The5ers Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

The5ers is an exceptional prop trading firm with a wide range of funding opportunities. They provide some of the best funded trading accounts for beginners in forex with low participation costs.

Funded trading account programs like The5ers can grant you financing up to $4 million to empower your forex trading career. Does this sound too good to be true? Let’s dive into the offering in this The5er review to reveal everything you need to know before joining The5ers.

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About The5ers


The5ers is one of the leading forex prop firms in the industry with a high reputation. The company was established in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur, and a great variety of funded programs are offered. Clients can choose between a 2-step challenge, a 1-step challenge, and even an instant funding program is available.

During the challenges, traders trade forex in a simulated environment to get funded once they pass the challenge.

After the MFF collapse, Gil was the first prop firm founder who had an official appearance on YouTube, where he made clear that The5ers funded accounts are real-money accounts and that they work with reliable liquidity providers such as Interactive Brokers.

Funding Programs

The5%ers currently offers three different funding programs:

  • Hyper Growth – Instant funding with live-trading from day 1 without challange
  • High Stakes – 2-step program (challange, then funding) with 1:100 leverage trading capital
  • Bootcamp Program – Low-cost program with three challange phases

Hyper Growth Program

The Hyper Growth Program is The5ers’ flagship program, where traders trade live on an instantly funded account with payouts ranging from 50% to 100%. When starting in the Hyper Growth Program, you can choose between three account sizes and apply for a $10k, $20k and $40k account.

It works like this:

  • The evaluation funding capital always starts with 50% of the chosen account size.
  • Once you made 10% in profits, you get an upgrade to the next-higher account size
  • The trading leverage is 1:30
  • There is no time limit, but your account gets suspended if you are inactive for more than 14 days
  • If you hit a daily pause limit of 3%, your account gets paused for today
  • If you hit a 6% overall stop loss level calculated based on the starting capital, you are out

During the Hyper Growth Program, you can trade on the news, grow the account to $4M, hold trades over the weekend (high swap on indices) and payouts starting 14 days after receiving the fully funded account.

The profit share ranges from 50%:50%, where you and The5ers keep 50% in profits, to 100%:0%, where all profits are yours. Most account sizes are on a payout level of 75%:25%, where traders keep 75% in profits.

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High-Stakes Challenge

The High-Stakes Challenge allows traders to trade with a leverage of up to 1:100 and consists of a 2-step evaluation before getting funded. Once you paid, you enter the first step, and it takes a profit of 8% before you get to Step 2.

Those who make it to the 8% in profits reach step 2 (maximum daily loss 5%, maximum loss 10%, minimum of profitable trading days 3). A little reward is paid once you make it through step 1.

The second step has a smaller profit target of 5% (maximum daily loss 5%, maximum loss 10%, minimum of profitable trading days 3). Once passed, you get a full refund of the costs you paid to start the program fit, and you become a High Stakes Trader with a profit share ranging between 80%:20% and 100%:0% and for every 10% in profits, your account size gets upgraded.

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Bootcamp Program

The The5ers’ Bootcamp Program is the lowest-priced challenge where you can prove your trading skills. It helps you strengthen consistency and discipline by going through 3 challenge phases on a demo account. Participants who complete the three phases start trading on a live funded trading account with a profit split.

For example, the 100K Bootcamp Program starts with a demo account balance of $100K in the first of three challenges. Once you reach a profit target of +6% ($6,000), you get to the second challenge with a starting balance upgraded to $150K. Once you make another 6% in profits, you get to challenge three of three of the program and begin with $200K.

If you make 6% profits with the $200K demo account in challenge three, you get funded with a real trading account. While there is no profit split payout during the three challenges during the Bootcamp Program, you can earn up to 100% in profit split once you get funded.

You have unlimited time to complete the 3 stages, but your account expires if you are inactive for more than 14 days with your account.

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Bootcamp Program (3-step evaluation):

  • $100K account $95, plus $205 once you pass the challenge stages
  • $250K account $225, plus $350 once you pass the challenge stages

High Stakes Program (2-step evaluation):

  • $5K account $39
  • $20K account $165
  • $60K account $300
  • $100K account $495

Hyper Growth Program (instant funding & profit share):

  • $10K account $260
  • $20K account $450
  • $40K account $850

The Bootcamp Program has two of the biggest account sizes to start with and begins on a demo platform. Once you pass the 3-step challenge on the demo platform, you pay a relatively small additional fee for those account sizes to finally get funded with $100K/$250K and start with a 75%/25% payout ratio, where you can withdraw 75% of profits. So, costs add up, but you get a highly funded account in return.

All fees are one-time fees and no monthly recurring fees. The earlier a program provides a funded account with a profit share, the more expensive the participation cost.

The5ers Review Summary

The5ers funded forex trader program is an excellent option for trading beginners with zero experience to skilled traders who want to trade large accounts.

The important part is to prove you can trade successfully, stick to your trading plan, and maintain consistency. If you manage to do that, there won’t be any boundaries, and you can go through the progression ladder.

The instant funding option is interesting for traders who already trade successfully on private small accounts and want to increase the account size and simultaneously make more money due to the profit split.

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The5%ers transparently answer the most frequently asked questions on their website in the detailed FAQ section, which is a big plus.

Also, the free trading resources provided are remarkable and range from helpful YouTube videos to detailed blog posts, where new content is constantly added.

There are also other innovations to like, like the monthly salary of $4,000 to $10,000 per month when trading the large accounts ($350K and up) in the High Stakes Program.

On the negative side, I consider the 14-day inactivity rule as disadvantageous since this can become an issue if you are on a more extended business travel or holiday and forget to freeze your account appropriately. So if you know that you have been inactive for more than 14 days, be aware that your account could get suspended and use the “freeze button” in the trader dashboard. If you do so, your inactivity days will not count.


  • Instant funding options are available
  • Users can choose between multiple funding programs
  • Innovations like bonuses, refunds and trader salaries
  • STP market execution with ECN structure without markups and spreads
  • One-time participation fee without recurring costs


  • You have to hit a freeze button in your dashboard to avoid an inactivity penalty when you pause trading longer than 14 days
  • No publicly available statistics about payouts and successful trader percentage


Who Funds the Accounts?

Commercial liquidity providers provide the capital for all funded accounts, and The5ers legally own all accounts. That means that the account is not in your name. Instead, you trade The5ers capital, and they pay you out the profits depending on the profit split you agreed to.

Is Instant Funding Realy Instant Funding?

Yes, with the Hyper Growth Program, you directly begin trading capital entitled to receive a profit share. So instead of going through a demo account (Bootcamp Program) or evaluation period (High Stakes Program), you can make money from day one.

What are HUB credits?

There are various bonuses The5%ers pays when you reach specific targets. Those bonuses are not paid to your bank account but are credited as HUB credits, which you can use for future funding program purchases.

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