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Forex is the biggest market globally and the first step of many beginner traders. While you don’t need significant capital to make money trading forex, it surely gets easier if you have enough funds to apply more sophisticated strategies or trade at scale. Fortunately, there is a way to trade big and punch above your weight even if you start forex trading with limited capital.

Funded trading account programs like The5ers can grant you financing up to $1.28 million to empower your forex trading career. So what’s the catch, you ask? Let’s dive into the offering to reveal everything you need to know before starting.

the5ers review
The5ers Review: Key Facts
🚀 Features Funded trading accounts, funded trader programs
✅ Best For Forex trading beginners
💰 Pricing $275-$875 participation fee
💻 Technology Browser-based application

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About The5ers

The5ers is a funded trader platform and growth program that funds the top forex talents and helps them make the leap to becoming full-time traders. The goal is to enhance the career of the best and brightest traders worldwide and allow them to earn higher profits than when trading currencies on their own and with limited capital.

The story of the funded account provider begins in 2016 when Gil Ben Hur and Snir Achiel, two professional forex traders, launched the prop trading firm. The founders were united in their views due to a common problem they both had. They had the skills but lacked the capital to gain significant profits. After finding out that many others struggle with the same issue, they decided to launch a career-building platform that supports currency traders from all across the world.

What started as a small community quickly became one of the top prop firms in the industry, enjoying a continuously increasing demand for its products and services. Today, the company operates from its headquarters in Israel but also has a UK office in London.

To date, the prop firm continues to develop and fund skilled beginner and professional traders by allowing them to make profits without risking their own capital. The platform enables users to trade real money from day one without any requirements for qualification or self-funding.

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The5ers Funded Account Options for Forex Traders

Through The5ers’ forex funded account offering, everybody can get a head-start on their professional career at affordable prices and continuous support from seasoned pros.

While this might sound too good to be true, it isn’t. But don’t take my word for granted. Let’s examine the most important characteristics of the funded traders program to help you find out yourself.

How Can Forex Traders Start?

First, you will have to choose the package that suits you best. The options are divided based on the account size and the immediate funding you can receive. These include:

  • Option 1: $24,000 – $6,000 instant funding ($275 participation fee)
  • Option 2: $40,000 – $10,000 instant funding ($450 participation fee)
  • Option 3: $52,000 – $13,000 instant funding ($565 participation fee)
  • Option 4: $80,000 – $20,000 instant funding ($875 participation fee)

Each of the accounts has a low-risk and an aggressive program option, which defines the profit target you would have to aim for. In the general case, the low-risk evaluation program requires a 6-7% gain in net profit, while the target goals of the aggressive trader program aim for a net profit rate of 12%.

Once you sign up, you will be assigned a Level 1 funded account. The5ers’ team will then evaluate your trading style, profile, profit target, and performance.

Those who reach or exceed the maximum stop-out rate for the particular funded account option will have their accounts closed.

The Level 1 account holders usually aim to prove they can ensure consistent returns while minimizing risk. Think of it as an entry-level exam during which you should strive to hit your profit target, not exceed the max loss limit rules, and be reasonable when using leverage.

If you manage to pass it, you will receive your first payout and an official trading contract.

Capital Requirements

The company provides all the funding, which means the program is suitable even for complete beginners with zero capital.

All you have to do is pay a one-time fee. Its size varies based on the account size you choose, ranging from $275 to $875.

So, if you wonder where the catch is, let’s get to it. Once you start making money, the company will retain a 50% share of all profits. This is a much higher portion compared to other funded trader programs that we have reviewed, like Earn2Trade, for example.

Furthermore, traders can take advantage of one free payout each calendar month. However, if you want to withdraw more than once, you will be charged a minimum of $15 or a 3% handling fee.

No Trading Skills and Background Required

The best thing about the evaluation program is that every enthusiast with aspirations to become a forex trader can participate, regardless of experience.

What is more important is that you gain access to professional guidance from the The5ers’ team. Furthermore, you will find helpful trading insights, risk management advice, and educational articles, as well as the opportunity to join a like-minded community of forex traders.

All this shows that you shouldn’t perceive the risk manager program only as a way to make money – you can also use it to gain knowledge and test the currency trading field with virtually no risk.

Additional Benefits of the Low-Risk Evaluation Program

The program is hosted on the Metatrader 5 trading platform – the most popular trading software worldwide. This means that even new account owners will find plenty of free resources to learn how to make the most out of it. Furthermore, the skills you will gain throughout the program will allow you to transition elsewhere if, at some point, you decide that you no longer find The5ers’ service valuable.

Another significant benefit of the funded trading account offering is the extensive set of tradable assets. These include:


We should also mention the Trading Resources section on the site. It is filled with valuable materials that can help you, no matter what stage of your journey you are. For example, there are articles with trading ideas, a forex-dedicated blog, videos, a trading room, an economic forex calendar, various risks-related workshops, and more.

Last but not least, we should mention the importance of professional guidance. There is no dispute that trading is a demanding profession that takes time and dedication to succeed in. At many points, you might feel like quitting, which is why it is essential to have someone to look up to who has gone through that very same path and can hold your hand. Luckily, the seasoned professionals in the The5ers team provide full-time traders and investors with ongoing support on every step of their financial markets journey.

The5ers Review Summary

The5ers funded forex trader program is an excellent option for virtually anyone, from beginners with zero experience to skilled swing traders who lack the needed capital. The only thing you should do is prove you can trade successfully, stick to your trading plan, and maintain consistency. If you manage to do that, there won’t be any boundaries, and you can go all the way through the progression ladder.

However, for more sophisticated traders, The5ers’ offering might appear too expensive, considering that the company sticks to a 50% profit share model. For profitable traders or market participants trading at scale, this might be too much.

The funded forex program is a good one and worth trying. Similar new services are City Traders Imperium and Fidelcrest




Is the 5ers legit?

Yes. All the means to believe the platform is legit are there. It has two offices (UK and Israel) with full contact information available online, phone lines included. Its support is very responsive and available in various channels. The service provider also has a stellar reputation online.

What broker does the 5ers use?

The5ers is hosted on the Metatrader 5 platform. For mobile devices, the trading runs through the MetaTrader 4 app. The service provider doesn’t specifically name the forex brokers it trades through but instead mentions it relies on commercial liquidity providers instead of common retail brokers. All trades are executed via STP Market Execution.

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