Warrior Trading Review

In this Warrior Trading review, I will tell you the whole truth about Warrior Trading, the products, mentors and concept. I’ll reveal enlightening insights and give you first-hand information that other reviews do not provide about the Warrior Trading courses, the simulator, and chat room. Does Warrior Trading offer the best day trading courses about day trading for a reasonable price? Let’s get into it.

warrior trading review

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Warrior Trading goes a unique route in the trading education business. Ross Cameron streams his trading account during market hours in real time and publishes his Warrior Trading results with account statements on the website.

Ross teaches students all aspects of his trading style in the Warrior Pro trading education program. Complimentary access to live trading chat rooms, a direct access trading simulator with level 2 data and customizable stock scanners make the offer complete.

Currently, only Warrior Pro students get access to the chat room and the simulator. Similar to Investors Underground, standalone-access to the chat room and the trading simulator is not available.

Learn more about each subscription package by continue reading the review about Warrior Trading.

Warrior Trading Review: Features and Highlights
๐Ÿ“† Founded 2012
๐Ÿข HQ United States
๐Ÿš€ Features Trading courses, live trading, stock scanning platform, trading courses, simulator
โญ Traders Ross Cameron
๐Ÿ’ฐ Membership 90 days, annual
๐Ÿ‘› Discount Up to 40% Off
๐ŸŽฎ Trial 14-day Warrior Pro trial
Special Offer: Test Warrior Pro for 14 Days

Warrior Pro Trading Course Review

warrior pro trading course review

Warrior Pro members have access to:

  • On-demand education
  • Warrior Starter course
  • Small cap day trading course
  • Day trading in an IRA course
  • Large cap day trading course
  • Swing and options trading course
  • Group mentoring sessions and recordings
  • Warrior Trading’s proprietary stock screener with Momo scanner
  • Real-time stock market simulator (90 days for free)
  • Live trading chat room

Warrior Pro Features

Warrior Pro subscribers gain access to the whole Warrior Trading education portal. Everything is covered from day trading low float stocks and small cap stocks, day trading penny stocks, trading large cap stocks, and options. But let’s break it down into sections.

Starter Course

Pro students have full access to the newly recorded 15 chapters of the Starter course.

warrior trading course

Small Cap Stocks

The small cap stocks course teaches you in detail how Ross trades the market. It is a consequent extension to the starter course, getting in much more detail about stock selection, risk management, chart analysis, day trading strategies, tape reading, and tools.

The Small Cap Day Trading Course part 1 has 8 Chapters and part 2 another 12 chapters.

  1. Intro to day trading
  2. Risk management
  3. Stock selection and watch lists
  4. Chart patterns on a daily chart
  5. Chart patterns on an intraday chart
  6. Hotkey trading, tape reading and level 2
  7. Gap and go strategy
  8. Momentum trading strategies
  9. Reversal trading
  10. Short selling
  11. Breakouts
  12. Stock scanning
  13. Trading psychology
  14. Trading plan
  15. Real money trading
  16. Small account challange
  17. Interviews with profitable traders
  18. Accounting and taxes
  19. Trading tool discussion
  20. Capstone class recording
small cap course

So, in total, we have 20 chapters with a video trading education duration of about 2,300 minutes. That’s more than 38 hours of video trading where Ross teaches you all about trading small cap momentum stocks.

One thing where Ross stands out from other trading education courses is the way how he teaches. Ross explains everything within video courses by showing you his trading platform and charts. He uses annotations, trendlines and various other visualization tools to make it crystal clear what he is talking about. So instead of looking at a PowerPoint chart, you enjoy first-class interactive education.

It will take a while to watch all the videos but isn’t it the same when you study or start your professional training. Good things take time. Once a trader grasped all the theory, it is important to practice trading. Screen time is an essential factor for long-term success. New traders need to start with low risk using a paper trading simulator or trading with a small trading size.

Live Trading Examples

About 30 videos of additional education material are included in the “Live Trading Examples” video section. The live trading examples have a video duration of more than 1,100 minutes / 18 hours.

If you are expecting Ross to show only the trades where he makes a ridiculous amount of money, you will be disappointed. Many examples led to profits, but some show you how he lost money. And this is how it should be when providing the best possible education.

warrior pro live trading examples

Day Trading an IRA

All questions to day trading IRA accounts will be answered in the course, which includes the limitations of trading in an IRA account and its benefits.

Large Cap Stocks

The large cap stocks section is presented to you by Mike, a team member of Warrior Trading. The Large Cap Stocks course contains 14 different chapters.

Traders learn how to trade with a longer holding period compared to small cap trades. However, the primary intention is to teach you how to day trade large cap stocks. So, every trade should be closed by the end of each day at the latest.

large cap day trading course

Mike also runs one of the chat rooms. He trades the strategies live that he teaches in this large cap stocks training course. The trading frequency is much lower compared to Ross’ trading approach. Nevertheless, Mike also makes a significant amount of money during a week of trading.

In my opinion, he does an excellent job in his trading room. The stock selection is good, and he does not jump around between different stocks. He has his watch list and trades the stocks on that list. Another plus for Mike is that he trades high liquidity stocks with extremely tight spreads.

