Stock Rover Review 2023 – Investment Research at Its Best?

Stock Rover is one of the most powerful equity research platforms available to private and institutional investors. But is it worth it to subscribe? In this Stock Rover review, we look at the features and subscription pricing models compared to other investment research platforms and stock analysis software tools. You’ll also learn more about the free trial and the exclusive 25% discount.

stock rover
Stock Rover Review: Key Facts
🚀 Features Portfolio Management, Stock Analysis, Charts
✅ Best For Investors, Analysts
💻 Technology Browser-based application, mobile app
💰 Pricing $0-$27.99/month
👛 Discounts 25% Off

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About Stock Rover

Stock Rover was founded in 2008 by software engineers and private investors Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin. In search of better technologies to conduct stock analysis regularly for personal investment, they eventually developed a highly sophisticated and powerful stock research platform and stock screener based on Web 2.0 technology. That makes the Stock Rover platform accessible from anywhere at any time.

The goal was to provide users with a comprehensive financial workstation to perform fundamental and technical analysis on investable securities. After years of development, Stock Rover is one of the most advanced screeners available on the market. It has always remained true to the providers claim to be powerful yet flexible, but at the same time intuitive and with the many functions easy to use even for beginners.

Stockrover is an excellent analysis platform with optimized tools that are accessible to investors and financial professionals. The Stock Rover blog and videos provide a high-quality environment for investment education.

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Stock Rover Review: Screening Strategies

Stock Rover’s ETF and stock screeners and analysis tools are designed for long-term investors. The stock screener scans instantly and go through thousands of stocks with one single mouse click and come up with the results immediately.

Stock Rover goes the extra mile to provide more fundamental metrics than standards like market capitalization, earnings per share, and P/E ratio for your analysis. In total, you can scan more than 500 different combinations of company financials, operational key figures, price relevant aspect, ratings and other metrics.

Beginners start with the strategy library, with over 130 pre-build scans and investment strategy analysis methods. This is more than other investing stock screeners offer.

The nice thing about the Stock Rover scans is that you can adjust the pre-build scans according to your preferences. You can add new filters or change filter values.

Here are some of the supported fundamental metrics:

  • Analyst Estimates
  • EPS Estimate Trends
  • Price Details
  • Profitability
  • Technical Indicators
  • Valuation Yields
  • Fair Value
  • Margin of Safety

stockrover stock screener criteria

Scanning for stocks is only one part of Stock Rover. You can also scan through thousands of ETFs. You can search and sort by Morningstar Ratings, expense ratio and sectors.

And if even this is not enough, you can go one step further by leveraging the work of famous investing gurus like Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt and Peter Lynch with Stock Rover’s screenable guru metrics like:

  • Piotroski F-Score
  • Price to Graham Number
  • Price to Lynch Fair Value
  • Greenblatt Return on Capital
  • Shiller PE
  • Benish M-Score

Custom formulas make the Stock Rover stock screener functionalities complete. The premium plans allow subscribers to use advanced filters and custom equations on recent and historical data. It is like having Microsoft Excel functionalities in your hands to filter for the best possible results based on the impressive Stock Rover data.

And if you need, even more, Stock Rover delivers. Momentum screeners, Novy-Marx Quality, Magic Formula and other scans are available in the screener library. As you can already see, this screener is not for day traders but an excellent choice for investors.

Stock and ETF Comparison

Scanning for specific criteria and fundamental metrics is the first step in investment research. But the capability to compare the best results, stocks, and ETFs makes investment decisions even smarter.

Side-by-side ETF and stock comparisons are possible with just a few mouse clicks. The table functionality is one of the core features, and it is like opening Microsoft Excel. Stock Rover takes care of reliable data, and you can sort, combine and compare based on your preference. The premium subscription allows you to sort and filter. You can use various colors, add commends and refresh the data with a click.

The rows are typically chosen stocks that can be imported from integrated indices like S&P500 or your watchlists. The columns can be defined based on your preference. You can add growth figures, valuation numbers, momentum values, dividends and much more. All of this is entirely flexible, and you can save your favorite screeners.

Looking at plain tables is not everyone’s preference, which leads us to the insights functionality. You can review your favorite stock, and all financial data, comparisons, valuation metrics and other details are available to be visualized on one page mixed with graphs, tables and descriptions.

Stockrover Insights

Stock Rover Portfolio Management

Stock Rover supports over 1,000 brokerages. You can connect multiple brokerage accounts to your Stock Rover dashboard to visualize, analyze and manage all of them from one hub. You can compare the performance of each portfolio by return rates per period, you can benchmark your portfolio performance to key indices like the S&P 500, and you can set up an automatic portfolio tracking reporting.

