when staying in the room during less important times.

Traders have to differentiate between education and entertainment. This is crucial! If you're paying money for an education then stay committed to it. If you like to chat with other traders, you should use the free Trade Ideas Trading Room instead, and that's the extent of it.

The Most Important Direct Links for The Chat Room Section of the Warrior Trading Review


Warrior Trading Review: Real-Time Trading Simulator

Along with the trading courses and the stock chat room there is this one more core product Warrior Trading offers their customers.

Warrior Trading Review: The Trading Simulator Functionalities

It is normal to not be great at day trading right from the start. Every trader improves his skills by continuing to learn and through the experience he gains.

Losing real money when day trading for the first time can be frustrating. This is where the Warrior Trading stock trading simulator comes into play. You can subscribe to the Trading Simulator as a separate package, but the simulator is also part of the trading course packages discussed in this Warrior Trading review.

Here are the details for the ‘Trading Simulator only' subscription:

  • Real-time Level 2 Quotes being connected with NASDAQ and NYSE
  • So-called "Replicated Reality," a kind of simulation that looks like a real trading platform where you can act and respond just as you would in real life.
  • Basic Charting capabilities and DOM
  • An amount of $200,000 virtual credit, a lot of money for you to practice with and use while learning.

The Warrior Trading simulator can be used as a penny stock simulator too. Ross also teaches how to trade penny stocks. You can also practice the Gap and Go strategy. Remember: Day trading penny stocks is not only risky, it requires a lot of practice. So please use the trading simulator first, especially for penny stocks.

Warrior Trading Paper Trading Costs

Prices for just the simulator vary between $66.58/month in the pre-paid annual subscription, $99 for the quarterly subscription, and $127 per month for a monthly subscription.

Is it worth subscribing only to the Trading Simulator package?

I think it's the same as the Trading Room. As a product on its own, it is not the perfect selection for day trading beginners. This is not because the product is bad. The idea behind the product is a sound one. It is very important to start learning to trade without risking your hard-won capital.

Warrior Trading Paper Trading Simulator Conclusion

I think that for a "simulator only" the costs are bit too high. The good thing is, the exchange data is included in the price.

But what do you do with the simulator without knowing what to do?

I think the best value comes along with the trading course. In case you want to go with the trading simulator only package, you should avoid an annual subscription.

There is only one exception to that general rule, if you know what you are buying, and you are 100% convinced of the product's value, you can opt for yearly payments. I recommend checking if your broker offers a free demo account. Interactive Brokers, for example, offers a free demo account with real-time prices.

Trade Ideas Pro can be connected to Interactive Brokers via API. Click and trade faster than you ever thought possible.

The Most Important Direct Links for the Trading Simulator Section of the Warrior Trading Review


Okay, that's it. We went through all of the Warrior Trading products and services. Now it's time to find out how you can make the most out of your Warrior Trading subscription. For your convenience, I have decided to add these five actionable steps to the Warrior Trading review.

5 Actionable Steps to Make the Most out of Warrior Trading

Step 1: Take Your Time Testing

For starters, I recommend having a closer look at the free resources. Try out everything available for free. Just do it. Warrior Trading is one of the few trading educators offering free resources.

Don't invest in this education service and complain afterwards that it was not worth it. Give it a try first with the free resources. Watch their videos, wait for the next date when Ross is offering a free access day and use active promotions for immediate discounts.

You should not be in a hurry when your intention is to learn day trading. The market is here today and it will still be here tomorrow.

Step 2: Check out the Support

Once you've had some experience with the free resources, email your questions to the Warrior Trading support. Do they answer your questions? Do they give you worthwhile information? If you have complaints up to now: don't subscribe!

Step 3: Read the Disclaimers

Heed the warnings that Warrior Trading lavishly provides all over their website. Yes, you might feel a certain rush to make money fast. I understand this. Then again, as I said a few times before in the Warrior Trading review: Warrior Trading explicitly states that their trading courses are not for you if you want to get rich fast.

Imagine the paradox: You want to get rich fast; you subscribe, you spend money for the course, you lose money trading and at the end of it all you complain, claiming that Warrior Trading is a scam.

But it's as simple as can be. You won't get rich overnight and they make this point clear! All over their website and within many videos Ross tells you that trading is a demanding job.

It takes time. It will need your full commitment, attention and the will to be successful. And last but not least, you should have a solid amount of money in your account.

Step 4: Make Sure You Love Trade Ideas Pro

Warrior Trading's methods are based on stock screening the markets, especially during market opening times.

The stock screener they are using is Trade Ideas Pro. If you don't hold much love for Trade Ideas Pro, then Warrior Trading is definitely not the right choice for you. If you love Trade Ideas, continue to step 5.

Step 5: Choose Wisely

Whatever your decision, choose wisely. The individual needs of any given investor or trader can be completely different. The amount you spend for education and trading tools should always be in a reasonable ratio to the capital available.

You should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Speaking for myself, I would never pay more than 10% of my liquid capital for education services. It could be the best trading course in the world, but if the ratio is bad, I would skip it.

Provider Checklist

  • Founded: 2012
  • Number of members: 500,000 registered users | 5,000+ premium users | 611,000 YouTube subscribers | 100,000 Twitter followers
  • Company Address check: Warrior Trading, P.O. Box 330, Great Barrington, MA 01230, Telephone: 1-530-723-5499, United States
  • Free resources: Warrior Trading Blog
  • Coupons and Promo Codes: Yes
  • Money back guarantee: No
  • Affordability: Good product mix with different pricing segments
  • Transparency: Excellent Transparency
  • Verified income statements: Yes, broker and income statements on the website. Here are the links to the most current statements: Verified Earnings 2019
  • User Experience based on reviews of the website: Easy to navigate, may be overwhelming for beginners
  • User Experience based on internet research: 2016, 2017 and 2018 nominated as Best Educator at the Benzinga Fintech Awards.