Ross aims mainly for fast profits, scalping at times for just a few cents. The spread is sometimes relatively high. But Mike’s stocks are mostly traded without slippage and with the goal of holding them a few minutes longer. The approach between both Ross and Mike is different.

And that’s good. By the way, Mike prefers shorting stocks, while Ross is more of an upside momentum day trader. And since Mike trades large caps, it is easier to short those stocks.

Swing Trading and Options Trading

Ross and Mike teamed up to guide you through the swing trading and options trading course covering the crucial basics about swing- and options trades.

  1. Intro to swing trading
  2. Options 101
  3. Stock swing trading strategies
  4. Options swing trading strategies

Mentor Sessions

The Warrior Trading mentor sessions are a great addition to all the video material provided within the Warrior Pro package. While all the classes within the Warrior Pro package are video recordings, the mentor sessions go one step further.

The mentor sessions take place on any trading day within the Warrior Trading classroom.

They supplement the trading video classes by covering everything from beginners’ questions to complex trading concepts.

These live sessions take place with smaller groups. This way, the educators and head traders have the opportunity to answer questions in detail and give students maximum attention.

All mentor sessions are recorded for your convenience and can be watched online at any time.

Chat room, Scanner, Simulator

Warrior Pro students also have access to the trading room, the stock scanner and trading simulator. I will talk about the details of those features in a separate section of the review.

Warrior Pro Costs

The 12-month access to Warrior PRO costs $5,997, and the 90-day access $4,297. Those are the retail-pricing tags, and you can reduce the price by 30%-40% almost all year long. The 14-day Warrior Pro trial is the best way to get started. During the trial, most features can be tested, and it makes sense to evaluate to what extent the Warrior Trading offer meets your expectations and requirements.

Warrior Trading Chat Rooms

Warrior Trading is proud to call their trading chat room the largest on Wall Street and name their active community the “trading warriors.” When traders open the chat room window, you will see Ross’ desktop with his stock screener alerts via desk sharing.

You will also find a side-window showing the currently online participants and a bottom window that allows you to read chat messages and take part in the communication.

warrior trading chat room

Furthermore, you will see some posts about entries and exits via text message. However, Ross never writes his entries and exits down. He is talking to you, and I recommend listening to him without looking at the chat messages.

Do not expect to see and hear trade entries and trade exits in real time with pricing information or clear upfront communication about possible upcoming entries with exact numbers.

Warrior Trading is very clear here in terms of communication within the chat rooms. The chatrooms are not meant as an opportunity to duplicate trades.

It is about providing learning opportunities for the Warrior Trading chat room participants. Ross explains his trades in each market recap. He also shows you his account figures.

The Warrior Trading trading room is one of the best stock chat rooms, and it is currently only available to Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro subscribers. Standalone access to the trading chat room is not offered right now.

Once traders login to the chat room, they can see the trading platform and scanner settings from Ross via desk sharing. Investors looking for community discussions will find what they are looking for right in the room.

The trading room is suitable for those who like to follow Ross’ trading ideas in the initial moments after the market open. Once Ross is done with his trading, users should consider logging out. Otherwise, it’s highly probable to get distracted and do something you’ll regret. As a new student, you will not concentrate on your learning goals when staying in the room during less important times.

Beginner traders have to differentiate between education and entertainment. This is crucial! If you’re paying money for education, then stay committed to it. If you like to chat with other traders, you should use the free Trade Ideas Trading Room instead, and that’s the extent of it.

Warrior Trading Scanner

Students can access the top gapper list, high of day momentum scanner, and halt scanner right from the trading room navigation. The scanner works in real-time, and there is no additional subscription needed to make use of those scanners.

Warrior Trading Simulator

Every trader improves his skills by continuing to learn, and through the experience, he gains and losing real money when day trading for the first time can be frustrating. This is where the Warrior Trading stock market simulator comes into play.

It comes with:

  • Real-time Level 2 Quotes being connected with NASDAQ and NYSE
  • So-called “Replicated Reality,” a kind of simulation that looks like a real trading platform where you can act and respond just as you would in real life.
  • Basic Charting capabilities and DOM
  • An amount of $200,000 virtual credit, a lot of money for you to practice with and use while learning.
warrior trading simulator

Warrior Starter subscribers have free access to the simulator for 30 days. Warrior Pro students have extended free access of 90 days.

Warrior Trading Discount

There are two attractive Warrior Trading discount offers available. First of all, there is a 40% discount for Warrior Pro, which can be found directly at warriortrading.com. Enter the discount code during the signup process within the field Coupon Code and hit the apply button. Now, you see the discounted price and can proceed with the checkout.

warrior trading discount

In rare cases, there is no direct promotion of the 40% discount. If that is the case and you want to get into it immediately, use this $2,022 discount code for Warrior Pro (click on the link, then click on the button “sign up” and use the code you see on the top of the page).

warrior pro coupon code

In addition, here you can test Warrior Pro for 14 days. During the trial, most features can be tested, and it makes sense to evaluate to what extent the Warrior Trading offers meet your expectations and requirements.

