T3 Trading Group Review

Sooner or later, traders begin to think about what can be possible day trading a larger account. However, unfortunately most people don’t have the proper financial backing to make their dreams a reality.

The idea at T3 is that you get the ability to lever up and trade a much larger account.

Keep in mind that there is a “first loss capital” requirement to trade at these types of firms, as it is an SEC requirement, but the upside is for just a few thousand dollars, you can find yourself trading a six-figure account.

T3 Trading Group Review

What Is T3 Trading Group?

T3 Trading is a registered broker-dealer and member of the NASDAQ/PHLX exchanges.

This proprietary firm allows traders to focus on technical analysis to develop trading strategies, by using a huge variety of elite training, premier technology, and highly professional value-added bonuses.

T3 Trading Group has some of the most successful traders in the industry, consisting of highly seasoned professionals at a regular featured on places such as Bloomberg, FOX Business News, and CNBC.

T3 Trading Group offers trading in equities, options, futures, and foreign exchange.

Low latency connections as well as support for executing and developing dynamic trading strategies is a bedrock of the business, using proven and efficient professional environments.

By putting the tools of professional trading in the hands of retail traders, the idea is that you get to keep a percentage of your gains from trading, while the firm puts up the necessary capital to have you leverage your position.​

The general payout for most traders is going to be 70% of all gains.

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The main core of the business for T3 Trading Group is trading.

They currently trade in equities, options, futures markets, and FX. They offer a trading floor in New York City, as well as multiple offices across the United States.

Beyond that, they also allow remote trading services for those seeking such a set up.

You will either be required to make a first loss capital contribution to begin trading, or a profitable track record may be considered to receive full funding by the firm.

They offer both manual and automated trading.

Exam Training

All of the proprietary traders at T3 either remotely or on the floor, are licensed with the Securities Industry Essentials Exam (SIE) and the Series 57, or an active Series 55 and 7.

It is a requirement in order to trade with the firm’s capital, per SEC regulations.

They will sponsor you to take the exams and through a partnership with Security Training Corporation.

T3 traders that need sponsorship for the exams receive the FTC Premier Plus Package, including study manuals, online final exams, flashcards, live and virtual classes, and many other bonuses.

However, if you are trading Forex there is no need for this regulation. This applies for stock and options traders.

Technical Training

T3 offers proper training in education to become a successful trader.

Inactive trading veteran, anonymous, or a season trader can all benefit from the education that they offer.

They provide you with a wealth of tools through T3 Live, which is their subsidiary company.

They have a virtual trading floor, which is an chat platform, interactive video and audio for passionate traders and investors allowing you to see what their traders are buying and selling in real time.

You also get timely market analysis from TC three Live Chief Strategic Officer, Scott Redler, who is well known throughout the financial community and appears on financial channels quite frequently.

The quality the education is relatively well-known and focuses on short intraday trading.

Technical analysis of course is a huge part of it, but they also cover such strategies as how to pick which stocks are “in play” for the trading session, and many of the things that can help you become a much better day trader when it comes to equities.

The options education is also known as being rather strong. Being led by professionals with a world of experience certainly helps the argument that education is one of the bigger bonuses that you get for joining T3.


When trading in a professional manner, it is crucial to have good technology for not only execution, but routing and clearing.

T3 has agreements with industry leading firms like GAIN Capital, ETC, ICBC, and ED&F Man.

Other such names include Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, Convergex, Raven, and many other top-tier firms.

T3 gives you the opportunity to operate in this dynamic marketplace, giving you the best low latency trading possible.

Professional grade routing into lit market venues, dark pools, and market making routes give you a “leg up” on the competition.

T3 Trading Group | Routing Options

Some of the platforms that they offer include eSignal, Sterling Trader, Real Tick, Lightspeed, Gain GTX, and several others. All of these platforms are professional and used by some of the biggest firms on Wall Street.

T3 Trading Platforms


T3 being a broker dealer has a lot of flexibility when it comes to some of the costs involved, however not very clear at times.

One of the benefits of trading a proprietary shop is to take advantage of cheaper transaction fees.

​But as it can literally be tailored depending on the trader, it’s impossible to calculate the overall costs as far as trading is concerned without contacting them directly.

Beyond that, the flexibility can also make your experience much more different than someone else’s.

The education starts at about $2500, with a $5000 lockup of first loss capital to start trading.

The education is known to be good, but it is a bit on the expensive side.

However, T3 has been around for quite some time and is well trusted by the prop shop community, although it is known to be one of the more expensive shops out there.

T3 Trading Group Free Trial | Promo Code

At T3, there are no free trials or promo codes available.

However, if you contact their sales team, you may be able to work out some type of beneficial arrangement when it comes to trading costs, etc.

Obviously, the larger the account that you are willing to open, the more flexibility and leverage you will probably have.

In order to contact them, visit the following page: http://t3trading.com/contact-us/

Provider Checklist

  • Founded: (when)
  • Educators: Scott Redler
  • Number of members: over 500
  • Company Address check: 1 State Street Plaza, 10th Floor New York, NY 100004
  • Free trial: no.
  • Free resources: some YouTube videos. (limited.)
  • Coupons: no.
  • Money back guarantees: none.
  • Price level: as a general rule, a $5000 lockup deposit is known as the minimum.
  • Transparency: transparency is a bit lacking when it comes to costs involved.
  • Verified income statements: you can download verified income statements from Edgar on the SEC website. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for the average trader as over 99% of the income made by T3 Trading Group is from trading fees, not splitting profits with traders.

Who Is T3 Best For?

T3 is best for retail traders that are looking for a little extra power when it comes to their trading account.

However, who it is not best for would be novice traders as a minimum of $5,000 will be needed to start, and that $5,000 is considered to be “first loss capital.”

This is an SEC requirement, but unfortunately even if you do survive the first year, it’s not until then that you can pull the money back out.

If you do not have $5,000 to lose, this is not going to work for you. Then, funded trader programs like TopstepTrader and TopstepFX are a smart alternative.

However, if you are already a profitable trader, this can be an excellent opportunity.

T3 Trading Group Review Summary

T3 Trading Group is a well-known firm and certainly is reliable in so far as its stability is concerned, and of course legal ramifications.

​f you find yourself needing a bit of backing for an already profitable strategy, T3 can be an excellent option.

Make sure that you haggle with trading costs, because it will be one of your biggest problems.

This isn’t like signing up at a retail brokerage, where you simply have a built in commission schedule.

While they do have a certain range of charges that they offer, there is enough discretion to make it worth your while to have the conversation.

Unfortunately, far too many people won’t, and therefore don’t realize what possible.

T3 Trading Group is one of the larger prop firms in the greater New York City area.

The fact that it is well known through financial channels doesn’t hurt either, but quite frankly none of this will help you until you have skill.

​You simply must be profitable before you even show up.


​​T3 Trading provides fully funded trading accounts to those having a successful track record for a minimum of two years. You need to contact them to discuss the exact terms and commissions individually.



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