TradingSim Review 2019

In May 2019, I published my first TradingSim review. I criticized mainly three things:

  • Lack of transparency regarding the subscription terms
  • Lack of clarity regarding the free trial terms
  • The minimum contract duration of at least 12 months

Sometimes things change in a fast way. And it is great to see when things turn to the better. And in terms of transparency, TradingSim made significant progress compared to the time when I published my first review.

What exactly happened before, and why did I increase my rating within weeks? Continue reading the TradingSim review to find out.

Tradingsim Review


What happened before?

On February 26th, Al Hill, Co-Founder of TradingSim, contacted me. I appreciated his kind words about and answered his email.

I offered him to audit their products and services. I also offered to come up with a TradingSim review.

I asked to provide free access to enable me to provide you information from an inside perspective. But I never heard back again.

For that reason, I decided to craft a review without inside perspectives. And yes, I’ve stumbled upon some things I didn’t like.

Continue reading the TradingSim review to learn more about the full story.

About TradingSim

Kunal Vakil and Al Hill founded back in 2001. Both started full-time trading in 2007.

With the stock market simulator TradingSim, you can access and replay market data 24 hours a day.

It is essential to understand that the core business idea is excellent.


Because a trading simulator will help you to learn to trade without putting your real money at risk.

Replay functionalities give you the chance to test trading strategies and to simulate your trades from anywhere anytime.

I share my personal opinion with you and always aim to provide as accurate as possible information.

Also, I always give providers the chance to provide free access to their products to write a review from an inside perspective.

TradingSim never agreed to this so far. However, there are some major improvements now.

I tell you what changed to the better and where I still see potential to the upside.

TradingSim Costs

How much does Tradingsim cost? ​The pricing model is easy to understand. You have to pay $297 per year for the equities trading bundle. Monthly subscriptions are not available.

In exchange for your money, you gain access to a good amount of historical data (500 trading sessions). Also, you can use all the functionalities TradingSim provides.

​This is definitely enough to replay hundreds of situations in the last years.

For example, if you like to replay earnings release reactions, then you can do so.

Alternatively, you can pay $297 per year for the futures trading bundle. Two years of historical futures data is available to simulate your trading strategies.

You can also combine the subscription for equities and futures trading for a yearly rate of $429.

Tradingsim Costs

TradingSim Improvement #1

As I mentioned earlier, I complained about the transparency regarding the payment terms.


​In my opinion, it was hard to understand that only yearly subscriptions where available.

Back in 2017, the subscription page looked like this:

Tradingsim Sign-up

It was clear what happened after the free trial. Later things changed. Until the time when I published my first TradingSim review, the subscriptions page looked like this:

TradingSim Subsciption Terms

I was negative on the fact that the transparency lacked. But today I have great news. TradingSim improved transparency regarding the payment terms significantly.

In my first TradingSim review, I wrote “Would it hurt to mention the yearly payment term here? No!“

Now, transparency couldn’t be better. It would be great to see if other providers would go similar ways!

TradingSim Subsciption Terms Improvements

TradingSim Stock Market Simulator 7-Day Trial

Here is another cool improvement. Until May/June 2019 TradingSim provided a 7-day free trial. The tricky thing was that it was not that clear that the 7-day free trial changed into a yearly subscription after 7 days.

And this is the second major improvement I can see now.

Yes, you now have to pay $1 for the trial period. So actually it is not free anymore.

But $1 for a 7-day trial is completely fine, and as you can see in the picture above, now you even clearly see ​when your ​7-day period ​ends.

That’s amazing, and again, it would be great if other providers would be as transparent in this belonging like TradingSim.

TradingSim Review Summary

I am still of the opinion that I only published true facts about TradingSim that were existing at the particular moment during the first review period in May 2019. ​Some things I noticed that I felt were more of a disadvantage for clients.

Things now definitely changed to the better. And my two main concerns do not exist any longer.

Instead of hard to understand subscription terms, TradingSim is now a great example of how transparent subscription terms can be. It would be great if other providers would improve the same positive way.

It is a good thing to practice stock trading before trading with real money. And TradingSim is one of the tools that provide market replay capabilities.

There is one thing I still don’t like. Only yearly subscriptions are available. You cannot pay on month by month basis.

And as you know from my other reviews, I am not a big fan of yearly subscriptions.

However, you have seven days to test TradingSim inside out. And I recommend you to do so. It is up to you to use the trial period as ​intensive as possible.

Be consequent if you realize that TradingSim is not for you.

And if you fall in love with it?

Hey, then paying the yearly TradingSim subscription fee is definitely worth it.


Because your real money stays safe in your checking account while you practice day trading or swing trading.

My recommendation

Have a look at Trade Ideas artificial intelligence based stock screener. You can use their historical signal tracking to simulate those signals in your TradingSim account under real market conditions.

Also, you can connect Trade Ideas with Interactive Brokers​ paper trading account by using their API.

Trading Sim Alternatives

TradingSim is not the only product available, offering market replay functionalities.

I cannot say if TradingSim is the best stock trading simulator or not since I never had the opportunity to test it myself. Here is a list with some other day trading software tools and stock trading simulators:

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Is TradingSim a Scam?

​No, TradingSim is not a scam at all. ​Transparency is now definitely a strength. Also, they do not focus on selling you the dream of becoming rich overnight. TradingSim's focus is to provide you a comfortable way to test and simulate. I like that.

Updated: June 19, 2019