Webull Review 2019

The “About” section on the WeBull website does not say much – no “Mission” or “Vission” statements, road-maps, history or team information. One of the first things that you will notice when scrolling through it, however, is its location on the Google Map.

Right above it, there is the following text: “Address: 44 Wall Street, New York City”.

Located on the most powerful street on Earth, next to leading investment banks, known for their ruthless behavior on financial markets and the NYSE, it may sound quite fictional that WeBull offers commission-free investing services. In fact, it offers one of the best and most-complete services among all investment apps. But is it finally one of the best investment apps?

​The following Webull review goes through WeBull’s pros and cons and finds out why it is regarded as one of the best investment apps that you can use to kick-off your investing activity.

The truth is that it has established itself as a preferred solution not only for the inexperienced investors but for advanced and more sophisticated market participants as well.

Webull Review | Trading App

Similar to Robinhood, WeBull offers free-of-charge investing services. Apart from the no-commission trading, another benefit is the fact that investors can open a regular trading account without any deposit minimum.

Yet, for margin trading accounts, the minimum balance is set at $2 000. WeBull also does not charge any maintenance or management fees. However, the SEC and FINRA fees are applied as follows:

  • SEC - $13.00 per $1 000 000 of principal (sells only) with a minimum of $0.01;
  • FINRA(Trading Activity Fee) - $0.000119 per share (sells only) with a minimum of $0.01 and no greater than $5.95;
Webull - no commission

Margin investors should be aware that the app has an additional commission fee structure for trading on leverage.

Also, WeBull fees policy states that domestic and international wire transfers are subjects to a fee of $25 and $45-per transaction respectively.

After the free initial wire transfer, the domestic one costs $8 per transaction, while the international one - $14 per transaction. Both – international and domestic incoming wires over $25 000 are free of charge.

Traded Instruments

WeBull’s users can take advantage of commission-free investing for more than 5 000 US-listed stocks, ETFs and other instruments.

The app provides investors with trading services covering market data from more than 100 exchanges and 90 countries. Stocks, bonds, commodities, FX, derivatives, cryptocurrencies – everything can be found there.

Webull Trading platform | Desktop and mobile

Trading Platforms and Tools

The investment platform has a mobile and a desktop version which turn out to be one of the most complete on the market.

The truth is that with all the integrated features and highly-professional service, the WeBull app really beats its competition in terms of functionalities and flexibility.

WeBull stands out with the rich features and the amount of information that you can take advantage of just by creating a free account.

The app covers all types of fundamental and technical analysis tools that ease investors and provides everything needed for them to make a well-informed investment decision.

Just like RobinHood, WeBull’s platform also offers the free stock referral promotion. In order to take advantage of it and get a free share worth up to $1000, one should refer a new customer. Upon successful registration, both will receive a single free share.

Another feature that makes the WeBull app stand out from the rest is the 4x intra-day margin trading and the 2x overnight margin trading.

Although this is something that often lacks in other investment apps, it should be taken with a grain of salt, due to the high risk, associated with this type of trading and WeBull’s rule on automatically-forced liquidation margin calls when the account balance falls below $2 000.

This basically means that, if the account balance drops, below the above-mentioned sum, then the shares will be automatically sold to maintain the limit.

WeBull Trading Platform

WeBull’s platform also offers extended-hours trading. Pre-market trading starts from 4:00 am to 9:29 am EST, while the after-market trading session begins at 4:01 pm and is closed at 8:00 pm EST.

Bear in mind that all trades are closed at the end of the trading session.

When it comes to the financial data, it is important to say that WeBull offers everything that an investor needs:

  • Data on: Equities, ETFs, Futures, Forex, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Data from: NYSE, LSE, NASDAQ, SGX, NSE, EURONEXT and plenty of other exchanges;

All US data is free and real-time. Yet, if you want to take advantage of international market data, then you will have to subscribe for the paid feature of the app.

Education and Research        

The WeBull app also stands out when it comes to its education and research resources. The platform offers rich research tools that help you find fresh investment ideas.

For example, the stock screen​ers are equipped with rich features and ready-made options to choose from, such as “Biggest movers in the last 5 minutes”.

Apart from that, the stock screener can be customized according to the investor’s preferences.

The process is easy as each feature is designed in such an intuitive way, that it is almost self-explanatory. That way, investors can employ the power of fundamental and technical analysis easily and in a matter of minutes.

Comprehensive Webull Trading Tools

The stock screening feature allows users to track, not only the US but the Canadian market as well. There are lists of best- and worst-performing stocks, star stocks and even a calendar with the dates of upcoming IPOs and Earnings for US-listed instruments.

Apart from the stock screening feature, users can set-up multiple individually-tailored watch lists.

There are also smart alerts through SMS or e-mail that notify you each time when a target instrument on your watch list trigger some of the conditions (price or indicators) that you have configured initially.

If you rely heavily on fundamental analysis, then WeBull is the best solution that you can find. It provides news streams, professional recommendations, historical data, press releases, statistics, insider holdings and much more.

On the other hand – if you are more of a technical analyst, then you can take advantage of real-time candlesticks and line charts that can get back in time for a period of 5 years and be adjusted for time frames of 1 up to 60 minutes.

There are plenty of price and momentum indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI oscillators, exponential moving averages and many more.

One of the main reasons why WeBull’s research center is referred to as one of the best in the sector is the fact that it provides research/tracking only for stocks, but also FX, ETFs, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies, options and commodities.

With the almost-instant quotes, the app gives you everything you need to invest wisely, no matter whether you are a beginning or an advanced investor.

Real time quotes with Webull

This makes it the most complete research center that you can have on your mobile device.

Last, but not least - when we are talking about WeBull’s platform, we cannot miss one of the most important features – the trading simulator.

It is true that the best education is practically-oriented education. Sharing the same idea, WeBull has built a demo trading feature that allows its users to “taste the waters” with real-time data and advanced charting for US-listed stocks.

The simulator allows traders to even use stop-limit and good-for-today orders.

Simply put, there is no better research center that you can find on a pure investment app.

Customer Service

Users can get in touch with customer support representatives through chat, e-mail and phone. The response time is short and you will get adequate assistance in a matter of minutes.

Compare that to the majority of the other platforms that answer you for up to 24 hours, while some of them get back to you after a few days, and you will find out why WeBull is considered such a good and client-oriented service.

Yet, as its customer base constantly grows, the support is finding it a little bit difficult to keep up with all queries, but overall, the investment app’s customer service is way better than most of its competitors.

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WeBull Review Summary


​Overall 4.5

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The truth is that the WeBull app offers a really rich platform, full of features and tools for research and analysis, all for free. Combined with the fact that trading is free of charge and you have the most complete investment app that you can find.

The great thing about WeBull is that they are not focused only on one target group, be it beginner or advanced investors.

The fact that they offer something for both groups makes the platform a full-cycle solution.

You can take advantage of the demo trading feature when you are making your first steps in the investing world and continue using the app and its advanced features when you get more confident and need complex research tools.

And the best thing is that you get all of that for free.



​Commission-free trading

​Some additional instruments can be added

​Fully-functional platform

​Rich educational and research center


​Professional customer support