If you actively rebalance your portfolios, Stock Rover helps you with this as well. You can define the desired balance at a position and sector level. As a result, Stock Rover informs you once your portfolio is imbalanced. Also, things like Price/Earnings, aggregate growth rate, and other metrics can be added to your trade planning facility.

You can also compare your current asset performance per portfolio with virtual portfolios and planned trades.

Finally, Stock Rover subscribers can add alerts to specific situations. Such alerts can be things like particular price per share levels, daily changes, technical indicator relations, cash flow, and P/E ratio boundaries. Once an alert triggers, you get notified via email.

Stock Charting

The integrated Stock Rover charting feature enables you as a trader and investor to visualize the performance of a stock along with some technical indicators like the Exponential Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strenght Index and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence.

You can visualize the price per share via a line chart or candlestick chart. A pretty nice feature within the stock charting functionality is the notification about earnings surprise events. Such events often cause considerable price gaps to the upside or downside if the analyst consensus gets heavily beaten or disappointing. Stock Rover shows that info within the chart, including the details about the earnings surprise.

AAPL SP500 Correlation Chart

One more thing where Stock Rover offers more than competitors is the fundamental data charting. Instead of visualizing a companies price per share, you can also visualize the timeline for fundamentals like Price/Earnings and your portfolio value. This way, you can discover correlations by having a look at your chart. Let’s say you want to see if the Price/Earnings or one of the other 100+ financial metrics correlate with the price per share. Just apply both things to one chart, and you see it in front of you. You can print or save it for later reference. That’s a great feature for long-term investors.

Now let’s proceed with the Stock Rover review by taking a closer look at the Research Reports.

Research Reports Review

The Research Reports are one of a kind. It is a feature introduced in 2020 where users can export all financial values with graphs, tables, stock ratings and details in a PDF file. All values are calculated instantly once the report is created. You can download the PDF files for later reference. The Research Reports are not included in the Stock Rover subscription. The functionalitiy can be purchased as an add-on for a low additional subscription price. I think this feature alone is worth it for any investor to consider a Stock Rover subscription.

Research Report Request Review

Stock Rover Pricing

Now let’s review the Stock Rover plans, pricing and overall costs. As an investor and trader, you want to ensure to pay as little as possible to keep the return on capital as high as possible. The good news is that Stock Rover offers its product for a competitive price.

Free Plan: The free plan provides access to the most rudimentary functionalities. The free membership includes data on more than 8,500 North American equities, over 4,000 ETFs, 40,000 mutual funds.

Essentials Plan: The Stock Rover essentials plan adds 260+ metrics, 5 years of historical data, and functionalities like brokerage integration and access to the guru portfolios. The retail price is $7.99/month, $79.99/year, or $139.99 for 2 years.

Premium Plan: The premium plan comes with even 90+ more metrics and 10+ years of historical financial data. ETF screening and stock screening functionalities are added in this subscription type. The retail price is $17.99/month, $179.99/year, or $319.99 for 2 years.

Premium Plus Plan: The Stock Rover Premium Plus plan provides full access to all features, which includes 650+ financial metrics, full historical data, ratings, equation screening, 180+ ETFs screening metrics, scoring, ratio charts, and priority support and customer service. The retail price of the Stock Rover Premium Plus plan is $27.99 per month, $279.99/year or $479.99 for 2 years.

The Research Reports are charged separately, and they are not included in any package mentioned above.

Stock Rover’s Research Reports: If you are an investor and stocks are your investment focus, then the Research Reports are an excellent choice. If you subscribe to Stock Rover with an annual or two year plan, the Research Reports cost an additional $49.99 per year. If you subscribe with another plan to Stock Rover, the cost for the Research Reports is $99.99 per year. That also means that you can sign up for the free plan and you add the Stock Rover Research Reports for $99.99 per year.

Free Trial | Promo Code

The best way to get started with Stock Rover is the 14 day free trial.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The free trial provides full access to all functionalities and features similar to the Premium Plus plan. This way, you can test everything without any payment.
  2. And here comes a pro tip to all of you who want to save 25%. You can subscribe for the free trial, then you wait about 7 to 10 days, and you will receive a 25% discount during the trial period.

Provider Checklist

  • Founded: 2008
  • Company address: Stock Rover LLC, a Massachusetts corporation
  • Free trial: Yes, 14-day-free trial
  • Coupons and promo codes: Yes, during the free trial
  • Customer Service: Yes, customer service is available via email
  • Similar Products: Uncle Stock, Portfolio123

Who Is Stock Rover Best For?