Finally, the Warrior Trading review comes to an end and we will now go directly to the Warrior Trading summary.

Warrior Trading Review Summary

Warrior Trading is the largest and one of the most successful businesses providing trading education in the US. Transparency is a great distinction with Warrior Trading.

What other trading educator gives you the ability to study their bank statements? Warrior Trading does, right on their website. And Warrior Trading is clear about what you should not expect from using their services.

The Best Way to Get Started

When it comes to deciding what product to choose, my favorite is the Warrior Starter package. But make sure that you can make the most of it during the first 30 days!

It would be a bad idea to subscribe when you are on vacation during the first 30 days of the trading course subscription! Plan in the same way as you would plan a trade. Also, make sure to use the chat room and the free paper trading account.

Those products are included and both are beneficial for your learning process. Make sure to reduce the pricing whenever you can. During the Warrior Trading review, I explained how you can save up to 50% on your subscription.

Make sure to use those discounts. Do it as well once subscribing to Warrior Pro. In the end, it's up to you. No one will force you to sign up. You have to decide whether to take the risk on this investment, or not.

Furthermore, you should consider following my tips for the best Warrior Trading experience:

  • Focus on the education part first. You have access to the chat room right from the beginning, but I would stay away until you have learned everything included in the course you bought.
  • Always, and only, use the trading simulator until you become profitable in the simulator. Using real money will not make you a better trader!
  • Once you are in the chat room, do yourself a favor:
  • Hide the chat box at the bottom. Listen only to the voice of the moderator. There are up to 2,000 people in the chat room at once and there is a lot of misleading communication within the chat. Follow the moderator only!
  • Do not try to mirror trade. Depending on your location the feed might have a delay up to a few seconds. In day trading, this is a massive time gap. Learn to trade on your own!
  • Read my Trade Ideas review to get a better understanding of the market leading scanner technology Warrior Trading uses.

Do Not Trade with Real Money during Your Learning Period

If you give the Warrior Starter Package a try, just do NOT use your real trading account during your learning period. If you are not successful with the real-time simulator, you will never be under normal market conditions.

Getting a fill on the stock exchange is much harder than on a simulator. The slippage while day trading will be serious, especially when day trading low float stocks like Ross.

Warrior Trading has 4 trading mentors. It might happen that Mike's trading style fits you better. Ross and Mike both provide trade recaps and a lot of content within Warrior Pro. Make sure to use all the benefits of the program you choose.

And please, never make the mistake of trying to trade exactly like Ross or one of the team members! You risk losing a significant amount of money. Ross is very explicit about this. His aim is to make you a better investor and day trader by executing your own investment decisions. It's not about mirror trading. It's about you.

If you subscribe to Warrior Trading, you'll also accept the terms and conditions. And this means that you will not be refunded if you are not satisfied. Again, do not subscribe if you are not willing to take the risk of investing in a trading course that does not completely satisfy you! Start with the free Warrior Trading resources.

The blog offers an incredible amount of valuable reading material. The Warrior Trading YouTube channel is another great, free resource where Ross provides some free teasers and highly valuable information for trading beginners.

Finally, for your convenience, I have added the answers to the most important questions directly within this Warrior Trading review.

Take your time and scroll through the FAQ's and do not hesitate to contact Warrior Trading support if you have further questions.

Alternatively, Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a low-cost service with an excellent long-term performance to consider if you are more interested in long-term investing and swing trading. If this sounds like your investment style, read the Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review, where I break down all the details, facts, stock picks, terms and conditions.


Warrior Trading Review Questions and Answers

  1. Is Warrior Trading Real?
  2. Is Warrior Trading a Scam or Not?
  3. What Are the Alternatives to Warrior Trading?
  4. How Much Does Warrior Trading Cost?
  5. Which Broker Does Warrior Trading Use?

Is Warrior Trading Real?

Warrior Trading is real and their success is based on excellent knowledge about the financial markets, low cost brokerages, and one trading software. To be more specific, the foundation for Warrior Trading's success is Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas is a stock screener that monitors more than 8,000 stocks for specific criteria and nearly any combination you might imagine.

Is Warrior Trading a Scam or Not?

In my opinion, no, Warrior Trading is not a scam. The financial business is a tough one. Day trading is especially hard work, much harder than long-term investing in an index fund. Statistics say that 90% of short-term investors fail in the long run.

What Are the Alternatives to Warrior Trading?

The alternative to Warrior Trading is Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas Pro is so good that even Ross Cameron uses this great trading software. Sooner or later, you will realize and conclude that you need a subscription to Trade Ideas products and services.

How Much Does Warrior Trading Cost?

Some webinars are free. You pay $75 per month for the chat room, $67 per month for the trading simulator, and $497 for the Warrior Starter trading education package. Warrior Pro costs up to $3,598 for one year.

Which Broker Does Warrior Trading Use?

Warrior Trading recommends Lightspeed Trading for active day trading. Lightspeed has Level II trading and ensures fast order executions.

About the Author: Alexander is an investor, trader, and founder of daytradingz.com. After devoting many years to educating himself on powerful day trading techniques and effective investment styles, he started trading and investing more actively. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. In 2015, he began writing articles about trading, investing, and personal finance. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money.

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