Warrior Trading Review 2019

​What distinguishes this Warrior Trading Review 2018 from other reviews you’ll find online? Well, it’s simple. I took part in the Warrior Starter Course being worth $497, interviewed Ross Cameron and I will tell you the full truth about the success story of Warrior Trading. The simplicity of the concept will surprise you. I’ll reveal enlightening insights and give you first-hand information about the Warrior Trading trading course that other reviews can’t provide.

WarriorTrading Review 2019

​Before we start, there are four things to explain regarding this comprehensive Warrior Trading review.

  • ​First, if you are looking for a 300 words sales review that’s written to make you “click on a button”, then you should look elsewhere. This review contains ~5,000 words, all worth reading from the beginning to the end.
  • ​Second, as you might know, I interviewed Ross Cameron some time ago. Unlike other Trading Educators that I asked for an interview, Ross Cameron was willing to answer my questions. Afterwards when I asked him to give me free access to his service he agreed without any claims regarding the potential outcome.
  • ​Third, you might still think that I’ll mention only the positive aspect. Nope, I don’t. Ross took the risk of granting me access to the trading course. So I will share the whole experience with you. I will provide you with important details about the respective product and service along with a statement based on my own experiences that I made during the Warrior Starter Course. I’ve been in this business for ~20 years now and nearly always found something worth criticizing. That makes it worth reading the Warrior Trading Review in full length.
  • Four, this review confers my personal opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation by Warrior Trading to write this review. Furthermore this article does not contain affiliate links. As I said before, this is not a sales page, but quite the contrary – this is one of the most comprehensive Reviews about Warrior Trading.

​Ross Cameron founded WarriorTrading.com adding two other experienced day traders, namely Jeff and Mike, to establish a team with the objective of assisting their members in reaching their financial goals.

By now Warrior Trading is a multi million trading education business run by Ross Cameron, founder of Warrior Trading. To give an impression of what we are talking about here, about 12,000 people search for Warrior Trading search terms every month. According to SimilarWeb warriortrading.com has ~800,000 monthly visitors. That’s amazing and a much higher number than any other trading educator I know about could boast – proof that there is an amazingly high demand for the products and services offered.

On the website of Warrior Trading traders might find anything conceivably related to stock market trading. You will find a real-time chat room for day trading, free trading tools, training courses for users at different levels and a complete simulation program for stock market trading training. It’s a one stop shop primarily for trading beginners willing to pay for education and entertainment within the community.

warriortrading.com - review

What makes Warrior Trading so successful?

There are many things that might come to mind when asking yourself this question. But the truth is more simple than you think. Warrior Trading’s success is based on one software too, to be more specific, the reason for their success is the trading software Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Pro is a stock screener that monitors more than 8,000 stocks for specific criteria and nearly any combination you might imagine. Ross and his team find their entry signals with Trade Ideas Pro, day in, day out. They scan the market with TI Pro.

Without this tool, Warrior Trading would not nearly be that successful.

When you consider to trade Warrior Tradings style, then you have understand that this will work only if you are willing to use the Tool Trade Ideas Pro.

If you don’t know the this stock market scanner yet, then I recommend you read the Trade Ideas Review first and subsequently come back here for the Warrior Trading Review. This is important to understand the key role of TI Pro.

Remember, you can use Trade Ides Pro without signing up to Warrior Trading services. But you cannot use Warrior Trading services in a meaningful way without an active subscription to Trade Ideas Pro.

While reading the Warrior Trading review you will better understand why Warrior Trading education courses are so intertwined with Trade Ideas Pro. I will show your more examples in the course of the Warrior Trading Review.


​Products | Services | Costs

​The Warrior Trading Chat Room, Courses & Simulator

W​arrior Trading offers its users three main services for day trading.

