Best Day Trading Discord Servers

Day trading discord servers are great for trading beginners and a great alternative to traditional stock chat rooms. We joined the best ones, reviewed them, and compared them.

The way how people day trade has changed since the introduction of zero commissions for U.S. listed stocks by all leading brokerages. More and more investors start trading actively by following trader communities closely.

Especially the popularity of Reddit forums and Discord servers grows from month to month. This article introduces you to my favorite day trading discord servers and day trading communities to help you discover the best day trading secrets.

About Day Trading Discord Channels

The rise of zero commissions trading and the global lockdowns led to a never-seen-before demand for day trading-related topics. In addition, with more and more people working from home, day trading the most volatile stocks became the go-to investment strategy, especially for young people.

Discord channels are among the most popular places for investors to chat and interact with others. We often see high volatility in low float stocks discussed in discord channels and Reddit forums, especially during premarket trading. That’s because there is no limit up or down outside the regular trading hours. But what discord servers are best? Let’s have a look at the best ones.

Best Day Trading Discord Servers

1. BlackBoxStocks


The BlackBoxStocks discord server offers live trades, high-quality educational material, and a fantastic community of traders. The main benefit of the discord channel arises based on the combination of the channel alongside the momentum stock screener, unusual options activity scanner, and the private Twitter group.

Once you log in to the BBS web platform, you’ll find the day trading discord server link on the right side of the screen. Login to discord, add the BBS channel and request access. The moderators will check if you are an active subscriber before they accept your member request. The discord channel is separated into 11 sub-channels, and I will tell you more about them later in this article.

The BBS algorithms spot the hottest momentum stocks in real time. You can follow a top 10 list and apply the stock symbols directly to the chart window. In addition, you can use drawing tools, trading indicators, and time frames from one minute to monthly charts to visualize price action in the way you want. Real-time data is also included in the monthly subscription.

The options activity scanner is another excellent tool that is included for members. Here you can find dark pool trades, unusual options activity, sweeps, and block trades. Everything is color-coded, and you can filter trades in the way you want. In addition, the weekly Boot Camp webinars show you how to utilize the tools. Finally, the Trading Boot Camp is about stock- and options trading. Each week BBS educates users in webinars. You can also join their private Twitter groups.

Once you joined the community and your access was granted, start with announcements in the onboarding section. There you will find the links to the most recent webinar recordings. Teresa posts them every week once the new recordings are online. Especially if you join at the weekend, those videos give you a kick-start for Monday.

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2. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders

The Bear Bull Traders stock discord chat room is an addition to the web-based trading chat room where Andrew Aziz and his team members stream their trading platforms in real time.

Bear Bull Traders primarily focuses on day trading education and live trading. The new discord room expands the reach and makes the community even stronger. This makes Bear Bull Traders an excellent alternative to BlackBoxStocks.

Trading experts moderate the stock chat rooms every trading day, talk about their current trades in real time, share their trading screens, and interact with chat room members. The chat room is great for seeing how experienced traders interpret the market and execute trades based on their trading strategies. In addition, they stream stock scanners, trading stocks mainly in the first half of a day, and use the desktop screen share to educate.

You can connect to the chat room with their internal web-based solution or use the brand new Bear Bull Traders discord day trading discord chat room.

Bear Bull Traders primarily helps you learn to identify stocks to day trade based on catalyst research and technical analysis. A watchlist is created every day. This service is mainly for people intending to learn how to day trade.

Andrew Azid, best-selling author of How to Day Trade for a Living: Tools, Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology and some of his team members share their trading screen and talk about their entries, exits and performance. The discord channel currently has 8,111 members.

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3. Topstep


Topstep is the leading funded trading program provider in the United States. Founded by Michael Patak in 2012, Topstep quickly became the leading prop trading company. These days, there are many similar services available, but only a few offer the same quality of service, transparency about the funded trader, withdrawn capital, and funding options.

