Investors Underground Review

​Investors Underground claims to be the #1 trading community. How accurate is that statement and are the trading courses worth the money?

​That's precisely what we're going to find out in this Investors Underground review. This Investors Underground review reveals the most crucial aspects of the Investors Underground.

  • ​All about Investors Underground and the people behind it
  • ​Investors Underground trading style, traded assets and traded setups
  • ​Their products, services, and pricing
  • My honest rating derived from a checklist of critical aspects of the platform
Investors Underground Review

What Is Investors Underground?

Nathan Michaud is a finance graduate from the University of New Hampshire and founder of IU. He started trading in 2003. Five years later he founded Investors Underground 2008.

Investors Underground is an online trading community that connects users to experienced traders. The idea behind is to provide professional guidance about day trading for all.

Investors Underground provides a watchlist of stocks to trade the next day.

Besides, IU provides useful insights during market hours in their live chat rooms.

​Momentum trader Josh supports Nathan at Investors Underground with eight more team members.

​Trading Styles

 Investors Underground employs two main trading styles:

​Fundamental and Technical Analysis

​​When it comes to analyzing stocks, Investors Underground relies on two methods:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

Traded Assets

​Investors Underground trades three types of assets:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures​

​Trading Strategies

Nathans trades cover everything. From day trading penny stocks and small caps to the high price range and from shorting stocks to going long.

However, he says he is especially effective when it comes to momentum stocks.

He aims to find opportunities at points of inflection and exhaustion.

That's being done by trading momo stocks. ("Momo" is a term related to advanced trading strategies based on momentum).

​Some of the trading strategy setups used by Investors Underground include:

  • Breakouts
  • Breakdowns
  • Gap and Go​ Strategy

Trading Platform

​Investors Underground does not directly endorse any trading platform. They mentioned that DAS Trader Pro is the platform that they use in their day to day trading.

​Products | Services | Costs

​Investors Underground offers two core products and services.

One significant disadvantage of Investors Underground's website is the lack of transparency. Looking at the pricing tables will leave you with many questions.

That could be done much better.


Because there are only two different core products. Only two.

  • The Investors Underground Community Membership. Also, know as IU Standard and IU Elite. Traders can subscribe on an annual and monthly basis.
  • DVD Courses called the Textbook Trading DVD Course and Tandem Trader DVD Course.

Moreover, the rest are payment options and side features. You can join Investors Underground via IU Standard and IU Elite.

You can do it on a month-by-month basis and a yearly basis.

Also, you can buy the products as a bundle where you gain access to IU Elite and all Investors Underground DVD courses.

I have no idea why the pricing page has such a confusing design.

So let’s do it stepwise. The regular community access is the first thing we look at.

The programs you need to look at are IU Standard and IU Elite.

IU Standard and IU Elite

Investors Underground | IU Standard and IU Elite

​Alternatively: $197 per month for IU Standard and $297 per month for IU Elite.

Investors Underground Community Membership aka IU Standard and IU Elite

The main differentiator between both is access to the recap videos and video lessons library.

All subscribers to Investors Underground standard and elite gain access to:

  • Stock Watch list daily
  • Three different chat rooms
  • Webinars
  • One-on-one mentorship

Investors Underground Elite members also gain access to the trade recap videos and the video lessons library.

When I compare those features to my favorite trading education service, Warrior Trading, then Investors Underground is much too expensive.

Ross Camaron, head trader at Warrior Trading provides comparable features for lower monthly fees. Also, Ross is the only educator I know of who publishes his bank account statements.

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Now, let’s have a closer look at the core functionalities included in the Investors Underground subscriptions IU Standard and IU Elite.

​Daily Watch Lists

The Investors Underground team shares stock watchlists with its users every night. The watchlists include charts, tickers, as well as trading game plans.

A typical day’s watchlist can consist of a decision to go short on stock X if it gaps up or go long if it has a weak open.

The watchlists include penny stocks and also stock over $100. Additionally, they include day and swing trades, as well as short and long trades.

So every trading style is covered.

Investors Underground Screen Share

Investors Underground ​Chat Rooms

​Trading Investors Underground chat room comes with every package and can be separately purchased. Here are the three available chat rooms:

Swing Trading Chat Room

This is a chatroom for swing traders. They hold stocks for days or weeks. The swing traders chat room is operated by Michele of TradeontheFly.

Momentum Trading Chat Room

The IU Momentum chat room is for traders who are keen on taking advantage of intraday price movements.

Penny Stock Chat Room

This is a room with traders who specialize in lower priced stocks. Stocks here may include certain cryptos with lower market values or conventional stocks.

Team members moderate all the chat rooms under the leadership of Nathan Michaud.

Investors underground are more focused on being a community where any user participates within the chat.

Here are some chat room functionalities:

  • private messaging,
  • audio alerts and
  • various filters for stock tickers, news, earnings

I always do encourage people to avoid chatting with other traders.

Either you are here to learn to make money or not.

If you want to make money, then you should stop talking with other traders. Period. Sure, you should always chat with the moderator to ask your questions.

For beginners looking for live trading and a community, it might be worth to consider the free Trade Ideas Chat Room instead.

