Bear Bull Traders Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Is it worth getting access to Bear Bull Traders, and how much does it cost to join? What will you get if you subscribe, and how valuable is this day trading community? This Bear Bull Traders review is intended to answer all your questions and provide insights into Andrew Aziz’s day trading course from a member’s perspective.

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About Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders

Andrew Aziz founded Bear Bull Traders in February 2016. Some of you may know him from reading one of his best-selling books, How To Day Trade For A Living or How To Swing Trade. Andrew holds a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. from The University of British Columbia and lives in Vancouver. He founded the proprietary trading firm Peak Capital Trading. Also, Andrew published various popular trading-related books, like How to Day Trade for a Living, Mastering Trading Psychology, and A Beginners Guide to Investing and Trading in the Stock Market.

Bear Bull Traders is a fast-growing community of traders where you learn how to:

  • Trade the right way
  • Develop a trading strategy
  • Master psychological aspects related to trading
  • Build your own trading plan within a group of experienced members.

I’m glad that I can provide you with hands-on information about BBT. Proceed to read the Bear Bull Traders review to see what you can expect from joining the Bear Bull Traders community.


You may feel overwhelmed when you log in to your member dashboard for the first time. Let me guide you through the most important sections you should know about.

Click on Members Home and log in to your account. Now you will see the following navigational structure. The membership sections are exclusively linked from the side-navigation panel within the member dashboard.

Now, let’s talk about each membership section.

BearBullTraders community


Within the dashboard, you will find a 20-minute welcome video and tips on navigating the platform.

My Account

The subscription level, billing information and contract expiration insights can be found in the My Account section.

Chat Rooms

The Bear Bull Traders main chat room for subscribers is available Monday to Friday from 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The stock chat room is superb, especially since you can see all the market action in real-time with Trade Ideas scans, Benzinga news and DAS Trader Pro charts from the moderators.

Bear Bull Traders chat room

After my first login, I already felt like being in the right place. The moderators are patient and straight to the point, the day is well structured, and the chat room runs stable all day long. The trading experts are easy to understand, and the tone is friendly and polite. Often they share their screen with charts and level 2, comment on the market action, or even trade live.

BBT community moderator Thor

Main Chat Room Weekly Schedule

  • Trading the opening momentum with Andrew Aziz and Brian
  • Mid-Day trading with John and Norm
  • Trend-Trading with Aiman
  • Afternoon learning with Thor
  • Market close comments with Mike and Peter
  • Swing trade ideas and market review with Brian

Besides the daily morning and afternoon schedule, there is a special schedule with chat room events by Jarad, Ed, Ardi, Mike, Susan and Megan on specific days of the week:

  • Market Overview with Jarad
  • Growing a Small Account with Ed
  • Options Trading and Macro Strategies with Ardi
  • Biohack your Trading with Megan
  • Mind Management with Mike and Susan

The content offered is varied and extensive and covers all angles of trading.

BearBullTraders main chat room schedule

Watchlists, Tips and Tricks

All moderators post their watchlists in the Bear Bull Traders chat room. Most of the moderators are day traders focusing on trading stocks intraday. You immediately recognize that they know the trading business inside out. Some also talk about swing trading or options trading, but day trading strategies are the focus.

Here are a few little tricks new traders should know about:

  • Browser to Use: The chat room works best with Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I use Firefox, and it works pretty well.
  • Chat Room Layout: Click on the navigation button in the upper left to turn the video stream on and off, and use the mouse to increase or decrease the size of the chat and trade alerts windows.
  • Chat Room Switch: On the upper right is the chat room switch where you can decide to either see all chat room windows alongside the Trade Ideas scanner. Alternatively, you can visualize the chat room and alerts window alongside the moderator trading screen.
  • Benzinga News: In the navigation bar at the top, there is a little Benzinga symbol. Click on it to filter for stock market news.
  • Files: Besides the Benzinga logo, you see the currently speaking moderators. And next to the moderator name, there is a little folder symbol. Click on it to access files shared with the community, like scanner and trading tool layouts.
  • Moderators Filter: I primarily follow the moderators. You can click on the little settings wheel in the chat room window, and there you can choose Moderators Only if you want to do the same.

