Tradespoon Review 2018 – Trade Smarter? (Free Trial Included)

Whenever I take the challenge to check a new trading ​course out to write a review about it, my very first impression of the website is important.

When I opened the website of Tradespoon, I found some basic information about the main ideas behind it and a short overview to introduce the service.

This is what I like.

​Tradespoon offers a 7 day free trial version for which everyone can register without credit card. Either with an email address or with a Google account​. More about this later. (Transparency: When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, we may earn a small share of the revenue)

First, I want to understand what the platform offers and I don't need too many details yet.

Tradespoon presents itself as a Trade Intelligence Platform that wants the users to trade in a smarter way.

It is meant for all kinds of investors, for professionals as well as for beginners. ​The right Trade Ideas at the right time lead to higher returns. But does this work with Tradespoon?



Tradespoon argues that successful professional traders are not depending on luck, but on the best possible skills, tool and techniques.

Tradespoon website

Tradespoon website

However, Tradespoon starts with big promises when it is mentioned that they work with an incomparably effective software, hyper-fast data transfer and outstanding tools to enable their users to make well informed decisions with the highest potential for profit.

In this context they go so far to compare their service with the service of the competitors to come to the conclusion that their alert service, their newsletter and their app were simply the best.

I think, this is quite courageous and very self-confident.

At the same time they claim to be user friendly and affordable.

All this made me curious. If you feel the same, continue reading the Tradespoon Review to find out if Tradespoon is able to keep all these big promises.​

What is Tradespoon and what do they offer?

It is Tradespoon's intention to help the users to become better and more successful traders in three simple steps:

  • Sign in for free to create an account profile to start taking advantage of the useful Tradespoon video training
  • Improve your knowledge and your skills with the help of these training videos to study while you make money
  • Use the Tradespoon tools and real-time market data to start with more profitable trades

Fine, this sounds comfortable and the website makes it easy to navigate and to find what you are searching for.

But, is Tradespoon really so much better than all of the many competitors in the market?

You will also find training videos, advanced tools and real-time data on many other trading platforms.

So, I think, it is always a good idea to check the people behind the scenes to find out if you think, you may trust them.

The most important person behind Tradespoon is Vlad Karpel, the CEO and founder of Tradespoon, who was the Executive Vice President and the Head of Technology of OptionsXpress since their beginnings in 2007.

The figures of the following years are impressing and they seem to tell a story of success.

By now Vlad Karpel looks back to more than 15 years of experience in this business and he wants to share it with the users to help traders of all different levels to make better informed, smarter and more successful trades.

He believes in the positive effects of the right teaching methods and, even though he promises that the users will always be supported at Tradespoon and that he will always be ready to answer all kinds of questions, the final aim is to enable the users to succeed on their own.

To reach this, Vlad Karpel offers the subscribers to look over his shoulder while he is trading himself.

If this is all true, it doesn't sound bad at all.

Vlad Karpel - CEO

Vlad Karpel - CEO

In addition, Tradespoon describes the 4 most important steps being significant for successful trading with the best possible entries and exits:

  1. Find the signal with the help of the highly advanced Tradespoon tools for stock forecast, Forex forecast, futures forecast and Intraday predictions
  2. Find the right strategy and execute it with the help of the training that Tradespoon is offering
  3. Manage and re-balance your portfolio with the help of Tradespoon's tools for analysis and with their forecasting data and future trends

Did you see the discrepancy in this? They talk about four steps and then they mention and describe only three.

Well, we all make mistakes and maybe this doesn't mean anything. So, let's go on to find out if the system really works.

Tradespoon Review – Products, Services and Fees


Let's start with the good news. Tradespoon offers a 7-Day Free Trial and this free membership offers a lot.

So, you have a whole week to find out yourself if Tradespoon keeps all the big promises and if it may be worth it to sign in afterwards and to spend money for the service.

This is what the Tradespoon Free Trial includes and what you can check out for free:

  • Getting Started Guide with a quick-start video to make you see how to handle the platform and what you can do
  • Video Training Library with dozens of short educational videos for beginners and for professional traders
  • Live Educational Webinars with new live trading sessions and webinars in every week
  • HD Webinar Recordings that gives you the opportunity to watch the educational videos you may have missed in the past
  • The Market Commentary Tradepoon's blog that is updated twice in every week and where you find useful information about the market and stocks you may be interested in
  • Case Studies with step-by-step-videos giving you the chance to watch live trading examples
  • Smart Trading Guides in the shape of PDF-checklists and guides to help you to improve your trading decisions
  • The Virtual Trading Account to practice with virtual money and without any risk
  • The Dedicated Support always being ready to answer every question you may have

So far, so well, but does Tradespoon work to improve your trading and your profit for real?

