Trade Ideas Review

I began using Trade Ideas over 10 years ago, and it is fascinating to see how it improves year by year. I’ve updated my Trade Ideas review to show you the newest features, especially the new Trade Ideas AI.


  • Trade Ideas AI is an excellent trade alert service that delivers AI-based buy signals with profit targets and stop loss levels in real time.
  • Picture-in-picture charting is now available and ensures that traders quickly recognize where the price of the short-term trend is relative to the overall trend.
  • The web-based MarketScope 360 lets traders check the market from any device and includes top lists, charts and more.
  • Trade Ideas won the Best Short Term Stock Screener award by Investopedia in 2024.
Trade Ideas
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Trade Ideas AI

The Trade Ideas AI continuously analyzes market conditions and evaluates buy and sell signals based on high-probability setups. The feature is freely available to all Trade Ideas Premium subscribers.

Here are some of the most recent trade signals. The blue horizontal line is the entry level, where the AI has sent the signal. The red line is the stop-loss level.

LTRN (Lantern Pharma Inc.)

  • Entry Signal Price: $7.74
  • Swing High on Day 1: $9.59


VKTX (Viking Therapeutics Inc.)

  • Entry Signal Price: $26.26
  • Swing High on Day 1: $29.45
  • The stock gained to $99.41 within one month


OCEA (Ocean Biomedical Inc.)

  • Entry Signal Price: $2.45
  • Swing High on Day 1: $4.76
  • The stock gained to $7,79 one day later


To use the Trade Ideas AI, open the software, navigate to the Channel Bar and select HOLLY AI. Now you receive the trading signals in real-time with details like entry time, long/short label, stock symbol, number of shares traded, entry price, profit target and more.

The trade signals are tracked as active as long as the stop is not hit. That means that the signals can be used for short-term day trading or longer-term swing trading.

To access historical trades, right-click on the Strategy Trades window, select History, and then choose how far back in time you want to go to see previous trade signals. To see the current trades in real time, select Realtime in the Strategy Trades window and start the HOLLY AI channel again.

Picture-In-Picture Charting

Your brokerage platform likely supports opening multiple charts at the same time, where you can apply various time frames to each one. Monitoring multiple time frames is helpful to keep an eye on the overall trend.

Trade Ideas takes this concept a step further and integrates two time frames in one chart. This is especially helpful for day traders who trade based on a small time frame, such as the 1-minute, 3-minute, or 5-minute chart, to monitor the overall price action in a higher time frame closely.

The PIP charts are also helpful for quickly determining where you are in a trend when trading signals are generated in the scanner.

picture in picture charting

Trade Ideas Scanner

Trade Ideas is the best stock scanner for day traders and provides the widest range of pre-configured scans on the market.

Each of the nearly 50 scanner layouts can be opened via the channel bar.

Trade Ideas Channel Bar

Within each layout, you see stocks that meet the defined criteria in lists and charts, with news and company insights.

And Trade Ideas doesn’t stop here.

You can fine-tune the Trade Ideas scanner settings and screeners using your own parameters, define a scanner from scratch at any time, and use over 500 filters and alert types. You can also select the stock exchanges, select specific stocks, or create your own list of stocks to which the screener is applied.

Trade Ideas Web (MarketScope 360)

Trade Ideas unfolds its full potential when used as a Windows installation. Still, also the web version has improved continuously. The so-called MarketScope is the web version where you can use most features from any device with a web browser.

marketscope 360

Trade Ideas Automated Trading

Trade Ideas comes with a free and fully integrated automated trading system. You can send a trading signal directly to your broker, and you can automate the trade flow in the way that a trade alert automatically triggers a buy or sell order, which then gets routed to the broker and stock exchange for trade execution.

You can also use the Trade Ideas paper trading account to test your automated trading systems risk-free.

In addition, you can use the integrated chart trading, where you can click on a buy or sell button on the chart to trade.

The most significant advantage of automated trading using Trade Ideas is that it can be connected to a commission-free broker, E-Trade, or the direct market access broker Interactive Brokers. Using the API is free, which is a huge benefit compared to other platforms.

Trade Ideas Cost and Pricing

Annual Subscriptions: Trade Ideas Premium costs $1,999 per year, while Trade Ideas Standard costs $999 per year.

Monthly Subscriptions: Trade Ideas Premium costs $228 per month, while Trade Ideas Standard costs $118 per month.