The Bearbulltraders chat room is available to the community. I consider it helpful for beginners to listen to the moderators for a couple of days, follow the price action, and use a simulator to place the first trades. The picked stocks are traded for a few minutes, others a bit longer. Some trades are mentioned via voice and posted on the chat as well.

Access to the main chat room is included in all subscription levels.

However, you need to subscribe to a monthly or annual package to access the educational content, webinars, and the psychological team. But more on the pricing later in the Bearbulltraders review.

Ed Martin’s Chat Room Weekly Schedule

Besides the main chat room with daily live events, there is a separate chat room focusing on growing a small account. The room opens at 7:30 a.m. ET with live market scans. Ed Martin, the room moderator, shares his trading screen and trade ideas with subscribers.

The morning schedule includes:

  • Scanner streaming
  • Market analysis for day trading
  • Watchlist creation
  • Live trading sessions
  • Market recaps and even weekend market analysis with swing trade ideas
Bear Bull Traders Ed Martin chat room schedule

Class Room

The Bear Bull Traders Classroom is used for Monday’s onboarding sessions and weekly Trade Review sessions. They are independent of the content you stream within the chat rooms mentioned earlier.

Webinar Room

Besides the two chat rooms (main chat room + small account chat room) and classroom (for onboarding and trade reviews), there is also a webinar room.

Having separate rooms has a significant benefit. Subscribers can decide to participate in the educational webinars or stay in the trading chat room for live trading, stock screeners, and market comments within the Bear Bull Traders community.

The trading rooms are available all day long. You can chat with other traders and mentors. You can follow the moderators and look at their shared screen etc. The classroom is for onboarding and trade reviews. And finally, the webinar room is for educational webinars with Q&As. Beginners are well-advised to use the offered webinars. Everything from Technical Analysis, trading strategy development, exact trading plan definition and psychological aspects are covered.

  • Tuesday: Trading strategy and trading plan development with Michael and John
  • Wednesday: Trading psychology with Michael and Kenneth
  • Thursday: Mentorship with John and Thor
  • Friday: Cryptocurrency trading mentorship with Jerad
BBT webinars schedule

The following section covers all educational events with details about the content, schedule, and performance coaches.

Education Center

Traders with all experience levels, from new traders to professionals, will find valuable content within the education center. From stock trading, options trading, money management, and trading strategies to trading psychology and essential information on support and resistance and moving averages – as a member, you have access to excellent educational resources and the best day trading courses.

Education center structure:

  • Stock Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Replay Training
BearBullTraders education center

Stock Trading

Within the stock trading section, you find the

  • Essentials day trading course
  • Advanced day trading course
  • Webinars & mentorship videos
  • Video archives

Essentials Day Trading Course

The Essentials day trading course includes the following 8 classes:

  1. Introduction to day trading
  2. Trading tools and technology
  3. DAS Trader Pro setup
  4. Day trading strategies
  5. Stock selections
  6. Trading fundamentals
  7. Trading psychology
  8. Trading plan development
BBT Essentials day trading course

Each class consists of a minimum of one video. You need about 5 hours to watch all educational videos in this section, plus about one hour to watch the videos in the DAS Trader pro series.

Advanced Day Trading Course

The Advanced day trading course includes the following 8 classes:

  1. Starting a trading business
  2. Advanced trading plan development
  3. Bear Bull Traders trading strategies
  4. Risk and trade management
  5. Understanding Level II
  6. Advanced trading psychology aspects
  7. How to grow a small account video series
  8. Swing trading
Advanced Day Trading Course BBT

The advanced day trading course is remarkably more extensive than the Essential course. Each section covers the topic in detail with videos, downloadable course material etc.

Webinars & Mentorship Recordings and Archive

You can either enter the live sessions or watch webinar recordings in the archive within the education center. I counted 90 videos covering all kinds of trading relevant aspects with an in-depth explanation. I like the videos in the strategy section the most.

