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Trade Ideas vs TradingView: which trading tool wins the race? This comparison details all functionalities, costs, discounts and usability.

Alexander Voigt

By Alexander Voigt | Updated October 17, 2023

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Trade Ideas and TradingView are two premium trading services websites that offer a comprehensive array of features such as stock screening, advanced charting capabilities, chat rooms, and specific trade recommendations.

Both websites are geared toward serving the needs of very experienced traders who prefer to manage their investment portfolios personally. They also offer a wealth of trading education resources to help novice traders become very advanced and independent traders. That’s especially true for Trade Ideas.

In this article, we’ll examine these two trading resources in detail, comparing the features that each respectively offers, noting the particular strengths of each platform, and, of course, running down the pricing for you.

About Trade Ideas

trade ideas

Trade Ideas was created by a couple of fintech entrepreneurs who wanted to serve the growing market of self-directed investors who preferred managing their own investments rather than paying for the services of a portfolio manager or registered investment advisor (RIA). The rise in popularity of day trading was accompanied by an increase in the number of investors charting their own course.

Trade Ideas offers plenty of research and analysis tools, but its claim to fame is the trade recommendations generated from its proprietary artificial intelligence (A.I.) program. It bills itself as providing “The most advanced investing tools helping all levels of investors make better market decisions.”

About TradingView


TradingView describes itself as “a charting platform and social network”. Its two-pronged focus is, thus, on (A) its charting services and (B) its social community of traders.

TradingVIEW (emphasis added) is a good name for the site, as its charting software is its most noteworthy feature – so good that it’s licensed by many brokerage firms. I’ve personally written dozens of articles on trading referencing to TradingView because TradingView makes it so easy to illustrate whatever I want to on a chart, whether it’s the use of a particular technical analysis indicator or a price action pattern.

Trade Ideas vs TradingView – Stock Screener and Stock Charts

These two companies offer many of the same services to traders but with different relative strengths in their services.

Both websites offer stock scanners and outstanding charting platforms with the ability to apply dozens of technical indicators, chart across multiple timeframes, set trading alerts, and bring up market news and data relevant to the security being charted with just a mouse click.

Overall, TradingView’s charts offer substantially more indicators and custom features – such as the ability to import custom indicators designed by members of TradingView’s extensive social network community.

Both the Trade Ideas platform and TradingView platform offer users a variety of news and education resources. Because TradingView covers more financial markets, it provides a significantly larger quantity of market news and data.

However, one thing to note is that real time market data is included in the Trade Ideas subscription price. TradingView provides free delayed data and charges an extra fee on top of the subscription for every stock exchange where real-time data is needed.

Outstanding Trader Education Resources

Trade Ideas wins the trader education resources competition handily – offering “Get Started” videos, ongoing live trading training classes, and even the opportunity to set up one-on-one education sessions with an investment professional at Trade Ideas. There are several “Daily Support Sessions” online, where traders can ask questions about how to use TI’s services, or about specific trading ideas.

TI subscribers have access to a live trading room from 9-3:30 on trading days. The room is hosted by Barrie Einarson, who lets attendees watch him place real-money day trades or swing trades in his personal trading account.

Want more? TI also hosts daily trading webinars and offers members access to a 36-module complete stock trading course that goes all the way from “What’s a Stock?” to artificial intelligence trading. Members can also browse an extensive online library of eBooks, articles, and videos that cover every aspect of stock trading.

Both websites offer traders the ability to place trades with brokers directly from their respective charting platforms. Because it covers more trading markets, TradingView offers more direct broker connections – about half a dozen, including forex broker, Oanda, and futures broker, Ironbeam. Trade Ideas currently only provides direct connections for placing stock trades with two brokerage firms.

Trade Ideas Unique Features

Just to give you an idea of how high-end Trade Ideas’ features are, its stock scanner and other products were originally created to be marketed to hedge funds and portfolio managers. Although the company has since shifted its focus to primarily serving independent retail traders, many of its clients are still investment advisors or professional asset managers.

Artificial Intelligence Trading

TI’s flagship proprietary product is its artificial intelligence program that generates trade recommendations. The A.I. program is comprised of dozens of trading algorithms that analyze more than a million possible trading scenarios every day to provide traders with the best trade setups for the next stock market session.

Backtest Trading Strategies

TI’s “Oddsmaker” is a proprietary backtesting program that can backtest the performance of technical indicator trading signals, a trading strategy, and even specific stock screens.

Trade Ideas’ top-line A.I. trader – “Holly” – gives traders specifically, statistically weighted market entry trading signals, along with proposed trade exit points based on various levels of risk.

An interesting TI charting feature is “Compare Count,” which shows the comparative performance of two different trading strategies in real-time.

The Ultimate Stock Screener

Trade Ideas’ stock scanner is simply second-to-none. In addition to enabling traders to customize stock screens for endless variables, the program comes pre-loaded with 40 stock scans. They are categorized as bullish, bearish, or neutral – including scans such as “Unusual Social Mentions” that shows stocks garnering the largest social media attention on websites such as, Reddit, and Twitter.

