Earn2Trade Review

Sometimes, the trading business may be complicated, and that’s also true for trading education at the beginning of the career of every trader. There are countless numbers of trading courses and offers, but which one is the best and what company has ethical intentions to educate you to really become a better trader?

Earn2Trade belongs to those few companies that act like a headhunter searching for real talents. Earn2Trade offers excellent futures funded trader programs to help traders to archive their goals fast. The main benefit is that investors learn how to trade without risking their own capital. Instead, the people taking advantage of this program have the chance to trade by using a funded trading account from Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading and keep 80% of trading profits.

In early 2022, Earn2Trade introduced their brand new Trader Career Path, where traders build their career with a scaling plan by trading an account worth up to $200,000 with a fixed drawdown. This product is an excellent addition to their two other offers – The Gauntlet Mini, an examination specifically for intraday traders, and The Gauntlet, a program for maximum trader flexibility.

This Earn2Trade review goes into detail about all three Earn2Trade funded trader programs explains the differences and features.

earn2trade review
Earn2Trade Review: Features and Highlights
📆 Founded 2016
🏢 HQ United States
🚀 Features Funded trading accounts, trader education
💻 Technology Browser-based application and mobile app
💰 Subscription Monthly
👛 Coupons, discounts 20% – 50% Off

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About Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade is a trading education company that helps traders learn to trade. They also act as a recruitment company for proprietary trading firms and identify the best traders and let them trade funded accounts worth up to $200,000.

Earn2Trade was originally founded by two registered Commodity Trading Advisors and a former university professor. Over time the original founders sold their shares in the company, and now it is run by a team of traders and educators who have a collective passion for helping traders get funded.

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Earn2Trade Review: Trader Career Path

earn2trade trader career path

Earn2Trade is different from other funded account providers. They always improve their offering, adjust their programs based on client requests, and introduce new offers to provide traders and investors with the best possible choice.

That’s again true for the newly introduced Trader Career Path, a funded trader program designed to help traders build their careers with a scaling plan. So instead of selecting one specific account size, traders always start by testing their skills on a $25,000, or $50,000 trading exam. Once the exam got passed, they already get funded with and join a proprietary trading firm.

From here on, traders can trade the firm’s capital and withdraw their profits. The unique thing about the Trader Career Path is that traders who meet the targets also progress in the firm and trade bigger and bigger accounts worth up to $200,000. That’s unique in the industry and allows traders to invest a small amount for the smallest trading challenge, but the better they become, the bigger accounts can be traded.

The Trader Career Path is an excellent choice for people who want to reduce expenses to a minimum with a realistic chance to manage a big portfolio in the longer term. So, how does the Trader Career Path work?

Step 1: Trader Career Path Evaluation Process

The Trader Career Path starts with the evaluation process and a $25,000 account with virtual starting capital. The profit goal is set to $1,750, the EOD drawdown is defined with $1,500, and the daily loss limit is set to $550. Traders participating in the Trader Career Path evaluation have to trade at least 15 days, are allowed to trade during approved times, and follow the progression ladder, which allows to trade up to 3 futures contracts.

The $50,000 account has a profit goal of $3,000, EOD drawdown of $2,000 and daily loss limit of $1,100 with up to 6 tradeable contracts in the progression ladder.

There is also one important rule to consider during the Evaluation process. It is the Consistency Rule. The consistency rule defines that one single day’s profit can’t account for more than 30% of the total profit and loss. The prop firm wants to see that traders can make consistent profits instead of making one lucky homerun.

Therefore it’s important to make profits day by day consistently. Notably, that does not mean that you fail the Evaluation process if you make such a huge daily profit. Still, you have to keep showing on more days than you can generate trading profits until your best trading profit day does not account for more than 30% of the overall profits:

25K Account Evaluation:

career progress

50K Account Evaluation:

trader carreer path 50k progress

Step 2: Trader Career Path Live Account

Once the Evaluation Process with virtual starting capital got passed, the trader can either continue with a Junior Livesim Account or Junior Live Account funded with $25,000, or $50,000. All are available for withdrawing profits. The profit goal, drawdown and daily loss limit rules are the same as during the Evaluation process.

Traders who succeeded going through the Evaluation process enjoy some great benefits:

  • 80% of the generated profits can be withdrawn once Step 2 got passed.
  • Funded trades do not pay a monthly Earn2Trade subscription fee.
  • There is no longer a rule for a minimum of days to trade.

Traders can withdraw their profits from the account. Payouts will be made every week on Tuesday. Withdrawals above $500 can be made without withdrawal bank fees.

Once a trader has withdrawn a minimum of $1,400 trading profits (80% of the $1,750 profit goal) from the $25,000 live- or sim-account challenge, the account will be upgraded to a $50,000 live account.

