Trade Ideas Review + Promo Code

High-speed trade ideas generation and order execution are crucial for long-term success as a day trader. Broker-integrated market scanners provide some basic stock screener functionalities but lack in terms of speed and customization options.

Trade Ideas is the best stock screener for day trading and provides unique functionalities and features. But are the benefits significant enough to justify the cost?

I wrote this comprehensive Trade Ideas review to show you how to configure powerful scans like gap scans and momentum scans. I will guide you through all functionalities and provide in-depth platform insights based on my 10 years of experience with this stock screener.

In addition, I added an exclusive Trade Ideas promo code.

The review is probably the most comprehensive one out there, and it might take a while to read through it thoroughly. But I’m convinced that it is helpful for your decision-making process.

trade ideas review

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Trade Ideas Review: Features and Highlights
🚀 Features Stock screener, market scanner, trading simulator, trade signals, automated trading, chat room, charts
💻 Technology Browser-based application and standalone platform
💰 Subscription Monthly, yearly
👛 Coupons, discounts Yes
📆 Founded 2003
🏢 Headquarters United States
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About Trade Ideas

The company behind the Trade Ideas platform is Trade Ideas LLC. It was founded by Dan Mirkin and Philip Smolen in 2003 and is headquartered in California, USA.

Trade Ideas’ mission is to help customers accomplish their goal of making money in the financial markets with more efficiency by providing high-end stock screener technologies.

Hundreds of trading strategies, scanner settings, alerts and filters are integrated into Trade Ideas Pro. The platform is lightning fast, easy to use, and works on any device.

The trade automation functionality, simulated trading and A.I. feature let TI stand out from the competition. Auto trading is possible via Brokerage Plus, subscribers can use the integrated free paper trading account, and their Artificial Intelligence stock trading software Holly analyzes the markets 24 hours a day.

Similar to a funded trader program, a good understanding of trading basics is necessary. Having a clear trading strategy with a defined entry and exit is one of the keys to success. In combination with proper money management, the trading strategies will be even more profitable.

Trade Ideas helps subscribers understand how the stock market works and how trading strategies can be developed. They offer multiple webinars and trading courses and have one of the most comprehensive help sections.

Today, Trade Ideas has clients in more than 65 countries worldwide and appeared 4 consecutive years in the Inc, 5,000 top list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.

Continue reading the full Trade Ideas Review for insights about all functionalities, the most powerful stock screener settings, insights into the artificial intelligence AI engine and reveal the Trade Ideas promo code.


The Trade Ideas scanner platform is the most powerful stock scanning tool for day traders and comes with extensive customization options. The scanner works in real-time and scans all stocks on NYSE, Nasdaq, and AMEX and has about 500 integrated trade alert and filter settings.

Day traders need a scanning platform to find stocks that meet their scan criteria immediately. And this is where TI is strong. Based on a massive database and deeply implemented sets of filters, the stock screening engine finds the stocks corresponding with the custom filters fast.

Trade Ideas stock scanner platform enables you to search for nearly all kinds of metrics or criteria you want. A few hundred filters and alerts are available. Choose between pre-configured Trade Ideas layouts and customized scans. You easily select your scanner criteria by using a mouse and enter the values with the keyboard. No coding or programming is needed.

Trade Ideas Pro Scanner Layout Basics

Let’s talk about the Trade Ideas layout before getting into the scanner details. Every layout comes within a separate type of window. You can select them within the TI platform under the navigation item “New.”

trade ideas navigation


All trade alerts are organized in a list with time stamps, price, stock symbol and all other details you want to add as a column. The alert window is the most commonly used stock scanner visualization type. You can also go back in time and see trade alerts that happened in the past to develop powerful trading strategies.

trade ideas alerts

Top list

All alerts are sorted in a list. A popular top list scan is the gap scanner which visualizes the leading gappers in a top list. You can choose the column to sort by the data in it, for example, the % gap column or the price change since open column.

trade ideas top list

Real-Time Stock Race

In late 2021, Trade Ideas introduced real-time stock racing, a fully-integrated feature and revolutionary way to visualize stock market data. Users can choose between multiple time frames, data points and price action filters to visualize the stock rankings similar to a car race.

