Hammerstone Markets Review

Hammerstone Markets delivers instant news and analysis within their FINRA compliant messaging platform. Until a few months ago, their platform was primarily available to institutions, portfolio managers, and hedge funds.

Now retail traders can utilize the power of Hammerstone Markets news feed to have an edge trading the markets. The real-time news feed fascinated me from day one, and in this Hammerstone Markets review, I will explain in detail why.

hammerstone markets review

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About Hammerstone Markets

Hammerstone Markets Inc. is the company behind this tool, and their slogan is “News and Analysis For The Informed Trader.”

News are the catalysts for the majority of movements in the market. News cause stocks, currencies, and other assets to go higher or to decline. Major news can skyrocket stocks by a few hundred percent a day, and being early is crucial for maximum returns.

Hammerstone was founded back in 2001, and more than 1,300 institutional clients are using this platform for obvious reasons: speed, accuracy, reliability, and costs. Instead of paying $2,000 a month for a Bloomberg Terminal subscription, investors now get access to a lightning-fast news feed for as low as $33 per month.

When it comes to financial news, some of you may think about Yahoo Finance, Finviz, MarketWatch, or Wallstreet Journal. But those three news feeds have a significant downside: they are just to slow to make maximum returns by using them.

But this platform is not just fast; it also has some other beneficial features. Let’s get into the details in the next section of the Hammerstone Markets review.

Offer: Test Hammerstone Markets for 14 days


Hammerstone offers three main products:

  1. MarketTalk Feed, Chat and Forum
  2. Pro Trader Feed, Chat and Forum
  3. Reports

MarketTalk Feed: Best for Beginners

The MarketTalk feed is also called “Market Talks.” It is included in the Hammerstone Day Trader subscription package and available for a surprisingly low price. The subscription includes:

  • Market Talks news feed
  • Impressive filter functionality within the feed
  • Breaking news in real-time
  • Short context to breaking news
  • Commentary, actionable ideas, and earnings interpretation
  • Accessible via web-browser, and app
  • Squawk functionality and filter
  • Unlimited portfolios

Hammerstone Pro Trader Feed: Best for active day traders

The Hammerstone Pro Trader feed is also called “Hammerstone Markets.” It is included in the Hammerstone Pro Trader subscription package and mainly for professional traders, and active day traders. The subscription includes:

  • All MarketTalks feed features plus
  • Pro Trader data feed
  • Real-time chat


Daily updates are sent out four times a day to subscribers. In-depth analysis of released earnings reports, economic data evaluation, and market mover coverage is addressed in the reports. Example reports are available on their website.

Use Case

All theory is grey, so let’s have a look at some real use case examples.

Gap Scan Result Validation

Here is my gap scan result with the top 10 up gappers. Check the time stamp and notice that these are the scan results before the market open. My favorite market scanner is Trade Ideas because I can apply a few hundred filters and customized columns to my scanner.

gap scan results

The Trade Ideas scan result list has two Velocityshares, which I ignore. I use Hammerstone to discover catalysts for the other 8 stock symbols.

Only three of them have news: $SRNE, $ACB, and $NEWR

With Hammerstone, I was able to finally reduce my main watch list for the day right before the market open from ten to just three names.

Now, check the headlines within Hammerstone. On the left, you see the new day trader feed. On the right, you see the more expensive pro-feed. Both scanners show results for all three stocks. The main difference between both is that the pro-feed provides more context to the news.

If you look at the charts, then on the left is the daily, at the right, the five-minute chart. Both are from Trade Ideas. The orange period on the five-minute chart is the pre-market price action. The regular trading hours start with a white background.

NEWR gapped up about 13% because of a profit target increase by Rosenblatt. I mainly leave those up- and downgrade news alone, but I wanted to check if there is follow-through once the market opens. As you can see, NEWR doesn’t move at all, and the catalyst is not strong enough to initiate more buying. The high institutional stakes of 88.21%, as seen in the last column of the scanner results, is probably one of the main reasons for the side-way movement.