Stock Rover is best for investors focusing on North American stocks, exchange traded funds, and mutual funds. The free and non-binding 14-day trial of the “Premium Plus” membership is a suitable way for a complete check against ones own requirements.

The Stock Rover platform is one of the best research tools with comprehensive data, technical analysis capabilities and portfolio analysis integration.

Stock Rover Review Summary

Stock Rover is a very professional investment research platform for investors. It comes with a structured design, innovative functionalities and features. In 2018 Stock Rover released new features like the “Dividend Insights,” “Comparative Quarterly Statements,” and “Percentage Change from Previous Period” for Stock Rover V7. In 2020 the brand new Research Reports were added.

With these new capabilities, Stock Rover became even more attractive. Trustful sources like Morningstar Inc., Zacks and Intrinio serve additional data like financial statements along with real time pricing data provided by IEX.

Stock Rover is a great stock research tool for investors. Day traders consider a day trading stock screener like Trade Ideas instead.

How To Get Started with the free Trial.


For new users, the handling of this powerful stock research platform should be fast and intuitive. Thus, the start page or “dashboard view” presents itself in a clear graphic design with the usual sidebar navigation.

First, a comprehensive overview of the market in clearly structured blocks is a good starting point: starting at the top left with the performance figures for a portfolio, alongside those prominent indices and other markets.

Market Movers and Sector Performance

Underneath, the system lists the “Market Movers” and ” Sector Performance” in two blocks.

On the left, the user will find the “most traded” as well as “winners” and “losers” by percentage. The table to the right shows gains and losses for individual sectors after 5 days and positioning within a 25-week range.

Portfolio Charting

The lower part of the dashboard page is dedicated to “Portfolio Charting,” where the development of one’s own or proposed portfolio is shown in charts based on key figures (for example, “dividend-adjusted yield” or “performance”).

Performance and Comparisons for Stocks and ETFs

Below is a list of the performance after further time comparisons and an overview of the portfolio positions of the fundamental analysis platform.

Sidebar Navigation

The well-structured sidebar navigation allows you to quickly reach any function, either via the sidebar navigation or via an additional column on the left in the main content area.


In addition, the menu contents in the “Main Content” area are clearly arranged using a single or multiple column window (“Table Displays”) with tables and charts to be customized or expanded.

Quotes and Portfolios

In addition to a complete and up-to-date market and news overview, the menu items Quotes, Indices, Portfolios, Watchlists and Sreener provide comprehensive data on the subject of Table Displays. Besides, users can quickly access the tables, charts, insight (facts, key figures, analyzes, news) and a general overview (“All”) via the “Layouts” topic.

The menu items for the “Portfolio Tools” are Brokerage Connection, Portfolio Analytics, Rebalancing and Correlation.

Analyst Ratings and Earnings

Among the exclusive features of Stock Rover under the menu “More Goodies” are the following: Stock Rover Ratings, Metric Browsers, Ideas, Earnings Calendar, Alerts and a Stock Rover library for stocks and ETFs.

Financial Metrics and Data

With such a wide variety of services and functions, only a selection of the most exciting offers for beginners and advanced users will be shown here:

  • Comprehensive information on over 10,000 North American stocks
  • Coverage of over 3,000 ETFs and 40,000 investment funds
  • Robust platform and flexible chart functions
  • What happens, pages about markets, stocks, ETFs, bonds and commodities
  • Daily analyst reviews with analyst rankings
  • Comprehensive and flexible income calendar
  • Detailed market news and news about individual stocks
  • Web application works on any device.

Membership Data Review

These features are staggered depending on user membership

  • From 260 additional metrics to a total of more than 650
  • Hundreds of presentable financial ratios
  • Custom metrics integrated into the platform
  • Up to 10 years of detailed financial history
  • ETF and fund comparison data
  • Classified stock screening criteria with historical data and custom equations
  • Data export
  • ETF screening platform


Stock Rover’s special functions complete the offer for professional use:

  • Ability to assemble multiple metrics
  • Automatic data update
  • Advanced alerts with indices, portfolio management, and watchlist level alerts
  • Broker integration for automatically synchronizing portfolios with dashboard
  • Ideas Panel with Weekly Screeners and additional investment ideas and articles
  • Detailed portfolio analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Margin of Safety
  • Tools for trade planning and balance
  • Multi-monitor support and removable windows
  • Integrated commentary and research notes
  • Ad-free experience
  • Trader and investor support with priority via email
  • Stock ratings
  • Portfolio health analysis
  • Much higher data limits – Broker connections, Portfolio, Watchlists, Screeners and many more


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