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I have great news for you. Freestockcharts is now part of TC 2000. It is still completely free, and you can visualize your favorite US stocks with stunning charts.

Dozens of indicators and even option chains are available for free. On top of that, TC2000 solved some compatibility issues.

Now, works on Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and any web-browser.

In this best free stock charts article, I will show you the best features provides.

Also, I will show you six excellent free stock charts alternatives.


Let’s have a look at the features FreeStockCharts provides. One of the best features is the integrated ​paper trading account.


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FreeStockCharts Features


Freestockcharts is now the free version of TC2000. You can use the legecy version​​rm/v1 by using the Internet Explorer.

​Or you can simply register for free with an email address for the brand new free version of FreeStockCharts.

Once the email is verified, you gain full access to the free version with stock charts.

Seven different chart types are available:

  • Line Chart
  • OHLC Bar Chart
  • HLC Bar Chart
  • CandleStick Charts
  • Bar Chart
  • Area Charts
  • Heiken-Ashi Charts

Most day traders use candlestick charts. Here is an example of a candlestick chart via TC2000 aka freestockcharts:

FreeStockCharts via TC2000


You can add more than 50 different trading indicators to each chart.

TC2000 has one of the most comprehensive repositories of trading indicators.

Open chart properties hit edit plot, and add an indicator of choice.

Trading Indicators | Free Stock Charts

Paper Trading

The paper trading functionality is not available for free.

You need at least the TC2000 silver subscription to make use of the paper trading module.

Considering the low monthly fee of $9.99 plus $14.99 per month for market data (if you like to have real-time market data), this is a real bargain.

Other FreeStockCharts Features

Since now belongs to Worden TC2000, I’d like to ask you to read the full ​TC2000 review.

In the review, I cover all functionalities in extent.

I like to point out one more thing before we proceed to the freestockcharts alternatives.

Free stock charts can be used as a web-based product as well as desktop-app. Stock Charts

TradingView’s html5 charting is available for free. At least for the basic functionalities. TradingView is completely web-based.

TradingView Low Budget

Like freestockcharts, also TradingView provides many functionalities for free.

The charting and indicators capabilities are comparable. I strongly recommend you to give both platforms, TradingView and FreeStockCharts a try.

When it comes to pricing, TradingView is comparable to FreeStockCharts again.

The base fee of $12.95 per month is affordable.

This base fee comes without the exchange data. One difference to FreeStockCharts is the market data subscription options.

While you pay an amount of $14.99 for FreeStockCharts / TC2000, with TradingView, you can subscribe to each market.

The NYSE data feed, for example, costs $2 per month. However, those costs add up fast.

Depending on the markets you trade, the FreeStockCharts package could be the better choice.

One thing that makes TradingView extremely valuable is the paper trading module included in the free version and all paid version.

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FinViz is one of the oldest free tools for charting, analysis, and market news.

Finviz Stock Screener Review

Their charting is ultra-fast and works great on any device. One downside is that they do not have a mobile app.

Some people might find that TradingView is better than FinViz when it comes to mobile visualization.

I like FinViz and always enjoy using it. FinViz was that popular in the past that they decided to reduce the functionalities of the free FinViz version.

Now, great functionalities like data exports are only available in FinViz Elite.

​FinViz Elite costs $24.96/month on a yearly plan and $39.50/month on month by month basis.

At first, this might sound like a disadvantage compared to and

But it is not.


Because FinViz Elite includes real-time market data.

If you add the base subscription fee of FreeStockCharts or TradingView plus market data, then all three tools end up at about $25 per month.

Also, as lined out in my FinViz stock screener review, FinViz Elite takes it even a bit further.

While free stock charts and TradingView have other more expensive subscription levels with more functionalities and higher pricing available, FinViz Elite remains FinViz Elite.

That means that once you pay for FinViz, you gain access to all features.

They include the mentioned real-time data feed,

  • Advanced Charting
  • Backtesting capabilities
  • Correlation tracking
  • Advanced Charting
  • Export functionalities
  • Statistic views

One disadvantage remains. The price of $24.96 per month is only valid for yearly pre-payments. I do not like pre-payments that much.

Before you sign up for a full year, start with a month by month subscription. Once you are convinced that FinViz Elite is right for you, you can switch to the yearly plan at any time.

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Trade Ideas focus is their artificial intelligence powered day trading stock screener.

Best Day Trading Stock Screener | Trade Ideas

​Trade Ideas comes along with some great additional features like

  • a free day trading chat room,
  • free trade ideas in your inbox every Monday, and also
  • free stock charts included in your Trade Ideas subscription.

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Best Free Stock Charts ​Table



Free + paid version: $9.99-$89.98/m plus market data

​​Free ​+ paid version: $14.95-$59.95/m​ plus market data

​​Free ​+ paid version: $39.5/m​ including market data

​​Free ​+ paid version: from $2.9/day with data feed, stock screener, trading room, backtest module, automated trading

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​Some More FreeStockCharts Alternatives

​​Here are three more alternatives to They shine not ​as much as the four free stock chart tools mentioned above. But ​two of them are reliable options.

Yahoo Finance Stock Charts

Like StockCharts, also Yahoo! Finance stock charts were extremely popular in the past.

A long time before the company ran into financial challenges, Yahoo’s free stock charts were one of the best.

Millions of traders around the world used Their API.

You were able to download tons of historical data for free. But those times are over.

Today, Yahoo Finance is still okay but not the best option anymore.

Free services like the ones TC2000 (freestockcharts), TradingView, and FinViz provide are just better. Stock Charts

StockCharts is one of those tools that were extremely popular ten years ago. Their stunning charts where legendary.

Meanwhile, things have changed. StockCharts never improved their services. You still have fixed charts, just a few indicators and various setting you can change.

They have included an advertisement banner at the top of each chart, and if you follow the banner, you will be forwarded to the one-month free trial subscription.

However, it is a black box here.

No pricing is mentioned.

You have to leave your personal information right from the beginning to get something for free where you do not know what it costs once the free period is over.

For that reason, makes it like to the no-go list!

To have it complete:, lowest pricing package costs $14.95 per month.

​Their data is not real time. It refreshes only every few seconds. So it’s near time data instead of real-time — another reason to avoid using it, especially as a day trader.

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