9 Best Yahoo Finance Alternatives

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When looking for the best Yahoo Finance API alternatives, you are likely disappointed by Yahoo Finance functionalities, design or pricing.

No matter what your reason is to search for alternatives, we’ll get you covered by providing insights to:

  • Yahoo Finance Plus alternatives for stock market news, charts and technical analysis
  • Yahoo Finance alternatives for systematical backtesting of trading strategies
  • Yahoo Finance API alternatives for raw market data downloads

Now, let’s discover the best alternatives to Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance Alternatives

1. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is the best Yahoo Finance alternative overall, and the go-to place for investors, and with over 20 million monthly visitors, by far more popular than Yahoo Finance. From stock market news to trade ideas, analysis and education to charting and fundamental analysis, Seeking Alpha serves investors with everything they need.

Most of the content is freely available. In addition, the Seeking Alpha Premium Plan comes with advanced features like Quant Ratings, Wall Street consensus price targes, SA Author Ratings, and more features like ratings, dividend grades, company fundamentals, and SEC filings. In addition, it is possible to use advanced charts, read earnings transcripts, compare companies to peers and connect brokerage accounts for reporting and analysis purposes.

Everything comes on a well-designed platform for desktop use, iOS and Android, with easy-to-understand navigational elements and help guides.

2. Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is an all-in-one web-based SAS solution for traders and investors looking for financial research, data downloads, real-time news feeds, live audio squawk, interactive charting capabilities and a trader chat room in one place. It is an excellent alternative to Yahoo Finance in terms of real-time news coverage and fundamental analysis.

Benzinga Pro is considered one of the fastest retail news feeds with implemented keyword search, custom filters, and sentiment indicators that help understand the potential impact of specific news.

It can be used for the U.S. stock and options markets. The platform is ultra-fast includes extensive data and tools.

Having that many features also has its price. While Yahoo Finance Plus is available at $350 annually, Benzinga Pro usually costs $1,997 per year.

3. EOD Historical Data

EOD Historical Data is the go-to place for market data downloads and the best alternative to Yahoo Finance API solutions. 700,000,000+ financial data points are available right now. They provide 30+ years of historical data and 20+ years of fundamental data, including 70+ stock exchanges, cryptocurrencies, and forex pairs. ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds are also supported.

Data for:

  • 150,000 Ticker symbols
  • 20,000+ Exchange traded Funds
  • 600+ Indices
  • 1,100+ Forex Pairs

Most of their data comes from Nasdaq Basic API and 14 other data sources.

The most expensive package is only $49.99 per month and comes with 100,000 API requests per day, the entire EOD data, fundamental data, bonds datasets, options data, splits and dividends information. This package gives subscribers access to all data.

For $19.99 per month, you can access 60+ stock exchanges, indexes, and forex pairs with 100,000 API requests per day. In addition, students save another 50% if they contact support before making a purchase. Therefore, EOD Historical Data is a good Yahoo Finance replacement.

EOD Historical Data offers an awesome knowledge base with clearly structured documentation on how to use the API.

Other services like Alphavantage, Nasdaq Data Link and Intrinio provide similar offers, but EOD Historical Data, you get the best return on the investment.

4. Quantpedia

Quantpedia is an encyclopedia of quantitative and algorithmic trading strategies. The team behind Quantpedia turns academic research into a real trading advantage. They already identified 600+ trading systems by reading tens of thousands of financial research papers and turning those learnings into ideas for trading strategies.

The available strategies range from trend following and market timing strategies to stock picking and asset allocation models for equities, bonds, forex and commodities.

Using Quantpedia is best for retail traders and institutional investors looking for a shortcut. Instead of spending hours downloading, sampling and testing data, you directly access the best strategies that great minds came up with – well researched, tested, quantified, and well documented.

Benefits for subscribers:

  • Access to premium trading ideas with performance graphs, links to academic papers, and strategy description
  • 400+ out-of-sample backtests with statistics and equity curves
  • Advanced charts and unrestricted strategy screener access

Quantpedia premium costs $349 for 3 months, $499 for 12 months, or $999 for 36 months.

5. Alphavantage

Alphavantage was composed by a tight-knit community of business professionals, researchers, and engineers. By now, Alpha Vantage Inc. is a leading provider of various free APIs. Using the API enables you to gain access to historical and real-time stock data, FX-data, and cryptocurrency data.

With Alphavantage, you can perform up to 5 free API-requests per minute. The maximum free requests per day are limited to 500. This way, the server-side performance for all users is excellent. You need to get a premium API key to process more API-request. Witch such a premium plan, you have no daily limits, and you can cancel anytime.