  • Trading Chat Room: Actionable trade ideas via desk sharing from Ross and community conversation via text messages starting at $75 per month via yearly payment.
  • ​Trading simulator: $200,000 virtual currency to start simulated trading of stocks without risk within the trading account with prices of $74/month with an annual subscription and prices above subscribing for a shorter time frame.
  • Trading courses: Day trading strategies, swing trading techniques, individualized feedback and more depending on the education package with prices ranging between $499 and $4,299.

Some packages combine the product mentioned above. As an example, if you decide to participate in the Warrior Pro Trading Course, you get full access to the chat room, paper trading and to the live classroom mentoring sessions, and the trading courses will be included.

But what can you expect to get in exchange for your money, what package does include which Warrior Trading products and services?

Read more about the details below.

​Warrior Trading Day Trading Chat Room

​Access to the chat room costs between $75 a month (annual membership) and $199 a month (month-to-month membership).

Warrior Trading is proud of calling their chat room the largest one on Wall Street and of naming their active community the “trading warriors”.

When you open the chat room window, you will see Ross’ desktop with his Trade Ideas stock screener settings via desk sharing. You will also find a side-window showing the participants who are just online and a bottom window that gives you the opportunity to read chat messages and to take part in the communication. Furthermore you will see some posts about entries and exits via text message.

​Important aspect for mirror & copy traders

​However, do not expect to see and hear trade entries and trade exits in real time with pricing information or clear upfront communication about upcoming possible entries with exact numbers.

Warrior Trading is very clear here in terms of communication within the chat room. The chat room is not meant as an opportunity to duplicate trades. It is about providing learning opportunities for the Warrior Trading chat room participants.

​Warrior Trading chat room cost details

​All of these plans include:

  • ​Full access to the chat room
  • ​Trade Ideas within the room via stock scanner live streaming
  • ​3 to 5 swing trades per week
  • check
    Watch list before market open via email
  • check
    Alerts being sent to your phone and to your inbox
  • check
    News feed access

There are three different chat room plans being offered by Warrior Trading. If you pay on a monthly basis, you pay $199 month to month, if you pay on a quarterly basis, you pay $149 per month but a minimum of $447 for those 3 months, or you pay on an annual basis the total amount of $900 resulting in a monthly price of $79. In case you decide to go with the most expensive option, paying the annual fee you’ll receive three bonuses:

  • ​Access to Warrior Tradings High-of-Day Momentum Scanner Settings for Trade Ideas Pro
  • ​Access to the Warrior Trading Gap Scanner Settings for Trade Ideas Pro
  • ​Trade-reporting sheet access.

Please note that you need an active subscription to Trade Ideas Pro to make use of the stock scanner settings, otherwise those bonuses will be worthless! Trade Ideas is also my favorite stock screener for day trading. More information about Trade Ideas can be found in the Trade Ideas Review.

Is it worth the money to subscribe to the Warrior Trading chat room only plan?

​I do not think so. The trading room alone is not the best deal. I think for day trading beginners it is important to learn the basics first.

​Jumping directly into the chat room will completely distract you from the original objective of learning. Of course if you are looking for a chat room where you can send text messages to about 700 other traders around the globe posting all their thoughts live via text message, then this chat room is obviously suitable for you.

Warrior Trading chat room

Warrior Trading chat room

But it will not help you getting better at trading the markets.

In my opinion it would be really valuable if Ross would share his trading account desk showing his entries and exits.

Showing the Trading DOM or the Entries and Exits within the daily brokerage account would help to gain more trust and would create the ultimate in transparency.

​Here is one big plus for Warrior Trading.

Warrior Trading is the only trading education company I know who shares the bank statements on a monthly basis.

Warrior Trading Statistics - monthly reportWarrior Trading Statistics - monthly report

Warrior Trading Statistics - monthly report


The Warrior Trading chat room standalone subscription is not a perfect deal. I definitely recommend the free Trade Ideas Trading chat room instead. Trade Ideas trading room is not only free, it is also very valuable and a great moderator guides you through the day, with charting functionalities, stock scanners and a great community with more than 500 people online each day.

