Koyfin Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

The stock market nowadays is way more different than it was, say a decade or two ago. Nowadays, we have more information and more noise than ever. Traders have to find a way to navigate the complex environment and source only the most relevant and worthy news.

Whether you invest in stocks, ETFs, futures, FX, or other instruments among various market sectors, the most detrimental thing to your success is the data and analytical tools you complement your strategy with. A while ago, these might have been worth a small fortune per month, but today, things are different, thanks to Koyfin.

This Koyfin review covers everything you need to know about one of the most accessible financial data platforms on the market. Does it belong to the best free stock research websites and is it worth it? Let’s find out.

What is Koyfin

Koyfin is a cloud-based financial data and analytics platform designed to ease the process of keeping track of news in real-time, discovering new developments, researching stocks and understanding market trends.

The tool covers various asset classes, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and FX. The data coverage also includes all types of economics news and Twitter signals. Koyfin brings users a bird-eye view of all the essential things moving the stock market and affecting their portfolios.

Two former Wall Street veterans launched the platform to level up the playing field and give retail traders and investors a tool to help them compete with more sophisticated market participants. Alternatively, those who can’t afford high-priced market intelligence and data dashboards like the Bloomberg Terminal.

Koyfin’s goal is simple. It brings users a powerful platform full of charting and analysis functionalities that help turn data into actionable insights.

According to Koyfin, thousands of investors trust their platform to research stocks and understand market developments.


Koyfin’s platform is full of advanced functionalities. Technical analysis tools, price charts, data visualization tools, data dashboards, drawing tools, watch lists, market sectors overview, and more.

Advanced Graphing

As its name suggests, the Advanced Graphing feature brings you powerful charting tools to visualize information better.

The overview dashboards and graphs are user-friendly, intuitive, interactive, and highly customizable. You can plot information across all of the supported assets and tailor the price charts to your unique trading needs and investment methodology.

Thanks to Koyfin’s powerful drawing tools, you can mix technical and fundamental data to identify trading signals and track historical performance. Traders can take advantage of over 100 technical, fundamental, and valuation indicators. You can add notes and highlight trends, prices, or percentage moves on your price charts.

You can export, share, and save your graph templates. This makes the platform an excellent choice for businesses like wealth managers, who often have to illustrate their ideas to clients. You can also easily embed the generated graph or price chart onto your site or share them with colleagues, clients, and fellow traders.

My Dashboard

All information in your account is united under a convenient and easy-to-navigate interface. Thanks to this, you don’t have to switch screens or browse through Koyfin to find what you are looking for. The unified view gives you access to everything you need at any point in time.

Koyfin gives you the freedom to create custom watch lists across different asset categories. They can be easily tailored to fit your trading style and personal preferences better.

Koyfin users face no restrictions in terms of the number of watch lists they can use. For example, one can have a separate dashboard for every asset class or client portfolio under management.

Through the customizable tables, you can also divide fundamental data and technical information and market data so that you can prioritize the most important things for your investment methodology.

You can easily share your market overview dashboards with colleagues, follow your peers, and keep track of their progress.

Financial Analysis

The luxury to perform an in-depth financial analysis is usually reserved for those who can afford to subscribe to several technology providers. However, with Koyfin, you get everything you need under one roof.

The comprehensive financial analysis is one of the platform’s critical distinguishing factors. The abundance of fundamental metrics you can get access to is unrivaled by any other platform in this pricing tier and market segment. For example, with Koyfin, you can get your hands on valuations, comprehensive financial statements, detailed company snapshots, and more. Quarterly results go back two years, while the annual ones go back five years.

The platform’s fundamental and technical analysis features allow you to dig deeper and inspect the most important fundamental metrics used by securities analysts, including profitability, efficiency, and liquidity ratios.

More importantly, the way the information is structured helps reduce the complexity of financial statement analysis and take advantage of the essentials, like valuation metrics results and more. That way, you can save time and turn financial analysis into an easy and hassle-free task.

Besides having quick access to key highlights, you can also choose to “subscribe” to them. That way, you can continuously keep track of a company’s financial health and in a suitable format, according to your preferences (graphically, in tabular form, etc.).

Macro Dashboards

Thanks to this feature, Koyfin users can get 360-degree coverage of various markets and actionable insights. From currency and securities prices to macroeconomic indicators and global trends, you can ensure an extensive analysis toolbox covering all corners of the market.

Just think about it – if you want to hedge your portfolio against global macro risks, you have to keep track of various factors at once. This often is a challenging task, considering the abundance of information that flows through the markets at any point in time. Fortunately, Koyfin has found a way to overcome this issue. The tool unites everything you need to know under a single, easy-to-navigate view. Thanks to this, users can dive deeper with a diverse set of dashboards based on asset categories or market themes.

The macroeconomic data is combined in another standalone World Economics dashboard.

It features critical economic indicators that might affect your portfolio performance. Besides, it is equipped with an Economics Calendar page that covers each country’s economic data releases.

Koyfin API

For the time being, Koyfin doesn’t offer an API. Judging by the information on its site, it is likely that it won’t do so in the near future.

Koyfin states that users can’t extract information via API due to existing restrictions from their data providers. The platform prefers to stay focused on the analytics business and not get in the way of its partners, which are specialized in the API segment.

Koyfin vs Bloomberg

The truth is Koyfin can’t match the abundance of tools and functionalities Bloomberg offers, but this is no surprise. In the end, the latter targets institutions and advanced traders who can afford its hefty monthly subscription fee.

However, Koyfin is considered one of the best and most trusted alternatives to Bloomberg’s platform for retail investors. It covers the basic functionalities its powerful competitor does, including personalized watch lists, various types of metrics and information (fundamental, technical, and market), advanced charting features, macroeconomic data and timely updates, asset class and investments comparison, corporate credit index performance, valuation highlights, and more.

With Koyfin, you can monitor price targets and earnings estimates from professional stock market analysts from the comfort of your home computer. Moreover, the platform matches Bloomberg’s global yield curve comparison functionalities, available for countries and maturities.


Koyfin offers three plans. The free plan is a great starting point for beginners who want to get a first impression of how the platform works. It includes two watchlists, screens, dashboards, chart templates, and advanced graphing. The paid plans Plus ($45 per month or $420 annually) increase all the watchlists, screens, dashboard and chart templates to unlimited use and enables data downloads, filings-access and transcripts. Finally, the Koyfin Pro plan ($100 per month or $840 annually) adds unlimited custom formulas, US mutual funds data, training webinars and priority support.

Koyfin Review Summary

Think of Koyfin as the budget Bloomberg. Alternatively, the financial analytics platform for researching stocks and other instruments for the mainstream audience. While it can’t match the investment research and data visualization capabilities of its pricier competitor, it brings so much to the table that, surprisingly, it comes for free.

If you are a retail trader or long-term investor, Koyfin will give you everything you need to conduct proper fundamental, technical, and market analysis in one place.

Best for?

Koyfin financial data and analytics platform is best for comprehensive research of stocks. Fundamental data and technical analysis technology like price charts and broad market coverage make Koyfin a good choice for investors.

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