The trailing drawdown for the $50,000 account is $2,000 now, and the profit goal is set to $3,000. Once a trader has withdrawn a minimum of $2,400 (80% of the $3,000 profit goal), the account will be upgraded to the $100,000 live account. The profit goal is now $6,000 and the trailing drawdown $3,500. Once the trader withdraws $4,800 minimum from the $100,000 account, the next and last upgrade will take place.

In this Senior Live Account, the trader will have control of a $200,000 account with a profit goal of $12,000 and a fixed drawdown set to $194,000. Traders who also master this challenge can negotiate a custom account with the proprietary trading firm.

Also, those who start with the $50,000 virtual starting capital, can reach a senior live account funded with up to $400,000.

Commissions, Trading Platforms and Resets

The Evaluation can be reset at any time for a $100 fee. However, it is not possible to reset a live-trading account. That means that those who already traded a live account and hit, for example, the drawdown maximum, will have to start a new evaluation and begin the Trader Career Path again.

Micro asset commissions are typically between $.0.74 and $1.00 per side, while normal futures contracts are calculated with $2.02 commissions per side. The commissions are charged from the simulated or live-trading account balance.

Trader Career Path Costs

The monthly subscription price for the Trader Career Path Evaluation is $150 for the 25k account, and $190 for the 50k account. Any reset of the Evaluation costs $100. There are no monthly membership fees once the Evaluation is complete.

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Now let’s talk about Earn2Trade’s funded program called The Gauntlet Mini. Below, I’ve also included platform insights and screenshots to give you a better understanding of what type of trading platform you are going to use and what it looks like.

Earn2Trade Review: The Gauntlet Mini

the gauntlet mini

In August 2019, Earn2Trade launched its product, the Gauntlet Mini. When I heard about it the first time, I thought it was a product all about the mini futures contracts. But it’s not. The Gauntlet Mini is a variation of the standard Gauntlet, which we will discuss third in this review. The Gauntlet Mini enables you to get a funded trading account after 15 trading days when all criteria are met.

Gauntlet Mini Costs

The pricing per month depends on the funded trading account you aim for. The pricing starts at $150/month for the 25k account and goes up to $350/month if you aim for the $150,000 account.

earn2trade gauntlet mini costs

For the $25,000 challenge, the best case would be if you start with the $150 for the first month, trade strictly to the rules and archive the profit goal of $1,750 within the first month.

If you get this done, then you get a funded trading account from Earn2Trade’s proprietary trading partner. The interesting thing about the Gauntlet Mini is that during the time you subscribe to this program is this:

  • Free access to their Beginner Crash Course, which is usually priced at $249 for lifetime access.
  • Access to the trading simulator is also included in the price for the competition
  • Access to the reporting tool Journalytix.

Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini Features

Now, let’s take the Earn2Trade review part a bit further by analyzing the features of the platform.

Earn2Trade Dashboard

Once registered, you can sign in to your Earn2Trade dashboard. You can access all important sections of Earn2Trade by navigating through the dashboard options.

earn2trade dashboard

The Earn2Trades funded trading platform comes with all essential tools a trading platform should have. I like to show you those who caught my attention the most.

Charts With News Mark

Earn2Trades platform from Finamark Systems offers all the basic charting options like chart types and indicators. They now also included important dates.

This way, you see on your chart when an important date or time comes closer. In this example, the UK Parliamentary Vote on Brexit just happened. This is a nice feature to be aware of news events and also to review the market reaction to such news events.

Earn2Trade Chart

Also, here are some indicators taken from the long list of available trading indicators.

Earn2Trade Trading-Indicators

But there are even more widgets available by simply clicking on “widgets” at the top of the Finamark Systems trading platform:

earn2trade widgets
earn2trade navigation

Depth of Market

This is a cool feature. Level 2 data is included in your monthly subscription price, and you can integrate the DOM on your trading platform.

As you can see, you also have trading buttons right below the DOM. But it gets even better, one-click trading is also possible. You can turn one-click trading on, and then you can trade right from the chart or right by clicking on the prices in the DOM

Earn2Trade Finamark Systems

Time and Sales plus Reconstructed Tape

This is another cool feature. Along with the normal Times and Sales window, you can also take a closer look at the tape on a compressed basis by using the reconstructed tape.

Earn2Trade | Times and Sales

Chart Types

One thing I did not expect was that you could change the series type of chart.

A normal candlestick chart can be differentiated between being a time-chart (e.g., 5 minutes), a tick chart (e.g., 200 tick chart), a volume chart (e.g., 100 contracts per candle) or a range chart (price range per candle).

Chart Type | Earn2Trade

Order Ticket

One option is to do one-click trading. For more complex orders, you can use the order ticket. A simple and advanced mode is available. Besides the quantity, symbol and order details, you can also see the margin required and the applied commission for the intended trade right at the bottom.

