VectorVest 7 | Honest Review 2018 (Free Trial +3 Great Alternatives)

VectorVest is a software company that gives you a clear direction before you invest in the provided tools for stock analysis and portfolio management.

Their powerful systems, like e.g. VectorVest 7 and ProTrader 7, collect, sort and analyze data on thousands of stocks on every day. ​So VectorVest is by far more than just a normal stock scanner.

This data is available to the VectorVest users who use it to make well informed decisions regarding their investments in the stock markets.

Their aim is to provide their users with a clear direction, with unbiased advice and with essential answers.

Using their platform for making trade decisions means that you are less likely to risk your money in an imprudent way.

Predicting market trends and tendencies is a lot easier with VectorVest software and trading tools. Continue reading the VectorVest Review. (last update: 2018/07 - ​pricing EOD, Realtime Trial & mobile app features)

The company was created and founded by Dr. Bart Diliddo, a veteran in finances and in the investment fields. He started by creating market interpretation models and by analyzing market trends.

By using these models, he was able to create programs that effectively sort, analyze and rank stocks based on their performance.

It is this kind of a system that VectorVest is specialized in. The tools they provide enable you to get an overview of the stock market.

VectorVest website

VectorVest website (source:

So far VectorVest released many products. VectorVest 7, VectorVest Mobile, RoboTrader, RealTime Derby, Watchdog and ProTrader 7 are some of them.

With their help you will be in a position to know which kinds of stocks will be more profitable and this way you will minimize the risks in your stock market investments.

One notable feature of VectorVest software is the fact that it displays options for selling, holding or buying stocks based on an individual evaluation of their market value and the current market timing.



And these options are available for every single stock. This gives you a clear direction when it comes to making profits on the stock market. You need good tools to make your decisions and VecorVest is one of the better tools being available at the moment.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages when you compare this service with other tools, like e.g. with Trade Ideas, eSignal or NinjaTrader.

The costs of using VectorVest trading software

VectorVest offers different packages. A trial period is available for all of their products.

The traders should use this trial period to gain confidence in the product and to find out if they like this kind of service.

All packages include a trial while you don't have to pay the whole amount, but only a smaller amount.

Afterwards you can subscribe fully if you are satisfied with the product. Having the opportunity of this trial is a big advantage, even if the trial is not really free as it costs $9.95.

Three different packages are available for VectorVest 7.

VectorVest pricing

VectorVest pricing

The package with the lowest price is called “End of Day” and costs $69 per month. It comes with a trial period.

During this trial period you only pay $9.95. The option to pay yearly will cost you currently $695 which is way cheaper compared with the monthly pay.

This package gives you access to VectorVest End of Day analysis & market timing and access to VectorVest Mobile.

VectorVest mobile app stock advisory

VectorVest mobile app stock advisory

IntraDay is the next package being available.

This subscription gives you access to the same services as the previous package, but with the added advantage that you also get live data being updated every 15 minutes. It also allows you access to the market data before and after the trade.

The free trial for this also costs $9.95. Afterwards you will pay $89 per month. At the moment, paying yearly for this will cost $895.

Their third and last package is called RealTime being promoted as the best deal for day trading for beginners. Just as its name says, with this you get a live stream of market data without the delay of 15 minutes like with the IntraDay version.

This is the perfect package for active users, like e.g. day traders who trade a lot all through the day. It also comes with a trial period for the price of $9.95.

Afterwards you will pay $129 per month while the yearly subscription costs $1,295 at the moment.

The biggest advantage of this package is the real-time data that helps you to make fast decisions during the trading day.

The other advantage of the RealTime deal is the fact that you get access to AutoTimer, ProTrader and Watchdog add-ons - and all this without any additional costs.

VectorVest free trial

VectorVest free trial (source:

I never tested VectorVest myself, but other traders told me that they have started using VectorVest services and that they were satisfied.

If you are an active user in need of a constant stream of stock market data and analysis, VectorVest may be a good choice for you.

It is really useful for active stock traders who want to buy or sell stocks at the perfect time.

On the other hand, traders who want to use Artificial Intelligence functions that give them an insight into the market, e.g. via NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, may prefer first having a try with Trade Ideas Pro to compare the services before they will make their final decision.

Conclusion of the VectorVest Review

For traders who want to stay ahead of the rest in today's competitive market, VectorVest is a tool that they should give a try. The trial period is perfect to find out if VectorVest meets your needs or not.

Over the years it has helped many traders to make accurate decisions.

That's the reason why it still belongs to the most popular software for stock traders and analysts.

VectorVest's prices are also competitive but compared with the functions that other tools include, it is a little more expensive (due to the module pricing).

The services you get are worth your money if the product is exactly what you are looking for. You are provided with subscription options that you can choose according to your needs.

VectorVest | Risk-Free Test-Drive

VectorVest | Risk-Free Test-Drive

If you are searching for automated trading, other trading tools, like e.g. NinjaTrader 8 and Trade Ideas, may be the better alternative for you as at the moment the RoboTrader feature that VectorVest provides costs additional $99 per month or $1.095 per year.

If you combine this with the VectorVest 7 subscription, it will end up being a little expensive regarding the cost-effectiveness.

VectorVest´s help desk is great and the support staff is always ready to help. You can contact them by e-mail and on the phone.

They help you to set your account and they explain well how you can use it best. This is a big advantage, especially for beginners.

If you are interested in their products, you can visit their website at to get more information.

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The traders being focused on strategy development being based on Artificial Intelligence and a fully automated trade execution of those strategies may better take a closer look at Trade Ideas Trading Software packages. Free educational material and hundreds of trading strategies and trade ideas are waiting for you there. Continue reading our comprehensive Trade Ideas Review.​

Trade Ideas Holly-Artificial Intelligence

Trade Ideas Holly-Artificial Intelligence

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VectorVest advantages

  • Standard VectorVest 7 package with competitive pricing
  • Robo-Trader feature available
  • Brand new stock advisory for iOS
  • 5 weeks of risk-free trial

VectorVest disadvantages

  • Different add-on modules with separate pricing
  • No Artificial Intelligence features available like within Trade Ideas Pro


​Frequently asked questions

What is the best starting point for the VectorVest download?

In my opinion, every trader should use the free trial first. The Link to the Free Trial sign-up is: After the sign-up, use the provided details for the VectorVest 7 login.

Can VectorVest be used on MAC?

Not directly. VectorVest is a Windows based trading software. However, when you use a Windows partition on MAC, VectorVest can also be used on MAC-devices.

What are alternatives to VectorVest?

VectorVest is one of the most popular charting software packages being available. However, alternatives are eSignal, NinjaTrader, TC2000 and MetaTrader. In terms of robotic trading, Trade Ideas is probably the biggest competitor.

What are the VectorVest system requirements?

VectorVest runs on Windows systems with at least 512MB RAM Memory, 500MB hard disc space and 800MHz CPU, monitors with at least 1024x768 resolution and a 56k dial up connection. However, traders should have a PC with a 2GHz or faster CPU, 1GB RAM Memory, 1280x1024 monitor resolution, 1 GB hard disc space and a DSL-speed internet connection for maximum comfort.