Instead of opening a brokerage account with real money, interested traders and investors pay a monthly fee to participate in a competition. Then, if they succeed in reaching the profit target in adherence to the rules, they get funded by Topstep. Finally, the investor trades Topstep’s capital and keeps 80%-100% of profits.

In 2021, over 8,000 accounts were funded by Topstep, and over $3.2 million of withdrawals were processed that year. Topstep previously implemented various trading education and community features and finally added their frequently used Discord channel in 2022. Right now, the channel counts about 4,000 members.

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4. Earn2Trade


Earn2Trade is a funded trading account provider for risk-free trading of futures contracts listed on CME. Risk-free because traders do not need their accounts to start trading. Instead, traders go through a qualification program and get funded by Earn2Trade if they are successful.

Earn2Trade started a discord server in July 2021. You can chat, share your experiences and explore the futures markets with other traders. So, this discord server is not for stock traders to explore stock alerts. Instead, it is specifically designed to help future traders.

During trading sessions, members can share ideas, ask questions and interact with other traders. Joining Earn2Trade’s discord server is especially helpful for traders at the beginning of their trading journey. As of today, the Earn2Trade discord channel has 7,104 members.

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5. TrendSpider


In August 2022, TrendSpider announced their new Discord server for their community of technical analysts, day traders and investors. The channel grew to over 2,000 members in just two months, and the number of active members is remarkable.

TrendSpider is a trading tool with features such as stock screening, charts & analysis, backtesting, pattern recognition, options flow analysis, fundamental data, economic data, dynamic alerts, and more.

Over 55,000 assets like stocks, indices, futures, commodities, cryptos, currency FX pairs, ETFs, and over-the-counter products are available for detailed analysis.

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6. TradingView


TradingView is one of the most frequently used websites regarding all things investing. Over 30 million users use the TradingView website to analyze financial markets, use their data for fundamental analysis, and keep informed about the latest news.

TradingView stands for excellent charts, highly functional screeners and heatmaps for excellent visualization. It works incredibly as a web, desktop, and mobile app.

There are two ways how TradingView can help. First, TradingView has a Discord Channel with over 14,000 members. Here you can chat with other investors, exchange trade ideas and discuss the latest investment trends.

In addition, TradingView has various Discord features that allow developers to send trading signals directly from TradingView to their own Discord channel. That’s possible with some simple JSON commands.

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7. Wallstreetbets

Wallstreetbets is the Reddit trader community that initiated the hype of Meme stocks in 2020 with never-seen-before volatility and price spikes in stocks like GME, AMC and BBBY. The Wallstreetbets community still keeps growing. Meanwhile, the Reddit forum has 13.0m members. The official discord channel had over 600,000 members and currently counts 582,200 members.

The type of stocks discussed at Wallstreetbets changes from time to time. For example, NFT stocks were “en vogue” for a while, but this changed back to meme stocks, especially GME.

As with all discord servers, you are well advised to be careful when following huge groups of investors.

Particularly free discord servers have to be explored slowly to gain experience first. That’s part of the game in any forum and community. It would be best if you kept in mind that someone might intend to influence the stock prices when posting trades.

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Day Trading Discord Groups – Conclusion

Discord offers a great way to connect with other day traders, but trading profitably while following hundreds of traders on discord can take time and effort. The chances are that you jump from one trading strategy to the other, follow the wrong people, or end up overwhelmed on your computer without knowing what you are doing.

Also, keep in mind that all discord servers are monetized somehow. So, the most crucial part is that you can learn something by joining the community and that your educators have excellent knowledge to share or that the trading tools included are beneficial. That’s why my list of the best day trading discord channels features companies with great products, a great community and educators. In those cases, the discord channel is a valuable add-on to the great product. That’s better than joining a free channel and then getting tons of advertisements for questionable services.

So, discord only plays a secondary role on your path to becoming a profitable day trader. On your way to becoming an independent trader, you need more than following the crowd. You need to invest time, and you need to start with simulated trading. The combination of education, screen time, simulated trading and a solid mental attitude are the key to success.

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