Discount: As an official Trade Ideas Partner, we provide 100% verified Trade Ideas coupon codes and a helpful, step-by-step guide that shows you how to apply the discount.

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  2. Select your subscription (Trade Ideas Standard or Premium) here.
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  4. Now you see the price for the subscription and a field called “Enter Coupon Code.” Enter the provided coupon code into the field.
  5. Important: Once you enter the coupon code, click on the now-appearing orange button with the little white arrow next to it to finally apply the discount.
  6. Click on Proceed to checkout to subscribe for the discounted rate.

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium: Trade Ideas Standard and Premium include real-time trading ideas, price alerts, curated workspaces, charts, access to the live trading room and simulated trading. The premium subscription unlocks access to the AI virtual trading analyst Holly, chart-based AI trade assistance, risk assessment, the OddsMaker backtest engine and the automated trading API.

Here is a direct comparison:

trade ideas subscription plans

Trade Ideas Free

The TI dashboard is a great way to start and get a first impression of Trade Ideas. Here, you can test the web version, get a basic understanding of the features, and use 15-minute delayed quotes, one picture-in-picture chart, pre-built layouts, and access to the internal linking feature.

Trade Ideas Portfolio Master Challenge

By joining the Trade Ideas Portfolio Master Challenge, you start a tournament where you participate in a simulated trading competition using the full Trade Ideas Premium features. The winner receives a $2,400 Amazon Gift Card. The PMC fee is a one-time $7.77.

Here, you can register to get notified once the next Portfolio Master Challenge takes place.

Important: As a regular subscriber to Trade Ideas Premium, you have free access to all Portfolio Master Challenges with a chance to win a $2,400 Amazon Gift card if you win the 3-day competition.

Trade Ideas Test Drive

The Trade Ideas Test Drive lets participants test TI Premium for 14 days and costs $11.11 one time.

I’ll update you on when the next Test Drive starts.

Trade Ideas Download

You can download the latest Trade Ideas software release. You have the choice of using the most recent official version, but you can also install the latest development beta version to be the first to test new features.

Trade Ideas Login

The Trade Ideas Login can be found at the top of the Trade Ideas website.

Trade Ideas Support

Trade education and training are provided for an optimal user experience. The help section explains every feature in detail, supplemented by pictures and videos. Subscribers can learn any aspect of the software.

The outstanding support is one of the main reasons, why Trade Ideas is one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing privately held US-based companies.

Is Trade Ideas Worth It?

Trade Ideas is worth a subscription if you are an active day trader looking for a fully customizable stock screener or an AI trading signal tool with signals that can be traded intraday or held for swing trades.

How Do I Get Trading Ideas?

There are multiple options for getting Trade Ideas. You can subscribe and then download it, or start the web version.

What Broker Does Trade Ideas Use?

Trade Ideas currently supports E-Trade and Interactive Brokers. In addition, users can use the integrated real-time paper trading account.

How Does Trade Ideas Work?

Trade Ideas is a standalone trading software that can be installed on Windows systems or started using a web browser on any device.

Alternatives to Trade Ideas

TrendSpider, Benzinga Pro, Scanz, Tickeron, BlackBoxStocks, Stock Rover and TradingView are alternatives to Trade Ideas. All platforms have strengths, but when it comes to AI trading signals, cost-efficient trade automating, and pre-built and fully customizable stock screeners, Trade Ideas shines.

Trade Ideas vs TradingView

My Trade Ideas vs TradingView side-by-side comparison shows that both platforms are great and have benefits. Whether one or the other is the best choice depends on the features you need.

Trade Ideas Reddit Forum Discussion

A Google search lets you quickly find positive mentions of Trade Ideas. Harry Seldon, leader of the r/RealDayTrading channel, points out that he was first hesitant to try Trade Ideas, but then he was pleasantly surprised once he started using it. He concludes, “Overall, these scanners and combinations are extremely powerful.”

Trade Ideas Trustpilot Rating

There are only 13 Trade Ideas Trustpilot ratings available. Most of them are from outside the US. To build an opinion, it is better to refer to Reddit or check various YouTube videos with live demonstrations.


  • Trade Ideas AI provides trading signals
  • Scans more than 8,000 U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs in real-time
  • Trading room, broker integration, backtesting, and trade automation are available


  • Only U.S. markets supported (NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC)
  • The subscription can become expensive for small-account traders
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