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Market Rebellion by Jon and Pete Najarian offers a great range of trading courses and one-on-one coaching.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated June 22, 2023

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Unusual options activity based trades are popular among traders and investors. The team behind Market Rebellion developed UOA based strategies that they share with subscribers. But is it worth it to join? I’ve tested their most popular offering, Unusual Options Activity Essential and wrote the review to guide you through the service and explain what you can expect as a subscriber.

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market rebellion review

About Market Rebellion

Market Rebellion was founded by Ron Ianieri, Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian and Dirk Mueller-Ingrand in 2016 with the goal of helping individual investors navigate the financial markets (Until 2019, the service was hosted under the name Investitute).

The offered services range from trading courses and one-on-one coaching to trading ideas.

UOA Essential

market rebellion uoa essentials review

The Unusual Options Activity essential service helps traders with weekly trade ideas, live webinars, and access to the member forum identifying the most interesting unusual options activities.

Chief Options Strategist Ryan Mastro and Options Analyst Wayne Razzi lead the service and dedicate their attention to finding and filtering trade ideas before sharing them with subscribers.

The service focuses on moderate and intermediate options trading strategies like Debit Spreads and Long call/put trades.

Market Outlook Newsletter

At the beginning of the week, subscribers receive the comprehensive Unusual Options Activity Essential Newsletter. The newsletter contains various sections:

The Trading Desk section features specific unusual options trades that gained attention from the Market Rebellion team. It listed the date when the unusual options activity happened, the underlying stock symbol, the type of trade and insights into the sector and specific options activity. Those unusual activities are no buying or selling recommendations; they only reflect unusual options activity.

Within the Markets Overview section, readers find a market recap about the previous week, a list of earnings announcements of the week, notable market updates, economy insights, charts, seasonality graphs and key support and resistance levels for the major stock indices.

The Options School section completes the weekly newsletter and provides readers with helpful options-trading knowledge and guidance. Three examples are “Three rolling strategies every covered call writer must know,” “An easy way to put-call Parity,” and “The hidden danger of stock splits.”

Weekly Live Webinar

The Market Rebellion team hosts a live webinar every Tuesday at 11:00 am EST. The link and passcode can be found within each Unusual Options Activity Essential Newsletter. During the webinar, the Market Rebellion team combines unusual options order flow alerts with technical analysis. The analyzed options are mainly those mentioned in the Trading Desk section of the newsletter, but also new alerts that came out between the release of the newsletter and the webinar date.

One so-called “Idea of the Week” and some “Bonus Names” are finally picked during the webinar. The team suggests reading the Getting Started and Portfolio-and-Position Management sections first and practicing options trading using a paper trading account. This way, learning how to place the orders, manage the trades and make first experiences trading options is possible.

Live Broadcast

Within the member dashboard, there is more content available. From a list of the latest posts, the 3@3 Live broadcasts, member forum, and the getting started and portfolio and position management section can be found here. In addition, the Friday 5:00 pm Easter cocktail hour can be accessed, and members can report their performance and provide feedback or suggestions.


The UOA Essential membership costs $199, billed monthly or $995 annually. A 30-day money-back guarantee backs the annual subscription.

Market Rebellion Review Summary

Market Rebellion enables beginners to build targeted knowledge and take their first steps in the financial market. The offer includes a good mix of newsletters, webinars and tools.


  • Diversified offering
  • Monthly subscription plans are available
  • Free resources available
  • Archive of previous posts and recordings


  • No specific trade entries and exits with proven track records
  • More Market Rebellion Services

More Market Rebellion Services

My Market Rebellion review focuses on the UOA Essential and Crypto offers since I can access both. However, there are more Market Rebellion Trade Idea Services available, and the following lists show their names:

  • UOA Pro
  • UOA Elite
  • Rebel Weekly
  • TNT Options
  • Rebel Pit (Formerly TNT Options Pro)
  • RapidFire Charts
  • Oracle Hour
  • Options Oracle
  • Phoenix Portfolio
  • Smart Spreads
  • Equity Oracle
  • TBO
  • TBO Pro
  • Pete’s Covered Calls
  • The Crypto Room
  • Crypto Cue


How much does Market Rebellion cost?

The Market Rebellion subscription costs $199 with monthly payments or $995 with annual payments. The unusual options service renews at $199 per month or $995 per year.

Who are the founders of Market Rebellion?

Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian and Dirk Mueller-Ingrand are the co-founders of Market Rebellion. In 2016 they started their service under the brand Investitute and rebranded it to Market Rebellion in 2019.



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