Warrior Starter

Warrior Starter covers all the basics about day trading, and the course has 15 chapters in total. The course is highly suitable for beginners who want to follow Ross’ way of trading the markets. Ross Cameron has a lot of experience, enabling him to teach his students with direct and structured information. The audio is clear, and his language is easy to understand.

I like the fact that Ross explains the content using the market standard terminology. Everyone will immediately understand what he is talking about. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity of the terminology. The free Warrior Trading terminology dictionary can also help in situations where something is not clear yet.

This is recognizably a premium trading course because there is reliable information spread throughout the course, making all the difference compared to free resources.

Warrior Starter Features

About 630 minutes of video materialare included in the 15 chapters of the course! Every chapter ends with a quiz to ensure that you understood the material the right way.

Here are the 15 chapters:

  1. Becoming a trader
  2. Picking stocks for day trading
  3. Account types
  4. Fundamental analysis
  5. Technical analysis
  6. Trading platform walk-through
  7. Order entry
  8. Level 1 market depth and order entry
  9. Level 2 market depth and hotkeys
  10. Times and sales
  11. Stock halts
  12. Scanning 101
  13. Preparing to sim trade
  14. The psychology of trading
  15. Day trading as a business

Within the course navigation, you also can access student resources, metrics, reporting tools, trading tool info, trading layouts, and downloadable PDFs.

The stock trading room will provide some additional insights too. Access to the stock trading chat room is included as long as you stay within the Warrior Starter course. And the same goes for the trading simulator during the first 30 days of the subscription.

The Warrior Starter Course is an excellent entry into the world of day trading. But remember, Warrior Trading does not offer magic or the holy grail of day trading. Ross never promises such clichรฉs at any time.

The video streaming works excellent, the video quality is outstanding, and you also have access to various resources within each section. Also, you can make notes for any chapter from within the platform.

Warrior Starter Costs

The Warrior Starter education package is a subscription-based package, which means that you can access the content for your subscription duration.

The Warrior Starter enrollment price is $997 and gives you access for the first 30 days. Subsequent months cost $197 per month, while you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can reduce the cost almost all year long by 50% using one of the promotions.

Please note the benefit that access to the trading chat rooms is included in the fees. Also, the Warrior Starter course includes 30 days of free access to the trading simulator.

Important: Right now, Warrior Trading does not offer the Warrior Starter course on the website. However, from time to time, newsletter subscribers receive the offer to sign up for Warrior Starter.

Is the Warrior Starter Course a Good Choice?

Warrior Trading is an excellent choice for novice stock traders because they are one of the few trading education companies publishing real bank account statements on their website. Publicly accessible to all of us. No tricks or gimmicks. Just the naked numbers. This alone shows that Ross Cameron is making money by trading and not only making money by educating!

One thing I like about Ross is that he reflects a lot about his trading during the live stream in the chatroom and in the YouTube videos he publishes every day. By the way, some time ago, I interviewed the ultimate warrior, Ross Cameron.

Warrior Trading Review Summary

Warrior Trading is one of the largest and most successful businesses providing trading courses to students with all skill levels. Transparency is a great distinction with Warrior Trading.

What other trading educator gives traders the ability to study their bank statements? Warrior Trading does, right on their website. The TrustPilot reviews conclude that they are considered the best trading educator in the day trading segment.

Ross Cameron frequently does a trading challenge where he sets a profit goal and continuously trades to reach his goal. During the last challenge, he grew an account to $1,000,000, and often he traded live on YouTube.

Traders of all skill levels join him on YouTube every day, listening to him during pre-market, learning how to create watch lists, and get a better idea about the life of a day trader. The trading community on YouTube is strong. They currently count over 975,000 subscribers.

Another benefit where Warrior Trading stands out from other trading courses is the fact that he keeps the content fresh continuously. In recent years he refreshed the majority of video education lessons every year. That’s great for traders since the content is always up to date and reflects the current market environment.

Various trading styles are covered within the community, but the clear focus is day trading stocks. Traders of all skill levels who want to focus on other assets or trading styles should consider alternatives.


  • Comprehensive educational material covering all aspects of day trading
  • Free chatroom access is included as long you are a subscriber
  • Streaming stock scanner results and stock market news within the chat room
  • Live-trading during pre-market and regular market hours
  • Trading results and account statements on the website
  • 40%-50% discounts available nearly all year long


  • Access to the trading simulator is only free 90 days with Warrior Pro.
  • The simulator only works on a computer with Microsoft Windows
  • Subscription based access means that you only have access to the content as long you are an active subscriber.
  • The least expensive Warrior Starter membership is currently not available.

What is the cost of Warrior Trading?

Warrior Pro costs $5,997 for the 12-month subscription and $4,297 for 90 days of access. We found a coupon that reduces the price by 40% and a special offer where Warrior Pro can be tested for 14 days.

What strategy does Warrior Trading use?

Ross Cameron, the founder of Warrior Trading, specializes in day trading strategies and intraday market analysis. He primarily trades small-cap stocks based on momentum patterns. Members can see his trading screen within the live-trading chat room, which is an excellent addition to the trading course material.



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