The functionality can also be used to seamlessly trade through the integrated Brokerage Plus platform connected to E*Trade or Interactive Brokers.

real time stock race


Multiple strategies and their scan results can be visualized in one window. A column with the strategy name allows you to see what type of alert was triggered quickly. For example, you can have the trade signals for a gap up and breakout strategy in one window, but every alert has a separate line and can also be color-coded.

multi strategy window

Single stock

The stock quote windows provide a glance about company details like short float, today’s range, market cap, trading volume, news, insider transactions and similar stocks in the same industry.

single stock comparison window

Compare count

The compare count window can be used to get a good idea about the overall market sentiment and momentum. Again, you can freely define the criteria, but the standard settings compare the new highs vs. the new lows across all stocks. This way, you identify overall upside momentum or selling pressure fast.

compare count window


Trade Ideas charts support various time frames and indicators. You can also set price alerts right from the chart, and you can place a trade from the chart.

trade ideas charts

Price alert

The price alert window provides a quick glance at all price alerts across the U.S. equity markets defined by the user. It includes alerts on the long and short-selling sides.

price alerts

Channel Bar

You can choose your preferred pre-configured screener from the TI channel bar. The Holly scans, Wall Street Bests stocks, Social sentiment scanner, SPAC and EV scanner are some of the most frequently used ones, but you can also scan for Small Exchange futures, NFT, crypto, swing trade ideas and many more.

channel bar

One click on a channel bar name opens a pre-configured layout with multiple windows. You can modify each TI window based on your preference to fine-tune and customize it in the way you want.

That means that you can:

  • Start a screener from scratch
  • Use the pre-configured scanners directly
  • Modify and optimize the pre-configured scanners

AI Holly Strategy

AI Holly is the algorithm based scanner that identifies trade opportunities and tracks the performance of each trade in this window.

holly strategies

Brokerage Plus

Traders can connect Trade Ideas via Brokerage Plus with their brokerage account to automate trading processes.

Premium RBI and GBI

Barrie Einarson, the Trade Ideas chat room moderator, uses the RBI and GBI scanner to trade successfully. You can see the trade alerts by opening these scans.

Now it is time to proceed with the Trade Ideas review by looking at the most frequently used stock scanners. Let me show you how to scan for gaps, breakouts, high relative volume, and more.

Trade Ideas Gap Scanner

Gap-trading strategies belong to the most popular day trading strategies. A price gap is the price difference between the previous close and the opening price.

For example, if a stock opens higher than the previous close, it is an up-gap while it is a down-gap when it opens at a lower price. Trade Ideas scans over 8,000 stocks.

Gap-scan example: Show me all stocks gapping up more than 10% or gapping down more than 10%. You can modify the settings by changing the values and add more or fewer criteria.

trade ideas gap scanner

Trade Ideas Momo Scanner

A momo scanner is a momentum scanner that identifies high volatile stocks. Price volatility along with high relative volume often allows day traders to get in and out of a trade with fast trade executions and low slippage even with high share sizes.

Trade Ideas Momentum Scanner Settings

Here are the TI momentum scanner settings and scanner example results:

trade ideas momo scanner

Trade Ideas Breakout Scanner

The breakout scanner identifies stocks that break out of a specific price range. This, for example, can be a breakout through the previous day high or an opening range breakout. Here is a scanner setting to identify stocks that broke through the previous day high and the scanner example results:

trade ideas breakout scanner

Trade Ideas Bull Flag Scanner

A bull flag scanner is not directly available within TI pro, but you can define alerts and filters to archive similar results. For example, you can combine alerts like the Fibonacci 38% Buy Signal, New High or the Crossed Above Resistance alert, with price pattern filters like tight consolidation in the upper half of the day range during the past 15 minutes. In that case, you see alerts for strong stocks during or near a breakthrough resistance. Here is a scanner result example:

trade ideas bull flag scanner

Trade Ideas Relative Volume

The relative volume filter can be used to identify stocks with an exceptionally high relative volume, low relative volume or any other correlating volume pattern compared to a previous period. After an earnings announcement, we often see stocks gapping up or down significantly. In many cases, more than a usual number of shares are traded on such days. The filter helps to identify such volume patterns right when they appear. For example, if news comes out during the trading day, we often see a volume spike within seconds, and TI immediately shows a trade alert if the criteria are met. Here is an example of the filter with its results:

high relative volume scanner

Trade Ideas Stock Screener

The Trade Ideas stock screener is the most powerful trade idea generation tool for day traders. Strategies are defined via mouse and keyboard. Programming knowledge is not needed to use it. The stock screener works with all U.S. stocks listed on Nasdaq, NYSE, Amex and many OTC stocks.

