18 Cool Things to Collect That Might Even Make You Rich

Each one of us is a collector – of dreams, memories and objects. While collections inside your head is an interesting hobby to cultivate, they don’t feel solid between your fingers and don’t bring in the money – unless you are a writer peddling ideas and selling dreams.

The third collection of ‘articles’, though, is tangible and might be worth many times more money too. You can get a great store of endearing and even expensive items that add to your happiness, prestige and bank account. Some interesting people collect weird things – like toilet seat covers, chocolate wrappers and slugs. But normal people – presuming you and I are normal – collect whatever makes them happy.

Cool things to collect

Cool Things to Collect that are Worth Money


If you are a book-lover – and you most probably are if you were born in an earlier century and millennium – you can start with classics. Haunting pavement sales, shops, or even attic rooms of old ladies in small towns helps. Feel the yellowing pages and smell a lovely world of another era and time.

Some might even have the signature of the author. And that would bring you a fortune too. That is if you are willing to part with the book for a bulge in your bank account.


Lovely bits of silver and brass look very good in your special corner and make you look good too. They also give you a great degree – of being a ‘numistmat’.

That’s a powerful label to add to your name, isn’t it? One or two of these coins might even give you another degree – of being a ‘millionaire’. It’s definitely one of the best things to collect for the future. Coins also belong to the best items to flip.

Paper money

These are pieces of currency that might seem worthless when you look at the denomination – just one dollar or euro. But they are priceless when you finger them and remember the countless fingers from other countries that touched and felt them.

The face of the great personality who is stamped on the note, the images, a bit of the script in a different colour – all these transport you to a country that you might never visit. And someday, if someone demonetizes the amount or it goes out of circulation, you might be holding a note that is half a million times worth the number printed on it.


Stamp collectors themselves seem ancient. They existed in the last millennium of the postage era, but if you were one of those antique collectors when you were a child, you don’t need to give up now.

Fingering each stamp lovingly and understanding its history as well as historical, socio-political and ecological background teaches you a lot. And again, you might probably be sitting on a fortune. Stamps could definitely be among the cool things to collect from each state.


These small, intricately woven bits of metal that make you look beautiful – or just look beautiful by themselves are great things to collect that will be worth money in the future. You got some of them from your parents, or in-laws, or friends. You bought a few that made you enjoy just opening your cupboard and looking at them under the light.

This is one collectible that every human would have at least some pieces of. So they can never be cheap, because the sheer metal keeps shooting up in value.

Antique furniture

Why is this cool? Because it looks beautiful in your house, has great utility value and can boost your bank account if a trained assessor finds that your furniture might really be a treasure chest of sorts. Antique furniture is one of the greatest cool things to collect.

Cool Things to Collect


This gets a nod only if you belong to that category – the wealthy one. If you are the second brother-in-law of Bill Gates’ fifth cousin you might still like to dabble in this, so go ahead. You get some great times inside an old, beautiful Rolls Royce or Dodge if you have a passion. Apart from making you wealthier than you already are, it makes you understand more about the cool things to collect.


How about vintage glasses and cups that give your bar a gloss and make your room look beautiful? It’s all about looking classy as well as picking up the best cool things to collect from all over the world.


These are interesting bits of history too – but violent ones. Don’t deny it. Weren’t we all born kicking, and didn’t every person build up his race and community with a Knife? But these objects vary from country to country. So it would help to collect a lot of them to understand what made knives nation builders, why and how.

Hang all the knives on a wall, label its name, country and history below each one and watch your guest list grow. There would be a number of visitors fascinated by this wall in your house and acknowledge that you really know all about the cool things to collect.


This could be a musical journey through space and time. Get your hands on a vinyl player, listen to oldie goldies that fill your life with light and sound, and listen to Harry Belafonte or Beatles through the medium they used to hear themselves.

Will they always fetch you a fortune? Not always. Still, they are valuable for just the intangible worth of the songs. And sometimes, if an old song suddenly becomes a new hit, your vinyl would be a new hit too and a great addition to the cool things to collect.

CDs and DVDs

It would astonish you to remember that CDs and DVDs have slipped into the ‘classics’ category too in the league of gramophone records! Collecting them makes you relive memories as you stack them in your cupboard as some of the Cool things to collect.

Also Add These Items to Your Own ‘Things People Collect’ List

Feathers (in case you want some free things to collect)

Collecting bits of life is a lovely hobby, at least for avian lovers who like to feel the silky touch of skin and hair between their fingers. Feathers of different colours, textures and sizes are a great way of learning, absorbing and feeling something totally removed from this world. Start with the most common birds – crows, sparrows – provided they are still common.

Go on to the rarer birds, but be careful about some threatened ones. If the feather belongs to an endangered species, you might join that species if you don’t take permission.

Rocks and crystals (one of the cool things to collect while traveling)

There are lots of gems in nature that look good and sometimes cost a lot too. You can settle for the rocks and crystals that shoot up your worth as a collector.

You get some basic sandstones, then limestones and then volcanic glass. Get some kind of kit that will help you to find out what you have identified and added to your collection.

Are they expensive? Then you are in luck. By the way, if a crystals turns out to be a diamond, then it can help you to become a millionaire.

Comic books (could be best among the 100 small things to collect)

Comics might not have been worth that much when they were first written, but could now be suddenly worth a fortune if they stir someone’s memories and help them to get tearful about their childhood.

Meanwhile, they give you and your children some great times too. So invest in some laughable and happy times through comic book collections.

Action figures (cool things to collect for guys)

These small and interesting figurines or characters look dynamic. They help you to project your feelings of assertiveness or aggression on bits of polyurethane and plastic, or maybe they look like volatile and angry people trapped inside artificial material. Still, you can think of them to be objects of desire and aspiration among the cool things to collect.

Dolls (cool things to collect for girls)

You had great times with those plastic, or cloth contraptions when you were a child. But did you know that you can have great times with them when you are an adult too?

These dolls can be collectibles that add to your hours of happiness as well as make-believe world. So you can dive into those lovely dolls from Slovakian countries, or Africa, or Indian villages and put them to sleep – when no one is looking of course! And someday, a doll might be worth a fortune if it adds to someone else’s happiness.

Keys (if you want tiny things to collect)

Now why keys? Aren’t there a number of rusted keys of your own that you would like to junk? Yes, but then there are a number of old, unique keys made of metal, mostly steel, that look good and last long, so they are among the Cool things to collect. Moreover, they don’t cost much, but just make for nice shots in your Instagram account.

Trains (among cool things to collect while traveling)

Catch the nearest train to travel to the place where you want to pick up your latest model in miniature. Or just get it online. This is a serious, fun cool thing to collect that takes you through time travel – back to your childhood.

Finally, now that you know all about the cool or nerdy things to collect, you can pat yourself on the back as you too are one of them. You are among a cool collection of global collectors.

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