How to Get Free Stocks

Since online brokers like Charles Schwab started offering commission-free trading, the fight for new clients comes into new dimensions. Statistics are important when registered brokerages have their earnings releases and when they talk on investor conferences. So it is not a big surprise that some new banks and brokers have created the best stock trading apps for their customers.

Free stocks are becoming more and more popular, and new clients can benefit by opening new accounts, installing investment apps on their mobiles, and all of this with a few clicks. So how exactly does it work and how to get free stocks quickly?

This wallet hack includes the most popular ones by companies being a member of FINRA, and with deposit insurance protection.

How to get Free Stocks

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1. Webull: Up $1,000

Webull has a fantastic growth story since they have launched their trading app. I have written an extensive Webull review because this app is that comprehensive, that just a short mention in this list would not be enough. Webull offers commission-free trading on mobile devices and via a desktop app.

New clients who open their account within 24 hours after registration, currently receive up to 2 stocks worth up to $1,000 each from Webull. You don't have to trade to unlock this bonus; you have to open the account and fund it with $100. So if you get lucky, then you get $1,000 for a $100 deposit. That's an immediate return of 1,000% within a few hours.

Even if you get a free stock for Apple Inc., then it has a current value of over $300 with a return on deposit of >300%. It's hard to find arguments not to making use of this offer.

The company behind the brand Webull is Webull Financial LLC, and their background can be checked on FINRA's BrokerCheck.

Deal Summary: You open an account and fund it with at least $100 within 24 hours, and you receive a free stock valued up to $1,000 from Webull. There are no other minimums, holding periods, or hidden requirements.

Click here to get your free shares from Webull worth up to $1,600

Robinhood - Up to $200

I bet you heard about Robinhood before. It is a well-known brokerage who probably initiated the current zero commissions initiative. Back in 2013, when Robinhood was founded, other brokerage houses laughed about his little company founded by two trading veterans. But these days it is clear that they disrupted the whole business.

Robinhood was the company that started giving away free stocks, and it is still possible to get them if you invite friends. Anyway, it is much harder to earn those free stocks, and they are valued from $2.50 up to $200.

Deal Summary: Open an account with Robinhood, invite friends to Robinhood and receive a stock worth up to $150. Based on my research, the average value of stocks received is $10. Pear year, you can earn up to $500 in free stocks from Robinhood.

Bonus info: Robinhood does currently offer the "Refer 3, Get 4" bonus. That means that if you refer three of your friends, then you receive four free stocks in return.

Either get your free stock now or proceed reading the Robinhood review here.

2: Stash Invest: StockBack Program

Stash Invest is the third on the list but utterly different from the two mentioned above. Webull and Robinhood are trading apps, while Stash Invest is more of a robo advisor. Their app helps you to save money, and they also offer some guidance on how to archive better savings. They were part of my best investing app list, but I took them off since they changed their pricing model to a monthly price of up to $9.

But they make it to this list because even with the lowest monthly rate of $1, new clients are eligible for their rewards program "Stock-BackĀ®" if you spend with their Stash debit card. How does it work? It's quite simple if you buy something from Amazon by using the Stash debit card, then you can be rewarded with an AMZN stock, which will be credited to your investment account. And even if the company where you spend your money is not a registered company, then you can receive a reward with a diversified fund.

Deal Summary: Long term users will automatically benefit from Stash's offer. We all spend money online, and if there is a free stock in return on the horizon, well, why not! There are some terms and conditions applied to this offer, so go on reading them directly on the Stash Invest website.

3. NVSTR: Up to $1,000

Is this a typo? Nope, not at all. The company we are talking about now is spelled correctly. NVSTR stands for iNVeSToR. Cool branding idea, IMO. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw your bonus for a year, and you also have to trade at least once within the first month, but you get free cash valued up to $1,000 in return.

NVSTR's motto is to Invest Better. Together. They want to make intelligent investing easier than you can think by providing access to their platform for free. This isn't something unique anymore since the brokerage business in the United States is full of free commission offers. But this randomly selected reward being worth up to $1,000 is interesting anyway.

NVSTR offers the world's first Nobel Price-winning portfolio allocation platform, where you can discover new stocks to diversify your portfolio.

Deal Summary: Nvstr joined the $0 minimum for live trading offers, provide simulated trading, and aim to become another main competitor to Robinhood. Different from Webull, this app is less for traders, but more for investors. Besides the trading minimum and withdrawal limit, new clients may also be required to link a valid bank account to the Nvstr app. The reward program rules are complex and should be read entirely before taking action.

Free Stock Summary

I know, I know, the list for companies where you can get free stocks and free trades within a brokerage account is short. But at least three of the companies mentioned give you a free share of stock, and with Webull, you can also withdraw your free shares of stock immediately. Limited Time Offer: 2 Free Shares from Webull Worth Up to $1,600

Independently from your attempt getting something for free here, it is crucial to understand that you start investing with the right intention. Just a free stock is not the best foundation to start even if you receive free shares of stock in return. You should trade stocks only if you understand how it works and what you do.

On the other side, if you are just looking for a great deal to make some serious cash fast, well, then Webull is probably the easiest way to go. Open an account, deposit $100, receive your free stock and close the account again. IMO that's unethical, but the potential reward is up to 1,000% and the time invested is negligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Robinhood Really Give Free Stock?

Yes, Robinhood gives away free stocks to new clients if you refer a friend. In return, you currently collect a reward of up to $150.

What's the Cheapest Way to Buy Stocks?

While this is an entirely different question, it is not even less important. The cheapest way to buy stocks is now by opening your brokerage account with one of being best-established brokerage houses like Charles Schwab, E*Trade, or TradeStation.

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Updated: February 12, 2020
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