TradesViz Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Is the free trading journal version with 50 performance visualizations from TradesViz worth it, or does it need their paid plan to get good analysis results? What features does it offer, what does it cost, and what brokers are supported? That’s what you’re going to find out in this TradesViz review.


Trade Journal Features

TradesViz categorizes its main features into four categories:

  • Charting
  • Statistics
  • Tabs
  • Advanced Features


The charting within the TradesViz app is based on TradingView. This feature was implemented in September 2022. That means that TradesViz uses the official TradingView API to provide its clients with state-of-the-art charting capabilities for in-depth technical analysis.

You can choose between different time frames and chart types, apply trading indicators, and use the drawing tools. The cool thing about the charting is that you can see trade executions right within the chart. Having the trade entries and exits visualized is a great benefit when analyzing trading results.


Your statistics are visualized within the TradesViz dashboard. Here, you can arrange widgets like best performing sectors by profit and loss, Volume vs. Day, Number of trades vs. Month, Total winning days in percent, win/loss ratios, and many more.

In addition, you can tag your trades, explore results in a calendar view, look at performance metric charts, or analyze assets like options in more detail.


TradesViz is designed in tab views. So, instead of having only one central dashboard, you can go into more detail for your analysis by scrolling through multiple tabs. Each tab has its own information.

You can visualize trade results in tables, where you can group the data by symbol, day, or groups and apply custom filters for the data sets shown in a table.

In addition, you can show the notes made for your trades within the tab logic. Notes can also be tagged, so, for example, you can make notes in categories like trading plans, mistakes, monthly summaries, trade-specific notes, etc.


TradesViz has also added an artificial intelligence questions and answers feature. With this feature, you can ask the AI questions about the data within TradesViz. For example, you could ask, “What would be the total profit if I traded only short on Mondays”?… For that purpose, TradesViz uses OpenAI’s GPT large language models. Answers are objective and based on existing data. However, the AI can’t answer what to improve to become a better trader.

Advanced Features

The advanced features go beyond the regular features and are available for all Platinum plan users. For example, options flow analysis is now integrated within the TradesViz, which makes it possible to analyze historical options flow data (not real time). This way, you can money in and outflow across different sectors or stocks and visualize the data in charts and tables.

In addition, a stock, futures and forex trading simulator was added in late 2022, which makes it possible to replay and simulate trades in a paper-trading environment. Since March 2023, you can also trade multiple symbols with the new multi-simulator dashboard for trading different symbols on various timeframes.

Seasonality charts are also available for Platinum plan users. They plot the typical seasonality-related price volatility based on up to 20 years of historical data. You can use this data to analyze how a stock typically behaves during the end of the year, how Sell in May and Go Away holds true for your analyzed asset, or simply visualize yearly, quarterly, and monthly returns or trends over a specific calendar period.

Options traders will enjoy the new options spread execution simulator and back tester, which was introduced in early 2023. This actually is a pretty cool feature since you can even test options legs and simulate how your regular call and put, but also butterfly or covered call’s P&L, would have worked relative to the price of the underlying stock. You can also use the back tester to backtest stocks.

TradesViz Auto Import

TradesViz automatically imports and syncs trades for a wide range of brokerage accounts. Large retail brokers such as Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation, Robinhood, Tradier, NinjaTrader, Webull, Coinbase, Tradovate, and TastyWorks are supported. One of the brokers that’s not supported right now is E-Trade.

TradesViz Pricing

TradesViz offers a free plan and paid monthly and annual plans, differentiated between Pro and Platinum plans.

  • The Free Plan has an import limit of 3,000 trade executions per month and only supports stocks in one account. Chart views, watchlists, tracking, analysis etc. are not supported. It is a good plan to get a basic understanding of TradesViz.
  • The Pro Plan costs $19.99 per month, or $179.88 per year (equals $14.99 per month). All asset classes are supported in the Pro plan, and all features, except the advanced ones, are included.
  • The Platinum Plan is the highest-tier plan with TradesViz and unlocks all features and functionalities for $29.99 per month, or $269.88 pre-paid for a year (equals $22.49 per month).

Payments are possible via Stripe and PayPal.

TradesViz Free Trial

All paid plans on TradesViz start with a free trial for 7 days and roll over to a paid period once the free trial is over. While the free trial on the paid plans (Pro and Platinum) is limited in time, you can always use the Free Plan without time limitation (but feature limitation).

TradesViz Promo Code

When signing up, you’ll see an “Add promotion code” field during the checkout. Here, you can enter your promo code or coupon to reduce the price of your TradesViz subscription. Some coupons only work with Stripe checkout. Others also work with PayPal checkout and apply the discount automatically.

TradesViz Alternatives

TradesViz alternatives are TraderSync, Edgewonk, Tradervue, TradeZella, and Trademetria.

Supported Brokers

TradesViz supports an impressive range of brokers (e.g., Fidelity) and platforms (e.g., NinjaTrader). The most interesting ones are surely those that can be connected for auto imports and auto sync. Here, big retail brokers like Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, TastyWorks and TD Ameritrade are available for automation. MetaTrader 5 is supported for forex traders (not MT4), and Binance and Coinbase are supported for crypto traders. In total, over 60 brokers are supported, of which about 20% can be used via automated data integration.

How do I cancel my TradesViz subscription?

To cancel your TradesViz subscription, use either your Stripe self-service portal (which can be found on the subscriptions page of TradesViz) or cancel within the PayPal platform if you paid via PayPal. Look for “SMIRMATEC PRIVATE LIMITED” or “TradesViz” when choosing the subscription to be ended.

However, the note by TradesViz, “If you were subscribed to a Pro/Platinum plan and cancel mid-way of your billing cycle, you will no longer be charged, and your account will remain as Pro/Platinum till the end of your current billing cycle.” sounds like it is needed to cancel before the half of the subscription period is over to make the cancelation effective. That would not be that good for the user. If you’re in doubt, you might want to contact them to clarify.

Who owns TradesViz?

TradesViz is operated by Smirmatec Private Limited, a software company in Tamil Nadu, India. For some reason, Google indicated during review times that the company is temporarily closed.

Is TradesViz Free?

TradesViz is a freemium product. You can use some features for free as long as you want to get an impression of the platform or use the free trial to test all features. However, to use TradesViz reasonably, a subscription to the Pro or Platinum Plan is needed.

Where Can I find TradesViz on YouTube?

You can find TradesViz on YouTube at Their channel currently has about 600 subscribers and 36 videos uploaded.

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