Trademetria Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

The importance of keeping a trading journal can’t be highlighted enough, and we have talked about it times and times again. However, due to the abundance of available solutions on the market, it is often hard for many traders to find the one best tailored to their needs.

This article will focus on a lesser-known but impressive trading journal app, which supports a wide range of assets to import and analyze. Although it might have flown under-the-radar, after going through our Trademetria Review, you might have your new personal favorite. Let’s find out why.

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About Trademetria?


Trademetria is an all-in-one trading journal with a portfolio tracker and stock analyzer software functionalities, which helps you to analyze your trades. In addition, it can be used to track platform fees, deposits, withdrawals and dividend payments.

The platform can use and analyze trading data from multiple brokerage accounts to evaluate key metrics and trading performance per account and in total. The founder, Thiago Ghilardi, a computer science graduate, was a prop trader, founded a trading company, became a director at a major trading firm, and then launched his Trademetria project.

Trademetria Features and Functionalities

The platform supports various features and functionalities that can prove helpful even to professional traders and seasoned investors. The trading journal allows you to:

Keep Track of Your Trading History

The users can take advantage of a beautifully-designed and easy-to-use trade history monitoring tool that includes everything from individual and daily trade entries through image attachments to represent better the circumstances around the particular trade to adding trade remarks and descriptions.

The order import option allows traders to transfer their trading history in CSV or custom files from most top brokers worldwide. After you input your trading history, you can analyze it through fully-featured customizable charts, displaying buy and sell entry points on various time frames. The charts support over 2,500 US equities, the majority of foreign equities, FX, and futures contracts.

Analyze Past Performance

You can filter your trades by date, instruments, applied strategy, instrument rankings, and more. You can also track equity growth over time and generate advanced reports on intraday performance and trading results.

Thanks to the powerful reporting feature, the trader can get a summarized analysis of the best times to trade, the most favorable market conditions, the most common trade duration, the best-performing instruments, and the most successful strategies.

Monitor a Variety of Metrics on Multiple Accounts

The journal features over 30 key metrics that collectively help paint a complete picture of your trading habits, goal tracking, and how it affects your trading results.

If you want to track your open PnL or calculate your risk parameters like profit factor or R-ration of your portfolio, for example, you don’t have to log-in to the platforms of all the brokers you trade with. Trademetria consolidates all your position into one screen and comes up with a collective summary of your performance.

The platform’s goal is to help you find out what statistically works, your win rate and profit factor, whether you are wasting money due to poor risk management, what market conditions you perform better, and what daily habits can ruin your career.

Build a Resilient Risk Management Strategy

The platform gives you a fair representation of the expected risk before, during, and after you place a trade through the integrated risk management tools. You can also analyze risk in terms of Dr. Van Tharp’s R multiples and auto plot or set your stops and targets and track how you fare to them.

Due to the advanced backtesting features, Trademetria users can run simulations of their strategies and collect statistical evidence of what affects their performance. The backtests ensure easier discovery of areas that need improvement and helps find the best set of trading conditions (entry and exit points, trade duration, and more), depending on the market environment.

Platform Fees

The best thing about the solution is the flexible payment schemes that make it a universal tool for all types of traders. The platform fees are divided into three tiers – Free, Basic, and Pro.

The Basic option costs $29.95 per month, while the Pro option costs $39.95. If you choose to pay annually, you get a 40% discount, which brings the prices down to $215 and $279, respectively.

The key differences between the Free, the Basic, and the Pro option are rooted in the number of order imports, real-time quotes, and accounts tracked. Also, advanced features like a PnL simulator, instrument and strategy rankings, trade exports, and others are supported only by the paid plans. You can find complete information about the supported features here.

It is safe to say that the Free option can suit most beginner and even intermediate traders’ needs. It supports 30 order imports per month, alongside three real-time quotes and dozens of other features.

Starting with the platform takes no more than 15 seconds. You aren’t required to add a credit card, and you can cancel your subscription and your account at any point.

Who Is Trademetria Good For?

The platform is used by traders and investors, trading schools, brokers, and proprietary firms. It is also offered as a white-label solution.

In terms of trader profiles, Trademetria suits stocks, FX, CFDs, futures, options, and even crypto traders. It works with the most popular exchanges and brokers worldwide. You can find full information about the supported instruments and trading service providers here.

Thanks to the supported functionalities like tracking intraday performance, Trademetria is also suitable for day trading. The flexible payment options, especially the fact that it supports a free account, make the platform an excellent choice for advanced trading professionals and complete beginners who can test it at no cost.

Trademetria Review Summary

Trademetria is designed to cover all the basic features of a trading journal and a portfolio tracking platform, combined in an easy-to-navigate interface. And it does the job perfectly in that regard.

We can say that the trading journal is among the best solutions in terms of value-for-money. It brings everything you need to the table, and the free version delivers a robust set of features the platform has to offer. Trademetria is one of the most powerful state-of-the-art solutions to analyze your online trading activity, getting a clue about your most profitable strategies.

Trademetria Pros and Cons

Let’s close the Trademetria review with the pros and cons of the trading journal.


  • Trading performance tracking
  • Web-base platform with full access from everywhere
  • Comprehensive analytics functionalities
  • Real-time quotes included
  • Supports Equities, options, futures, forex, cryptos, CFDs
  • API and PnL Simulator


  • Recurring costs

Trademetria Alternatives

Trademetria alternatives are Edgewonk, TraderSync, Tradervue, TradeZella, and TradesViz.

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