Best Day Trading Discord Server

In this article, I introduce you to my favorite day trading discord server, and a new fast-growing day trading community. The services I am going to talk about are Black Box Stocks and Bear Bull Traders and they are perfect to discover the one or the other day trading secrets.

The Black Box Stocks discord server offers live-trades, high-quality educational material, and an awesome community of traders. The main benefit of the discord channel arises based on the combination of the channel alongside the momentum stock screener, unusual options activity scanner, and the private Twitter group.

The Bear Bull Traders discord chat room is an addition to the web-based trading chat room where Andrew Aziz and his team members stream their trading platforms in real-time.

Day Trading Discord

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1. Discord Server

Blackboxstocks is my favorite day trading discord server, and I will explain to you why this is the case. A reliable day trading scanner, valuable educational resources, private Twitter groups, and other cool features are available.

Once you logged in to the BBS web platform, you’ll find the link to the day trading discord server on the right side of the screen. Login to discord, add the BBS channel and request access. The moderators will check if you are an active subscriber before they accept your member request. The discord channel is separated into 11 different sub-channels, and I will tell you more about them later in this article. First, I want to take the time to talk about the other benefits.

2. Momentum Screener

The BBS algorithms spot the hottest momentum stocks in real-time. There is a top 10 list you can follow and apply the stock symbols directly to the chart window. You can use drawing tools, trading indicators, and time frames from one minute to monthly charts to visualize price action in the way you want. The real-time data is also included in the monthly subscription.

3. Options Activity Scanner

The options activity scanner is another excellent tool which is included for members. Here you can find dark-pool-trades, unusual options activity, sweeps, and block trades. Everything is color-coded, and you can filter trades in the way you want. The weekly Boot Camp webinars show you how to utilize the tools.

4. Boot Camp

The Trading Boot Camp is about stock- and options trading. Each week BBS educates users in webinars like:

  • Black Box Stocks Orientation
  • Trading with Charlie and Maria
  • Stocks and Options Basics
  • Black Box Trading System
  • Understanding Options Flow

The day trader classes are an excellent way to improve your skills, helping you make money in the stock market and trading options. Charlie also streames his platform from 9:15 am – 10:30 am EDT every trading day. All events can be found in the BBS calendar. Once a month, BBS also has a Boot Camp on Saturday.

5. Private Twitter Group

Do you like Twitter? As a BBS member, you gain access to two private Twitter groups. Login to the BBS dashboard to see the account names in the main chat window on the right. Now follow those accounts from your Twitter account and send a direct message to BBS to ask them for access as a paid member. One private feed is about algo-based options alerts and stock retracements. The other group is for moderator trader alerts.

Day Trading Discord Details

The day trading discord channel is a supplemental functionality to all other explained features BBS offers. To me, the educational elements, video database, and interaction with other traders are the main benefits for new traders. Once you start trading, you will probably stop interacting with other traders since it is too much distraction involved when interacting with others while trading.

I think the day trading discord channel is a great addition, but the main benefits of BBS come with the stock screener and options scanner. The discord channel’s trade ideas should only provide some ideas about how to utilize the power of BBS. To trade profitably while standing on your feeds is the way to go. Below you find a list of the navigational elements in the discord channel. The sections onboarding/announcements, support, and mod-trade-rooms on discord are the most valuable ones, IMO.

Discord Onboarding

Once you joined the community and your access was granted, start with announcements in the onboarding section. There you find the links to the most recent webinar recordings. Teresa posts them every week once the new recordings are online. Especially if you join at the weekend, those videos give you a kick-start for Monday.

Each of those webinars will take place every week, so you can participate in similar webinars during the week to ask all your questions and get them answered.


Here you find the red-green check poll, where members vote if their trading day was red, green, or flat. That’s an interesting statistic, and you can go back in time to see how the members did. The polls are anonymous.


The most interesting user rooms are darkpool-discussion, darkpool-data, and advanced strategies. The other user rooms are not that active, so just make sure to check in from time to time and consume the valuable data posted here.