List of all supported exchanges

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • NYSE Arca
  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
  • Nasdaq
  • Pink Sheets
  • BATS
  • The Small Exchange
  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • TSX Venture
  • Indices

Trade Ideas Options Scanner

Active traders use Trade Ideas to scan the United States listed stocks based on hundreds of trade alerts and filters. In addition, an unusual options scanner is implemented within the platform, which analyzes today’s relative options volume and put-call ratio.

unusual options activity scanner

Trade Ideas Alerts

Users have the choice between a few hundred alert types within TI Pro.

trade ideas alert types

You can scan the market for one single trade Trade Ideas alert or combine the signals in a multi-strategy window.

Popular Trade Ideas Alerts

  • New high of the day
  • A new low of the day
  • 75% pullback from highs
  • 75% pullback from lows
  • Check mark pattern
  • Trade Ideas momo scan
  • Fibonacci 38% buy signal
  • Fibonacci 38% sell signal
  • 5-minute linear regression uptrend
  • 5 % linear regression downtrend
  • Upward thrust (5 minutes)
  • Downward thrust (5 minutes)
  • 8 period SMA crossed above the 20 period SMA
  • 8 period SMA crossed below the 20 period SMA
  • Bullish opening power bar
  • NR7 (15 Minute)
  • 15-minute wide range bar
  • Pre-market highs and lows


The Trade Ideas filters help you reduce the number of trade alerts and focus on those with the highest winning potential. For example, let’s say you are looking for stocks that make an all-time high.

trade ideas filters

In an up-trending market, this may lead to ten or more signals every hour, making it difficult to manage them all if you get too many alerts within a short time.

With a Trade Ideas filter, you can reduce the number of incoming alerts while the quality of every signal improves.

Popular Trade Ideas Filters

  • Price
  • Spread
  • Bid Size / Ask Size
  • Average Daily Volume
  • Dollar Volume
  • Relative Volume
  • StockTwits Activity
  • Volatility
  • Yearly Standard Deviation
  • Average True Range
  • Todays Range
  • 2, 5, 15, 30, 60 Minute Range
  • Put/Call Ratio
  • Options Volume
  • GAP Size
  • Position Of Open
  • Consecutive Candles
  • Change From Pivots

Custom Formulas

I told you before that you don’t have to write any single line of code when you are using Trade Ideas Pro. While this remains true, more experienced users can utilize the custom formula functionality with simple formulas to archive even better customized scan results.

custom formulas

Most of the Trade Ideas users don’t use and don’t even need custom formulas at all because the Trade Ideas pre-configured scans and standard scan choices already allow creating hundreds of different scans.

Besides, most users don’t even know about this lovely little feature that Trade Ideas provides. But, every user can configure up to 100 individual scans within Trade Ideas Pro. Once the custom field is created, you can access those custom filters and alerts within Trade Ideas Pro.

Just one example: The formula sma_20>sma_50&&sma_50&&sma_200 scans for stocks where the 20 SMA is higher than the 50 SMA, and the 50 SMA is higher than the 200 SMA. You can combine nearly all available alerts and filters by writing such simple statements connection the if statements with &&.

Probably this is not meant for beginners. However, once you understand the concept, you will customize your first formulas all easily. But again, this feature is not needed at all. It is just an additional feature that subscribers can use for free, and I wanted to mention it.

Trade Ideas Cost

Trade Ideas offers two pricing plans for Trade Ideas Standard and Premium. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available, and the average monthly costs vary between $84 and $228, depending on the chosen payment terms. This promo code or coupon can be used to reduce the price significantly.

Trade Ideas Pricing

Trade Ideas Premium is available for $1,999 per year, which equals $167 per month, and Trade Ideas Standard costs $999 per year, which equals $84 per month.

The month-by-month subscription comes with more flexibility in terms of contract duration and higher costs. Traders who pay monthly will be charged $228 for Premium and $118 per month for the Standard subscription.

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium: Trade Ideas Standard and Premium include real-time trading ideas, price alerts, curated workspaces, charts, access to the live trading room and simulated trading. The premium subscription unlocks access to the A.I. virtual trading analyst Holly, chart based A.I. trade assistance, risk assessment, the OddsMaker backtest engine and the automated trading API.

The number of simultaneous charts is limited in both subscriptions. The Standard subscription allows up to 10 simultaneous charts, while the Premium package lets you open 20 simultaneous chats.

Here is a direct comparison of Trade Ideas standard and premium:

trade ideas standard vs premium

Trade Ideas Scanner Free Access

A free trial is currently unavailable, but Trade Ideas offers a Test Drive four times per year to test the software for 14 days for an $11.11 one-time fee.