But the Warrior Trading chat room is not the only service available. What about the Trading simulator and the Warrior Trading training resources like the Warrior Starter Course I attended?

Continue reading…

​The Trading Simulator (paper trading)

​It is perfectly natural that nobody will ever be great at day trading fright from the start. Every trader improves his skills by continuing to learn and through the growing experiences he gains.

Unfortunately it is not easy to teach day trading in a real-world setting when there is no real money at risk and probably to loose.

You can subscribe to the Trading Simulator as a separate package, but the simulator is also part of the trading course packages discussed in the next section.

Here is the deal for the ‘Trading Simulator only’ subscription:

  • ​Real-time Level 2 Quotes being connected with NASDAQ and NYSE
  • ​So-called “Replicated Reality”, a kind of simulation that looks like a real trading platform where you can act and respond like in real life.
  • ​Basic Charting capabilities & DOM
  • check
    The amount of $ 200,000 virtual credit, a lot of money for you to practice and to use while learning.

​Prices for the simulator as a standalone vary between $74/month in the annual subscription, $99 for the quarterly subscription and $127 per month on a monthly subscription.

Is it worth to subscribe to the Trading Simulator only package?

I think it’s the same as with the Trading Room. As a standalone this product is not the perfect selection for Day Trading beginners.

This is not because the product is bad. The idea behind the product is a sound one. It is very important to start learning to trade without to risking your hard-won capital.

But for a "simulator only" the costs are bit too high. Remember, an annual subscription is always the worst decision.

There is only one exception from that general rule – if you know what you are buying and you are 100% convinced of the product’s value you can opt for yearly payments.

Otherwise the annual subscription remains the worst possible decision.

Trading Simulator Platform Screen Warrior Trading

Trading Simulator Platform Screen Warrior Trading

I recommend to check if your broker offers a free demo account. Interactive Brokers for example offers a free demo account with real time prices.

And believe it or not, here is another great valuable coherence with Trade Ideas Pro. To be more specific, Trade Ideas Pro can be connected to Interactive Brokers via API. Click and trade in a faster way than you ever thought possible before. Once again, at this point is a good idea to read the full Trade Ideas review.

Okay, we took a look at the Warrior Trading chat room, the Warrior Trading simulator and now we’ll continue directly with the Warrior Trading Course Review.

​3 Warrior Trading Courses are available

​Now I’ll give you some information about the trading courses on offer at warriortrading.com

There are three courses available:

  1. Warrior Starter, 
  2. Warrior Pro and
  3. Warrior Inner Circle.

All of those training courses include free access to the trading chat room mentioned in the section above, the real-time trading simulator and different levels of education material. The subscription to Trade Ideas ​is always to be added to any Warrior Trading product you choose.

​Warrior Trading Trading Course Costs

The pricing ranges between $495 for the Warrior Starter trading course, $4299 for the Warrior Pro trading course and finally the Warrior Inner Circle (application only, no official pricing tag).

​Be clever – how to reduce the prices with Warrior Trading Coupon Codes

The good news in terms of pricing is that there are Warrior Trading coupon codes available at warriortrading.com that help you reduce the pricing for the Warrior Starter trading course by $100 and the Warrior Pro trading course by $1,000.

Just follow the pop-ups on the website when moving the mouse to the top right position 😉

Warrior Trading | coupon code sample - 4th july promotion

Warrior Trading | coupon code sample - 4th july promotion

Remember, the chat room alone does cost $199 for one month, the simulator costs $127 for 1 month and the starter course would cost $397 using the Warrior Trading coupon code. The math is simple, on top of the chat room and the simulator you can get (397-199-127) the whole education package for only $71. That’s quite a proposal I think.

But one question remains, is it worth it to invest that much money?

As mentioned at the beginning, Ross gave me the opportunity to attend to the Warrior Starter trading course without any strings attached. Subsequent during the interview with Ross Cameron I asked him if he would give me access so I’d be able to tell you more about the trading course itself and he said yes. So I think we all should see it as a gift because now I can tell you far more about the trading course itself than most other Warrior Trading review editors.