Tradespoon's tool for analyzing and for predictions is called the Trade Intelligence Platform being based on more than 15 years of experience. This one offers the following:

  • The Tradespoon Bulls/Bears a weekly list of over-performing and under-performing stocks
  • The Seasonal Charts being graphs to show the historical performance of every stock to enable you to predict the performance in the future
  • The Probability Calculator to make you see if a certain stock is just above, below or in between specified price targets
  • The Active Trader a special service for traders who are too busy to do their own research
  • The Active Investor a special service for swing traders who are too busy to do their own research
  • The Stock Forecast Toolbox including a stock forecast tool, a company screener, a profit calculator and a portfolio manager
  • Education with weekly live trading sessions and a lot of training webinars and videos
  • The Forex Forecast Tool for analyzing and predicting the movements of Forex trades
  • The Futures Forecast Toolbox with short-tern and long-term predictions of Future's with an accuracy of up to 80%
  • The Trade Idea Tool to personalize the predictions according to your investment criteria
  • The Expert Stock and Options Picks alerts regarding the highest quality trades including the expected direction and the entry and exit prices
  • The Stock Focus List a list of especially liquid stocks with seasonal charts, a detailed stock research report and probability calculations
  • The Proprietary Equity Research including stock reports and analysis resulting from the cooperation with Thomson Reuters
  • The Portfolio Toolbox offering the perfect organization of your own portfolio by using the means of portfolio analysis, portfolio optimization and portfolio management
  • The Virtual Trading Tool to practice with virtual money without any risk
  • The Trading Block to trade for real in the live market – by saving commission rates when you are a member

​Well, all this is much. Besides, the Tradespoon platform gives you a really good and clear overview.

​So, you won't need much time to find what you are searching for and to go to the point you want to check out.

Tradespoon's Video Training Vault and Trading Guide

Also this section containing a lot of useful video lessons for traders of all different levels is well organized for you can choose the topics you are interested in.

You can watch every video by using your computer, your laptop or your mobile devices when ever you want and where ever you are. And remember, this is for free.

Tradespoon's free Trading Guide is just as user friendly. It is easy to select the topics you want to investigate and you don't have to go through a lot of others before you will get to the wanted point.

This special guide includes all important aspects of trading, like e.g. technical analysis, the use of research tools like stock screeners and options strategies.

This guide is split into four sections:

  1. Tradespoon 101 for beginners in trading, teachings them the first steps in the business and helping them to get familiar with the Tradespoon tools
  2. Advanced Options Strategies for those who want to gain a constant income with trading, helping them to understand options and options spreads and teaching them how to reduce the costs and the risk
  3. Technical Analysis being an introduction to the methods of technical analyzing in accordance with Tradespoon's forecasting
  4. Developing a Trading Plan to enable you to organize and to handle your portfolio in a professional way

This Trading Guide is also available as a PDF-book that you can download when ever you want.

Tradespoon – Costs, Refunds and Performance

Tradespoon offers four different membership options you can choose:

  • Free for beginners in trading who will surely enjoy the access to all educational videos, live webinars and case studies – for free and without any time limits
  • Stock Forecast for $ 127 per month giving you full access to the Tradespoon Stock Forecast Toolbox to improve your short-term and long-term investments
  • Premium for $ 197 per month including full access to everything that Tradespoon offers and additional expert stock and options picks with entry and exit points, alerts and updates per SMS or e-mail
  • Tools for $ 147 per month for professional traders who want to make their own picks being supported by the Tradespoon Stock Forecast Toolbox
Tradespoon pricing

Tradespoon pricing

I think, you can feel quite safe here as you have the opportunity to sign up for the 7-Day Free Trial to find out which one of these subscriptions may be the best for your needs.

Once you signed in for a membership with a monthly charge, Tradespoon offers you to pay your money back if you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of your membership.

This sounds fair to me as it lowers your risk to make a mistake.

More helpful points for your final decision are the permanently updated Tradespoon Expert Picks Performance list, the Tradespoon Live Trading Performance list and the Tradespoon Live Forex Trading Performance list.

These lists will give an impression of how Tradespoon is doing the job.

The website also includes a list of testimonials to show you what other users say about Tradespoon.

Tradespoon – 7 Top Advantages

  • 7-Day Free Trial to see if this platform meets your needs
  • the guaranty to pay your money back if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days
  • the permanently free membership for beginners to learn all about the first steps in trading
  • free educational videos, live webinars and case studies for everyone
  • a well organized platform that makes it easy to navigate and to find what you are searching for
  • the opportunity to use all services with your computer, laptop or mobile device
  • more than 15 years of experience in the business

Tradespoon – My personal summary

In general, I left this platform with a positive impression.

The website makes it easy to get to everything you want to know, it is not overloaded and it explains the service clearly.

I also like all the training opportunities for traders of all levels and the unlimited free access to this section, the 7-Day Free Trial and the promise to refund your money if you are not happy with your membership during the first month.

Tradespoon is making unusually big promises by introducing itself as the platform with the fastest data transfer, the most advanced tools and the very best software and analysis of all in the market.

I guess, it is up to you to use the free trial to find out if you may agree with Tradespoon's self-presentation.

With one week of a free trial, there is nothing you can lose.

So, if you are interested, go on and check it out:

Tradespoon – Trade Smarter - Pros and Cons


- free trial and training

- possible refund within 30 days

- user friendly website


- no information about the working hours of the customer service