Flex Rooms

I do not use them that often. 7starmike and Pete post some information here.

Training and Resources

The training and resources section contains a lot of links to videos, templates, tutorials, and helpful blog posts. However, the majority of recorded educational resources are now under Onboarding/Announcements.


Post your questions about the discord platform and usability right here, and this is for technical support only.

Goal Setting

How to set goals for your trading? his is what you find here. Goal setting is essential, so it should be one of your main priorities.


Here is where the live-trading takes place and the moderators posting their trades in real-time. Charlie and Maria recently started to make a trading journal documenting all of their trading activities in an easy to read excel file.

Main BBS Traderrooms

Any member can post in those chatrooms. Too much noise for my taste, but if you want to connect with others, here you can see all members interacting.

BBS Voice

You can follow some BBS moderators via voice in this discord section.


Roadhouse bots-and-tools has some interesting posts about options flow for specific stocks and indices in it. All others are less interesting.

Day Trading Discord Conclusion

Discord offers a great way to connect with other day traders, but trading profitable while following hundreds of traders on discord is challenging. The chances are that you jump from one trading strategy to the other, follow the wrong people, or end up overwhelmed on your computer without knowing what you are doing.

What is the solution?

The solution is to have a plan. Discord only plays a secondary role on your path to become a profitable day trader. The combination of all features offered by BBS is the key to success. The discord channel is an excellent place to start since you find all the session recordings there. Also, the live-trading may help you to find the right direction. But on your way to an independent trader, you need more than just following the crowd. You need to invest time, and you need to start with simulated trading. So what is the best way to get started?

Here is what I consider as a great general approach to make the most of your BBS subscription:

1) Sign up with the $20 discount to reduce your rate for the first month from $99 to $79, or join for a year with a 20% discount. The discount will be applied during the sign-up process. Here is proof that it works:

Black Box Stocks Discount

2) Only follow the main moderators and start with the session recordings in the order as they are posted every week.

  • Black Box Stocks Orientation
  • Trading with Charlie and Maria
  • Stocks and Options Basics
  • Black Box Trading System
  • Understanding Options Flow

3) Join the live Trading Boot Camp if you want to ask questions and see the BBS in action for the most recent trading day.

4)You will learn to utilize the stock scanner and options screener depending on your preference to find the best trades. Ask the community for help if you get stuck.

5) After two weeks you should already have a good feeling about your progress.

As a general rule, do not trade with real money in your orientation phase. I know most of you want to jump into it directly. That’s normal, and the fear of missing out may influence you somehow. Resist and stay with your plan. See it this way; you invest about $79 for this awesome community with tools, education, and support. Be consequent once the first month is nearly over. Did you use everything offered? Is everything you used helpful in the way you wanted?

To me, BBS is the best day trading community right now, and the price tag is phenomenal. Education, tools, and even real-time data for stocks and options are included.

Bear Bull Traders: The Alternative to Black Box Stocks

Bear Bull Traders primarily focuses on day trading education and live trading. The new discord room expands the reach and makes the community even stronger. This makes Bear Bull Traders an excellent alternative to Black Box Stocks.

Trading experts moderate the chat room every trading day, talk about their current trades in real time, share their trading screen, and interact with chat room members. The chat room is a great place to see how experienced traders interpret the market and how they execute trades based on their trading strategies.

You can connect to the chat room with their internal web-based solution or use the brand new Bear Bull Traders discord day trading discord chat room.

Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders primarily helps you learn how to identify stocks to day trade based on catalyst research and technical analysis. A watchlist is created every day. This service is mainly for people having the intention to learn how to day trade.

Andrew Azid, best-selling author of How to Day Trade for a Living: Tools, Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology and some of his team members share their trading screen and talk about their entries, exits and performance.

The chat room access and basic education package costs $79 for the first month if you use this link with the 20% promo code “daytradingz” Alternatively, click here to start the 7-day trial now.

About the author: Alexander is the founder of and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He aims to make trading and investing easy to understand for everybody, and has been quoted on Benzinga, Business Insider and GOBankingRates.