​Warrior Starter Trading Course Test Conclusion

​First of all I’d like to thank Ross for the opportunity to test the Warrior Trading Starter Package. I have 20 years’ background in trading the markets and therefore I can differentiate between pure scam and worthwhile products and services.

Warrior Trading - starter course review

Warrior Trading - starter course review

​Is Warrior Trading scam or not?

In my opinion, no, Warrior Trading isn’t scam. The financial business is a hard one. Day trading is especially hard work, much harder than long-term investing in an index fund. Statistics say that 90% of short term investors fail in the long run. This is probably the reason why so many people think trading courses are scam.

On the website warriortrading.com you will find so many warnings about what you should NOT expect when taking part in the trading courses, subscribing to the trading chat room and the simulator.

Warrior Trading is really transparent about this, cautioning you expressly against buying any of their courses in the expectation to get rich overnight.

There are no promises, and rightly so. You will not get rich by just attending the courses, downloading the eBook or being part of the chat room.

Even though I was able to test the Warrior Trading starter for free, I had to go through the sign up process like anybody else and had a look at all parts of the Warrior Starter program.

​The sign-up process:

​The signup process is as easy as can be. Once the purchase is made traders receive a confirmation email with their access details to the course, the trading room and simulator. You need a credit card to make the payment. Alternatively you can use PayPal for check out.

You’ll receive a separate password for each part of the Warrior Starter package components (chat room, paper trading, education material).

​The email sequences:

​Every day I received emails from Warrior Trading with market updates and I was notified whenever new content was available. Additional emails are sent on a regular basis, some of them have advertisement character, so I did concentrate on the course updates, hot stock watch lists and economic calendar.

Some of the emails contained links to useful resources at warriortrading.com – I think the number of emails is okay and its easy to finetune the kind of email sequences you really want to receive.

​The Trading room experience:

In order to use the trading room you have to install flash-player, otherwise the trading room app won’t load.

Once you log in, you can see the scanner settings from Ross via desk sharing. Investors looking for community discussions will find what they are looking for right in the room.

The trading room is good for those who like to follow Ross’ trading ideas during the first time after market open.

Once Ross is done with his trading, users should log out. Otherwise it’s highly probable to get distracted and do something you’ll regret. You will not be able to concentrate on your learning goals when staying in the room during less important times.

Traders have to differentiate between education and entertainment. This is crucial!

If you pay money for education, stick with it. If you like to chat with other traders, you should use the free Trade Ideas Trading Room instead – and that’s the extent of it.

​Trading course experience:

When you start using Warrior Trading Starter, you’ll begin with some accessible basic starter material and a first content module.

New content modules will be made visible for you every week. However, the fast path is possible as well if you ask the support to give you instant access to all modules.

I decided to take the course as is.

The course is very suitable for beginners who want to follow Ross’ way of trading the markets. However, if your aim is to understand how he is using Trade Ideas Pro in his daily routine, then the trading room itself could also give some insights.

In the main section “Warrior Trading chat room cost details” I’ve already told you more about the relation between Warrior Trading and Trade Ideas.

Most of the content is really basic and lots of similar content is available for free these days on YouTube.

Nevertheless this is recognizably a premium trading course because here and there are pieces of information that make all the difference compared to free resources, especially in terms of using the stock screener Trade Ideas Pro in Warrior Trading style.

Day trading for beginners: this is hard and it is important to have as much insights into this business as possible. Warrior trading does not offer magic or the holy grail. Ross never promises this – it is a learning resource, nothing else. So you pay for learning and you receive access to a learning platform. So far everything is fine with the trading course.

​Still undecided about how to proceed? Always begin with these 5 steps!

​Step 1: Take your time testing

​​For starters I recommend having a closer look at the free resources. Try out everything available for free. Just do it. Warrior Trading is one of the few trading educators offering free resources.