Options Trading

The second part of the education center is about options trading. Within the options center, you find an introduction to options trading, options trading essentials, options trading webinars and various downloads. In total, over 20 videos are available, covering basics, Greeks, strategies, trading platform handling, and more.

Replay Training

The replay training helps new traders get used to pre-market preparation by using the trading simulator replay functionality and watching specific trading strategies unfold. The Bear Bull Traders team provides the stock tickers, time stamps and catalysts. This way, you can see directly how a strategy works in a real market environment.


There are some more navigational elements, Downloads, DAS Simulator, DAS Pro for IB, Trade Ideas Scanner settings, and the Discord channel link. Users can also submit a Testimonial and can log out of the platform.

Bear Bull Traders Memberships


  • Live chatroom access from 9 a.m. EST – 4 p.m. EST
  • Education lessons in the category Essential


  • Live chatroom access from 9 a.m. EST – 4 p.m. EST
  • Education lessons in the category Essential
  • Education lessons in the category Advanced
  • Education center access in the category Options Trading
  • Weekly mentorship sessions and webinar access
  • Access to the psychology team (with the Elite Annual subscription)

Bear Bull Traders Price

The pricing of the Bear Bull Traders services is straightforward. All memberships come with a no-questions-asked 7-day money-back guarantee.

  • Basic Monthly Membership: $99 per month
  • Elite Monthly Membership: $199 per month (discount available)
  • Elite Annual Membership: $2,399 per year (discount available)

The monthly subscriptions auto-renew monthly and can be canceled at any time. The annual membership is paid in advance and automatically expires after 12 months. The terms of the subscriptions are transparent, and payments can be made via credit card or PayPal.

There is also an Intro 1-week access for $39 available. However, the amount of content for this subscription is very limited, and since all other plans come with a money-back guarantee, it makes more sense to start with the Basic or Elite subscription directly.

Bear Bull Traders Discount Code

You can save 20% on the Elite Monthly subscription by using the exclusive Bear Bull Traders discount code available to all readers and 50% on the Elite Annual subscription.

Bear Bull Traders Review Summary

Bear Bull Traders is an aspiring trading community where new traders find outstanding educational resources, learn how to day trade and communicate with other traders. Experienced traders moderate the trading room throughout the day, post their trades and support you in all aspects of trading.

Andrew Aziz and his team focus on day trading, but there are also swing-trading elements taught within the community. Insights to options trading and cryptocurrency trading are also offered. Futures trading and forex trading are currently not covered.

I like the overall concept. The mix of real-time market action, education, and support are well balanced. Moderators speak to you during market hours, some share their screen, and some show you their trading platforms with trade entries and exits. The tone is always friendly, and you can interact via chat with the community.

What Membership Is Best For Me

Trading psychology has a high priority at Bear Bull Traders, and some may ask if it is worth it to go with the Elite Plan. In my opinion, it is worth it, especially for beginners, since trading psychology is more important than any day trading strategy, and you also get access to the weekly mentorship and webinars.

If education is not that important to you, then the Basic Plan is the right decision. Here you find an overview about all available memberships.


  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • Real time streaming of Trade Ideas scans
  • Live market commentary
  • Watchlist, trade alerts and trade reviews available
  • Benzinga news integrated
  • Focus on high-liquid mid-cap stocks
  • Andrew Aziz and his team do a great job
  • Trading forum for active community discussions


  • On-site navigation is good but doesn’t feel perfect.

Best For

Bear Bull Traders is an excellent community for beginner traders looking for a helpful community and experienced mentors. Subscribers are well-supported by Andrew Azis and the BBT moderators with live trading and education.

Bear Bull Traders Alternatives

Bear Bull Traders alternatives are Warrior Trading by Ross Cameron and Humbled Trader by Shay Huang.

What is Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders is a community of traders and experienced trading mentors focusing on day trading education, live trading and strategies. Andrew Aziz founded Bear Bull Traders in 2016 and has belonged to the market-leading day trading communities.

Is Bear Bull Traders Free?

No. Bear Bull Traders is not free. Monthly subscriptions ranging from $99 to $199 and an annual subscription for $2,399 are available. Use the links within the review to apply a discount of 20%-50% Off.

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