Other pre-configured scans to choose from are “Stocks under $20 that are moving up fast”, stocks “Down Big Yesterday, Up Big Today,” and stocks evidencing “Bullish Candlestick Patterns.”

TI also lets you keep dozens of stock screens running throughout the trading day, automatically refreshing every few seconds. TradingView offers a similar but slightly less robust scanner features.

TradingView Unique Features


The look of TradingView’s home page instantly clues you in on the fact that its focus is on market news and charting rather than on specific trade recommendations. However, it does offer “Editors’ Picks” and articles on publicly traded companies that are essentially evaluations of the company’s stock. You could easily spend the day on TradingView’s website just reading news stories relevant to trading opportunities you’re considering.

Social Trading

TradingView notes that its online community enables you to connect with and learn from millions of other traders worldwide. You can also share your thoughts, trade ideas and trading theories and get valuable feedback from fellow traders.

The TradingView community is a source of trade ideas that range from specific trade recommendations to explanations of complex trading strategies that come complete with custom technical indicators.

TradingView also notes that its social networking community can be a valuable resource for individuals seeking careers in the financial services sector.

More Than Just a Stocks

While Trade Ideas strictly focuses on the stock market, TradingView also covers the commodity, forex, bond, and cryptocurrency markets. In addition to its stock screener and heat map, it also offers forex and cryptocurrency screeners and a crypto heat map.

TradingView’s stock screener is excellent, offering flexibility and various angles of analysis – it’s just not quite the equal of TI’s stock scanner.

One thing that TradingView has that TI doesn’t is a mobile app. However, Trade Ideas for Web can be used anywhere on any device by utilizing the browser of your operating system.

Both programs have a downloadable desktop program that offers the largest selection of features. The desktop installations are beneficial for day traders who need market data transmitted as fast as possible or if automated trading algorithms are used.

Advanced Charting Platform

In the end, TradingView stands out, literally, for the views that it offers with its incomparable list of charting tools. No other charting platform provides all of the following:

  1. More than 100,000 technical indicators
  2. More than 50 drawing tools
  3. Recognition/Alerts of Candlestick Formations
  4. Its own programming language – PineScript – to easily create indicators with


Trade Ideas Pricing

Trade Ideas offers a standard membership for $1,068 annually or $118 monthly and a premium membership for $2,268 or $228 monthly. (Paying annually saves you several hundred dollars.) There’s also a free membership, but that only gets you one “trade of the week.”

Both paid TI memberships offer access to all the training and considerable educational resources, the stock scanner, the charting platform, and real-time streaming trade ideas.

The major extras the premium membership offers are access to TI’s artificial intelligence stock picks, the Oddsmaker backtesting software, and the ability to do automated trading through TI’s direct brokerage connections like Interactive Brokers.

Trade Ideas Pro Costs: Standard vs Premium
Regular Price Standard Plan Premium Plan
Monthly Payments $118 $228
Annual Payments $999 $1.999

The table below is always linked to the best possible discount. You can save a minimum of 15% Off of your first Trade Ideas subscription. Often, the discount increases to 25%.

Payments and Discounts Trade Ideas Standard Trade Ideas Premium
Monthly 15%-25% Off 15%-25% Off
Annual 15%-25% Off 15%-25% Off
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Trading View Pricing

Trading View offers three membership levels – Pro plan, $14.95 a month; Pro+ plan, $29.95 a month; and Premium plan, $59.95 a month. The major difference between the membership levels lies in the number of indicators you can load onto a chart and the number of alerts you can set up.

Both platforms offer a free trial – 14 days with Trade Ideas, 30 days with TradingView. You can also usually find a discount coupon that will get you a 10-25% discount on the subscription price for either service.

How do I get a discount on TradingView and how to get tradingview pro for free?

  1. Click here and try any pro version 30 days for free
  2. You receive a few discount offers during the free trial with savings up to 25%
  3. Chancel your free trial before it gets converted to a paid membership
  4. Wait a bit until you receive the 50% discount offer
  5. Enjoy

TradingView vs Trade Ideas Summary: Which is Better?

Both TradingView and Trade Ideas are high-end platforms designed to serve active, self-directed investors. There’s not really a “better” or “worse” – it’s more just a question of what type of trader you are.

Trade Ideas is best if you’re an active stock trader who likes using detailed and flexible stock scans. TI is also a great choice for investors who believe in the ability of A.I. algorithms to identify the best trading opportunities. TI’s extensive stock trading educational resources may also be a draw for you.

TradingView is best if you trade multiple financial markets globally, rather than just stocks, and primarily rely on fundamental analysis derived from extensive research. It will also appeal to you if you particularly enjoy “social trading” and if creating incredibly complex price charts is your favorite thing to do in the world.


Do help tools like Trade Ideas and TradingView to make money in the stock market?

Yes. The Trade Ideas and TradingView stock screeners and brokerage account APIs enable day traders to day trade more efficiently. In addition, extensive charting capabilities are essential to swing traders.

Is TradingView good for beginners?

Yes. TradingView is good for beginners. The free version offers multiple helpful charting capabilities, stock scanner functionalities and free delayed data. Thus, it is a good choice for beginners.

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