Hammerstonemarkets | NEWR

ACB gapped up over 25% in the pre-market. The previous day was a strong green candle visible on the left daily chart. Now, check the five-minute chart on the right. You see that the pre-market was sideways, and the market open was at the lowest point of the pre-market range. In such cases, I wait for confirmation by price action around the market open. The five-minute breakout was strong, followed by a little bull flag, higher lows, and higher highs.

Hammerstone Markets | ACB

Now the highlight for the day, SRNE gapped up by about 70%. The day trader feed results show a half-hour before the market open that “antibody headlines” drive the market. The pro-trader feed provides more context. The important thing is that SRNE had a trading volume of 9 million shares before the market open, the short float was over 10%, and the volume was ridiculously high. The perfect stock for day trading with a small spread, energetic moves, and clear directions. Notice the clean price movement after market open and the strong higher highs. The stock doubled from the market open to its highs of the day.

hammerstonemarkets.com | SRNE

Keyword-based research

Another incredible feature is the ability to scan the news for specific keywords like rumors, call sweep, significant, buyout, merger, takeover, etc. Once configured, you can open them with one mouse click from the menu, and it will open automatically once you start Hammerstone again.

Cheddar, rumors, and in-depth context

The day trader feeds offers a lot of value for a low price. It is the perfect tool to identify the reason for a move and to get the most important news in real-time. This is enough when investors want to reduce the daily watch list to a manageable number of stock symbols.

The Hammerstone Markets Pro-feed takes it to another level.

Yes, the pro-feed is more expensive, but as a subscriber, you gain access to an institutional-grade of quality for news. The Hammerstone team provides in-depth context to headlines; they do further research and add this information to the feed. You can even chat with their team.

As you can see in the examples above from the gap-scans, the pro-feed provides more information. Active traders with an account size of at least $25,000 should consider subscribing to the 14-day trial using the pro-feed.

The point is, as long as you use charts, and scans to identify moves and looking for more basic context regarding the catalysts for a movement, then the combination of your scanner and the lower-priced day-trading news feed from Hammerstone is the perfect combination.

But using Hammerstone Market Pro-Trader opens a whole new world of trading opportunities. That’s because you often see impactful news before the markets react to the news. That’s especially beneficial for active day-traders. Hammerstone makes the difference here compared to its competitors because of the incredible speed and quality.

Now it’s time to talk about the costs and promo codes in this Hammerstone Markets review.

Price | Costs

The costs for the Hammerstone Markets main products vary between $39 per month and $299 per month.

The subscription terms are fair since the minimum subscription duration is only one month. The 14-day trial can be used for all products.

Full list:

Product Price per Month
Hammerstone MarketTalk Newsfeed $39
Hammerstone Reports $49
Hammerstone Day Trader Package (Feed+Reports) $69
Hammerstone Pro Trader $299

Hammerstone Markets Offer

Hammerstone Markets and Hammerstone Reports can be tested for 14 days with access to all features and functionalities for $1. This includes access to the new MarketTalk App.

Click here to start your 14-day trial for your preferred Hammerstone product.

Hammerstone Markets Review Summary

Hammerstone Markets is one of the best stock financial news apps I have ever seen. It has become an irreplaceable day trading tool to me by offering the perfect symbiosis between my favorite stock market scanner Trade Ideas A.I. Pro and the ultimate catalyst analysis engine Hammerstone Markets. Hammerstone has a real-time news stream and is faster than briefing.com and thefly.com.


  • Lightning-fast news feed
  • Integrated Squawk
  • Keyword-based filters
  • Fair pricing
  • 14-day trial


  • Currently, no API available to connect the stock symbols from the feed with a brokerage account.

I did not find any real cons, so the one mentioned is something like a ultimate enhancement. Anyway, speed and reliability the most crucial factors when it comes to news sources. And that’s what Hammerstone Markets is all about: speed and reliability.


About the author: Alexander is the founder of daytradingz.com and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He aims to make trading and investing easy to understand for everybody, and has been quoted on Benzinga, Business Insider and GOBankingRates.