Don’t invest in this education service and complain afterwards that it was not worth it. Give it a try first with the free resources. Watch their videos, wait for the next date when Ross is offering a free access day.

You are not in a hurry when your intention is to learn day trading. The market is here today and it will still be here tomorrow.

​Step 2: Check out the support

​Once you’ve had some experience with the free resources, email your questions to the Warrior Trading support.

Do they answer your questions?

Do they give you worthwhile information?

If you have complaints up to now: just don’t subscribe!

​Step 3: Read the disclaimers

Let me mention this again, heed the warnings that Warrior Trading provides distributed lavishly all over their website. Yes, you might feel a certain hurry to make money fast.

Yup, I understand this.

Then again, Warrior Trading explicitly states that their trading courses are not for you if you want to get rich fast. Imagine the paradox: You want to get rich fast, you subscribe, you spend money for the course, you lose money trading and at the end you complain claiming that Warrior Trading is scam.

But its as simple as it can be. You won’t get rich overnight and they make this point clear! All over their website and within many videos Ross tells you that trading is a demanding job. It takes time. It will need your full agreement, engagement and the will to be successful. And last but not least you should have a really solid amount of money in your account.

​Step 4: Make sure you love Trade Ideas Pro

Warrior Tradings methods are based on stock screening the markets, especially during market opening times. The stock screener they are using is Trade Ideas Pro. If you don’t hold much love for Trade Ideas Pro, then Warrior Trading is definitely not the right choice for you. If you love Trade Ideas​, continue with step 5.

​Step 5: Choose wisely

Whatever your decision, choose wisely. The individual needs of any given investor or trader can be completely different. The amount you spent for education and trading tools should always be in a reasonable ratio to the capital available.

You should never ever trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Remember, day trading is pure speculation.

Speaking for myself, I would never pay more than 2-3% of my liquid capital for education services. It could be the best trading course. If the ratio is bad, I would skip.

​Provider Checklist

  • Founded: ​2012
  • Number of members:  500,000 registered users | 5,000+ premium users
  • Company Address check: ​Warrior Trading, PO Box 330, Great Barrington, MA 01230, Telefone: 1-530-723-5499, United States.
  • Free resources: Yes (mainly YouTube)
  • Coupons and Promo Codes: Yes
  • Money back guarantee: No
  • Affordability: ​Good product mix with different pricing segments
  • Transparency: ​Transparent
  • Verified income statements: Yes, broker and income statements on the website (at the bottom of the main page).
  • User Experience based on reviews on the website: Easy to navigate, maybe overwhelming for beginners
  • User Experience based on internet research: ​2016, 2017 and 2018 nominated as Best Educator furing the ​Benzinga Fintech Awards.

​Warrior Trading Review Summary


​Overall 4.0

Website Navigation






Price-Performance Ratio


Free Resources


Free Trial

​2.5 (webinar only)

I really like some aspects of Warrior Trading. The most important ones are the transparency related to the public accessible bank statements and the official warnings about what you should not expect when subscribing (red color list items on the website).

Warrior Trading is one of the most successful and biggest trading educators businesses in the US. So it is only natural that you’ll find negative media coverage. But in the end, its just up to you. No one forces you sign up. You decide to take the risk on this investment – or not. If you jumped right down to the summary, you might want to check out this: “Still undecided about how to proceed? Always begin with these 5 steps

If you give the Warrior Starter Package a try, just do NOT use your real bank account during your learning period. If you are not successful with the real time simulator, you will never be under normal market conditions. Getting a fill on the stock exchange is much harder than on a simulator. The slippage while day trading will be serious especially if you trade low float stock like Ross.

Never make the mistake of trying to trade exactly like Ross or one of the team members! You will lose all your money because you’ll make those mistakes.  Ross is very explicit about it. His aim is to make you a better investor and day trader executing your own investment decisions. It’s not about mirror trading. It’s about you.