Trade Ideas Test Drive

The Trade Ideas Test Drive takes place 5 times a year and is one of the special promotions Trade Ideas provides. Users can test Trade Ideas Pro for two weeks during the Test Drive, paying only $11.11. We link to the test drive offer here as soon it becomes available again.

trade ideas test drive

Trade Ideas Promo Code

As an official Trade Ideas Partner, we provide 100% verified Trade Ideas promo codes only. To make your life easier, we test these codes often to ensure you are getting what you expect. Also, we have put together a helpful, step-by-step guide that shows you how to apply the Trade Ideas Promo Code.

How To Use The Trade Ideas Promo Code

The Trade Ideas promo code can be used to reduce the retail price significantly.

  1. Click here to reveal the newest Trade Ideas coupon code.
  2. Choose between the Standard and Premium subscription.
  3. Once you have selected your Trade Ideas product, click on the button Purchase.
  4. Now you see the price for the subscription and a field called “Enter Coupon Code.” Enter the provided coupon code into the field and hit the button with the little arrow next to it.
  5. Your Trade Ideas discount will be applied immediately and saves you up to $499.75.

Trade Ideas Coupon and Discount

The mentioned Trade Ideas coupon reduces the price for the Trade Ideas Standard and Trade Ideas Premium subscription.

Trade Ideas AI Review

Institutions like hedge funds primarily use artificial intelligence based trading algorithms for their high-frequency trading activity. Instead of human-based trading ideas generation, the computer identifies the trading strategies with the highest profit potential. The artificial engine from Trade Ideas has the name Holly, and it is designed to accommodate retail traders with similar benefits.

Trade Ideas Holly

HOLLY, the Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence engine, is one of the most powerful trading platform functionalities that individual traders and institutional investors can count on. After the end of a trading day, the Holly Grail engine does all the work for you.

trade ideas artificial intelligence

HOLLY identifies trade setups with the highest potential for success and provides users with the entry point, risk tolerance and profit target.

Trade Ideas Holly Performance

The easiest way to check the Trade Ideas AI performance is by opening the preferred AI channel from the channel bar. The window Strategy Trades shows you all the trade taken with the entry time, strategy, symbol, entry, exit and more. Some traders call the AI Holly Grail.

You can also monitor the overall performance of all AI engines on their website.

holly performance

Will Artificial Intelligence help you to become a better trader?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and in the last years, many companies announced groundbreaking progress in integrating AI into their products and services. But what can the Artificial Intelligence platform exactly do for the individual trader?

Right now, Artificial Intelligence is just at the beginning and a trend that will last for many more years from now on. Trading is all about competition. Not more. Not less. If you like to make money with trading stocks and options, you have to be better than your competitors. Please read the Online Guide Day trading for Beginners for more detailed information about Day Trading in general.

Traders and investors who use the advantages of Artificial Intelligence have some remarkable benefits compared with their competitors. Imagine that you don’t have to think about the trade setups with the best potentials. Instead, the trading robot does all the work for you.

Continue reading the Trade Ideas review to learn more about the charting and backtesting capabilities.

Trade Ideas Charts

Trade Ideas charts empower you to verify trade alerts visually in various time frames and with different trading indicators. If you like, you can draw lines and arrows and make notes within the chart. The symbol linking connects your trade alert windows with the chart, and you can set trade alerts with one mouse click.

Odds Maker

Trade Ideas integrated a backtesting engine called OddsMaker into their product. The Trade Ideas OddsMaker enables you to visualize the strategy trade performance for every trading strategy and its variations.

oddsmaker results

This feature enables you to test how well your trading strategy works in the current market environment. The cool thing about OddsMaker is that the results are visualized within seconds. Similar to the trade scanner, also the OddsMaker can be used without programming or coding knowledge.

It is upon you to backtest pre-configured strategies or entirely new ideas. You can define the strategy alerts, filters and even the stock symbol list if you want to.

  • Test all trading strategies with pre-configured trading strategies as well as with one of your trading strategies
  • Modify the backtest parameters via drag & drop. No coding is needed. Just choose your backtest criteria and start with the backtest.
  • Use custom stock symbol lists to define the backtest.

Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus Review

The Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus functionality is one of the newest features. A trader can now execute trades automatically by using the power of the Trade Ideas API by connecting Trade Ideas with a brokerage account. So whenever a new trade alert comes through the alert stream, a buy or sell order can be generated.

brokerage plus

It is essential to understand that extensive testing is needed before using it with real money. The settings are easy to understand, but a due diligence process is required before automating an order routing process.