API Requests per Minute Monthly Fee
30 $29.99
120 $49.99
300 $99.99
600 $149.99
1200 $249

Intraday and end-of-day data are available, but only historical data. Stock, forex and cryptocurrency data feeds with 50+ technical indicators and global coverage are accessible. Unfortunately, there is no official contact information available on their website. Also, the Excel Add-on comes as a .exe installation file and not as visible copyable source code. You need to directly connect your favorite tool via Stock APIs in JSON with the API-key to avoid using an installer.

6. Nasdaq Data Link

Nasdaq Data Link is a centralized and powerful cloud-based technology platform. The platform is built for accessibility with extensive documentation and integrations in tools like Excel, R and Python. Users have access to 250+ trusted data sets by using an API.

Over 650,000 traders, institutions and organizations already trust in Nadaq’s data.

Is Nasdaq Data Link a great alternative to Yahoo Finance API? Yes. It is an outstanding product for institutional investors.

7. Intrinio

Intrinio is the 5th alternative to Yahoo Finance API. Intrinio’s mission is to use market data to empower innovators to define the future of finance. Their proprietary XBRL Sandardizer utilizes machine learning algorithms for an automated mapping process to archive 99.8% accurate data before human review.

The Intrinio website changed, and while they previously also offered their data to private investors, they now focus on fintech, financial institutions, public companies, and startups. Businesses can request a consultation to learn more about their fundamental data, market data, and SEC datasets. There is no official pricing available on their website anymore, but I’d consider that the price tag is high.

8. Coinranking

Coinranking is the best crypto API alternative to Yahoo Finance. The Coinranking API adds cryptocurrency prices from coins like BTC or DOGE to the user applications and websites by utilizing the Coinranking streaming service.

The optimal operational performance, high availability and low latency of the network with auto-connect features make the platform an excellent choice for crypto data analysis.

Coinranking adds rich metadata to the coins listed on the platform with social links, block explorers, sparklines and circulating supplies.

Unlimited API requests are included in the Pro-version, which is available at $50 per month or $500 per year. The pro version supports over 10,000 coins, 200+ crypto exchanges, 180+ fiat currencies, community access and email support. In addition, minute data, historical price data, cross-origin resource sharing and real-time prices (beta), and OHLC endpoints (beta) are also available.

9. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas provides an integrated backtest engine and enables traders to backtest new strategies within seconds and with a few mouse clicks. There is no need to download any data or to write code. Instead, the trading strategies can be defined using over 500 integrated filters and trade alerts. Once selected, you push the backtest button and wait a couple of seconds for the result. The performance reports provide:

  • All trade executions.
  • Insights into the best possible trading strategy results.
  • Clues about optimizing opportunities for the best results.

Traders can fully automate trading strategies with flexible order routing and connect brokerage accounts like E*Trade and Interactive Brokers.

All data points are stored on lightning-fast servers. The data comes directly from stock exchanges like Nasdaq and NYSE.

On top of that, traders can scan for the trading strategies like the gap and go strategy. Its also possible to scan for low float stocks, high relative volume, and many other day trading strategies. Various trading indicators and chart types are also available.

Such extensive capabilities have their price. The subscription of Trade Ideas Pro costs $2,268 per year or $228 per month.

The Best Alternative to Yahoo Finance API

Twenty years ago, Yahoo Finance was one of the best free sources for stock market news, charts and data. But today, there are powerful tools out there that can do much more in less time.

It is no longer needed to work through hundreds of pages of API documentation, write hundreds of lines of code per day or do manual backtesting. Instead, tools do all the tremendous work for the investor.

Yahoo Finance API History

The free Yahoo Finance API has long been a reliable data source for many investors. Back in May 2017th, Yahoo decided to shut down the Yahoo Finance API finally. And even before this step, the Yahoo Finance API was changed frequently.

I used it for a long time to export a vast amount of historical data for stocks. I’ve built various day trading systems and data models with this data.

It was so simple. You entered a stock symbol:

Selected “Historical Prices”:

And at the very bottom of the table was a link to download a spreadsheet with all the data in it.

While Yahoo Finance is still one of the best stock research websites, the API is not working to the same extent as it did before. Meanwhile, providing historical stock data has become a business model for some companies. And also, some trading tools offer free stock market data and APIs with download functionality.


What is the best alternative to Yahoo Finance?

Sites like SeekingAlpha.com, Benzinga.com and Investing.com are excellent alternatives to Yahoo Finance for market news and research. Our top 5 list includes the best options for market data and API requests.

Is Yahoo Finance discontinued?

No. Yahoo Finance is still available. It is one of the most frequently used Yahoo features and is available via https://finance.yahoo.com/. However, the Yahoo Finance API is not as comprehensive anymore. This article lists the best alternatives for trading, charting, analysis and raw data.