Order Ticket | Earn2Trade

Journalytix Trade Tracking

During your subscription period, your trades can be sent to your Journalytix tool. There you can categorize your trades and also evaluate which strategy works best for you. You can also export the data to analyze it in MS Excel.

Jigsaw Trading Journalytix

Gauntlet Mini Rules

Any funded trading account challenge has its rules. They exist to evaluate if you can trade by a rule set or not. Would you give someone up to $150,000 in capital to let him trade your money if you haven’t proven that he is a good trader?

No! You would not do this!

So that’s why rules exist. Luckily, the rules are easy to understand and comparable to those from TopstepTrader. They only differ in a few nuances.

gauntlet mini rules

As you can see, the max positions size notes “up to n contracts” the reason for this is that there is a rule behind this rule called “Progression Ladder”. Earn2Trade is transparent here, and with a click on the “*” you can see the details behind the progression ladder rules.

For example, trading the $25,000 account, you start with a maximum of 2 contracts until you are up at least $1,500 in your account. Once you meet the criteria and remain above this level, you can add and trade up to 3 contracts at once.

It is essential to understand this rule because it’s one of the more complex ones. Also, Earn2Trade’s competitors like OneUp Trader have similar rules, so it’s neither a plus nor a downside. But it’s worth mentioning it.

Progression Ladder

earn2trade gauntlet progression ladder

Earn2Trade Gauntlet-Mini Example

If you chose the $25,000 competition, then you:

  • must trade at least 15 trading days
  • are now allowed to dip or reach below the daily loss limit of $550
  • not allowed to exceed the “up to 3 contracts” maximum position size
  • you are not allowed to hit the end of day drawdown of $1,500 (end of day, because during the Gauntlet Mini and Livesim it is always calculated by the end of the day)
  • you are only allowed during approved times, and you must follow the progression ladder.

As I lined out above, based on the progression ladder, you are not allowed to trade more than 2 contracts until you make a profit of at least $1,501+. As you can see, it is important to read and understand the whole ruleset!

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Earn2Trade Review: The Gauntlet

the gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a 60-day trading challenge specifically designed to try and keep the experience the closest they can to live market conditions. The Gauntlet allows a trader to demonstrate their trading performance over 60 days to receive an offer from a proprietary trading firm should they meet the Gauntlet objectives.

There are only minimal rules involved with this program, and traders can even hold positions overnight. Upon successfully completing The Gauntlet, the candidate will be provided with an offer to join a proprietary trading firm and begin their trading career.

The Gauntlet starts with a $25,000 virtual account and can trade 60 calendar days. The traders have to trade a minimum of 30 calendar days and at least once per week to reach the 10% profit target with a 10% maximum drawdown by the end of The Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet requires a one-time payment of $429 for the 60-day examination period. This Earn2Trade funded program is designed for traders who want maximum flexibility in trading and a fixed 10% profit target and 10% maximum drawdown. Those who get funded enjoy an 80% profit split, similar to the other two Earn2Trade programs, The Gauntlet Mini and the Trader Career Path.

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Earn2Trade Review Summary

Earn2Trade provides some of the best funded trading account programs. Earn2Trade shines by offering excellent additional features like the Journalytix access and free access to the trader community. The new Trader Career Path enables aspiring traders to trade account sizes of up to $200,000.

Each of the programs offered has its benefits, and it is great that traders can choose the particular trading program that fits their needs and trading style the best.

It’s also good to see how Earn2Trade improves its offers year by year. They consistently made progress since I published my first Earn2Trade review some years ago, and the TrustPilot TrustScore of 4.6 out of over 700 reviews proves that their products and services are well-received.

Where is the Earn2Trade headquarters?

The registered address is 30 N Hould St STE 4000, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801. Their staff works from home office throughout the United States and with freelancers throughout the world. The technical and marketing support office is based in Budapest, Hungary.

Who is Earn2Trade best for?

Earn2Trade is perfect for aspiring traders looking to develop their skills and become professional traders. The Gauntlet, Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path programs offer opportunities for those who already have a successful strategy looking for additional trading capital.

What products does Earn2Trade offer?

Earn2Trade currently offers 3 funded trader programs. The Gauntlet, The Gauntlet Mini and the Trader Career Path. Earn2Trade can be used for futures trading but not for forex trading.

What are proprietary trading firms?

A proprietary trading firm allows skilled and talented traders to trade the firm’s capital. The benefit for the trader is that he does not put his own funds at risk, while he can withdraw 80% of profits from the funded account. The prop firm benefits that talented traders increase their firm’s capital with successful trades and investment decisions.

Forex and futures trading – which is better?

Forex and futures trading are different from each other. For example, while forex traders focus only on trading currencies, futures traders can trade many types of futures contracts, including currency-related futures markets. Another difference is that the forex market is open 24 hours a day, while the futures exchanges like the CME are only open Monday to Friday at certain hours.

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