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Looking at paid services, I prefer using Warrior Trading. Check out my brand new Warrior Trading review here:

Warrior Trading Review

​Video Lessons and Trade Recaps

IU Elite subscribers can access the recap videos and video learning lessons. Warrior Trading is better again because Ross publishes his recap videos on YouTube every day for free.

However, you can also have a look at Investors Underground YouTube channel.


Investors Underground also provides its users with regular educational webinars.

The primary purpose of the webinars is to discuss recent market recaps. Members of Investors Underground are given a chance to ask questions.

The Q&A session is also a way for the moderators to get feedback on any areas of concern.

Investors Underground DVD’s

Investors Underground Review | DVD

​Textbook Underground Review - Trading Course

​This is a complete trading course with the fundamental concepts to enable you to understand what trading is all about.

The course mainly contains intermediate trading concepts. It also covers some aspects of advanced day trading.

If you’re keen on learning from scratch how to trade, then this is an attractive package for you. The course is delivered in the form of an 8-hour video and some of the courses contained therein include:

  • ​Reading Stock Charts
  • ​Trading Setups
  • ​Trading Penny Stocks
  • Best Chart Patterns
  • Choosing the best bokerage account account and many more.

The Investors Underground Textbook Trading DVD Course is priced at $997. Is Textbook Underground legit? Well, for me, $997 is too expensive for 8 hours of video training. But it depends on your individual needs and preferences.

​Tandem Trader Review - Trading Course

​Like I mentioned earlier, Tandem is meant for the advanced traders.

It serves as an advanced level of the Textbook trading course. It elaborates more on the concepts learned at the intermediary level.

The Textbook Trading course is a prerequisite when looking to join the Tandem level.

Unlike the Textbook course, Tandem is considered to be more of action-oriented kind of trading.

It focuses more on the practical aspects of trading while the lower level is a mix of both theoretical and practical lessons.

The course provides real-life trading recordings. With commentaries from the moderators of the platform.

The concepts discussed here are quite complex.

If you haven’t had any trading experience before, you might find it hard following through this course.

Most terminologies used at the advanced level are discussed at the intermediary level. This is perhaps why they appeal to each trader to start their journey at the Textbook Trading course level.

The Investors Underground Tandem Trading DVD Course is priced at $1.497.

Is there a Tandem Trader free download?

No, you have to pay to watch it. With the bundle structure, you can save some money when purchasing Investor Underground DVD and Elite subscriptions.

Investors Underground Bundles

Investors Underground

I mentioned at the beginning that the pricing structure is intransparent. Here is another example of the lack of transparency and confusing pricing tags.

As I said, the Trandem Trading DVD course costs $1.497. But guess what, there is a bundle available.

It has both trading courses included – the Textbook Trading DVD course and the Tandem Trader DVD course. On top of that, you get three months access to IU Elite (usually $297 per month).

This is a bit strange, and it is evident that this is a marketing tactic.

Everyone interested in the DVD course should go with the bundle instead of the DVD alone because he receives access to the chat room as well. On the other hand, anyone interested in the community chat room only should avoid the bundle.

It would be good to see that Nathan Michaud improves transparency.

Provider Checklist

​Now you’re aware of what takes place at Investors Underground. It is essential to rank it according to some key parameters that apply across similar platforms.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get an overview of the Investors Underground platform and what we ultimately used to rank it:

  • ​Founded: 2008
  • ​Number of members: Unspecified (claim to have over a thousand members)
  • ​Company Address check: 44 Indian Rock Rd #292, Windham, NH 03087
  • Free trial: No
  • Free resources: Yes
  • Coupons: Yes
  • Money back guarantee: No
  • Affordability: Not quite affordable
  • Transparency: good, but a bit tricky to find every detail on the website
  • Verified income statements: No

​Investors Underground Review Summary

​Investors Underground is a well-established community with educational resources. But are they reliable or is Investors Underground scam?

​Investors Underground seem to be enjoying a fairly decent reputation online. The platform serves many users around the world and is manned by a team of experienced moderators with decades of experience.

He and Timothy Sykes belong to the very first educators who created stock chat rooms.

​It would be great to see improvements to the Investors Underground website.​ At the moment, the website is the same than years ago.

Also, the pricing options are still ​a bit tricky to understand and it would be a nice step into the right direction if Nathan would provide his account statements.

​However, as you can see in the video above, IU listened to their customers and now shares a trading screen with their users.

I'd love to provide you more details from the inside, but unfortunately, Nathan Michaud did not give me access to Investors Underground's products and services yet.

Stay tuned; I will update this Investors Underground review as soon as I have new valuable information ready.

As with any trading course provider and similar educators and chat rooms like Jason Bond Picks, Warrior Trading, and ClayTrader​, the principle of caution applies here as well.

Traders who are looking for an all in one solution with a free trial and good money back guarantee should take a closer look at Trade Ideas​' offer.

One general rule for all services in the trading business:

First, test the free offers and check carefully whether the offer corresponds to your expectations. If you have any particular questions, ask your questions first before you pay.


​​Investors Underground ​is an online day trading community focusing on the interaction between users in the chat room. The YouTube trading recaps are helpful while the proof of performance via live screen share or bank account statements are ​not available.



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