If you subscribe to Warrior Trading, you’ll also accept the terms and conditions. And this means that you will not be refunded if you are not satisfied. Again, just do not subscribe if you are not willing to take the risk of investing in a trading course that does not completely satisfy you!

As I said 10 times before, start with the free Warrior Trading resources. The blog offers so much highly valuable material to read, and the Warrior Trading YouTube channel is another great free resource where Ross does provide some free teasers and high value information for trading beginners (>1,300 videos, >220,000 subscribers).

​Alternatives to Warrior Trading?

​The alternative to Warrior Trading is Trade Ideas Pro. Trade Ideas Pro is that good, even Ross Cameron uses this great trading software. Sooner or later you will come to the conclusion, that you need a subscription to Trade Ideas products and services.

Trade Ideas Review - A.I. Stock Screener

Trade Ideas Review - A.I. Stock Screener

While Trade Ideas is not a trading educator, they also provide free services like a free trading chat room, free education resources, free access to the software and much more.

Just give it a try. And see it this way: If you do not like the Trade Ideas stock screener, then you cannot trade the way Ross does. The reason for this is simple: Ross does trade with Trade Ideas Pro as solid base for his investment decisions. This is Warrior Tradings core component of success.

You know that I love to save money, and for that reason I gave you some details about how to reduce the price of the Warrior Starter trading course. Here is another bonus, this Trade Ideas promo code will save you 15%-25% off your first Trade Ideas subscription.

​Warrior Trading Q&A

What is Warrior Tradings secret for being that successful? 
The secret has a name: Trade Ideas Pro

How much does Warrior Trading cost? 
Free webinars, $75 and higher for the chat room, $99 and higher for the simulator and $497 and higher for the Warrior Trading education packages.

Which broker does Warrior Trading use? 
Currently Ross recommends Lightspeed Trading and Trade Zero.

How many words does this Warrior Trading review contain? 
~ 5,000 words.

Is Warrior Trading scam? 
Please read more about the details.

Is Warrior Trading to be found on YouTube? 
Yes, Warrior Trading can be found on YouTube, with more than 220,000 subscribers.

Where can I log in to the Warrior Trading chat room? 
You can login here

Where can I find the Warrior Trading watchlist?
Subscribers to the Warrior Starter Package receive the watchlist every trading day in the morning.

​What is the name of the Warrior trading scanner? 
Its Trade Ideas Pro. Read the Trade Ideas Review (incl. promo code) for more information.

What are the Warrior Trading scanner settings? 
A: Only annual subscribers receive the exact Trade Ideas scanner settings Warrior Trading uses. But traders can rebuild these scans on their own.

When is the next Warrior Trading webinar? 
A: Check out warriortrading.com for the next date.

What does the Warrior Trading dashboard look like? 
Here you’ll see the details of the Warrior Trading dashboard.

warriortrading member dashboard

warriortrading member dashboard

Where can the Warrior Trading course review be found? 
Click here for the Warrior Trading Course Review

Is a Warrior Trading coupon code available? 
Yes, the coupon codes are available right on the Warrior Trading website.

What information is available about the Warrior Trading team and community?

The team and community behind a trading service are an important factor. Ross is the founder of Warrior Trading and without doubt the most important member of the team.

To add value for other traders, he founded Day Trade Warrior in 2012. Just a little later the name was changed to Warrior Trading. Teaching began with classes covering

  • Risk Management
  • ​Stock Selection
  • ​Entry detection

​Ross Cameron, the founder of Warrior Trading, is responsible for most of the educational material. Besides, he is very active in the chat rooms every day. Please read the interview with Ross Cameron to learn more about Ross’ career and objectives.

Two more experts in online day trading contribute to the Warrior Trading team around Ross. They have different backgrounds.

Mike came from the Behavioral Finance business after graduating from the Florida State University. And Jeff gained a lot of experience in swing trading before joining the team. That's the reason why he is now the Head Swing Trader of the site with more than 9 year of experience in trading US equities.

Warrior Trading | Ross, Mike and Jeff