Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Company news like earnings announcements, merger agreements, stock splits, and analyst comments cause market volatility and some of the most substantial price moves. provides stock market analysis since 1993, and the Briefing In Play feature is the most popular live market coverage service provided. This review detailes the features and illustrates why it is one of the best stock news apps.


Mr. D. Green graduated from Harvard in 1979 and founded back in 1992. About 30 years later, the company has offices in Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, and New York, with 40 employees providing stock market comments and analysis. In Play Review

Briefing In Play keeps traders and investors informed of the important news event by filtering out the market noise and only reporting that news that may drive the market.

Briefing In Play includes:

  • Live market coverage.
  • In-depth market analysis.
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Custom alert and portfolio functionalities.
  • Various calendars.

It is the basic market coverage service provides and the most popular way to get started.

Live analysis and Commentary

The Live In Play stream is web-based and updates automatically. Access via the mobile app is also possible. You log in to your account at, select “Live In Play .” The news stream is straight to the point and provides all news events with a timestamp, a link to the related stock symbol, a bold headline with the stock price and change, and some detailed information. live in play

There are two special notifications within the live stream:

WRAPX: WRAPX is a market summary special where you get a brief summary about the most important news before market open, midday and aftermarket.

SCANX: Notable earnings and guidance movers are mentioned in this section with stock symbols and price change in %. in play market news In Play is fast, accurate and easy to use. It is faster than free services like Yahoo Finance and advantageous for day traders to analyze the causation of a stock price movement.

Features Market Update

The stock market update includes overseas market activities, bread U.S. news, and key economic releases twice per hour. In a brief summary, you are updated about the most important things that happened and caused market movements. Notable earnings, NYSE Adv/Dec, FED- and FOMC updates and much more news are covered. I don’t use that feature frequently, but it is included in the lowest subscription model. Earnings Calendar

Now we come to a pretty cool feature. The earnings calendar is one of the best. You can see all the stocks with earnings today before the open and after the close in a clearly arranged table with:

  • Stock symbol
  • Company name
  • Conference call details and links to the webcast live and replay
  • Earnings consensus
  • Year ago earnings
  • Consensus revenue

Once the earnings and revenue details are released, the columns

  • Actual earnings per share
  • Actual revenue
  • Year to year revenue

get updated fast, along with earnings guidance updates. earnings calendar

If you enter your favorite stock symbol in the field Quick Search, the full history of earnings is displayed. This is an impressive feature! You see the earnings date with a pre-market and after hours categorization and key figures like actual earnings per share, estimates, revenue etc.

More Calendars

The earnings calendar is only one of many. There are various other calendar views available. Here is a full list:

  • Upgrades / downgrades
  • Earnings / revenue
  • Earnings by sector
  • Earnings guidance
  • Economic calendar
  • Events calendar
  • Conference schedules
  • Stock split calendar
  • IPO calendar
  • Stock index calendar
  • Same store sales

To me, the streaming live- market coverage, market flow and rumors, along with the syndicate coverage within the In Play feature, are the most important ones.

There are two more subscriptions available, Briefing In Play Plus and Briefing Trader.

Those subscriptions include some more features like institutional market summaries and trading idea generation information for

  • Emerging growth stocks,
  • Momentum stock setups,
  • Options strategies,
  • Intermarket analysis and more.

Briefing Trader includes swing trading calls, day trading calls, and a trader audio live stream.

Benzinga vs Briefing is a competitor to Benzinga Pro. If you compare Benzinga vs Briefing, you will notice that they are entirely different. is a news-only service. No charting, no fancy stuff. is fast, provides excellent market news coverage and focuses on bringing the latest news as fast as possible to subscribers.

Benzinga Pro is an all-in-one solution with market scanners, charting and a live audio squawk. Benzinga streames the news with original content from the Benzinga Pro news desk with press releases, breaking moves, analyst ratings, fundamentals, IPOs, M&A deals and more. But in the end, Benzinga Pro and are entirely different products with different audiences.

Those interested in fast news and market updates only, consider, while traders looking for an all-in-one solution with additional features like charting comprehensive security snapshots, SEC filings and balance sheets, consider taking a closer look at Benzinga Pro.

And here is the cool thing if you are interested in Benzinga vs Briefing comparisons. Both services provide a free trial. So if you are undecided whether to join Benzinga or, try both and make your well-informed decision after testing it. Subscription Rates

The subscription rates include three different subscription options:

  • Briefing In Play
  • Briefing In Play Plus
  • Briefing Trader

You can test all of them by using a free trial. subscription rates

Unfortunately, is not that transparent regarding the pricing. You don’t have a chance to get the information about the pricing before giving them your data. This is a bit frustrating, and I think that new customers would highly appreciate more transparency.

I wanted to make the subscription rates part of my review and researched the current rates for you. The table below includes the standard subscription rates. Please note that various promotions are available with discounts for annual plans. Subscription Rates Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Briefing Investor $60 $600
Briefing Trader $240 $2.400

With the highest discount I found, Briefing Investor was available for $60 per month and $600 annually. To me, it is worth it, but ultimately it depends on your personal preferences and trading style.

The free trial is the best way to get started. Interestingly, it seems that the free trial is now not only 14 days, but it is now until the end of a month. So if you start the free trial at the beginning of a new month, you may have free access for 1 full month. Review Summary In Play is a great real-time market news feature with broad market coverage, insights, market analysis and fundamentals. The platform is easy to use and straightforward.

The pricing is a bit intransparent, and you have to leave your email address first before you can see the cost. That could be done better. Discounts are mentioned on their site, and one should use them while signing up for the free trial. This way, a discount is given once the free trial converts to a paying subscription.

The main competitors to are and Hammerstone Markets. I used all of those services, and currently, I’m using Hammerstone Markets since they appear to be the fastest.


  • Good news feed
  • Comprehensive earnings data history
  • Three subscription options


  • Pricing not transparently mentioned on their site
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Alexander Voigt is the founder of DayTradingZ, was a regular contributor to Benzinga and has been featured and quoted on leading financial websites such as,, Business Insider and Forbes.
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