Trading Simulator

The simulated trading account can be used free of charge and enables you to test new strategies and trading setups without risk. The simulator currently connects Trade Ideas with a free Interactive Brokerage paper trading account. It is not needed to open a real Interactive Brokers brokerage account to use the feature. You simply connect both platforms. TI currently develops a new API to connect TD Ameritrade accounts with their platform.

Trade Ideas Chat Room

The Trade Ideas live chat room is the go-to place for trading beginners, new stock scanner users and every person who wants to take a look at the Trade Ideas platform before subscribing to it. The moderator of the Trade Ideas trading room is Barrie Einarson. He holds an Engineering Degree in Metallurgy but discovered his passion for the stock market. Since 2013, Barrie moderates the trading room. Click here for free access to the Trade Ideas trading room.

Trade Of The Week

As a subscriber to the Trade Ideas Trade of the Week, you receive a new trade idea in your inbox every single week, which contains the reason for the trade and the trade setup.

The Trade of the Week comes with a chart and helpful advice teaching you how to identify such trading setups with Trade Ideas Pro. Besides this, you get notified whenever there is a new discount available. Some of the most recent successful stock picks were EBAY, PAAS, PTON and PYPL.

Click here to subscribe to the Trade of the Week for free.

trade of the week

Trade Ideas Review Summary

Trade Ideas is the most powerful stock scanner for day traders and makes it easier for users to focus on the key responsibilities of day trading. Hundreds of trade alert variations and scans are available, and you can customize every scan upon your requirements.

There is absolutely no coding knowledge needed to use Trade Ideas Pro. It is beginner friendly, and on top of that, the Trade Ideas support is one of the best. The free trading room, trade of the week, free training sessions and detailed video tutorials make it easy to understand all functionalities fast.

New features are added regularly, and Trade Ideas also has an excellent internet reputation. Trade Ideas belongs to the fastest-growing companies in the United States, and it is worth the costs. With our Trade Ideas promo code, you can reduce the subscription costs.


  • Most powerful stock market scanner for day trading
  • Artificial Intelligence based trading signals and scans
  • Trading room with real-time day trading desk sharing
  • Scans over 8,000 stocks and ETFs in real-time
  • Extensive customer support
  • Simulated trading and brokerage API


  • Only U.S. and Canadian markets supported
  • Automated trading is currently only possible via Interactive Brokers (TD Ameritrade compatibility will follow soon)

What Type of Trader Is Trade Ideas Best For?

Trade Ideas is an excellent choice for active day traders. The trader can utilize the stock scanner platform for nearly every trading strategy. It is a straightforward stock screener for day trading beginners and experts. Trade Ideas can also be used for swing trading, backtesting and automated trading.

Trade Ideas Alternative

The best alternative to Trade Ideas is Benzinga Pro. Benzinga Pro is an allrounder that includes market news, options plays, and SEC fillings alongside extensive charting capabilities and community features. Benzinga Pro is best for less active traders, swing traders and investors, while Trade Ideas remains the number one choice amongst day traders. That’s because only TI has all those customization options, automated trading, and A.I. based alerts.

In addition, those who subscribe to Trade Ideas, remain a subscriber for a long time. This proves that it is powerful and, for many, even the best stock scanner out there. Here you find a detailed comparison of Trade Ideas and Benzinga Pro: Trade Ideas vs Benzinga Pro.

TradingView is another good alternative to Trade Ideas, but mainly suited for investors. Here is a comparison on both platforms: Trade Ideas vs TradingView

Investors may also consider Finviz Elite which comes with charting capabilities, basic stock screener features and news. The comparison of Finviz vs Trade Ideas explains the differences in detail.

Finally, brokerage trading platforms also support some basic scanning logics. Our comparison of Trade Ideas vs Thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade explains the similarity and differentiators

Overall Rating



What are the benefits of using a stock screener?

A stock screener like Trade Ideas identifies the stocks that match defined criteria in real time, which is exceptionally beneficial for day traders. Stock scanners are often used to identify gaps, high relative volume and low float stocks.

Are Trade Ideas promo codes available to get a discounted subscription?

Yes. We are an official Trade Ideas partner and are allowed to provide promo codes to our readers. Please follow the instructions within the review to apply the discount code automatically.

About the author: Alexander is the founder of and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He aims to make trading and investing easy to understand for everybody, and has been quoted on Benzinga, Business Insider and GOBankingRates.